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27 Creative DIY Wheelbarrows to Decorate Your House

27 Creative DIY Wheelbarrows to Decorate Your House

Diy Wheelbarrow

For the longest time, blessed were viewed and used as levers. Well, they still are levers and make heavy DIY work a tad easier.

However, with the creativity of some DIYers, they have in the recent past transformed into pieces of art. Today, more and more individuals are using Wheelbarrows for more than just carrying heavy loads.

Some are using them for decorative purposes including as planters. Now, there are many wheelbarrow designs you can buy from the local store. But very few can quench your thirst for uniqueness and low cost.

To help you in your creative journey, we have compiled a list of DIY wheelbarrows that will inspire you. The listed projects are all kinds of creative and even better, affordable.

If you like these free wheelbarrow plans, you may also like ones for building a go-kart, planter box, potting bench, and many more.

Rustic Fall Wheelbarrow

If you watch the movies set in the late 1800s, you will see wheelbarrows resembling this one. The wheelbarrow by Jen Woodhouse is simple and straightforward. It is full of character.

The project is super fun and easy. To build it, you need a large crate, a wheel, wood screws, square baluster and a wooden dowel. The blog tutorial posted provides a complete list of the materials and tools needed.

To help beginners hack the project, the tutorial features easy and simple to follow instructions. The instructions also feature images for every step for better illustration.

2. Old-Fashioned DIY Wheelbarrow

Old-Fashioned DIY Wheelbarrow

If you are like most homeowners, you love doing things with your hands. But even then, you are constantly looking for ways to ease the burden of any project you embark on.

If you make numerous trips to the tools shed, your muscles without a doubt get a significant workout. To help ease the pressure on you muscles, you should build this wooden and old-fashioned wheelbarrow.

This wheelbarrow, as detailed by the Mother Earth News can be built in a single weekend. Also, you will only spend about $50 to complete the project. The blog tutorial provides perspective diagrams and a supply list.

For the wheel, you can opt to buy a wheel from your closest hardware store. But if you are feeling Neolithic, you can make a wheel of your own from available scrap woods.

Do note that while the project is easy. The instructions are minimal and an inexperienced DIYer can hack the project in a weekend.

3. Wooden Outdoor Display Wheelbarrow

Wooden Outdoor Display Wheelbarrow

Sure wheelbarrows are essentially designed to make work easier. However, if you do not engage in DIY projects often, you might want it for a different purpose. This could include serving as a decorative piece of art.

Stephanie Lynn on her blog shares all you need to hack the project. The blog tutorial includes a list of supplies and instructions to follow. The wheelbarrow is a perfect furniture to display items in your backyard.

Since the project is an outdoor wheelbarrow it requires treated lumber. In this project also, you can make your own wheel using a band saw or use rubber wheels from your local store.

4. DIY Kiddo Wheelbarrow

DIY Kiddo Wheelbarrow

If your kids take particular interest in your DIY projects and always want to help in carrying stuff or pushing the giant wheelbarrow, let them. It is, however, best that you make them their own wheelbarrow.

With a miniature wheelbarrow, your kids will fully participate in your DIY projects without getting in your way. Building this kiddo wheelbarrow is simple. The blog Playtivities provides a guide.

For the project, you will need a fruit box, a wooden stick for the handles, 5-inch industrial caster, duct tape, and paint. Additionally, you will need a hammer, nails, drills, and screws.

The wheelbarrow is not professional looking, but trust that it will serve its purpose and add fun to an otherwise serious and tedious task.

5. DIY Fall Planter Wheelbarrow

DIY Fall Planter Wheelbarrow

In this tutorial, Bridget and Casey from The DIY Playbook blog, explain the process of converting a wheelbarrow into a fall planter. Since it is a conversion project, no building is required.

If you have a wheelbarrow you are not using, this is a creative way to put it into permanent use. The project will add beauty to your backyard too.

To make the wheelbarrow a planter, holes are drilled on the bottom. These holes serve as drainage for the plants. To make the holes you can use a drill or a nail and a hammer. 

Everything else after this is setting up your planter. The blog tutorial takes you this process. You should also be keen enough to ground the wheelbarrow for stability. Truly, this is a beginner level DIY project.

6. DIY Wooden Wheelbarrow With Curved Edges

DIY Wooden Wheelbarrow With Curved Edges

If you have always loved the rustic wheelbarrows but fear not succeeding in building one, think again. This blog tutorial by Fix-It Build That will take you the project step-by-step.

The rustic look is the icing on the cake on this DIY wheelbarrow. Adding to this, I also love the curved edge on the wheelbarrow. The blog tutorial features a tools and materials list needed. It also lists with the measurements.

You should note that the DIY wheelbarrow project is built with 2x2s, 1x3’s 1x4s and a 2x8. The wheel measures 7-inches. Every step sports an image to give a better understanding of the step.

7. Cute Rustic Wheelbarrow Display

Cute Rustic Wheelbarrow Display

Building a DIY wheelbarrow is a project that anyone can hack. Even teenagers who do not have advanced DIY skills can hack this DIY wheelbarrow project. The project by Love of Home uses supplies from Home Depot.

The steps are simple and straightforward. The project involves mounting a crate onto two supporting woods and adding a wheel. Honestly, in the entire project, cutting out the wheel is the trickiest bit.

With the wheelbarrow assembled, you can paint it however you please. Add patterns and use colors that suit your style and personality.

8. Lightweight Cardboard Wheelbarrow

Lightweight Cardboard Wheelbarrow

Yes, you can build a wheelbarrow using cardboards. Of course, given the light nature of the resulting wheelbarrow, it cannot carry heavy objects. On the flip side, it does make for a perfect play toy your kid.

Making the DIY wheelbarrow is easy. So much so that you only need an image to guide you through the project. The blog, Makezine, provides you with images that offer guidance for the project.

Aside from hard cardboards, you will also need two dowels to act as the handles. That said, you might end up only needing to buy the dowels. That is assuming you have a cardboard in your home.

Also, it is worth noting that this DIY wheelbarrow can only be used indoors. It should, by all means, be kept away from water lest it falls apart in no time.

9. DIY Bohemian Wheelbarrow

DIY Bohemian Wheelbarrow

What I love about this project is that one only needs an image to replicate the DIY wheelbarrow.

The blog, Place of My Taste got their inspiration from Home Depot. As a matter of fact, all the supplies they used they got from Home Depot. This made the project easy even for beginners.

To build the wheelbarrow, all you need several supplies. These include; a pallet and a wooden crate, dried board, pressure treated 2x2x36 wood square baluster, a circular dowel, wood stain, and paint.

The blog tutorial provides the steps of assembling and decorating the DIY wheelbarrow. For the decorations, you can be as creative as you please.

10. Simple Pallet Crate Wheelbarrow

Simple Pallet Crate Wheelbarrow

By now you probably have noticed many rustic wheelbarrows with different finishing. While they may all be different, I love the fact that you can add your personal touch and flair to the design with ease.

This DIY Wheelbarrow project is also inspired by Home Depot projects. For this project, you will need several supplies. These include; pallet crates, two 2x2 boards, a 2x8-inch boards, a 0.5-inch dowel, stain or paint and wood screws.

The blog tutorial provides a list of tools you will need for the project. In the whole project, making the wooden wheel is the tricky bit. Also, note that the Sawdust 2 Stitches blog features a unique ergonomic design.

11. Easy DIY Wheelbarrow Planter

Easy DIY Wheelbarrow Planter

If you have an old and unused wheelbarrow in your garage, use it to bring some life and color to your backyard or garden.

Convert the old wheelbarrow into a beautiful planter. Since you already have a wheelbarrow, the project does not contain any building.

You will gauge the amount of work you have to do depending on how old your wheelbarrow is. Also the end result you have in mind affects the project's complexity. You color as you please. Be creative while at it.

But if you are not feeling particularly creative, this blog tutorial by Simple Swider will guide you through the project.

12. DIY Rolling Strawberry Wheelbarrow Planter

DIY Rolling Strawberry Wheelbarrow Planter

Strawberries are a heat sensitive. So much so that finding the perfect spot to plant and grow them becomes an almost impossible task. But in the blog, Empress of Dirt, you find the solution to your problem.

This blog tutorial guides you in converting a wheelbarrow into a portable strawberry garden. It is a simple and creative idea to solve the strawberry farming problem. If your old wheelbarrow has rusted holes even better.

The holes will drain excess water and save you the trouble of having to drill new ones. You can finish the DIY wheelbarrow planter as you please. You can also add a wooden deck to the planter.

The blog tutorial is simple and will guide you through the process with ease.

13. DIY Wheelbarrow For Your Fall Outdoor Décor

DIY Wheelbarrow For Your Fall Outdoor Décor

First off, I love the creativity that went into this DIY wheelbarrow project. Second, I love that the project is designed from scrap wood and is thus a cheap and an inexpensive project. It just might cost you $0.

To build the DIY wheelbarrow according to the 100 things 2 Do blog, you need to be accurate and patient. This is because you will do lots of measuring and cutting.

The blog tutorial features a list of supplies come cutting list to help you in the project. The images also work to simplify the project.

14. Industrial-Styled DIY Wheelbarrow

Industrial-Styled DIY Wheelbarrow

In many of the other DIY wheelbarrows listed, there was very little building involved. With this particular DIY wheelbarrow, however, you will do some heavy lifting. This does not mean it is difficult to build though.

According to the Addicted 2 DIY blog tutorial, instead of buying a pre-made crate, you will build one. The blog tutorial guides you in building the crate. It also guides you in putting the wheelbarrow together.

Cutting and smoothing the wheel is still going to be the challenging bit. To give the DIY wheelbarrow an industrial look, wrap sisal around the wheelbarrow edges and handles.

15. Simple Wooden Wheelbarrow Planter

Simple Wooden Wheelbarrow Planter

This wooden wheelbarrow planter is simple and easy to build. But despite this, it also adds great value to your property. Without a doubt it becomes a focal point of your design and a conversation starter.

When building this DIY wheelbarrow by How To Specialist, you should buy the right material and ensure they are durable. The time taken to build this unit is approximately 24 hours.

This blog tutorial comes with a list of supplies and tools. It also includes images and perspective diagrams that guide you through the project.

16. Rustic DIY Wheelbarrow With Interchangeable Signage

Rustic DIY Wheelbarrow With Interchangeable Signage

For a DIYer, it can be pretty hard to keep yourself from changing up things, especially projects that you work on. Once you get started it is impossible to stop yourself. If you are super creative, this DIY rustic wheelbarrow is for you.

The unique bit about this otherwise common rustic wheelbarrow is the interchangeable signs. You can make the sign by hand customizing it to be perfect for every season.

For the wheelbarrow you need a simple crate, a wooden wheel and woods to make the supports, handle and stands. For the signage, you need to tack 4 8x10-inch plywood boards together.

Following the Averie Lane blog tutorial, you will support the sign on the side of the wheelbarrow using small dowels. Make several signs and change them up as you please.

17. Rustic DIY Wheelbarrow with Galvanized Pipe Handles

Rustic DIY Wheelbarrow with Galvanized Pipe Handles

Creativity is the key to beautiful and unique DIY wheelbarrows. The tutorial by the Built It Craft It blog is a testament to this. In the tutorial, they build the wheelbarrow from a pallet crate and crate. These act as the wheelbarrow basket.

Instead of wooden balusters, galvanized pipe forms the wheelbarrow handles. You can also use copper pipes, but those will give you a more autumn look.

If you want to save some cash, use PVC pipe and spray paint it. The tutorial details the steps of building the rustic wheelbarrow.

18. DIY Rustic Tabletop Wheelbarrow

DIY Rustic Tabletop Wheelbarrow

This is by far the cutest wheelbarrow ever. It is more of a shrunken wooden wheelbarrow. It is perfect for decorative purposes. You can place on kitchen tabletops. You can place fruits in it – it makes for a great storage container.

The blog tutorial by Jaime Costiglio details how you can build a small chalkboard and place it on its side. You can use the chalkboard to change the writing to match what the wheelbarrow is holding.

The tutorial also includes supplies and cutting list.

19. DIY Wooden Wheelbarrow With a Chalkboard On Its Side

DIY Wooden Wheelbarrow With a Chalkboard On Its Side

This is a functional and creative piece. It is more of a piece of art than a wheelbarrow. It is made from basic wood pieces and a crate. The blog tutorial by Tinsel and Wheat guides you through the project.

To give it a more boxed look, you can cover up the slats. Use any piece of wood you may have available for this. On the side, also add a little chalkboard to have creative writings on.

Given that it is a chalkboard, you can change the writings and drawings as you please.

20. Wooden DIY Wheelbarrow With Your Home Address

Wooden DIY Wheelbarrow With Your Home Address

We have seen wheelbarrows serve as levers to make work easier and planters. But this wheelbarrow is not only a planter containing flowers but also a home address sign.

This wheelbarrow is simple and straightforward. It is basically a crate on two supports which act as the handle as well.

To build the wheelbarrow as detailed on the DIY Huntress blog, you need several tools. These include; a miter saw, a jigsaw, sander, and a drill, compass a pencil and other tools listed on the blog. The tutorial is comprehensive and comes with images as well.

21. DIY Halloween Wheelbarrow

DIY Halloween Wheelbarrow

There are very few words that can describe this DIY wheelbarrow by the Uncookie Cutter blog. Creative is one of them. The blog tutorial guides you through building and decorating a wheelbarrow for Halloween.

Building the DIY wheelbarrow is easy. Anyone can pull it off. And the best part is that you only spend about $20 for the materials. The decorating part is fun and you can get as wild as you like.

The DIY wheelbarrow tutorial is perfect for all seasons. You just need to know your color themes right.

22. Rustic Multipurpose Wheelbarrow

Rustic Multipurpose Wheelbarrow

We have seen DIY wheelbarrows function as planters and levers. But who said that they should serve only one of the above purposes? At least duke from the Duke Manor Farm doesn’t think so.

As such, with inspiration from the Home Depot rustic wheelbarrow projects, he builds a multipurpose wheelbarrow. The wheelbarrow serves as both a planter and a carrier for campfire essentials.

The tutorial contains all you need to build the wheelbarrow from scratch. It even shows you how to build the wheel – the most complex step in the whole project using images.

23. Miniature DIY Wheelbarrow For Kids

Miniature DIY Wheelbarrow For Kids

I love this rustic wheelbarrow. But what I love even more is its simplicity and functional design. The DIY wheelbarrow is easy to build. A complete DIY beginner can start on this to get his/her DIY blood warm.

You will recognize that this design by the Field Treasure Designs blog is from Home Depot. The project takes you through making the crate and carving out the wheel.

How you stain, paint and finish the project is up to you.

24. Sturdy & Rustic DIY Wheelbarrow

Sturdy & Rustic DIY Wheelbarrow

This is a simple project that kids will love to have in on. The DIY wheelbarrow designed by the blog My Love 2 Crate is simple and best of all sturdy. It can withstand constant wear and tear.

Being used as a planter, the wheelbarrow will last for ages. The sides of the wheelbarrow feature screws drilled through for extra strength. The tutorial is straightforward and features images for better directing.

25. Simple DIY Wheelbarrow With a Diamond Patterned Aluminum Plate

Simple DIY Wheelbarrow With a Diamond Patterned Aluminum Plate

With materials from Home Depot, this DIY Wheelbarrow is easy to build. Kids and teenagers can hack it within no time. It is not a normal sized wheelbarrow.

The blog tutorial by Chatfield Court details the process of building the wheelbarrow. It is an easy and cheap wheelbarrow with a sign on the side. It also has a small sheet of diamond pattern plate aluminum at the front.

This sign is temporary to allow for a different styling in a different season. The tutorial is straightforward and easy for beginners as well.

26. DIY Patio Wheelbarrow

DIY Patio Wheelbarrow

Homemade By Carmona, a DIY blog, decided to have a go at the Home Depot fantastic DIY wheelbarrow project.

In the project, they made the wheelbarrow in such a way that the rustic look was perfect for patio décor, a garden or a deck.

The wheelbarrow is simple. You can finish and design it as you please. The blog tutorial yet sheds some light onto how the designing should be. This also includes the decoration.

27. Personalized & Rustic DIY Wheelbarrow

Personalized & Rustic DIY Wheelbarrow

If you are into cute little objects, this wheelbarrow will kill you with its cuteness. To build the wheelbarrow, you need to have a pre-made crate. You can purchase the crate from Home Depot.

The wheelbarrow projects take less than an hour. The blog, Newly Woodwards shares the process of putting the wheelbarrow together. But you still can throw in your creativity for a more personalized finish.

And there you have it – 27 DIY wheelbarrows ideas you can use as planters or other decorative purposes. Hopefully, you found one easy enough to try.

If you do decide to build one, post pictures of your final product for the world to share in your success.

We love hearing from our readers. Feel free to comment on the list in the comment section below.