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17 Simple DIY Wood Box Anyone Can Build

17 Simple DIY Wood Box Anyone Can Build

DIY Wood Box

Wooden boxes have been around for the longest time now. They are those pieces of furniture that never go out of style. 

At one point or another, you will most definitely need a wood box. Whether it is to keep your tools safe or just provide protection to some delicate object.

To enjoy the storage protection benefits they offer, you can decide to buy from the store or make one yourself. Now purchasing one form the store means that you will have make due with a plain, boring looking wood box. 

If you want anything unique in design, you will have to fork out more money. On the other hand, turning the wood box into a DIY project, you can carve out any design at almost zero costs. 

To help you out with the designs, I have complied a list of 17 DIY wood box designs you can get started on.

After you've looked at the free wood box plans, be sure to take a look at my free box plans such as shadow box, wooden jewerly box, grow box, planter box, nesting box, sandbox, and toy box.

DIY Rectangular Wooden Box

This is one simple an easy project. It is a project that can be hacked by a complete beginner. So if you are one lacking in advanced DIY skills, this project is perfect for you.

According to tutorial detailed on The Idea Room, it is one that can be completed in a matter of hours. This wood box is rectangular in shape and measures 31.5 x 7 x 3.5 inches.

However, depending on your needs, you can always adjust these dimensions. Also, The Idea room used poplar wood for the project. But you can replace it with pine if you intend to paint the wooden box rather than stain it.

Last but not least, the DIY wood box plan comes with a material and tools list as well as clear instructions to hack the project.

2. DIY Wood Box Centerpiece

DIY Wood Box Centerpiece

This is a beautiful farmhouse centerpiece. It is just the perfect size for a huge dining table. You can place pretty flowers in it or any decorative item you see fit – the choice is yours.

On the side the wooden box features handles which make it easy to move around when need be. Also, the distressed wood design gives it a rustic look thus blending in perfectly with a farmhouse décor.

Love Grows Wild provides a blog tutorial on how to build the wooden box centerpiece. The tutorial includes tutorials and detailed instructions of hacking the design. to make the tutorial even easier to follow, images are included.

3. $10 DIY Wood Box

$10 DIY Wood Box

I have to say, this is a super sweet deal. The cost is much lower than of a retail wood box. And even better, the design is unique and fits your tastes just right – after all you are the creator.

For less than $10, you will build this all seasonal wood box centerpiece. By changing up the décor on the box, you can make it blend with the prevailing season or décor in your home.

Virginia Sweet Pea details the process of building this inexpensive centerpiece. In addition to the instructions, the blog tutorial features a list of supplies you will need for the short and easy project.

4. DIY Wood Box From Reclaimed Wood

DIY Wood Box From Reclaimed Wood

Nothing screams cheap than using reclaimed wood for a project. Since wood is the main material needed for this project, you just might end up spending $0 to make your wood box.

The wood box created by My Creative Days is simple and sturdy. The fact that it comes with additional handles on the side makes it easy to move around when the need arises. 

The blog tutorial by My Creative Days provides a long step-by-step tutorial. Judging from the length of the post, you can tell it is detailed. The additional images shared on every step makes it easy to understand the instructions.

5. DIY Utilitarian Wood Box

DIY Utilitarian Wood Box

While a large percentage of DIYers are looking to build an attractive wood box, there are those who could care less for the looks and are more interested in the practicality and functionality of the box.

If this is you, you will without a doubt fall in love with this wood box. Its design is simple, straightforward and most importantly, sturdy and hardy enough to withstand the test of time. 

To build this easy wood box, follow the tutorial provided by Make Zine. The tutorial includes a list of supplies you will need. At the top of the list is a 0.375-inch plywood. The tutorial features images as well.

6. DIY 3-in-1 Plyometric Box

DIY 3-in-1 Plyometric Box

Plyometric exercises are growing in popularity. The exercises help to improve on power, explosiveness, and speed. They usually are a great supplement to strength training routines. Most gyms have the plyometric boxes for this reason.

But if you are looking to exercise in your backyard, what do you do? Buying one from a fitness company will set you back about $125 exclusive of shipping costs. 

However, following the Art of Manliness DIY plyometric box tutorial, you will spend only $30. The design is simple and easy to construct. The blog tutorial provides instructions on how to build it.

The tutorial also includes a list of materials and tools needed, a cutting list and images to ease your understanding.

7. Simple DIY Wood Box With Sliding/Hinged Lid

Simple DIY Wood Box With Sliding/Hinged Lid

I have to point this out. Building a wood box, is for the most part, a simple process. Actually, the project has been named to be perfect for beginners. It is the lid that becomes tricky for most.

WikiHow, however, has taken it upon itself to shed some light on two different lid types; sliding lid and hinged lid. 

The tutorial provided will take you through the steps of created both lid types in a simple easy to understand the process.

There are images and tips included in the tutorial to guide you through the building process.

8. DIY Jerk Box

DIY Jerk Box

If you are into weight lifting, you know how important jerk boxed are to training. Jerk boxes afford you the ability to lift the weight at different heights as well as positions.

The height of the jerk boxes varies depending on what you intend to use it for. Now, considering the amount of weight they support, and the force they absorb during training, they are built to be sturdy.

As such they are unlike regular boxes and more like a chest of drawers in design. According to this tutorial by End of Three Fitness, creating this jerk box will cost you about $200. 

The tutorial is detailed and explains what jerk boxes are, their use, design, and how to build one. Images are included.

9. DIY Keepsake Box

DIY Keepsake Box

If you are a sentimental person, you will love this box. And even if you are not a sentimental person, you have to love the memories these wood boxes carry.

If you want to learn how to build a DIY wood box, the tutorial by Wood Shop Diaries will guide you through. The beauty about this project is that it is easy and cheap. 

You can construct it from scrap woods and in less than one hour. This particular keepsake is tiny and can hold notes, trinkets, jewelry, and accessories.

The tutorial provides a list of materials and tools you might need for the project. And addition, the tutorial features step-by-step instructions complete with clear images.

10. DIY Farmhouse Centerpiece

DIY Farmhouse Centerpiece

If you fancy this wooden centerpiece, you can follow the DIY wood box plan provided by The Turquoise Home. The centerpiece created has a rustic design but you can finish it however you please.

Before you embark on the DIY wood project, you should determine where you intend to place your centerpiece. This will guide you on the dimensions to use. That said, this particular centerpiece measures 27.5 x 7 x 5.5 inches.

1x6 boards were used. The tutorial also details the list of supplies needed. The steps are easy to follow and include labeled images to guide you.

11. DIY Simple Storage Box

DIY Simple Storage Box

If your kid keeps littering the floor with his/her toys, then it is wise to build a wooden storage box. This particular box is large and easy to build. It can be built in a day.

I love that you can customize it to fit your tastes and likes. The box is large enough to fit your toddler and comes with a hinged lid.

Instructables provides a PDF tutorial you can follow. It is detailed and has 7 steps intricately explained. Images are present to give you a clear visual of what is expected.

12. DIY Jewelry Wood Box

DIY Jewelry Wood Box

This is more like a keepsake box. The one thing I love about this box is that it can be used for varied purposes.

For instance, you could use it as a jewelry box, mans valet, a photo box, keepsake box a gift box, the list is endless. And in all the different purposes, the method and process of building are the same.

Fix This Build That provides a blog wood box plan detailing the process of building one. For this project, you will not need any special hardware since the top is a friction fit.

However, you could try incorporating trays, locks, hinges, and tray if you wish. It is a little fun project to embark on. It will not cost you a fortune and you can be done in a few hours.

13. DIY Basic Wood box

DIY Basic Wood box

At times, basic is best. Building a basic box can complement your interior décor in a big way. And the best thing is that they are easy to build.

For this particular wood box, you can use maple, cedar or pine wood. You can adjust the measurements provided by the bog tutorial and plan by Lowes to fit your needs. 

The finishing can also be done to meet your needs as well. That said, the tutorial by Lowes is in a step-by-step manner. It also includes images and provides some important tips along the project.

14. DIY Decorative Ammo Box

DIY Decorative Ammo Box

For the longest time now, wooden military ammunition boxes have grown I popularity. They are perfect for vintage designs and décor. They also are pretty versatile for storage and sport a tinge of industrial flavor.

They are however hard to find. In such cases, we turn to DIY projects. Pretty Handy Girl has shared details on how you can create one for yourself. She outlines the materials and tools you will need for the project.

The tutorial also features a cutting list and instructions. The box created measure 27 x 7 x 10 inches. You can adjust these measurements but this would mean adjusting the measurements all through.

15. DIY Distressed Wood Box Centerpiece

DIY Distressed Wood Box Centerpiece

If you are in love with rustic décor, this is the perfect addition to your décor. This centerpiece looks more like a wooden planter box. It is narrow and long making it perfect for a dining room table.

The centerpiece built following the Meatloaf and Melodrama blog tutorial measures 24 x 7 x 6 inches. You can decorate the centerpiece as you please to match your décor. 

While the tutorial provided is rather brief, it does touch on every detail you need to make the DIY wood box project a success.

16. DIY Pallet Wood Box

DIY Pallet Wood Box

This project has been completed using pallet wood. You can, however, use new lumber if you please but that needless to say comes at a price. Pallet wood is cheap if not $0.

Though the wood box centerpiece is significantly larger than most, it still is easy to move when your kids start getting grabby and creating a huge mess from your work of art.

The beauty of this piece is through the roof. But luckily building the wood box is pretty easy. With the four-piece of wood cut, all you need is to glue them together and nail them. 

For a final touch, Two It Yourself added a banner to the centerpiece. That said, follow the tutorial provided. It is simple and the images make it easy to follow.

17. DIY Wood Box Succulent Garden

DIY Wood Box Succulent Garden

Flower gardens are not the only decorative element one can add to a wood box. There are also succulent gardens which are catching on pretty fast.

The fact that they are relatively new makes them unique and every one falls in love with it. The succulent garden is simple to make. 

You should note that the tutorial by Style Me Pretty does not guide you through making the box. It, however, details the process of coming up with the succulent garden.

Since the wood box is simple to make, you should not have a problem with that bit.

With the above listed 17 DIY wood box you should have at least 17 ideas to work on. They feature different designs and usage. Hopefully, you get to love one enough to embark on a DIY wood project.

We love hearing from our readers. Share your views on the write-up. If you have a better way of doing any of the projects, feel free to share with us.

Express yourself and enlighten us through the comment section below. Remember, iron Sharpens iron.