10 Free DIY Wooden Pallet Deck Ideas for Your Backyard

10 Free DIY Wooden Pallet Deck Ideas for Your Backyard

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The notion that you beautify your home only for other to see is misplaced. Home beautification is also important for homeowners. This is especially for decks. Creating an outdoor space to relax and enjoy is imperative.

Luckily, creating this space for your home is easier than you would think. Yes, you can turn your deck building into a DIY project and use waste material.

To help you come up with impressively creative wooden pallet deck designs, I have compiled a list of pallet decking plans. Most are free and detailed enough requiring basic handy skills to nail.

After you've chosen free pallet deck plan, be sure to check out my other free plans so you can build your own deck, pergola, pavilion, shed, pallet wood wall, pallet sign, pallet coffee table, and many more. 

Wooden Pallet Deck

The DIY pallet deck completed by the Hoosier Homemade website is nothing short of beautiful and inviting. They designed the deck in a colorful carpet, outdoor-friendly chairs and table and flowers. 

The beauty of this deck is its small size. The Hoosier Homemade website provides a tutorial with photos complementing the step-by-step guide created. In addition, they outline the list of supplies needed to complete the project.

Some of these supplies include pallets, concrete half blocks, paint or stain, paint sprayer, sand, and gravel. Most of these supplies you already have in storage. 

Since you can get the pallets for free, the project costs could be as low as $0. Also, reading the pallet deck plan, you will notice the hardest part is preparing the designated deck space.

Aside from this, you will be doing lots of sanding and painting - a job that a newbie in the construction world can hack and end up with a cool looking deck. 

2.  Simple Platform Pallet Deck

Simple Platform Pallet Deck

This deck is simple and straightforward not to mention cheap and affordable. The Instructables website details their journey of creating this pallet deck and is impressive. Why? Well, they sort of stumbled upon it.

The deck resembles a platform with fine finishing. Actually, you have to take a closer look to realize it is made from pallets. The Instructables website provides a step-by-step pdf tutorial on how to build a pallet deck. 

It is short but relatively easy to follow successfully. In the downloadable pdf tutorial, you are advised to select a relatively level ground to save yourself the trouble of moving sand and gravel around.

Also to ensure the deck withstands the harsh outdoor conditions, you should be generous with the waterproofing coat when finishing the deck. The main materials used include pallets and deck boards. 

The Instructables website state they spent less than $100 on the project.

3.  DIY Garden Pallet Deck

DIY Garden Pallet Deck

Wood Pallet Furniture decided to let the 3D graphics do the talking in this tutorial. In their DIY pallet decking, the blog has more images than writings. And the results speak for themselves.

The finish is glossy and modern. The overall look is more of what you expect high-end flooring to look like. This is a perfect pallet deck to transform your garden/backyard.

Following the easy tutorial, you are allowed to play around with the surface patterns. You also could leave the deck unpainted if you love the rustic look. You can also add a canopy to the deck.

However, sticking to the bare minimum, you will spend very little. Actually, the guide states that most of the investment will be in time and labor. The main supplies you will need are patios and deck boards.

4.  DIY Easy Pallet Deck

DIY Easy Pallet Deck

If you are pressed for time and space but still would love a deck for your backyard, this is the perfect DIY pallet deck idea. It is probably the smallest pallet deck on this list.

The Northern Homestead website outlines how you can build a deck from pallets with no cash and skills. For this project, you will need 3 pallets and weed control fabric for the ground under the pallet.

The only hard work will be preparing the ground. Other than that, you will be cutting the pallets to suit your size and layout design. 

This deck made from pallets will only take several hours. Working in a group of 3, it will take at most 3 hours.

5.  Low-Cost DIY Pallet Deck

Low-Cost DIY Pallet Deck

I thought this was great use of space between two walls. The wooden pallet deck added some life to the space. The result is also private which adds to the excitement I have with this idea.

The creation process is not difficult, though I must say it is not as direct as most shared on this list. It does require some bit of skill and seems to consume a considerable amount of time. 

Nonetheless, your hard work and time will pay off. 101 Pallet Ideas details the steps to follow to enjoy such space. For the project, you need pallets, deck boards and underlay fabric for weed control.

For the top, you can use any pattern you please. Be as creative as you can possibly be. 101 Pallet Ideas decided to go with a square pattern which turned out great.

For the finishing, the 3D graphic tutorial advises using water based poly coats or stain coats to prolong the life of the deck. 

6.  DIY Party Lounge Pallet Deck

DIY Party Lounge Pallet Deck

A quick glance at this 3D graphic pallet deck idea and you might mistake it for a professional project. Taking a closer look, you realize it is an inexpensive piece of art requiring no cuts.

The party lounge pallet deck is designed especially for fun loving people. It is created using nothing but whole pallets. It is the perfect layout for a family into beverage parties and celebrations.

101 Pallet Ideas provides the layout of this pallet deck. To hack it you will need about 43 pallets. The pallets come in different sizes as listed in the tutorial. Everything is made from pallets.

Other than arranging the pallets according to the provided layout, the hard work will be sanding and painting. You can add some flowers and fencing to the layout to give it more life and beauty. 

7.  Elevated DIY Pallet Deck

Elevated DIY Pallet Deck

If you have space on your property that is unsightly and would like to do something great to it, this is it. Follow this pallet deck project tutorial by 99 Pallets for enviable pallet deck beauty.

99 Pallets used 30 pallets to finish the deck. Note that some of the recliner-like furniture in their images are made from pallets. Speaking of images, the tutorial provides images to guide you through the building process.

In the project, the pallets are arranged to provide the flooring. To ensure they are level, 99 Pallets setup logs and bolted the pallets onto them. This saves you from the hassle of ground leveling.

For the flooring, you should start from one corner. Use pallet pieces of equal thickness. As for the pattern, you can use any pattern you please. Be creative. 

This project requires basic handy skills and is cheap. Actually, you might end up not spending a dime. 

8.  DIY Pallet Deck Under $300

DIY Pallet Deck Under $300

Pallets are an endless source of inspiration for DIYers. This is one design illustrating pallet creativity. The Pallet deck by Remodelaholic looks great. So much so that it is hard to believe it cost under $300.

Jodi and her husband needed a staircase leading to their pool. They came up with this pallet deck extension. You would think it was part of the main deck from the start. They started with ground leveling.

While they purchased their pallets, you could get yours for free locally. Layout the pallets and follow the tutorial. There is not much of cutting and measurements. As such, it is perfect for newbies too.

After laying out the pallets and supporting them, the last step is securing the deck boards and painting them in your preferred color. The tutorial features a breakdown of the tier measurements used.

Supplies bought included stain, poly, screws, wood, pallet and metal joints. These cost her $285. But since might not buy new pallets, your expenditure will be lower.

9.  Pallet Patio Deck

Pallet Patio Deck

Instead of incurring the costs of redoing your concrete patio, why not deck over it? Decking over your worn out concrete patio saves you cash since you can convert it into a DIY project.

Family Handyman blog provides a guide of decking over your patio. The tutorial provides some scenarios in which you should hold off on the project. Be keen on this section.

That said, according to Family Handyman blog, constructing the patio takes about 5 days given its large 14x28 ft size. The pattern on the patio deck flooring also adds some hours to the construction time.

As for the costs, it depends. Costs range and vary with the decking you choose from $1.5 per sq ft. to over $10 for the same space. And this is not inclusive of the price of power tools.

This tutorial is detailed and provides images to give a clear visual for DIY carpenters looking to embark on the project.

10. DIY Recycled Pallet Deck

DIY Recycled Pallet Deck

If you are a creative mind not needing a large deck this DIY pallet deck idea would be perfect. 

The Pallet Ideas site has 3D graphics of the deck being used as a barbecue area. You can use it differently and make it bigger.

The deck lies flush with the ground and has colorful and patterned flooring. While the blog does not provide a detailed tutorial on building the pallet deck, they do provide a starting point.

For a creative mind with basic handy skills, this is all you need to build the deck.

The different pallet deck building ideas are provided for free. Put any of the idea to use and enjoy the outcome. Your friends and neighbors will be green with envy.

When you do pick one idea, we would like to know how you faired building it. Was it difficult? Share some details and let us know why you love the particular idea you chose.

Share any concerns and additions you might have with us in the comment section.