10 Free Homemade Log Splitter Ideas for Splitting Wood Easily

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10 Free Homemade Log Splitter Ideas for Splitting Wood Easily

homemade log splitter

The rustic charm of heating with wood is not easy to describe. Wood also has many other advantages over other heating methods such as lower costs.

However, heating your home with wood also takes some extra work. The endless chopping, hauling, and stacking can be very tiring.

A log splitter always makes heating with wood easier and more convenient. But, buying one can be very expensive. Getting the right one for your home and specific needs is also not always easy.

The good news is that you can make a DIY log splitter at home. You can do this with materials you already have in the garage and a little extra investment.

Making one instead of buying also ensures that you can design something that suits your particular needs.

In this piece, I have gathered some cheap and easy log splitter plans that you can implement at home.

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Cheap Unicorn Log Splitter

This homemade log splitter plan from Instructables is not exactly a tutorial. It does not have the text guidelines that most people would expect. Instead, the author uses some clear and easy to follow photos.

What I like about this plan is that there is nothing much that you need to do apart from assembling the different parts. This project requires you to buy a log splitter kit which you can get in most online retail stores.

The log splitter kits will cost a few hundred dollars. Once you have everything you only need a few hours for assembly and the log splitter will be ready for use.

2. Homemade Log Splitter with Loading Arm

Homemade Log Splitter with Loading Arm

If you want to own a log splitter that minimizes bending and lifting you should follow this tutorial. The plan showcases a log splitter that is 10-feet tall and weighs about 2,000 pounds.

This splitter also has a loading arm that is 5-foot long and can pick with ease logs that are 24 inches long and wide.

If you want to implement this plan, you will need a 12HP engine, 24-inch long hydraulic cylinder and some thick steel I-beams and panels. The tutorial also gives you some ideas on most of the other things that you will need.

The size of this log splitter and the material that you need means that it will cost more to make. It also takes more time to create because you might need to go through a lot of trial and error. And the tutorial does not provide step by step instructions.

3. DIY Homemade Log Splitter

DIY Homemade Log Splitter

This log splitter design is for someone that wants something portable and is ready to do a lot of welding. It will also require a lot of skills to implement.

The complexity of this design also means that it will take several days to complete. But, if you have the right skills, tools and all materials you can even finish it over a weekend.

Although this is not a tutorial, there are plenty of good pictures that showcase the critical stages of the construction. As for the cost, it will depend on what you already have at home and what you need to buy.

The most important components that you need for this project are a 30HP diesel engine, 8-inch wedge, a 16GPM 2-stage pump, and auto return valve.

4. Scrap Metal DIY Log Splitter

Scrap Metal DIY Log Splitter

I love the level of creativity in this homemade wood processor. Although it entails combining several parts most of them are cheap and readily available. The base is purely out of scrap garage door metal.

There is a chainsaw on this processor and a splitter. And so it is possible to use it to split large logs. But, given the huge number of parts in this processor, it will be quite a lengthy project to implement.

Although the YouTube video does not give a step by step guide on how to make the processor, it showcases the essential components. With a little creativity and by going through the video enough times you should be able to replicate this custom fabricated splitter.

5.  Simple Homemade Manual Log Splitter

Simple Homemade Manual Log Splitter

This log splitter plan is not very detailed as it only consists of a few sketches and a video. However, the simple design means that it is still easy to figure out.

There are only a few components on the log splitter, and most are things you can repurpose. And so it will be a cheap and quick splitter to build. For this plan, a counterweight and a strong spring are the most important parts.

Despite this being a manual DIY wood splitter you will still not need to do a lot of lifting. Also, with this splitter, you do not need to use any excessive force to split wood. The spring and counterweight do most of the work.

6. Cheap Homemade Flywheel Wood Splitter

Cheap Homemade Flywheel Wood Splitter

Here is another YouTube video that demonstrates how to make a wood splitter from scrap metal. It is an easy to move log splitter that will be very handy when you need to split wood from different locations.

With some donated scrap, an old wagon wheel, some gaskets and a piece of pipe you should be ready to go. It will cost about $115 to make. And since there is a lot of welding and joining different parts it takes about five days to complete.

Also, it is possible to modify this DIY log splitter by adding some guards and shields to make it safer.

7. The Foot Operated Homemade Log Splitter

The Foot Operated Homemade Log Splitter

I love this home made log splitter. And not just because it is foot operated but also because it is easy to make.

The tutorial provides a complete list of material and all the steps for making the DIY log splitter. And there is also a video of the splitter in action and clear pictures of the different stages of construction.

This log splitter design is one of those projects that I am thinking of implementing very soon. Since most of the components are either scrap or repurposed, this splitter will be relatively cheap to make.

8. Easy-to-Use Hydraulic Log Splitter

Easy-to-Use Hydraulic Log Splitter

If ease of use is what you value most, this is the best log splitter plan for you. The hydraulic log splitter is quite complex to build from scratch, but it is worth the extra effort.

Although this is just an overview of how it works, it will give you some idea on how to make yours. This wood splitter is also foldable to make it easy to take into the forest behind your tractor.

If you want to make this log splitter just as it is, you will need an automobile axle. And various other components for the hydraulic system.

Estimating the exact cost of this log splitter plan is hard. But it is fair to say that you should be ready to invest a significant amount of cash and a lot of time.

9. Small DIY Log Splitter

Small DIY Log Splitter

Fabricating your own log splitter does not mean that you should make the largest. This small homemade one is still as effective in chopping wood as the large ones.

Despite the smaller size of this splitter, the design is capable of splitting everything from stove size wood to large trees. And it is also a portable splitter that uses a repurposed or old vehicle axle.

The cost of this project will again depend on what you already have. If you can get some scrap metal and already have an axle that you can use, it will be cheaper to implement.

For the project time, it will also depend on the availability of material and also on your skill level. But what I like most about this plan is that it is very detailed hence making it easier to implement.

10. 30-Ton Homemade Log Splitter

30-Ton Homemade Log Splitter

Building your own log splitter requires a significant investment in both time and money. If you want one for large-scale wood splitting this YouTube video will give you an idea on what to make.

It is a large DIY log splitter but still very mobile since you can tow it on your tractor. There are also plenty of parts that you need to make it, and it is one of those projects that you should not do in a heist.

What I like about this splitter is that the only thing that you need to do is feed the logs. Also, it is possible to adjust the knife according to the pieces you want to get from the logs.

You will require some intermediate or expert mechanical skills to build a log splitter like this one. It will also be quite an expensive project.

Now that you have seen our 10 best DIY log splitters we would like to know if you have ever tried making one at home. If so, how did it go? What challenges did you face? Did your DIY log splitter work and does it still work well?

We would like to hear what you have to say about homemade log splitters. Please leave us your remarks below and also feel free to share the article.