17 Free Homemade Bar Plans – Simple Outdoor Bar Plans

17 Free Homemade Bar Plans – Simple Outdoor Bar Plans

DIY Bar Plan

You've often imagined having your own bar, haven't you?

It could be a typical men's bar, one for coffee or alcohol, a bar is a bar. Having your own bar is a fulfilling experience that few people know. Building it by yourself is a dream come true.

I have collected 17 of the most amazing DIY bar plans from around the web. 

As you browse through them below, it is my wish for you, that you find a plan which inspires you enough to get up and get building.

After you've used these bar plans to build you dream bar, how about using a wine rack plan to give you even more storage space? You may also want to use some free woodworking plans to build a pallet bar, kitchen island, farmhouse table, entertainment center, floating shelf, coffee table, coffee mug holder, ottoman, or even a picnic table.

Gray House Studio Concrete & Wood Coffee Bar

Amanda and Justin love coffee very much, so building a coffee bar was a dream they both shared. This bar is built using plans from the DIY couple at Gray House Studio.

Unlike the Gray House Studio bar, this one was made shorter. 75 inches became 43, while 49.5 inches became 18.5. The dark-stained wood and the concrete countertop remained though.

The frame was assembled using 4x4s and 2x4s. Justing used a Kreg Jig to drill pocket holes, while the stained boards were later added to the construction.

This tutorial also leads you through the concrete mixing process, which you need in order to create a fitting concrete countertop.

Amanda and Justin's free bar tutorial is detailed and has lots of photos. It also links to the Gray House website with more detailed tutorials and free bar plans.

2. Jen's Rolling Bar Cart

Jen's Rolling Bar Cart

Jen built this lovely red cart on wheels. It is a very versatile cart, which you can use for a lot of things including an outdoor bar, grill service cart, and much more.

This cart should cost you less than $50 to build, except you wish to make additions to it. Jen built the frame using 2x4s. She then added boards to complete the cart.

Its free bar plan takes you through each step of the build process and includes clear pictures which make it easier to understand.

Though Jen painted this cart in bright red and added caster wheels to it, you could also forget the wheels, and slightly change the design into something more appropriate for you.

This bar plan includes a material list, tool list, cut list, and enough diagrams and measurements to help you get the job done.

3. How to Build a Home Bar

How to Build a Home Bar

This tutorial is geared towards the traditional home bar that may be found in a man cave or in any other setting where men come together to drink and socialize.

Where other guides tell you what to do in a step by step manner, this bar guide gives you more freedom to create what you want, by teaching you the theories behind home bars.

These include standard bar heights of 42 inches, standard stool heights of 30 inches, size of the bar top, the spacing between seats, and the price of certain hardware.

It continues by listing materials, tools, and plenty of advice on the different fittings you can add to make your bar exceptional. It is the perfect 'how to build a bar' tutorial.

4. 7-Step DIY Home Bar Plan

7-Step DIY Home Bar Plan

This DIY homemade bar is not cheap. It cost Keith between $1,500 and $2,000 to make. The plan comes complete with everything you need to also make this amazing bar.

Delivered in 7 steps, the bar plans take you gently from the construction of the base to the internal frame, interior bar skin and the bar top.

There are many unique features in this bar. These include its L-shape, fish tank, lighting and a personalized tabletop filled with 600 beer caps and sealed off.

Keith takes his time to build this once in a lifetime bar, including the lots of money he spent on it. You could, of course, build it for less and in a shorter time, depending on how much detail you want.

5. $400 DIY Bar Plan

$400 DIY Bar Plan

Mark and Douglas from This Old House built this one together. Costing over $400, this DIY is simple, and yet offers all the features of a standard bar.

It will take about 16 hours to complete, and is strictly for skilled woodworkers. The tutorial starts with a material list, a tool list, and a cut list. It then uses 17 steps to show you how to build it.

Each of the steps contains a photo to help you better understand. Everything from building the base, the frame, and making 45-degree miter cuts is well explained.

Mark and Douglas even installed a foot rail to this bar. Though the rail makes it look very original, it also costs quite some extra money.

This is one of the best free basement bar plans you can get your hands on for creating a man-cave bar. You are of course free to make changes or additions.

6. 6-Foot DIY Bar Plan with Detailed Instructions

6-Foot DIY Bar Plan with Detailed Instructions

Very few plans are as detailed as this one. Robert from Ohio really put in lots of work to create this free plan.

Though his website has an early 1990s vibe, Bob takes his time to create the 42-page tutorial for building this DIY bar.

The bar is simple but functional. It is 72 inches long, 24 inches deep, and 42 inches high. There are 2 storage shelves, 2 sliding wine racks, and 3 drawers in the rear.

It features a foot-rail, and an armrest molding, which gives it that great look of an original bar.

This 42-page is so detailed that it even shows you how to make drawer boxes and assemble the wine racks with step by step guides.

7. Backyard Tiki Bar Tutorial with Step By Step Plans

Backyard Tiki Bar Tutorial with Step By Step Plans

If you are the type that loves island environments and feelings, then Steve Guizzo's tiki bar plans might be for you.

Delivered in 11 steps. This tutorial will guide you through the very first steps to the last, and point out every important detail you might need.

It starts out with a material list, and a PDF of the plans is also available. The frame for the base is built using 4x4s and is 8 x 6 foot large in dimensions.

The walls then extend from the base, and the bar is roofed. A countertop made from plywood is installed, and in the last step, decorations are added.

Since this is more of a fantasy bar, once you've built the basic bar, the extra decorations are simply left for you. This is because we all have our different fantasies to fulfill.

8. Pottery Barn Inspired Chesapeake Bar Plan

Pottery Barn Inspired Chesapeake Bar Plan

Rayan from the Design Confidential presents this free home bar plan. It can be closed up or opened up to offer more space.

Inspired by the Pottery Barn furniture line, it is 42 inches high, 35 inches when closed, and 71 inches when opened up.

This tutorial starts with a tool list, a material list, and a cut list. The total cost of building this DIY bar plan is between $75 and $100, depending on how detailed you want to be.

It is worth noting that this job requires quite a bit of wood-working skills, but if you follow the bar plans correctly, you will surely create an amazing piece of furniture.

This is also just the plans for the construction and does not include any finishing ideas. If you choose this job, then you should feel free to finish it as you like.

9. Jack Sander's Free Bar Plans

 Jack Sander's Free Bar Plans

If you are looking for free bar plans and layouts for building a simple DIY bar, then you might want to consider Jack's bar plans.

The building processes are carefully laid out in steps and include detailed diagrams with dimensions and all other necessary information.

The tutorial starts off with a material list, tool list, tips and the time required to build the bar, which is 1 day. The building then starts with the building of the frame.

It is 56 inches long, 34 inches high, and 18 inches wide. The 4 wine racks are built in 2 sets of double racks, each one 11 inches in height.

As stated before, this is a simple bar. Jack does not provide any cost estimates, but if you skip extra fittings or decorations, the total cost will surely be very low.

10. $100 DIY Home Bar Plans

$100 DIY Home Bar Plans

If you've been burning with desire for an affordable basement bar plan for your man-cave, then pay attention here. This DIY bar plan is definitely for you.

Provided as an instructable by jayjohnson22, this bar plan takes you by the hand and shows you how to build a bar in 10 steps, even if it's your first time.

The tutorial starts with all the needed tools, including a table saw, screw gun and miter saw. The process starts with the frame, and then support structures are added to support it.

Both the bar top and the bar's front face are built using MDF (Medium Density Fibreboards). This helps to keep costs down, without needing anything fancy or expensive.

This project is additionally downloadable as a PDF file.

11. 48 Inches Wide Outdoor Bar Plan

48 Inches Wide Outdoor Bar Plan

Outdoor bars can be cool at times. The ability to properly entertain in your garden or any other outdoor space can almost be considered a privilege.

With this outdoor bar plan, you will be able to create an outdoor bar which is 48 inches wide, 15 inches deep, and 40 inches high. 

Of course, you could change the plans and build a bar that is either larger or smaller, according to your needs. This plan lists all the dimensions of this bar.

The plan also creates 2 shelves in the bar's rear side on the left and includes enough space for an ice-box on the right side.

The bottom and the side walls are built using 1x4s, while the frame and countertop are built using 2x4s. This construction will take about a day to finish.

12. 19-Step DIY Tiki Bar Plan

19-Step DIY Tiki Bar Plan

This homemade bar plan teaches you how to build a tiki bar step by step. There may be different types of outdoor bar plans, but this one is truly lovely and worth considering.

The 19 steps of this guide start with the internal walls of the bar and end after the roof has been secured. In-between, you will learn how to build a very lovely tiki bar.

The bar's walls are decorated with bamboo sheets, while the roof is thatched and still water-proof, being covered first with plastic.

This bar plan will take you about 2 days to complete, and you will do better with help. The cost is listed as moderate but is not specific, and there are material and tool lists.

13. Rustic DIY Outdoor Bar Plan

Rustic DIY Outdoor Bar Plan

This is as basic as it gets when it comes to building outdoor bars. Designed to be rustic, the focus here is not on good looks.

It is designed to be lightweight to carry as well. This means that it is neither too large, nor does it have shelves or other types of extra fittings.

The bar is 48 inches wide, 20 inches deep, and about 40 inches high. It is built using a simple frame, which is then covered with panels.

The bar top is also built using 1x4s both for the countertop and its supports. It measures 60 inches by 24 inches.

This outdoor bar plan is so simple and easy to follow. The tutorial is also well documented and not too long.

14. Ceramic Countertop DIY Outdoor Bar Plan

Ceramic Countertop DIY Outdoor Bar Plan

This outdoor bar is designed to withstand the weather a little, though it should not be for long periods of time under open air conditions.

The countertop is made from ceramic tiles, the frame is built using 4x4 posts, the bar itself is covered with corrugated tin, and it even mounted on caster wheels.

This tutorial is detailed and straight to the point. It includes all necessary diagrams, complete with measurements and all important notes.

Full height is 40 inches, width is 41 inches, with the countertop being about 50 inches wide. You could also get creative and switch the tiles or use a different material instead of corrugated tin.

15. Home Bar with Refrigerator Plan

Home Bar with Refrigerator Plan

Perfect for many situations, this could be the basement bar plan that you need for your man-cave, your home bar, or any other situation where you need cold beer from the tap.

The fridge is the type that can hold a keg and keep it chilled. You could, of course, opt for any type of drink, but this one is just perfect for beer.

This bar tutorial is very detailed with plans, a material list, a step by step guide, plus extra info that could help you along the way.

The frame is based on 4x4 posts and includes 2x4s. There is plywood for the floor, as well as at the top.

This bar is 41 inches high, 63 wide, and about 25 inches deep. Western red cedar was used, with corner braces added for extra strength.

16. Farmhouse Kitchen Island with Bar DIY Plans

Farmhouse Kitchen Island with Bar DIY Plans

Designed exclusively for the kitchen, this island includes both cupboards and a bar. Though this one may be farmhouse styled, you can still modify it as you please.

The tutorial is from Ana White, and she includes a material list, tool list, a cut list, and a 9-step tutorial on how to build a kitchen island bar.

The estimated cost is between $100 and $150. You could close or even leave the cupboards open, and you could as well get creative with its countertop.

Ana's plans are easy to understand and to follow. She also gives tips and leaves hints as to where you can take her ideas further.

17. Simple DIY Bar Plan

Simple DIY Bar Plan

You will have to budget about 1 day and a little over a $100 to build this one. The design is simple and straight to the point, but it gets the job done.

This DIY bar tutorial includes a list of tools like a miter saw, tape measure, hammer, e.t.c., plus a detailed material list.

Its countertop, as well as shelves, are made using plywood, while the base is made from 1x3 lumber.

Every step is well detailed, and diagrams help to drive the lessons home. It is 57 inches wide, 20 deep, and 35 inches high. 

We have come to the end of our 17 free DIY bar plans, and the turn is now yours to get to work on the plan that you've chosen.

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I would also love to hear from you. Share your passion and tell me what you are up to in the comments section below.