24 Free, Unique DIY Wooden Jewelry Box Plans

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24 Free, Unique DIY Wooden Jewelry Box Plans

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Are you always finding it hard to organize your jewelry? Do you also keep misplacing your favorite pieces? If so, you need a jewelry box to keep everything organized.

When buying some expensive pieces of jewelry, you can get a free box for their storage. However, most will not come with a box hence making storage and organization quite challenging.

In this piece, we will help you make one instead of buying the expensive ones. We do this by providing some easy to implement jewelry box plans and ideas that you can do as a DIY project.

Whether you want to make a DIY jewelry box for your valuable pieces or as a gift for that important lady in your life the plans below will give you more than enough ideas.

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Simple Felt-Lined Jewelry Box

Popular Woodworking Magazine provides a guide on how you can build a simple jewelry box with locally available material. This wooden jewelry box plan is long but easy to follow thanks to the step by step instructions.

Although the tutorial does not specify how much it will cost to make, it is still relatively cheap. Since a box like this would retail for around $65 to $95, it means that you can make it for less than this.

The main materials are wood, felt and glue. If you already have some wood pieces, then this box will be even cheaper to make. This guide also provides a cutting list and clear pictures for the main construction steps.

2. $25 Keepsake Box

$25 Keepsake Box

Here is another Popular Woodworking Magazine DIY wooden jewelry box that you can make for under $25. It is a simple box that will only take a few hours to complete.

Most of the work goes into cutting the pieces and joining them. And so you will need woodworking tools like straight router bits, spring clamps, and belt sander.

The joinery on the corners on this box looks complicated, but the step by step guide and clear pictures make it easy to figure out. The only other thing that you will need for this project is to select wood with a beautiful grain since it influences the appearance of the box.

3. Wooden Jewelry Box Plan with a Secret Compartment

Wooden Jewelry Box Plan with a Secret Compartment

This tutorial provides a PDF document that demonstrates how you can make an attractive jewelry box with a secret compartment. This wood jewelry box plan is also very detailed, and it includes the project description and lots of pictures.

Since there are some complicated joints that you need to create this box will take quite some time to build. As, for the cost, you can use leftover pieces that you already have at home to make it cheaper.

The secret compartment is also easy to make, and the tutorial provides enough information on how to do it. And there is also a cut list for all the wood pieces and any additional tools and supplies that you may need.

What I like most about this jewelry box is that it maintains a very appealing natural wood finish.

4. The Classic Jewelry Box

The Classic Jewelry Box

If you have some mahogany and plywood lying around here is a beautiful jewelry box that you can make. It is one of my favorites, and also one of those things that I have on my must-do DIY projects list.

The design looks complicated, but this is mostly due to the curved lid. But with the pictures on this tutorial and the clear description of the main stages you can implement this project in one weekend.

For the cost, it depends on what you already have. If you have the mahogany and the necessary tools, then there is little that you need to buy. This makes the box quite affordable to make.

5. Homemade Jewelry Chest with a Stand

Homemade Jewelry Chest with a Stand

A jewelry chest with a stand like this one is perfect when you need something substantial but still elegant. It can accommodate a lot of jewelry, but it is also quite easy to build.

This Woodsmith tutorial provides a PDF plan with dimensions of all the wood pieces you need. And so you should not have any difficulties making the chest.

Since this free jewelry box plan does not specify the cost what you spend will depend on the availability of the material in your locality. If you have all the materials, it is possible to complete this jewelry chest over the weekend.

6. Oval Jewelry Box

Oval Jewelry Box

The usual jewelry boxes with defined straight edges and sides can be quite monotonous. This Woodsmith tutorial provides a simple guide on how to make an elegant oval one.

It contains a PDF document with some basic sketches of how the box should look. Although there is not a lot of information on the document, the sketches are an excellent starting point.

With the right woodworking tools, quality pieces of timber and a few hours to spare you should be able to implement this elegant jewelry box plan.

7. Carved Jewelry Box with Scroll Patterns

Carved Jewelry Box with Scroll Patterns

What I like about most jewelry box designs by Woodsmith is that they are very straightforward and easy to implement. This particular one is about giving a carved box some intricate scroll patterns.

This jewelry box requires some basic woodworking skills to make and a lot of creativity. You also need various cutting and measuring tools. For the materials, you can use any wood that you like, but mahogany is always the best.

The scroll patterns give the box the detailed look and impressive craftsmanship. But, they are also easy to achieve since the tutorial provides a PDF file with printable templates for the patterns.

8. Simple Scrap Wood Jewelry Box

Simple Scrap Wood Jewelry Box

This simple jewelry box will not take much of your time and is also very cheap. It is a beautiful piece that you can use for your jewelry or give someone as a gift,

The tutorial provides drawings with the dimensions for the sides, top, and bottom. There is also a step by step guide for the construction, and so everything will be straightforward once you cut the different pieces.

Since this project uses scrap wood, you will only need to buy some glue and sandpaper. And so you only need to spend a few dollars and spare a couple of hours to make this box.

9. Keyed Corner Jewelry Box

Keyed Corner Jewelry Box

This classy looking jewelry box is easier to make than it looks and you can create it in just one weekend. The detailed Shop Smith Hands-On tutorial provides clear dimensions of the wood pieces that you need and the assembly process.

You can make this box from the scrap pieces you have in the workshop, and so it is quite a cheap homemade jewelry box to build.

Besides from the long description, this tutorial also provides some assembly drawings and list of material that you can download in a PDF format.

The keyed accents are the only challenging element in this project, but you can still make them by following the guide keenly.

10. Multipurpose Wooden Box

Multipurpose Wooden Box

If you are still figuring out how to make jewelry boxes here is a simple plan that you can implement in a few hours. It is an all-purpose jewelry box design that will also be a perfect gift for family and friends.

If you intend to make several of these 3 by 5 by 8 inches boxes, you will also need to make a jig. Luckily this tutorial also provides instruction on how to make the jig.

For the box, you can use scraps since you will not need a lot of wood. Besides from the timber, you will only need a piece of felt for the lining and a lock for the box.

11. Quick and Easy Bandsaw Boxes

Quick and Easy Bandsaw Boxes

These quick and easy bandsaw boxes will be suitable for organizing your jewelry. What you will like most about them is that you can make them from scrap wood and you will not need many tools.

The most important tool for this project is the bandsaw and if you have one you can produce several of these boxes in a day. This tutorial provides step by step instructions on how to make the jewelry boxes and plenty of pictures for all the stages.

Although this free wooden box plan does not provide cost estimates, it will not be more than $20 since they retail at between 20 and 30 dollars.

12. Easiest Maple Keepsake Box

Easiest Maple Keepsake Box

This keepsake box is one of the easiest and cheapest that you can make. It only takes a few minutes to complete, and you will not need a lot of materials or tools.

With two blocks of maple, a dowel and a piece of felt you have everything you need for the box. This tutorial by RunnerDuck Resources provides dimensions for the maple, dowel and felt.

If you already have the wood at home and some felt that you can repurpose it will cost you nothing to make this box. But, even if you have to buy them they are very affordable.

Although there are not many steps for making this box, the tutorial still provides some clear pictures of everything you need to do.

13. Rustic Bandsaw Jewelry Box Plan

Rustic Bandsaw Jewelry Box Plan

For this woodworking jewelry box, you will also need to use the bandsaw. But it is also a simple plan to implement, and you can even make it from scraps of wood.

This four-drawer jewelry box will require at least basic woodworking skills to make, but you can always do a few trial and errors if you are not good at woodworking

The Porte Cable jewelry box plan comes with some detailed text description and a PDF document with drawings and dimensions.

14. Cherry Wood Jewelry-Trinket Box

Cherry Wood Jewelry-Trinket Box

There are many jewelry box woodworking plans out there, but few are as detailed as this one. Anyone with beginner woodworking skills can make this box because the tutorial is easy to follow.

The plan provides everything from the material list and dimensions of the wood pieces to the cutting, sanding, assembly and finishing procedures.

The black cherry wood is easy to find and will also not be expensive since you only need a few small pieces. For the hinges, you will only spend a few dollars.

Once you get these items, it should take about one weekend to finish the project. The actual construction is quick, but the stain and finishing coats will require several hours to dry.

15. 9-Step DIY Oak Jewelry Box

9-Step Oak Jewelry Box

Oak always makes some beautiful wood products, and this jewelry box proves this. You can make it in 9 easy steps.

This Instructables tutorial will provide a complete list of the materials and their sizes and another one for all the tools that you need. Also, there are some instructions on how to make the box joint or finger joint jig which is vital when making this box.

Although this homemade jewelry box plan does not include any specifics for the cost, this is quite a cheap DIY project. You can buy the oak pieces or repurpose ones that you already have at home. The nine steps of this project will only require a day or two to implement.

16. Large DIY Jewelry Cabinet

Large DIY Jewelry Cabinet

If you have an extensive collection of jewelry, the small jewelry boxes might not work well for you. And so a large cabinet is way much better. This wooden jewelry box plan will help you make one.

The jewelry cabinet idea is from Her Tool Belt. It will help you make a unit with several drawers, some fold-out sides, and a case at the top. The case also includes a lid that opens up to show a mirror.

This cabinet has several sections, and so it will take more time and money to make. But, the good thing is that the tutorial provides a complete list of material, step by step instructions and a downloadable PDF document for the plans.

17. Wooden Embroidery Box

Wooden Embroidery Box

An embroidery jewelry box like this one with plenty of storage compartments is perfect for your small jewelry pieces and other things like threads and needles.

Craftsmanspace provides a detailed PDF document that will make it easy to make the box. This PDF file contains plenty of drawings and instructions. And so with this plan making your own jewelry box will not be a problem.

Besides from the wood pieces, you will also need some screws, hinges, and rivets. But the tutorial provides guidelines on the sizes of all the items and how and when to use them.

If you follow the instructions well, it should only take a weekend to create this box.

18. Fancy Jewelry Box

Fancy 13 x 13-7/8 Inches Jewelry Box

This jewelry box plan by Anna White is a little more complicated to build as it includes several drawers. But, the tutorial provides a list of all the materials, tools and detailed instructions.

Despite this being an elaborate design it will only take a couple of days to complete thanks to the in-depth information. And there is also a PDF plan that one can download.

What I also like about this project is that anyone with beginner woodworking skills can still implement it. As for the budget, you should expect to spend anywhere between $50 and $100.

19. Easy Handmade Jewelry Box

Easy Handmade Jewelry Box

Here is another jewelry box plan by Anna White that is easy to implement and also quite affordable. It is a two drawer box that you can make from standard board sizes that you might already have in the workshop.

Like many other DIY plans, this one comes with a detailed shopping list for everything you need, a cut list and some clear instructions. There are also some names and pictures of all the tools that you will need.

The only thing that is not available is an estimate of the total project cost. But this should not be a concern because this is a cheap project.

There is also a PDF plan with several drawings and step by step instructions.

20. Hidden Compartment Jewelry Box with a Mirror

Hidden Compartment Jewelry Box with a Mirror

Free wooden box plans that include a hidden compartment are always the most interesting ones. With this one, you will also have a large mirror at the top to make it even more appealing.

To make a jewelry box like this one you will need some basic woodworking skills. And with a few hours to spare in your free time or over the weekend, this can be quite an exciting DIY project. 

Besides from the wood pieces you also need other things like a pocket hole jig and wood glue. But the tutorial provides a complete list of material.

Like most other jewelry box plans you can use leftover wood pieces for this one which makes it very affordable. If you take time to go through the guide and follow the clear instructions you can have this box hanging on your wall with no difficulties.

21. Vintage Mitered Jewelry Box

Vintage Mitered Jewelry Box

A classic jewelry box like this one is the kind you will want to keep for many years. It looks classy and expensive, but you can make it by following this PDF tutorial.

This guide provides a complete list of material and in-depth description of the entire construction. There are also several clear pictures that demonstrate the different stages of the project.

Unlike most other projects, this tutorial also provides some tips on how you can finish it fast and ensure it looks the best.

By the end of the DIY project, you will also learn a lot about how you can improve your woodworking skills.

Although it depends on your skills, tools and material availability, this wooden jewelry box plan should take a day or one weekend at most to complete.

22. Simple DIY Wooden Jewellery Box

Simple DIY Wooden Jewellery Box

For those that are just learning some woodworking and want to make a wooden jewelry box, this is an ideal tutorial. The plan is detailed and easy to follow and making the jewelry box is very straightforward.

Even if you do not know how to make jewelry boxes this 10 x 5 x 3 inches one should not be very challenging. And this is more so because there is also a video to help you out.

This plan provides a list of materials and their dimensions and all the essential tools that you will need. But, the best part is that you do not need a lot of wood.

You can use the scrap wood you already have at home or buy high-quality hardwoods without spending much. Since this is a basic jewelry box plan, you can make it in just a couple of hours.

23. Modern DIY Jewelry Box

Modern DIY Jewelry Box

A modern-looking and elegant jewelry box will always make a great gift for a loved one. This Canadian Home Workshop tutorial explains in detail how you can make one.

It is a comprehensive DIY tutorial that includes a list of the materials that you will need, some instructions and plans for the box. With all this information you should not have any difficulties with this project.

You can finish this box in one weekend, and if you have some leftover pieces of woods in the workshop, it will be a cheap project for you.

24. Homemade Dresser Valet

Homemade Dresser Valet

A dresser valet like this one will help you organize your jewelry, keys, combs and all the other small items you usually place on the dressing table. It is also a plan by Canadian Home Workshop that you can make over the weekend

This tutorial provides a complete list of the material and tools, plans and some detailed instructions. The most important materials are the cherry and fir wood pieces.

You will only need small pieces of wood and some affordable hinges, and so this is a cheap jewelry box that you can make on a low budget. The small size and few parts also mean that it will only take a day or less to complete.

Now you have 24 different jewelry box plans that you can try out at home. We would love to hear what you think about these DIY ideas.

If you also have others to add or have some experience in building one or more of the jewelry boxes, we would like to hear from you. Kindly drop us your remarks or comments on the space below.