14 Inexpensive DIY Vanity Mirrors With Lights to Improve Your Bathroom

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14 Inexpensive DIY Vanity Mirrors With Lights to Improve Your Bathroom

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A vanity mirror or Hollywood mirror is a real game changer for your morning makeup routine. It is possibly one of the most used pieces of furniture in a bathroom.

But do you know how to make a Hollywood mirror? There is a whole lot of DIY vanity mirror ideas that can fit your existing bathroom décor.

Below are 14 inexpensive inspirational ideas that will liven up your bathroom space and make your mornings easier.

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DIY Concrete Vanity Mirror

A vanity mirror with a modern touch is a good addition to a bathroom. Amaryllis, a DIYer and artist designs this functional mirror that has limitless ways to display it.

She settles for a geometric-shaped mirror. In this case, she chooses an octagon and rectangular mirror. The next step is creating a mold that makes the support base for the mirror.

The mold is made in the form of a concrete cube. Amaryllis puts a notch on the concrete mold. This is where the mirror fits. The mold is sanded to give a smooth look.

You can place this DIY makeup mirror on a vanity, dresser, or hang on a wall.

2. Farmhouse Style Vanity Mirror

Farmhouse Style Vanity Mirror

Giving your bathroom a farmhouse style doesn’t have to cost a lot. The trick is to settle for a rustic vanity mirror.

This is a makeover project for a rectangular builder grade mirror. A frame is built around the mirror using pine boards.

Angle brackets are used to reinforce the corners of the frame. The mirror is stained with a dark brown paint to give a warm, rustic look.

A medicine cabinet is built to complement the mirror. The look is breathtaking and the best part is that it costs less than $50 to build.

This is a budget mirror that adds value to your bathroom for a small investment! You will love the huge difference it makes.

3. DIY Minimalist Vanity Mirror

DIY Minimalist Vanity Mirror

Vanity mirrors are often made small. But you can change the trend and settle for a large mirror. This gives you something bigger that easily stands out.

This makeup mirror is built large. The choice here is of a thin mirror that gives a beautiful, minimalist look.

The large size requires a stable support. This is achieved by building a stand using wood panels. Narrow slits are made on the panels. This is where the mirror fits.

The slits are tapered to hold the mirror at an angle. This gives a good view without straining. Make a greater impact by placing on top of a dresser.

4. $80 DIY Lighted Mirror

$80 DIY Lighted Mirror

A lighted bathroom mirror is a stylish addition. It simulates natural light to make your mornings a lot easier.

This is a fancy mirror illuminated with 2 sets of wall lamps. The lamps are purchased from Ikea. You don’t need an electrician to fit the lamps to the mirror. What is needed here is just basic electrician skills.

The mirror is framed with wood. This makes it easy to mount the lamps using screws. Holes are drilled on the frame to manage the cables and keep them out of sight. Drywall anchors help mount the mirror on the wall.

The total cost of this project is less than $80. You get to save a lot since a similar store-bought mirror costs $399.

5. Remote Controlled Vanity Lighted Mirror

Remote Controlled Vanity Lighted Mirror

Switching the lights of your vanity mirror can be quite a daunting task. Let not such issues give you a hard time. DIYer Sofia has a really smart solution that will help you out of this.

She designs a lighted mirror that has a remote control function. The vanity light bars she mounts on the mirror can be switched on and off with ease.

This project doesn’t require a tech guy. In fact, the remote-controlled light bars are purchased. What you need to do is just mount them on a frame around the mirror.

The size and type of mirror depend on the size of your bathroom. In this project, Sofia settles for a $28 mirror.

She calls it a super simple project and recommends mounting on the wall to give a more stylish display.

6. Easy DIY Vanity Mirror with Sconces

Easy DIY Vanity Mirror with Sconces

Incorporating sconces into the design of your vanity mirror can make a huge difference. Kristi, a decorator and blogger has an idea of just how to do that.

She settles for a large mirror that makes her bathroom appear bigger. The mirror is framed similarly to a door. This type of framing makes it blend well with the whole design of the bathroom and house.

The sconces fit in junction holes drilled through the framing pieces. Trims pieces are added to the inside edge of the frame to give beautiful details.

Kristi loves the finished classic look of this vanity mirror. The best part, it makes her bathroom look bigger than before.

7. $60 Hollywood-Style Mirror with lights

$60 Hollywood-Style Mirror with lights

Small vanity mirrors can sometimes be an inconvenience. In such a situation, you need a bigger mirror to get that perfect display. This large, Hollywood-style mirror might just be what you are after.

It is a large 6 by 4 feet mirror fitted with lighting features. The good news is that it is built at a cost of 250RM Malaysian currency, which translates to around $60.

Due to the large size, this vanity mirror project is better done by two people. You can use clamps if you are planning to do it solo.

8. $156 Vanity Mirror with Lights

$156 Vanity Mirror with Lights

A lighted mirror is a nice way to give your bathroom a facelift and add more life to it. This fun project lets you achieve just that.

Simple wiring is needed here so no need to worry about that. The mirror is framed using wooden boards and one flat MDF board.

Holes are traced and drilled on the frame ready to receive the lighting bars. Six lighting bars are used in this project so there is so much light you get.

Cables are hidden at the back to give a neat, organized look. It is one of the coolest makeup mirrors that fetch a price of $800 when you buy online. So there is a huge saving to make here.

9. Vanity Mirror Upgrade

Vanity Mirror Upgrade

Not satisfied with the lighting or clarity you get from your mirror?  Well, it is time you consider upgrading the lighting features of your mirror.

LED light strips and bulbs are used for the purpose. The LED lights are fitted to the back of the mirror and the bulbs mounted on the frame.

The finished mirror looks great, especially when mounted on a wall. Consider hiding the cables at the back of the mirror to give a neat look.

10. DIY Hollywood Mirror

DIY Hollywood Mirror for 500 Pesos

LED strips used in some lighted mirrors can be quite harsh on your eyes. But there is a way to take care of that. What you need is a Hollywood-style vanity mirror with built-in LED.

Unlike regular makeup mirrors, it gives diffused glow for better clarity. The mirror is housed in a case that makes it easy to transport. In fact, the case hides all the cables and bulbs behind the mirror.

The case is made out of a box. This gives the benefit of a lightweight built for easy portability. You can personalize the outer panels of the case using washi tapes or decorative stickers.

In terms of dollars, this project will cost you around $26.

11. $80 DIY Makeup Vanity 

$80 DIY Makeup Vanity

To ladies out there, this is one cool project you might have wished for at some point. It is time to transform it from wishful thinking into reality.

This project is a complete makeup station. It consists of two 5-drawer units, a chair, and lighted vanity mirror. The furniture comes intact from Ikea so what you do is just work on the mirror.

Working on the mirror is the fun part. It needs some electrical work fixing extension cords, wall lamps, and light bulbs. The lamps are fitted as flat as possible to sit flush on the wall.

This project is sure to liven up your bathroom space. Total cost is less than $80, which is a huge saving compared to $400 you pay for in online stores.

12. DIY Dressing Table and Vanity Mirror

DIY Dressing Table and Vanity Mirror

This project looks great when done as a combo. In fact, the mirror looks out of place without the dressing table.

The reason for the furniture combination, which includes drawer sets, is because of the large basic design of the mirror. Nissedal white mirror is used here. This is a lightweight, square mirror.

What is needed here is to mount wall lamps along the frame of the mirror. Chrome-plated wall lamps are used to add a beautiful sparkle and give the mirror a professional look.

The lights come unwired and without bulbs. So you will have some electrical work to do here. The designer has an idea of adding pink roses to brighten up the dressing table and give a more beautiful statement.

13. DIY Lighted Vanity Mirror from Stave Ikea Mirror

DIY Lighted Vanity Mirror from Stave Ikea Mirror

From plain to awesome! That is the best way to define this project. It shows how you can transform that plain mirror into a stunning Hollywood style vanity mirror.

3-bulb vanity lights are fitted behind the mirror. The lighting used here has a timer. This makes it easy to set when the lights go on or off.

Dimmable incandescent bulbs are added to help regulate the amount of lighting. This reduces any discomfort you get from too much lighting.

14. $20 DIY Vanity Mirror

$20 DIY Vanity Mirror

There are many ways you can give your large vanity mirror a custom look. One cool way is to mount on a vanity hutch.

The mirror is framed in wood before mounting. This is an easy part that needs you to just clip the builder grade mirror on the frame.

This project takes just 20 minutes to complete. The best part is that it can be done by DIYers who are just starting. This mirror looks good in the bathroom or in the entryway.

I hope you have liked our article on inexpensive DIY vanity mirror ideas. So what do you think? Are you ready to start making your own vanity mirror?

Well, we would love to see your finished product. In case of any questions or photos you want to share, please feel free to put in the comments below. Have a great weekend everyone!