14 Simple Smokehouse Plans for Cooking Food

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14 Simple Smokehouse Plans for Cooking Food

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Smoking is a great way to add some flavor to your meat cuts. In the past, most homes would have a smokehouse for food preservation, but nowadays they are not very common.

But if you love taking the best tasting meats or making cheese and sausages it will be an excellent idea to build a DIY Smokehouse.

And contrary to what you might think DIY smokehouses are easy to make and you can do in just one or a couple of weekends. With some good DIY smokehouse plans and a few materials, you should not have any difficulties building a homemade smokehouse.

Check out the DIY smokehouse plans below and choose one that you can build.

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Wood Pallet DIY Smokehouse

If you have a pile of wood pallets that you are still trying to figure out where to take here is a fantastic DIY smokehouse plan for you.

With your old wood pallet and about $100 to spend you can build this 3x3-foot smokehouse in just one weekend.

This smokehouse will have a lot of racks for your meat, and a place to hang sausages and the Instructables tutorial provides some detailed 16-step guidelines with pictures for each stage.

There are also some shopping and cut lists to ensure that you have all the information you need.

2. Raised DIY Backyard Smokehouse 

Raised DIY Backyard Smokehouse

This DIY smokehouse project proves that with a little effort and a few materials anyone can build a backyard smokehouse.

The pictures tutorial highlights the main stages of making this smokehouse using some cinder blocks, lumber and some bricks for the firebox.

Although the Little Things article gets the idea from another forum, it still provides enough details for anyone that would want to make a smokehouse like this one.

3. The 4x4 Cedar Homemade Smokehouse 

The 4x4 Cedar Homemade Smokehouse

My Outdoor Plans provides this DIY smokehouse plan for someone that wants to build a long lasting smokehouse from cedar.

These are very comprehensive plans that include lists for the materials and tools and also a cut list for all the lumber pieces.  They include 2x4s, 4x4s, 1x6s and some plywood and screws.

This DIY smokehouse can be a one-day project when you have someone to help you out and working nonstop or take a week at most when only working for a few hours every day.

The tutorial includes both text instructions and 3D sketches with dimensions for building the actual structure, roofing and also for making the door.

4. DIY Outdoor Shed/Closet Converted to Smokehouse 

DIY Outdoor Shed/Closet Converted to Smokehouse

You can always trust Ana White to have a plan for almost any DIY project that you want to build. But, she gets this DIY smokehouse plan from one of her readers who is kind enough to make a video for the project.

These plans are very detailed with step by step instruction and 3D SketchUp to make it easy for anyone to build this 76 5/8-inch tall DIY smokehouse.

The tutorial also has a shopping list that includes 1/2-inch plywood, 2x4s and gate style hinges and a cut list to get you started.

5. Easy DIY Propane Backyard Smokehouse 

Easy DIY Propane Backyard Smokehouse

Wood is always the best option when it comes to smoking meat as it produces some more intense flavors. But, it is not the only option because you can still build a smokehouse that uses propane.

This PDF document provides detailed instructions on how you can build a raised DIY smokehouse that uses propane. And you will only need a few lumber boards, cinder blocks and the propane burner.

If you have to buy all the materials that you need for this project, you will spend around $170 which makes it quite an inexpensive project.

6. Larger Walk-in DIY Smokehouse 

Larger Walk-in DIY Smokehouse

If you prefer something more substantial that you can use to smoke lots of food at a go this DIY walk-in smokehouse plan will be handy.

The 6x6-foot smokehouse features some wooden sides and a tin roof. It also uses railroad ties for the foundation to ensure that it lasts for a long time.

This DIY smokehouse looks like a garden shed due to its size and it will take more wood and time to build. But, if you hunt or raise livestock and a have a large backyard it will be ideal for you.

7. Simple Cement Blocks Backyard Smokehouse 

Simple Cement Blocks Backyard Smokehouse

Cement blocks are one of the most common building materials, and the chances are that you already have some at home or can get them cheaply. This easy DIY smokehouse provides a simple way to put them to good use.

With your cement blocks, a few lumber boards for the roofing and a few metal roofing sheets you will have all you need to make the smokehouse.

This tutorial provides the tools and materials lists that will help you get started, but the pictures and step by step text instructions will also be handy for DIYers.

8. Easy Homemade DIY Smokehouse with Shingle Roof 

Easy Homemade DIY Smokehouse with Shingle Roof

The size of this DIY smokehouse is just perfect as it does not take up a lot of space but still provides enough room to smoke a lot of meat.

This DIY smokehouse plan from the Backyard Buddies is also quite easy to implement because their picture tutorial provides some helpful information for all the crucial stages of the build.

For this smokehouse project, you will need some cinder blocks for the base and lumber for the rest of the structure before finishing with the impressive shingle roof.

9. Quick and Easy DIY Miniature Smokehouse 

Quick and Easy DIY Miniature Smokehouse

Cold smokers are very handy to have at home, but they can also be hard to get and quite expensive.

With a few lumber pieces, some racks and a little creativity you can build this mini one without spending much.

There are lots of pictures and text instructions to guide you through the construction, and you can build the mini cold smoker in just a couple of days.

10. The 6x8 Concrete Block DIY Smokehouse 

The 6x8 Concrete Block DIY Smokehouse

A cold smoke smokehouse like this one will be perfect for those with a lot of meat and cheese to smoke or want something to use regularly.

The tutorial provides a brief overview of how to start the foundation and build the smokehouse with blocks. And there are also some pictures and an easy-to-follow written tutorial for making the 4-foot long fire pit with concrete and firebricks.

This project should take a couple of weekends to build, and it should also not be an expensive project.

11. Homemade Brick Barbeque and Smoker 

Homemade Brick Barbeque and Smoker

Instructables provides this tutorial to help you make something that will work both as a barbeque and smoker and so it will be a great addition to your backyard.

This cheap DIY smokehouse plan uses bricks, cinder blocks, concrete and a few other things that the tutorial highlights.

There is some step by step guidelines with both text and pictures to make this an easy to build smokehouse as all you need to do is gather the necessary materials and follow the tutorial.

12. The Dual File Cabinet Cold Smoker 

The Dual File Cabinet Cold Smoker

Here is another impressive DIY smokehouse plan that also entails repurposing things that you already have. It uses two file cabinets with one acting as the firebox.

There is not a lot of construction on this project, and so it should only take one day to complete. The few pictures and text on this forum should give you some idea of what to do.

Even if you do not have some file cabinets, this DIY project should give you some inspiration for repurposing other things to make a DIY smokehouse.

13. Classic DIY Cinder Block Smokehouse 

Classic DIY Cinder Block Smokehouse

This homemade smokehouse is larger than the average ones for backyards, and so it will allow you to smoke a lot of meat at once.

The DIY smokehouse plans by Just Two Farm Kids provides some in-depth text instructions and pictures on how to lay the concrete slab and cinder blocks and also how to do the roof.

There are also some instructions on making the firebox and even some helpful tips on using this smokehouse to do your cold smoking.

14. 7-Step Wood and Bricks DIY Smokehouse 

7-Step Wood and Bricks DIY Smokehouse

A simple DIY smokehouse like this one will only take a couple of days to build, and it is also quite inexpensive.

Here you will need some bricks and cement for the base and lumber pieces for the rest of the structure and the roofing. And besides your regular woodworking supplies, you will also need some stain and pipe or tube for transferring smoke from the firebox to the smokehouse.

This DIY smokehouse plan provides pictures for all the crucial stages of the construction with a short text description for each. And this should be enough to help even beginner DIYers to make the smokehouse.

With our easy-to-implement DIY smokehouse plans you should be able to build one for your home with little effort.

And if you have already built one using one of the plans or any other we would love to hear your views and thoughts on making DIY smokehouses below in the comments section.