20 Creative DIY Wood Fired Pizza Oven Plans With Tuitorials

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20 Creative DIY Wood Fired Pizza Oven Plans With Tuitorials

diy wood fired pizza oven

Ever eaten a wood-fired pizza? Well, you’ll agree with me that it is a real treat.

But have you ever imagined preparing it at home instead of queuing up at a local pizza joint? Building a DIY wood-fired pizza oven is not as complicated as it sounds.

With some basic construction skills and materials, you could have your own homemade pizza oven in no time. Below are wood-fired pizza oven plans to give you a head start.

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$135 DIY Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

This pizza oven is built by Stark from Instructables website. Stark designed this oven to get something that is movable, lightweight and uses wood to cook.

She got inspiration from a YouTube pizza oven project built using portland cement and crushed pumice stone.

This is a solo project that takes about 1 week to complete. The total cost of the project is around $135. Stark recommends that you start with a small fire when firing the oven. Build a bigger fire each day until the curing process is done.

The oven has a dome shape fitted with a chimney. Stark says her project has been a success to the extent that she has decided to build other three pizza ovens.

2. Raised Wood-fired Pizza Oven

Raised Wood-fired Pizza Oven

Simon Brookes, an expert in building and baking, is the person behind this project. He wanted to build a pizza oven that uses free, locally available materials.

Simon builds this oven in just 1 week. Well, you can even build it over a summer weekend in case the weather is fine.

Materials needed here are 30 bricks, 20 blocks, rubble/big stones, sand, clay, and assorted glass bottles. This is a solo project. As I had mentioned earlier, Simon doesn’t incur any costs building this oven.

The oven sits on a raised platform of bricks so you don’t have to bend. Apart from cooking pizza, this oven gives residual heat. This can be used for cake, pastry, pork, and other slow-cooking foods.

Simon advises that you mix the sand and clay in batches for better results. He gives notes on how to use the oven, and how to care and protect it.

3. Outdoor Stucco Wood-Fired Pizza Oven with Countertop

Outdoor Stucco Wood-Fired Pizza Oven with Countertop

This is a project by HGTV. What the designer wants is a pizza oven that has a working area and sits at a comfortable height.

For this project, you will need a concrete mix, cinder blocks, brick tile, oven kit, and plywood. Instructions on this pizza oven include how to build the L-shaped base, make the Countertop and install the pizza oven.

The specifics on the cost of the project is not given in the tutorial. So it will depend on the method you use to source the building materials.

According to the designer, you’ll need to wait for 20 days for the oven to completely cure. As for the stucco finish, he recommends seeking the service of a mason.

4. DIY Cob/Earth Pizza Oven

DIY Cob/Earth Pizza Oven

DIYer Ananda shows how to build a wood-fired pizza oven from readily available materials. The best part of her project is that most of the materials can be got absolutely free.

The main focus of this project is to build a portable pizza oven that is inexpensive and gives a long cooking time. This is a class project that requires many hands to build. The oven takes around 3 hours to build.

What you need here is sand/clay mix, glass jars, and insulated portable wooden base. The oven is given decorative sculptural details. Ananda finishes by giving notes on a free ebook you can use to sharpen your pizza oven building skills.

5. Brick Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Brick Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

This is a project by several DIYers. The main aim was to show how to build a brick pizza oven with at least 50% efficiency.

This can be a one-man project in case you have good bricklaying techniques. It can be built in 2 weekends. A larger part of the time is spent building the reinforced base, which takes at least 72 hours to dry.

In this project, clay and fine sand mortar mix used to withstand the high temperatures. This is mixed at the ratio of 6:4. You may need a spirit level since a lot of accuracies is required here.

Building this brick pizza oven costs around $500. The finished oven has an arched top and counter space.

6. Brick Pizza Oven with Storage and Countertop

Brick Pizza Oven with Storage and Countertop

Jack Sander, an author at How To Specialist builds this dome-shaped brick pizza oven. His aim is to show how a little effort can bring about a drastic change in the look and efficiency of a pizza oven.

The main building materials used here are bricks, blocks, mortar, and shards of glass. Jack advises you get the right mix of the concrete so that it doesn’t crack under high temperatures.

Here, the footing of the foundation is dependent on the soil structure. This project needs at least two people for better results. A lot of space is set aside underneath the oven for storage.

Jack Sander gives notes on the tips you can use to make this project a success. It takes 2 weekends to build this pizza oven.

7. Homemade Pizza Oven on Wooden Crate

Homemade Pizza Oven on Wooden Crate

Phil Reilly from Instructables is the man behind this pizza oven. The main focus of this project is to build an inexpensive pizza oven from scratch. The oven is built on a wooden crate so it can be moved with ease.

This is a brick oven covered in tin foil so it doesn’t crack under high temperature. Phil uses two other helpers to build this pizza oven.

Some of the materials used here include mortar, chipboard, wooden pallet, and bricks. Bricks are what will cost you more in this project. Phil manages to get some for free.

This pizza oven sits low so you may require putting on a raised platform in case you don’t want to bend.

8. DIY Backyard Pizza Oven on Wooden Pallet

DIY Backyard Pizza Oven on Wooden Pallet

Katherine Martinko from Treehugger builds this portable pizza oven. She has the idea of a self-sufficient oven designed to prolong the cooking time.

This project is presented in form of an infographic. The oven requires at least two people to build. Katherine doesn’t specify the exact cost of the project. She puts it at a few hundred bucks.

10 bags of sand, 3 bags of cement, 75 heat-resistant bricks, and 25 fire bricks are the main materials you need here.

Building this pizza oven can take a few hours off your weekend. The infographic presentation makes this pizza oven easy to build even for someone with no specialized construction skills.

9. Small DIY Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Small DIY Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Ian, a builder, and carpenter build this small pizza oven. His idea was to build something light yet efficient enough to serve the purpose.

This oven cooks about two pizzas at a time. Ian builds the oven alone considering the small scale of this project. Fireproof lecca balls are used in the place of stone elements. The result is lighter concrete and better insulation.

According to Ian, laying the clay bricks was the easiest part of the project. The dome is wrapped in aluminum foil. The foil reflects back the heat and minimizes expansion cracking.

Ian says the oven works just as expected. It heats up in only a couple of hours and holds the temperature for longer. Ian lists lessons learned building this pizza oven at the end of the project.

10. Wood-Fired Pizza Oven with Temporary Arched Roof

Wood-Fired Pizza Oven with Temporary Arched Roof

Mike Senese, an editor of Make Magazine, comes up with this pizza oven design. The main aim of building it is to eliminate the hangup of high cost and complicated builds.

He achieves that by building a pizza oven with a roof that can be disassembled any time you want. Stacking the blocks need helping hands. Mike Senese spends just one day to assemble this pizza oven.

Angle irons, plywood, and firebricks are used to build the oven. The main reason for using firebrick is that it doesn’t shatter under high temperatures.

Mike Senese spends $400 on this project. When disassembling, you just need to hose down the clay top and remove the bricks.

11. $5,000 Neapolitan Pizza Oven with Built-In Grill

$5,000 Neapolitan Pizza Oven with Built-In Grill

Here is Nikki from Tikkido. He builds this big enclosed pizza oven that can feed a crowd. This is a project that requires help from professionals, especially when building the base.

Cinder blocks and firebricks are used to build the walls and base of the oven. An enclosure is built over the oven so that it is completely cool to touch, even when still hot.

Nikki makes the dome 42 inches wide to fit a large batch of pizzas. The oven has a nice granite counter, a fire pit, and built-in grill.

Nikki spends $5,000 on this project, which is a fraction of the $17,000 price tag for a similar store-bought oven.

12. $20 Outdoor Cob oven for Bread and Pizza

$20 Outdoor Cob oven for Bread and Pizza

Ziggy builds this pizza oven. She’s an author at “The Year of Mud” website. Ziggy decides to build this cob oven because it is easy, quick, and cheap.

Ziggy builds a foundation that raises the oven to waist height of 40 inches. Locally available materials are used. These include clay, sand, firebricks, old cinder blocks, and recycled beer bottles.

The dome is nothing more than sand and clay mix in the ratio 3:1. The oven fits three medium-sized loaves of bread. Ziggy says the oven heats to over 700 degrees in just 2 hours.

This oven takes less than a week of construction. Ziggy builds it with a friend and gives fantastic resource on how to build your own.

13. The Schlentz Family Wood-Fired Brick Pizza Oven

The Schlentz Family Wood-Fired Brick Pizza Oven

This is a project by Brickwood Oven. Building instructions for this pizza oven are presented in form of picture slides.

From the look, this oven is build using blocks, firebricks, and cladding stone. It has a heavy, open base and a granite Countertop for working space.

14. Authentic Old World-Style Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Authentic Old World-Style Wood Fired Pizza Oven

This project is posted on DebbieDoos. What the designer wanted here is an old world-style oven for backyard entertainment.

The oven part is purchased. So the major part of this project is to build the base and the arch where the top of the oven will sit.

Granite, cinder blocks, and firebricks are used here. Good masonry skill and more helping hands are needed in this project. The base is clad in masonry blocks.

The designer is very pleased with the oven and has used it for over two years now. The total cost of this project ranges from $2,500-$2,700. The same oven fetches a price of $7,000-$8,000 out there in the shops.

15. Wood-Fired Pizza Oven with Large Countertop and Storage

Wood-Fired Pizza Oven with Large Countertop and Storage

This project is uploaded in Imgur.com. The designer wanted to build an outdoor kitchen out of this massive 3-ton pizza oven.

This oven has a counter space set aside to give a working area. Underneath is plenty of storage space for wood fuel and other kitchen tools.

This is a large pizza oven that takes more than one person to build. The base cures for about 2 to 3 weeks before the building of the oven part commences. So it takes over a month before this pizza oven is ready for use.

This oven is built with safety in mind by adding a cool-touch ceramic layer at the top. The Countertop has a stucco finish that makes this makeshift outdoor kitchen weatherproof. This project costs a total of $2,350.

16. Authentic, Italian -Style Brick Pizza Oven

Well, this pizza oven is built by Melbourne Fire Brick Company. The project is posted as a YouTube video.

What the company wants is to build an oven that retains heat for longer. They achieve this by fitting the oven with a castable heat bank layer.

Building the dome is made easy using oven kits and a trammel tool. In fact, the whole oven is built by just one person. The countertop has a smooth, granite finish that also accents part of the entrance.

17. Polito DIY Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Kit

Polito DIY Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Kit

This wood-fired oven kit is from Polito Company, which is Australia’s favorite supplier when it comes to DIY wood-fired ovens. The kit gives a high-quality option for adventurous DIYers.

Some notable components of the kit are a ceramic blanket, granite countertop, refractory arch, refractory dome, and analog thermometer.

There is an instruction booklet with step by step photos. The company also gives firing instructions for the oven. There’s phone support in case you need any professional assistance.

18. Wood-Fired Pizza Oven from Abandoned Termite Mount

Wood-Fired Pizza Oven from Abandoned Termite Mount

Paul West from SBS is the brain behind this pizza oven. What he needed is a simple oven that doesn’t cost much and requires very basic building skills.

This is a clay oven. Paul sources the clay from an abandoned termite mount. The secret behind using a termite mount is that it can withstand weather elements for hundreds of years.

Firebricks are used for walling. Paul builds this pizza oven with help from four friends. The finished oven has a floor size of 70cm.

19. Wood-Fired Con Oven - In Pictures

Wood-Fired Con Oven - In Pictures

FrederikaWhitehead, an author at the Guardian, builds this cob pizza oven. The main aim of building this pizza oven is to cut down cost by using locally available materials.

Frederika makes the con from a mix of clay, sand, and stray. Firebricks are used to make the floor of the oven. The cob goes over a sand mount to build the dome.

This is a project you don’t do alone. Frederika builds it with help from friends. The project includes pictures of the oven at work.

20. Simple DIY Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Simple DIY Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

This pizza oven picture tutorial is uploaded in Imgur.com. It shows how you can build a pizza oven simple and easy.

The base is build using cinder blocks laid around a wooden formwork. Building the dome requires a template over which firebricks are laid.

Actually, most of the instructions are in picture form. You might want to check them out for more details.

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