63 Free Planter Box Plans Anyone Can Build

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63 Free Planter Box Plans Anyone Can Build

planter box plans

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Having some decorative plants around your home is one of the best ways of improving its appearance and making it feel homely.

A planter box provides a simple way of having all the plants that you need in your yard or deck. But why buy expensive planter boxes when you can make a simple and inexpensive DIY one?

DIY planter boxes are always an exciting project for your free weekends, but they are cheaper and more straightforward when using a plan.

With a DIY planter box plan, you can make something that adds a touch of style and personality to your yard or deck. And it also makes the construction easy for you.

In this piece, I have gathered dozens of DIY planter box plans that are fun and easy to implement.

Check them out below and choose one that can help you spice up your yard or porch in a few hours.

Besides I keep a list of other free box plans too, such as ones that show you how to make a grow box, shadow box, nesting box, wood box, wooden jewelry box, sandbox, toy box, as well as DIY plant stand project in order to have indoor plant easily.


1. Wood Pallet Mounted Planter Boxes

Wood Pallet Mounted Planter Boxes

If you do not have a lot of space in your backyard but would still love to have a vegetable garden here is a simple DIY planter box idea for you.

This modern and space-saving vertical garden will require you to use cedar pallets and some hardware cloth. With these materials, you can create a simple planter box but with a lot of space for your vegetables and herbs.

You will need some 1x8, 1x3 and 1x2 cedar pieces and there is a list of the quantity and sizes of these lumber pieces and all the other materials you need.

When you get to the construction, the tutorial will guide you step by step with photos and text tutorial.

2. 7.5-Foot Long Planter Box from Old Fence Posts

7.5-Foot Long Planter Box from Old Fence Posts

This basic planter box design will cost almost nothing to implement and only take a few hours to build. It uses some repurposed materials from an old fence.

You will need 1x4s, 2x2s, 1x2 furring strips, screws a few other materials and tools to make this 7.5-foot long planter box.

The Infarrantly Creative tutorial lists everything you need and also provides step by step direction and some pictures to help you with the construction.

3. The Simple DIY Planter Box

The Simple DIY Planter Box

I love any project that makes use of 2x4s because in most instances it is easy and you always end up with a sturdy wooden structure.

For this project, you need about four of the 8-foot long 2x4s and lots of screws. And apart from these the other things you will need are probably already in your workshop, and so this is also a cheap project.

This square planter box plan is very straightforward, and with the precise lumber cutting and assembly instructions and pictures, you should implement it with no issues.  

4. $15 Outdoor Square Planter Box with Finials

$15 Outdoor Square Planter Box with Finials

This 19x19-inch planter box has a very appealing look. And if you want something that will spice up your front porch while also providing some room for plants this is an excellent DIY planter box plan.

Despite all the beauty and classy look, you can make this planter box for just $15. There are also not many things you need, and Ana White provides a small shopping list and a cutting list to get you started.

With the help of the 4-step instructions and 3D SketchUp, anyone can make this planter box.

5. 3-Season Planter Boxes Plans

3-Season Planter Boxes Plans

The Family Handyman provides the free planter box plans for someone that values both aesthetics and functionality. The planter box will create a lot of space for your plants, but it will also enhance the appearance of your yard or porch.

This planter box is simple and will only take one weekend to build and at a budget of between $20 and $100.

Plywood is the primary material for this project, but the tutorial provides information on anything else you need. And there are some easy to follow steps with pictures for the construction.

6. Bamboo Planter with Trellis Plan

Bamboo Planter with Trellis Plan

The materials that you will need to implement this planter box idea will cost between $100 and $500 depending on your choice of wood which is still cheaper than buying one, and you can build it one weekend.

This planter box plan also from The Family Handyman provides a detailed description of all the material and tools an also guides you through the actual build with both text and photos.

Although this bamboo planter also includes trellis it is still easy to build since there is some detailed instruction on how to make it.

7. Cape Cod Style DIY Planter Box Plan

Cape Cod Style DIY Planter Box Plan

Some types you have to combine two different styles to get that unique planter box that you want. For this particular one, you have to mix both classic and traditional detailing.

The planter box can hold clay pots with a diameter of up to 14-inches. It uses some 2x2 posts, and you also need several other pieces like the 1x2s and 1x4s. As for the hardware you also need stainless steel nails and screws.

There are some in-depth instructions on how to make this Cape Cod Style box with some helpful drawing and pictures. And it should take just one weekend to build.

8. Cascading Flower Wood Pallet Planter Box

Cascading Flower Wood Pallet Planter Box

Finding some old wood pallets for free should not be a problem for most people. And once you have them and a few hours to spare you can build this planter box.

The raised 41-inch long planter box plan will cost almost nothing to implement, and even beginner woodworkers can make it.

All you need are the 2x4s, 2x2s, and 1x4s from the pallets and your regular woodworking tools and you are ready to build the planter box. Plus the tutorial provides a detailed guide with all the construction steps, some drawing, and pictures.

9. Custom Flower Planter for Bougainvillea 

Custom Flower Planter for Bougainvillea

Here is another planter box plan that you can build in a few minutes and at almost no cost at all. It only uses one 3-1/2 inches tall block of wood and a few tools such as an oscillating tool (with a cutting attachment for wood) and an abrasive sandpaper.

There is nothing much to do in this project. It is all about digging out a hole on the wood block, sanding and adding some soil for the plants.

But despite this being a simple project there is still a lot of information on the Charles Hudson article and some pictures for different stages of the build.

10. Dark Stained Wood DIY Planter Box

Dark Stained Wood DIY Planter Box

This simple flower box idea also stats by deconstructing some pallets. And so if you have some pallets lying around this will be a cheap planter box to build.

The tutorial is from WikiHow, and so it provides a very comprehensive guide that includes pictures for all stages from pallet deconstruction to sanding and staining.

This square planter box plan should only take a few hours to implement.

11. Decorative Wood Planter Boxes

Decorative Wood Planter Boxes

These are some of my favorite planter boxes, and I just love their simplicity and elegance. I have already started planning how to make them and will probably have them on my front porch soon.

They come in two different sizes with the smaller one requiring you to spend $10 for the construction and about $14 on the larger one.

The process is the same for making both the 12-inch and 14-inch planter boxes, and the tutorial provides all the steps that you need to follow. And besides from the lumber pieces you also need brad nails, wood screws and exterior wood finish to make the planter boxes.

12. Distressed Wood “Farmer’s Market” Planter

Distressed Wood “Farmer’s Market” Planter

There are countless things or projects you can do with wood pallets, and so they are some of the best lumber pieces to have around the home.

For this project, you need to combine four wood pallet pieces with a plastic planter to create a distressed box that not only provides a place to plant things but is also very decorative.

With the pictures and short text description to guide you, it is possible to make this planter box in a couple of hours or less.

13. DIY $25 Square Planter Box

DIY $25 Square Planter Box

For just $25 and in a few hours you can have this fantastic planter box on your front porch or yard. And you will also not need to cut or join allot of wood.

With about six 2x3x8 cedar boards you will have all the wood that you need for this DIY planter box project. And since there are a lot of pocket holes a Kreg jig will be very hand

The Shanty2Chic tutorial provides step by step guidelines with many pictures, and they also have some free printable plans.

14. DIY Chic Painted Wood Planter

 DIY Chic Painted Wood Planter

Although this planter box also uses some repurposed wood pallets, it has a chick paint that will look good on any yard or porch and some unique angled legs.

Homedit provides a comprehensive guide on how to build the simple planter box, and it includes step by step guidance with photos and an instructional video.

The dimensions of the planter box are around 16 x 20 inches, and so it will still provide a decent amount of space for your plants.

15. DIY Criss Cross Planter Box

DIY Criss Cross Planter Box

There are many planter box plans that I would want to try, but this is at the top of the list. It is a beautiful planter box that holds a lot of soil, and it has a lovely criss-cross pattern that will add some elegance to the porch.

Thus DIY planter box idea uses some 2x6 and 2x2 boards, and you will also need some 1x3s for the bottom slats. As for the tools, your woodworking power tools like the miter saw and brad nailer will be handy.

The tutorial provides a cut list for the wood and assembly instructions with photos to ensure you have all the essential details you need to build this DIY planter box.

16. DIY Octagonal Garden Planter Box

DIY Octagonal Garden Planter Box

If you are trying to comprehend how to make planter box, you can always trust Instructables to have a tutorial for you. This 15-step one is for making an octagonal garden planter box

This planter box entails covering a plastic barrel with some wood, and it is a very straightforward project that will only take a few hours.

Since it uses free leftover wood and a $10 plastic barrel, it is a cheap and quick planter box plan.

17. DIY Painted Wood Tall Planter

DIY Painted Wood Tall Planter

For those that prefer tall deck gardening boxes here is an idea for you. It is a tall and beautiful planter box that you can make for just $20 over the weekend.

This planter box plan uses some scrap 2x2s, a square plastic planter and you also need some wood glue, nails, and screws.

The pictures and descriptions on this tutorial will help you with everything from shopping for the materials to the actual construction and finishing.

18. DIY Planter Boxes

DIY Planter Boxes

It takes one each of some 8-foot long 1x8, 1x2, and 2x2 wood pieces to build these 11x11-inch tall planter boxes. And everything else that you need for the project is one the materials list that the More Like Home tutorial provides.

When you get to the assembly, this tutorial will guide you through the entire process with some 3D images for the plans and a lot of text description.

There are also a lot of pocket holes on this 7.5-foot tall planter box, and so you will need a pocket hole jig. It cost about $14 to make one of these planter boxes, and you can do it in just a few hours.

19. DIY Tall Wooden Porch Planter

DIY Tall Wooden Porch Planter

This 36-inch tall and 17.5-inch wide planter box is perfect for any front porch, and it will impress everybody that visits your home.

You can make this tall planter box with 1x4, 1x2 and 1x4 lumber pieces and you will need other material and tools like the rope, wood stain, miter saw, nail gun and Kreg jig.

There is also a cut list for the lumber pieces, but the 3D sketches with some precise dimensions and text tutorial will be the most helpful during the assembly.

20. DIY Tiered Hanging Planter Boxes

DIY Tiered Hanging Planter Boxes

You can make these 3-tier hanging planter boxes at almost no cost at all using your leftover wood pieces. They are very simple since each only requires assembling just 5 pieces of wood.

The only things that you might need to buy are the eye bolts and chain which are quite cheap. With all the items in the shopping list, you can make these 24x6x6-inch hanging planter boxes in just a few hours.

Hanging them to form the three-tier design is also not hard since the tutorial provides instructions on how to do it.

21. DIY Tiered Wood Flower Boxes

DIY Tiered Wood Flower Boxes

Wood planter boxes like this will add some life to any porch or patio, and their design means that they provide a lot of planting space without having a significant footprint.

You can use either cedar or pressure treated lumber for this projects. And you will need some 2x4s, 2x8s, and 1x4s.

The cutting list on this project makes the dimensions easy to understand. But the tutorial also provides some 3D images and text tutorials for building the 23-inch wide vertical planter boxes.

22. DIY Tiered Wood Herb Garden  

DIY Tiered Wood Herb Garden

These tiered wood herb planter boxes are perfect for small spaces as they do not cover a large area but still provide a lot of planting area for your herbs.

The herb box plans use cedar wood which is perfect for the outdoors, and you will need different size pieces of the lumber such as 4x4s and 1x2s.

Although this tiered planter box might look complicated, the 3D drawings and pictures make the design easy to understand and implement. And it should only take one day to build.

23. DIY Unique Hexagonal Planter Box

DIY Unique Hexagonal Planter Box

Here is a fantastic planter box plan from the Home Depot site that anyone can make. The hexagonal shape is unique but still easy to replicate.

This planter box idea is also easy to implement since the tutorial provides all the information from the shopping list to the cutting and tool lists and assembly directions.

Most of the materials that you need are also available at your local Home Depot store. You can make this planter in 2 to 4 hours and 8 easy steps.

24. Easy Square Planter Box Plan

Easy Square Planter Box Plan

Anyone with a few leftover pieces of lumber and some regular woodworking tools can build this square planter box. It is a small planter box plan that takes only a few hours to implement.

The Creative Mom article does not provide the comprehensive guide for making the planter box, but it gives a link to Ana White where you can get the full plans.

Most of the work on this project goes into attaching the cedar board to the 1x3s, but you will also need some 2x2s for the legs and some brackets to make the planter sturdy.

25. Elevated Herb Planter Plan

Elevated Herb Planter Plan

This elevated herb planter plan is an under $500 project that will require someone with intermediate woodworking skills and only takes 1 weekend to implement.

The raised planter box plan uses various cedar boards such as 2x4, 1x2 and 1x6 and other materials like galvanized finishing nails, exterior wood glue, and deck screws.

There are some helpful lists for the materials and tools. But the instructional videos and the 8-step tutorial with pictures will make everything easy to comprehend.

26. Elevated Planter Box Plans

Elevated Planter Box Plans

If you have been planning to build a tall planter box, this tutorial will help you make the best one. It is a 35 3/4-inch tall planter box, and it is about 48-inches wide.

With the shirt supplies list and the detailed cut list to guide you this should be a simple project. And once you gather all the supplies, My Love 2 Create also provides some easy to understand and follow steps to help you with the construction.

There are also lots of 3D images on this planter box plan that will help you understand what you need to build.

27. Elevated Wooden Planter Box

 Elevated Wooden Planter Box

This easily customizable planter box ensures that there is minimal wastage of materials and it is also cheap to make.

It can hold more than 400 pounds of dirt, and it uses some 4x4 posts to make it sturdy enough to withstand the weight. Other lumber pieces that you need include the 2x2s, 1x6s, and 2x4s but there are some complete lists of the materials and tools on the article.

DIY Network provides some photos for the main stages of the construction and some text description to make this an easy flower box idea.

28. Flower Box Planter Plan

Flower Box Planter Plan

A DIY flower box like this one provides an easy way to add color and style to your front porch or deck. And it is also a simple project to implement over the weekend.

You will need one sheet of 1/2-inch plywood, 2x2s, 2x4s and a few other lumber pieces. And for the tools, an electric drill, hammer, and miter saw are eh main ones. But you can see everything else you need on the tools and materials lists.

There are some plan sketches to help you understand this 5-foot planter box plan better and 6-step instructions to help you with the construction.

29. Homemade Wood Window Flower Box

Homemade Wood Window Flower Box

The outside section of the window is one of the hardest places to decorate. But a window flower box like this one can help solve this problem.

It is a cheap planter box to make, and it only costs around $15, and it should just take a few hours to assemble because you also need to do some staining.

The Hometalk tutorial provides detailed instructions and plenty of pictures to guide you through the entire construction and also for hanging in on the window.

30. Hose Holder Planter Box

Hose Holder Planter Box

I love making multipurpose wooden structures, and so you can be sure that I must try this one out. It entails making a simple hose holder that also doubles up as a planter box using some scrap wood pallets.

The planter box is 17.5x15.5 inches and about 15-inch tall which a perfect height for an outdoor planter.

Since the pallets make up most of the material, this is quite a cheap project to implement. And apart from the wood pallet, everything else that you need is listed on the DIY Candy tutorial.

31. House Number Sign Planter Box Plan

House Number Sign Planter Box Plan

Here is yet another multipurpose planter box plan that I would love to try out. It is a simple planter box that doubles up as a house number sign, and it will look fantastic in any entryway.

This DIY planter box idea will take about 2 hours to implement, and you can do it on a budget of just $75. You will need some cedar and treated boards, but the tutorial lists everything that you need and the dimensions.

With the pictures and detailed text tutorial on this plan making a planter box will never be a problem for you again.

32. Low-Cost Cedar Planter

Low-Cost Cedar Planter

Cedar makes the best planter box designs, and it also saves you a lot of cash as it is not an expensive lumber. It is what makes this low-cost planter box plan possible.

For this 20-inch wide planter box, you will spend just $20 on the materials that the Ana White tutorial highlights on the shopping list and will only take a few hours to assemble.

Like most of her other tutorials, Ana also provides a cutting list and some step by step guidelines with some 3D SketchUp.

33. Cute DIY Marbleized Planters

Cute DIY Marbleized Planters

These cute little-marbleized planters will always give your guests something to talk about every time they visit your home. And there are one of the most straightforward planter box plans to implement.

This project only takes a few minutes to implement, and you will just need to spend cash on some cheap spray paints if you already have the plastic cups.

With the plastic cups, paint and some gloves, you will have everything you need. You only then need to follow the simple instructions and pictures on the tutorial to create the cute little cup planters.

34. Modern Cube Planter Box

Modern Cube Planter Box

A modern cube planter box like this one by Shanty2Chic will cost under $10 to build, but it still provides a functional and aesthetically appealing place to plant some flowers.

You will need some 16-inch and 22-inch 2x3 fence posts for this planter box. The tutorial provides some directions on how to assemble the pieces using glue and nails, and so this should be a quick and easy project.

35. Mounted Flower Box for Deck

Mounted Flower Box for Deck

Simplify The Chaos site provides this deck planter idea for someone that wants to build a simple and inexpensive planter box.

It will cost under $15 to implement this decking planter box plan, and you should be able to do it in a few hours.

The planter box design uses pallets for the construction, and it comes with some helpful step by step instructions and some pictures.

36. Painted Wood DIY Hanging Planter

Painted Wood DIY Hanging Planter

A little hanging planter box like this one like this will not require you to use a lot of wood. It is a simple and cheap project that will help you put your leftover wood pieces to good use.

If you have a few pieces of wood and your regular woodworking tools you will only need to spend cash on the paint, hook screws and chain.

The actual assembly of the wood pieces should only take a couple of hours Homedit explains with text and pictures how to do it. However, the painting might take longer because the paint needs some time to dry.

37. Pallet Planter Box Plan on Caster Wheels

Pallet Planter Box Plan on Caster Wheels

The colorful look and the caster wheels are my favorite element of this planter box design. While the colors help to spice up your porch or yard, the optional casters make this planter box mobile.

This project uses some upcycled wood pallets, and so it is quite cheap to implement. And besides the pallets, you also need finish screws and stainless steel finish nails.

With your tape measure, nail puller, hammer and a few other essential woodworking tools you can build this planter box in a few hours by following the directions on the HGTV article.

38. Faux Zinc Planter Boxes

Faux Zinc Planter Boxes

If style and elegance are your top priorities when looking for a planter box, this tutorial is for you. In just 9 easy steps and for only $65 you can make these zinc planters.

You will need birch plywood, crown moldings, square dowels, square dowels and a few other things that you can get in your local store.

Despite the elegant design of this planter box you can still make it in just one weekend

39. Planter Box for Vegetable Gardening

Planter Box for Vegetable Gardening

If you want to get some partial vegetable independence, this DIY planter box plan will be handy for you.

The planter will also be inexpensive to build as it uses regular wood pieces such as 2x4s and 1x8s, 1x4s boards.

This Instructables tutorial provides some 6-step instructions to help you implement this DIY planter box idea. There are also in-depth text instructions to make the plan even easier to implement.

40. Homemade Planter Box Ladder

Homemade Planter Box Ladder

A planter box ladder like this one provides an easy way of giving your patios a complete makeover. And this Home Depot tutorial provides a simple and inexpensive way of building one.

You need some pressure treated 2x6 lumber, wood glue, brad nails, deck screws and a few other items for the finishing and for making the tool hooks.

This step by step tutorial with pictures makes the construction easy, and it will only take a day or two to finish this planter box.

41. Planter Box to Fit Your Deck

Planter Box to Fit Your Deck

With a couple of 2x4 8-foot pieces and lots of 1x4s, you will have the essential lumber that you need for this DIY large planter for your deck.

You can make your planter box with the same dimension on this tutorial or use them for inspiration to makes something that suits your deck.

The size of this planter box means you need to spend some extra cash, but it should only take one weekend to build.

42. Planter On Wheels Plan

Planter On Wheels Plan

If you are not very sure where to place your planter box or would just want to move it around now and then, this planter box plan will be an excellent choice for you.

It uses some 2x6 pressure treated lumber and some casters to create a sizeable 11x36-inch planter box that you can move around with ease.

This planter on wheels plan will only take a couple of days to make or even one for a skilled woodworker. And it will help you save hundreds of dollars that you would spend on buying a similar one.

43. Raised Planter for the Patio

Raised Planter for the Patio

This DIY planter box idea will help you create something that you can use to raise a healthy and fruitful garden. And you can make it at a fraction of what you would spend to buy a similar one and in a single weekend.

The planter box will also include some built-in storage space that you can use to keep your gardening tools and a few other things.

Lowes provides some short and easy to understand guidelines for making this planter box. And they are in steps and with a picture for each. There is also a video to get you started.

44. Reclaimed Wood DIY Planter Boxes

Reclaimed Wood DIY Planter Boxes

Simple planter boxes like these that use some old 2x4s will help you save some cash and also put your pile of wood to good use.

This DIY wood planter box also keeps the reclaimed 2x4s in their natural state to maintain an appealing rustic look that will add some style to your porch or patio.

For the construction guide, Garden Up Green provides some simple steps with both text and picture tutorial.

45. Recycled Wood DIY Chevron Planter Box

Recycled Wood DIY Chevron Planter Box

With a little inventiveness and effort, you can convert your scrap wood into a beautiful planter box for your flowers or vegetables.

The recycled wood planter box uses an appealing chevron pattern to arrange the scrap wood to create an attractive design that will stand out on your porch.

Since the project only uses scrap wood, you will not need to spend a lot of cash to build it, and you can finish it in a few hours.

46. Rustic Large Wood Planter Box

Rustic Large Wood Planter Box

The fact that this massive wood planter only costs about $3 to make is enough to convince any DIYer to try it out. And it also has an incredible rustic appeal that you will want in your yard or porch.

You will need some pallet wood, pine boards, and some scrap fencing to make this planter box. The tutorial provides some directions on how to cut these lumber pieces.

And once you cut the pieces the assembly should be easy if you follow the directions on the short tutorial.

47. Salad Box for a Small Space

Salad Box for a Small Space

Nothing beats the taste of some fresh vegetables when it comes to making some salad. And they are even better if you grow them in your backyard. With this 3 1/2-foot tall salad box you can get some fresh vegetables right in your yard.

It only requires you to spare a few hours to make this planter box, and you will need an 8-foot long piece of 1x4 surfaced redwood. There is a small list of the other materials and tools that you need for this planter box plan.

The directions are divided into 3 easy steps and with some pictures to help make the construction easy to understand.

48. Self Watering Planter Plan

Self Watering Planter Plan

This planter box plan will help you save some water and still get some fresh vegetables and flowers without having to do a lot of watering.

The self-watering planter will cost between $100 and $500 to build, and you can do it in just one weekend.

There are some easy to follow instruction on this The Family Handyman tutorial for making both the planter box and the self-watering system

49. Simple DIY Wood Planter Box

Simple DIY Wood Planter Box

Lack of space should never prevent you from growing a garden because this DIY planter box design does not require a lot of space but will still produce a decent amount of veggies.

The placement of this wood planter box is what impresses me most on this project because it means that you can also have it if you live in an apartment.

This planter box will be about 47-inch long, and you can make it in 9 simple steps over the weekend and without spending a lot of money.

50. Simple Window Planter Boxes

Simple Window Planter Boxes

There are many DIY planter box designs that you can try but if you want something simple but with a touch of style this Woodworking Corner tutorial will help you out.

The 48-inch long planter box will take just a few hours to finish, and you will not need to spend a lot. With some leftover scrap wood, you can save even more money.

This tutorial provides materials lists, some pictures, plans with dimensions and step by step instructions.

51. Simple Wooden Chunky Planter Box

Simple Wooden Chunky Planter Box

A fun wooden planter box design like this one is one of those projects that you will want to do any time you have some free time.

It uses European oak which is both beautiful and very sturdy, and there are no complicated joints that you might need to create when making it.

The Makezine article provides some detailed instructions that are in 9 steps with both text and pictures to make the project easy to implement.

52. Simple Wooden Planter Box

Simple Wooden Planter Box

This tutorial offers more information than most others, and so you will not have any difficulties implementing it. There are some printable PDF plans with 3D animation and step by directions that explain things in an easy to understand way.

Most of the work goes into measuring and cutting the wood. If you get this right, the assembly will be almost effortless for you and will only take a few minutes.

As for the cost, it will mostly depend on your choice of wood, but this is a cheap and straightforward planter box project.

53. Small Planter Box with Legs

Small Planter Box with Legs

Most DIYers and woodworker tend to have a pile of 2x4s somewhere in the workshop. If you have some, you should make this fantastic planter box.

You also need some wood glue and lots of outer wood screws. But all these things are cheap and readily available in most localities.

There are some simple directions on how to make all the cuts, drill the pocket holes and most importantly join the parts. This project should only take one day and a minimal cost.

54. Star Planter Box design

Star Planter Box design

Although this is just a regular square planter box, the addition of the stars on the sides gives it a unique look and also adds some aesthetic appeal to your yard.

This wooden planter box plan uses some plywood to form the sides instead of the usual lumber pieces, but you will also need some 2x2s and 1x2s.

The stars are the more tedious part but the tutorial explains a simple way to make them, and most DIYers will not have any issue figuring them out. And there are also some directions for assembling all the pieces.

55. $10 DIY Tiered Planter Box

$10 DIY Tiered Planter Box

Here is another of my favorite planter box designs. I love the tiered design as it not only provides more planting space but also creates a very appealing look.

And despite the large size and design this planter box plan only takes about 2 hours to build and a budget of just $10.

The planter is 45-inch wide, and you will need 2x2 furring strip, wood glue, dog-ear fence picket and a few other things that are on the material list to make it. 

There is also a cut list, step by step instructions and a video to help you with the construction.

56. DIY Trellis Planter Box

DIY Trellis Planter Box

With this planter box, your plants will get somewhere to take root and also a trellis for climbing as they grow. And it will also act as a natural screen for your patio or deck.

This planter box will only require some beginner woodworking skills a small budget of under $100 and one weekend to build.

There are some lists of the tools and all materials and a guide that provides all the steps for making the trellis and attaching it to the planter box.

57. Quick and Easy Triangle Planter Boxes

Quick and Easy Triangle Planter Boxes

You can make planter boxes in almost any shape that you want. These quick and easy triangle planter boxes prove this, and you can have them ready in just a couple of hours.

These planters are from an upcycled pallets, and so you will spend little cash to make them. Apart from the pallets, you will also need some plywood, miter saw, and nail gun.

Although the triangular shape is harder to achieve than the square or rectangular ones this Love Create Celebrate tutorial explains in details how to create it.

58. Two Tier Large Wood Planter Box

Two Tier Large Wood Planter Box

The chevron patterns will make any wooden structure stand out anywhere you place it. In this design they make the two-tier planter box look like an artistic and decorative piece for the front porch.

You will need to spare one full weekend for this project, and this is more so if you want to build two of these planter boxes like in this tutorial. And you will need lots of wood.

And although there is no step by step directions the detailed descriptions and few pictures should give you enough information. And they also provide some free planter box plans for making the 37-inch wide planter boxes.

59. Simple DIY Window Planter Box

Simple DIY Window Planter Box

It will only take you half a day to build this window planter box, and it is also an inexpensive project that anyone with intermediate skills can make the 7-inch deep planter box.

Even if you do not know how to build a planter box the 13-step instructions on this DIY Network will make things easy for you. And they also provide some complete lists for both materials and tools.

60. Wood Pallet Tiered DIY Planter Box

Wood Pallet Tiered DIY Planter Box

This planter box design is one if the easiest to create that I have seen in a long time. Almost anyone can build it even without going through the tutorial.

The planter box plan uses some old wood pallets, and so you will not need to spend anything on the lumber. Although it is all about taking the pallets apart and reassembling them into a tiered planter box the tutorial provides directions on how to do all this.

It is also possible to sand or paint the planter, but the old rustic look will make it look very appealing.

61. DIY Window Dressing Planter Box

DIY Window Dressing Planter Box

Planter boxes are handy when you are looking for something to dress up a window. And they are also easy to make.

This 34-inch window dressing planter box does not require a lot of lumber. And besides, from the wood, you also need a few other items such as the brackets and paint for the finishing. Buy everything you need is cheap and readily available.

It will only take a few hours to build this DIY wood planter box, and there are directions on how to make all the different parts and some plan drawings.

62. Instant Wooden Planter Box

Instant Wooden Planter Box

Wooden planter boxes do not have to be complicated structures that take a full day or several hours to make. This planter box idea only takes a few minutes, and so it is almost an instant DIY project.

The simple planter box will cost between $20 and $100 depending on the lumber type you prefer to use, and you will not need any particular skills to build it.

But despite this being a straightforward planter box design the tutorial still provides a list of everything you need and some simple instructions on what you need to do.

63. White DIY X Planter

White DIY X Planter

X planters always have an appealing look, and they are the perfect way to add some style to your yard, porch or deck. And if yours also have a beautiful white shade like this one, they will look fantastic.

This 16 3/4-inch tall planter box uses plywood, 1x3 boards, 1x2s and a few other materials like wood glue and pocket hole screws.

The tutorial provides some pictures to explain the construction, and they also have short text descriptions to make them easy to understand.

Well, now you have 63 different planter box plans that you can implement. But, we would also like to hear your thoughts about these DIY ideas and any others that you might have. 

Kindly share your views, and ideas on DIY planter box plans below.