24 Free DIY Wood Burning Stoves (Ideas & Plans)

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24 Free DIY Wood Burning Stoves (Ideas & Plans)

diy wood burning stoves

Wood burning stoves are one of the most energy-efficient ways of staying warm in chilling weather.

Learning how to build a wood stove might help you save even more. But where do you get DIY wood burning stove ideas to get started?

Well, we’ve got something for you. Here, we’ll be looking at 24 wood stove ideas you might want to try at home.

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Miniature Camp Stove

Random, the designer of this DIY wood burning stove goes for a miniature size great for camping. He makes it using scrap copper that still looks good after years of use.

The stove is made in 5 steps. Each step has picture guides that capture every detail. I love the fact that this DIY wood burning stove can withstand temperatures as high as 635 degrees Celsius.

I think you'll love the neat look of this homemade stove once finished. So how long does it take? Random completes this project in just 3 hours.

This wood stove has the ability to boil water and stay on up to 25 minutes on just a single batch of wood.

2. Weber Rapidfire Wood Burning Stove

Weber Rapidfire Wood Burning Stove

Did you know you can hack a homemade wood stove out of tin cans? Well, Mark goes for something that lasts a little bit longer than the average old tin can.

He uses Weber Rapidfire chimney, which sets him back £20. Combined with some stainless steel sheet, Mark builds this homemade wood burning stove in just 4 simple steps.

What I love about Mark's DIY wood stove is the chimney effect that makes it easier to light even in windy conditions. Once lit, the stove attains the maximum temperature in just 60seconds.

One batch of twig keeps the stove going for 20-30 hours. If you want charcoal barbecue, this DIY wood burning stove will come in handy to last up to 4 hours.

3. Hot Water Heater into DIY wood Stove

Hot Water Heater into DIY wood Stove

Look around. Do you have a water heater that you don't use? You can benefit from it by converting into a wood burning stove.

The size of hot water heater you use is your own choice. Just ensure it is in the range of 40 to 50 gallons. This tutorial has the list of things you will need.

The project takes 11 steps to finish. The stove has a draft tube to give you an easy time lighting the stove in windy conditions.

4. Gas Bottle Wood Burner

Gas Bottle Wood Burner

Want something more efficient for late night parties? I think you'll love this wood stove idea. It is fabricated from a gas bottle.

You can choose to give it a custom look. For instance, you can cut the top to put a hot plate or kettle. The designer uses a 13kg gas bottle and adds a 6-inch pipe for the chimney.

This DIY wood burning stove is built in 8 steps. 4 hours is what you need to build this homemade wood burning stove. But you can do it a lot faster if you are skilled in metal work.

5. DIY Drum Wood Burning Stove with Handle

DIY Drum Wood Burning Stove with Handle

Carsten has a way that you can put your old oil drum to good use. He shows how it can be used to make a DIY wood burning stove.

For this project, you get to choose the size of the oil drum depending on the size of space you want to heat. Carsten advises not to use aluminum since it has a low melting point.

The bottom is filled with clay to retain heat. This wood stove takes 7 steps to finish. There is a carry handle that makes it easier to transport. 

6. Lazyman's Mini Camping Brazier

Lazyman's Mini Camping Brazier

True to its name, this DIY wood burning stove is one of the easiest to build. It is a mini size stove built from cheap components.

You will need a stainless steel utensil holder for this project. Wobbler says the stainless steel makes a thicket and durable DIY wood stove.

I like the mini size of this portable stove. This is a good size to consider for a camping stove. It gives out a lot of heat and burns for 15 to 20 minutes.

So how much does this stove cost? Wobbler spends a mere $8 on this project, which is as cheap as it can ever get.

7. Frontier Stove From a Gas Bottle

Frontier Stove From a Gas Bottle

Beenay got this idea from a frontier stove sold online. He makes the stove using a 15kg gas bottle. Thicker stainless steel sheet at least 3mm is used for excellent heat retention.

For a stylish wood stove, you expect a longer making process. So it is no surprise that you will have to make the stove in 22 steps.

Beenay calls it a lifesaver. You'll need to be quite skilled at welding to build this DIY wood burning stove.

8. Minion Log Burner

Minion Log Burner

This homemade wood stove makes camping a lot more fun. This log burner is built from a gas bottle. The size of the gas bottle is not given.

That means you will have to choose depending on the amount of space you want to heat. You will go through 7 steps to finish this work.

The designer does not give the total cost of the project. However, be prepared to spend about £30 for an arc welder. Use stove paint to give a refined look.

9. Rocket Stove

Rocket Stove

A cool name for a DIY wood burning stove, don't you think? Well, Andy gives you the rocket stove. This wood stove is made using two cans of 20 liters each.

Andy's tutorial has a list of the tools and materials you'll need for this project. This tutorial has 10 steps. Andy puts side handles to carry with ease.

The stove is made to burn for at least one minute to attain the right temperature. This homemade wood stove is a great idea for fast cooking.

10. Space Shuttle Rocket Stove

Space Shuttle Rocket Stove

This DIY wood burning stove has a color that resembles that of a space shuttle, hence the name. Msel, the designer of this wood stove gives 21 illustration pictures on how to build it.

A steel sheet is used for outer shell to keep the stove from cooling fast. Msel says the project is quite delicate. So expect to finish it in about 1 day.

He puts flanges so you can handle it with ease.

11. Wood Stove Made From Scrap

Wood Stove Made From Scrap

Anything made of scrap is money saved. This DIY wood burning stove gives you just that. Nutan makes it using a gas cylinder discarded at sea.

This tutorial has 12 steps and a short video to guide you. This wood stove has a large chimney that handles all the smoke with ease.

Nutan says the project is one of the cheapest so far. He spends a mere $20 building this wood stove from scratch. The stove retains heat for long and lets you stay warm for up to 3 hours.

12. Rocket Mass Heater

Rocket Mass Heater

Looking for a way to build a rocket mass heater? Well, Vela has something for you. This heater is quite different from traditional wood-burning stoves.

It is 8 times more efficient and gives complete combustion. From getting supplies to finishing, the project takes 11 steps. The shell of this wood stove is made of heavy sheet metal.

The tools you are going to use are listed in the tutorial. For such a good wood stove, you expect the cost to be quite high. On the contrary, it costs less. Just $150 and you have this homemade wood stove ready.

13. DIY Rocket Stove Mass Heater

DIY Rocket Stove Mass Heater

Looking for wood stove plans that have short procedures? I think this idea will work just fine for you. The tutorial is a short 4-step process.

Like most mass heaters, it generates a lot of heat and retains it for longer. The stove is built using a water heater tank. In this case, the designer uses a 40-gallon tank.

The tank is welded to a square tube for added stability. Cutting the pieces takes about one day. 3 more hours are spent on welds. Want to do this protect? Well, be ready to spend at least $50.

14. DIY Barrel Furnace Build

DIY Barrel Furnace Build

Talking about cool wood stove ideas, this one makes the cut. It is built using stainless steel drum to give a stylish look.

This tutorial has 5 steps and the information about where to source the items you will need. This furnace wood stove burns super hot. It has up to 90% burning efficiency.

A chimney is fitted to direct the smoke away from the stove. The designer builds this wood stove to lie flat. He puts feet to stabilize and keep the stove from rolling.

15. Gas Bottle Log Burner

Gas Bottle Log Burner

One look at this DIY wood burning stove and you will surely feel impressed. This wood stove has a modern look that will give your patio a facelift.

It is a cutout stove made of thick 12mm steel. Building this stove is a 4-step process. Look forward to spending at least 17 hours on this project.

The stove is virtually smokeless, a feature that makes it more efficient. This homemade wood stove has two doors. That means you get easy time feeding wood.

The designer puts clay on the walls to help conserve heat and energy. A grate comes in handy to filter out the ash.

16. Wood Burning Stove From Sheet Steel

Wood Burning Stove From Sheet Steel

Looking for a way to heat up your small room? This DIY wood burning stove might just be the solution. It is built using mild steel and shaped in form of a box.

The stove has a long chimney to direct smoke far away. Vents are added to make burning more efficient. Legs keep this wood stove off the ground and give it good stability.

I like the cooking surface you get from this stove. It fits two medium size pans. The front feels hotter than the back. This means you get two different temperatures for cooking.

It boils a kettle in 5 minutes. 6 steps are included in making this stove. Expect to spend around 10 hours making this DIY wood stove.

17. Pot Belly Stove / Outdoor Wood Heater

Pot Belly Stove / Outdoor Wood Heater

This is a sturdy wood burning heater built for great heat retention. The stove has a pot belly design that gives a lot of heating area.

3 brake drums are used to build this DIY wood stove. The designer puts the time spent on this project at 4 days. It is good the way the cost is broken down. 

This homemade wood burning stove doesn't cost much to build. What you need is around $80 and you'll be good to go.

18. DIY Wood Burner Pot Belly Stove

DIY Wood Burner Pot Belly Stove

Stay warm in cold winter months with this wood stove. Dr. Qui, the designer of this wood stove was inspired by some stoves from the store. But those cost around £400.

Building himself this wood stove, he managed to shave down the cost to just £35. Well, that's the cost in case you already have the butane tank used to build it.

The tutorial is quite complete from start to finish. Overall, there are 12 steps involved in making this DIY wood stove. Fire cement is used to retain heat.

A lid is included to allow or lock in the heat.

19. CNG Tube Salamander Stove

CNG Tube Salamander Stove

This wood stove takes the shape of a salamander. It is made using a sleek gas cylinder. The chimney is placed directly at the top to easily direct smoke away from the stove.

I like the large door in this stove. It makes feeding wood a lot easier and lets in plenty of air for faster burning. This project is a 17-step process.

The designer had to part with around $75 to make this wood stove. Expect a higher cost if you're going to purchase the gas cylinder.

20. Vader Gas Bottle Log Burner

Vader Gas Bottle Log Burner

You might mistake this wood stove for a Vader mask. It is a good choice if you want something that stands out. The stove is made from a gas cylinder.

With some little mask design, this wood stove takes shape. It is built in 6 steps. Wood is fed through the mouth area of the mask.

If you're looking to do this project but don't have the cylinder ready, then expect to spend at least £60. However, those with discarded gas cylinders will spend much less.

21. Roaring DIY Gas Bottle Log Burner

Roaring DIY Gas Bottle Log Burner

Most people like a wood stove that gives a roaring sound. In case you feel the same, then this DIY wood burning stove might be the right choice for you.

Like most wood stoves on this list, it is built from an old gas cylinder. It has a large cutout door and a hot plate at the top.

The project takes 12 steps to complete. So far I haven't managed to get the complete cost of this project from the designer. But I have a very good guess that it might cost around $50 to build one.

22. Boba Fett Wood Burning Stove

Boba Fett Wood Burning Stove

The popularity of mask wood burning stoves is slowly picking up. This is one of the coolest designs you can choose from. It is constructed in the form of a war helmet.

A short chimney gives this DIY wood stove a space-friendly size that is easy to store. From this tutorial, you will see that the stove doesn't look appealing at first.

But with some little paint, it takes shape and looks refined. Rush, the designer of this homemade wood burning stove gives 6 simple steps on how to build it.

The stove is mostly built from an old propane tank. A list of the tools and materials you'll need are included.

23. Piglet Shaped Wood Burner

Piglet Shaped Wood Burner

It is fun to build a wood stove that takes the shape of an animal. Have an idea of how to do it? Well, this piglet wood stove might do the trick.

As the name implies, this stove has the shape of a piglet. The stove is made using a gas bottle. Choose the size of the bottle based on the size of the room you plan to heat.

There's a large door on the side for feeding wood. Remember that the stove will need some good amount of welding. So if you're not skilled, seek the services of a professional.

A grill is included to filter out ash. In total, this project takes 7 steps to complete.

24. Babe-BQ Wood Stove

Babe-BQ Wood Stove

This is yet another piglet DIY wood burning stove. This is a stove that you'll get to love the moment you set your eyes on it. 

In this project, a gas cylinder is shaped so the front resembles the face of a piglet. The nostril part is built using steel. It can be adjusted to control the amount of heat being dispersed.

Arc legs support the stove and integrated side handles make it easier to move from one point to another. Building this piggy is a 5-step process from start to finish.

For safety reasons, the designer recommends purging the gas cylinder with co2 so that it doesn't explode when cutting. An estimate of the cost of this project is not included.

But according to my judgment, the total cost might be somewhere around $70. You can shave down the cost by using scrap metal.

I hope this article has shed some light on how to build your own wood stove. Have any suggestions or ideas you want to share?

Well, feel free to share with us in the comment section below and we’ll get back to you.