23 Free DIY TV Stand Plans You Can Build Today

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23 Free DIY TV Stand Plans You Can Build Today

tv stand plans

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Are you looking for an elegant TV stand to add to your living room? TV stands are functional in the living room as they hold the TV set and also beautify the house.

Buying these media consoles can be quite expensive. Although they are nice to have in the living area, not everyone is willing to spend a fortune on one.

Luckily, you can make some beautiful DIY TV stands. I have gathered some of the best plans and ideas that you can make without spending a lot or by repurposing materials you already have at home.

Check out the ideas below which am certain will help you understand how to build a beautiful TV stand.

You can find more than just these free stand plans like plans for nightstand, lathe stand, plant stand, miter saw stand, deer stand.

Antiqued Media Stand

Would you like to make a DIY TV stand without using a lot of wood and money? If so, this tutorial is perfect for you. It only takes one sheet of plywood, and you should finish it in one weekend.

The antique look is easy to achieve as this tutorial provides a step by step guide. But what I love most about this stand is that it also has a lot of storage space for other things.

This TV stand will cost just slightly over $100 to make. And if you follow the exact measurements in the plan the finished dimensions will be 20 (H) by 44 (W) by 20 (D). Hence it is large and roomy enough for most TV sets.

2. DIY Television Stand with Mood Lighting

Build a TV Stand

If you want to build a more original TV stand, this one with mood lighting will work well for you. This tutorial provides a complete list of everything you need and also an easy to follow construction guide.

You can adjust the size of the stand to conform to your room. But regardless of what you choose, you will still need a pile of different size timber and boards. Some white paint for the whitewash finish is also necessary.

It is also not just a basic stand. You can have as many party bulbs as you want on the stand and also in various colors.

3. DIY Corner TV Stand

Corner Media Center

This fantastic corner media center is one of those that you cannot resist the urge to create. It has a simple but stylish vintage look that will always impress your guests.

If you prefer to have the TV in a corner, this tutorial will be helpful. You can adjust the measurements and angles to make it suitable for use in any corner size or shape.

For the best results in this project, you will also need to have a miter saw and pocket hole jig. Since it does not require a lot of timber pieces, this Rogue Engineer TV stand plan should take less than a day to implement.

4. The Barn Door Media Center

DIY Barn Door Media Console

Finding a TV stand that fits the exact dimensions of a corner in the living room or bedroom can be challenging. However, this Shanty 2 Chick tutorial takes care of this problem.

This DIY corner TV stand plan demonstrates how to build a simple stand with your leftover wood pieces. It is easy to make and also customizable to go with the design and theme of the room.

The plan uses leftover pieces, and so if you have some at home, it will cost almost nothing to build.

5. Vintage DIY Media Console

DIY Media Console

If you are on the look for a perfect gift for friend or family that moved into a new house this media console is an excellent idea. It is a beautiful piece also from Shanty 2 Chick that is very functional and provides a lot of extra storage space.

This tutorial provides a step by step guide on how to build your own TV stand and give it a vintage look. There is also a list of everything that you will need.

Also, note that there are a lot of pocket holes that you need to make. And so this plan will work best for those with a Kreg Jig or any other reliable pocket hole jig.

6. Cheap and Quick Pallet TV Stand

DIY Pallet TV Stand

Building TV stands should not be complicated. This DIY tutorial proves this. It is an easy and cheap stand that you can make from the wood pallets you already have at home.

What I love most about this DIY TV stand is the pin legs as they make it look unique. And the best thing is that they are available in many online hardware stores and are also cheap.

This stand will cost under $100 to make if you have some pallets. And it should only take a day or a few hours of nonstop work to complete.

7. One Weekend DIY TV Stand

DIY TV Stand

When you only have the weekend to spare and want to build a TV stand this guide will help you to do it. It is a fun DIY project that requires intermediate woodworking skills.

This stand will only take a day to design and build and another one to do the finishing. Depending on your choice of material and locality this plan from The Family Handyman will take between $100 and $500 to implement.

8. $100 TV Stand

DIY TV Stand

I love this stand and not just because it costs just under $100 to make. The staining gives it an appealing vintage look, and it also has a lot of extra storage spaces.

This stand will also allow you to alter the dimensions to fit any area in the living room or even a corner. So if you are looking for something to spice up your living room and hold your TV you will love this tutorial.

9. Bedroom TV Console

DIY TV Stand

Most of us like watching TV in bed but finding the right place to have it can be quite challenging.

Well, this should no longer be an issue because this DIY bedroom TV console will take care of that. It is easy to make, cheap and also provides some space for your framed photos.

You will need some 48 by 16 inches plywood pieces and some 1 by 3 inches boards for this project. And with some extra effort, you can finish it in a day.

10. $40 Mid-Century Modern TV Stand

DIY TV Stand

The straightforward design of this media console makes it easy to create. It also has a mid-century modern vibe that will make it stand out in the living room.

Anyone on the quest for a media console that will give a living room a modern touch and is still very functional should follow this tutorial. And the best part about it is that you will only use about $40 to make it.

With dimensions of 47-1/2 by 24-3/4 by 18-1/4 inches, it is just large and spacious enough for most living rooms.

11. Simple Media Console with Colorful LED Bias Lighting

DIY TV Stand

This media console is quite expensive to build, but it still is one of my favorite. It uses real wood and steel with no screws or cheap laminates. You can be sure that it will last for a long time.

The design is quite simple, and so you do not need any special woodworking skills. But, the best part about it is that you can disassemble it when moving.

This DIY TV stand project will cost about $600 to build mostly because of the finishing. And you should also be ready to spare about 20 hours to complete it.

12. DIY Rustic TV Stand

DIY TV Stand

Here is another simple and elegant TV stand that is easy to create. It is also quite a cheap project that you can do in a few hours.

You will need two large 42 by 24 inches board that should be an inch thick and some 3/4 inch diameter pipes for this Homedit DIY stand.

The rustic and modern combo gives this TV stand a unique look. If you have a couple of boards, some galvanized pipes lying around you should check out this tutorial.

13. Easy Homemade TV Console With Reclaimed Window Frame

DIY TV Stand

This tutorial gives you a way to repurpose your old window frames. It is an easy TV console with a lot of storage space for DVD and books. When complete the top will be 48 inches long, and the stand should be about 36 inches tall.

The reclaimed window frames that form the doors add some aesthetic appeal and make it lockable. And I also love the fact that it is high enough to prevent babies from reaching the TV and it can also work as a corner TV stand.

14. Easy-to-Build DIY TV Stand

Easy-To-Build TV Stand

Building your own TV stands is one of those things that you should try at some point. And with some easy to follow and detailed tutorials like this one, it will also be an exciting project.

This open style stand from the Build Something site can accommodate large TV sets. It also leaves a lot of space for other media components and will also act as a display for your decor.

This tutorial provides all the steps that you need to make your stand. Provided, you have the right tools and follow the guide you will not have any difficulties.

15. Farmhouse Style TV Cabinet

Farmhouse Media Cabinet

It is impossible not to love this cabinet as it is as perfect as any can get. Apart from providing enough space for your large flat screen television it also has ample shelving for other things.

Although this cabinet will take some time and some sound woodworking skill to complete it is still possible with some extra effort. And I love the fact that this Build Something tutorial provides detailed and easy to follow guidelines and a parts/cut list.

16.  Classic $150 TV Stand

Farmhouse TV Stand

This homemade TV stand plan will only require someone with a beginner woodworking skills to implement. And it should only take you a maximum of 20 hours over the weekend and an estimated cost of $150.

The idea is to create a farmhouse inspired stand with a classic look. You can use the leftover wood pieces at home or buy some hardwood if you want it to be more durable. The innovative painting with the gray paint is what brings out the classic look.

17. The Handmade Sliding Door Console

Grandy Sliding Door Console

You will hardly find any other DIY stand that is more creative than this. The sliding door design is fun and also functional since it makes the console usable in confined spaces.

Anyone with intermediate woodworking skills can make this DIY TV stand over the weekend.

The TV stand blueprints are quite easy to follow, and the tutorial provides a version of the console that you can make with reclaimed wood. Also, you can adjust the dimensions to suit any room.

18. 9-Step DIY Media Console

Leonard Media Console Tutorial

If you are one of those characters that prefer to have large farmhouse style consoles, this is the tutorial for you.

It is a large piece with enough space for large TV sets and ample shelving and storage for your DVD and books. If you follow the exact measurements on the tutorial the stand will be about 70 inches long and 25 inches wide.

But, it will take more time to build and you also need some basic woodworking skills and creativity.

Well, if you are ready for the challenge and are looking for something to add some elegance to the living room this tutorial is for you.

19. Easy Reclaimed Wood TV Stand

Reclaimed Wood Media Console

This DIY TV stand plan will give you one more reason not to throw away that heap of wood in your garage. It showcases how you can create an adorable stand with reclaimed timber.

Even if you do not have any reclaimed wood, you can get it for free from friends or even on Craig’s list. The tutorial provides a comprehensive list of the wood sizes you need for the console and a guide on how to join them.

The only other thing that you should know is that it will take quite some time. It is best to make this stand over the weekend when you have a lot of time to spare.

20. Cheap 2x4 Rustic Console

Rustic X Console

2x4's are reliable, sturdy and very affordable. This 74-1/2 inches long by 16-1/2 inches wide stand makes use of these pieces of wood, but you will also need 2x2’s and many other wood sizes.

Although the tutorial gives some detailed guidelines on the material and steps, you still need some basic woodworking skills. Since the project is all about cutting and joining wood, you cannot afford to go wrong with the measurements.

21. Modern DIY Media Console

Tall Corner Media Console

If you have toddlers around, you need something tall that keeps the TV out of their reach. This console is just that, and apart from being tall, it is also a beautiful piece that will transform the living room.

This corner TV stand plan is long but still easy enough to follow for someone with advanced woodworking skills. It has plenty of shelves and some large doors that you can make lockable to keep your kids out.

You will also love the fact that you can customize the color to go with your house theme.

22. DIY Farmhouse Style TV Stand

TV Console

The detailed photos and step by step instructions in this tutorial will help you build this TV console quickly. But what you will love most is that it is very versatile as you can also use it as a rustic sideboard.

When looking at this console, you might be tempted to think that it is hard to build and expensive. However, this is not the case as it only consists of a few large pieces of wood and a creative choice of color.

If you have a day or half to spare and have all the necessary timber and the right tools, you should complete this stand with ease by following the tutorial.

23. 1-Day Rustic Inspired TV Stand

TV Stand

When you combine rustic and modern stand designs, this is what you get. It is an easy DIY TV stand project that will only take a day (10 to 20 hours) to create. You can buy a few pieces of wood or use reclaimed or leftover pieces from another project.

Like most other wooden stand projects the hard and important work is cutting the wood. Once you get the measurements right, you should not have any difficulties joining them.

This tutorial does not provide the exact measurements for the pieces. But you should be able to figure this out as it depends on the size of the console that you want to make.

Now that you have these 23 easy and cheap TV stand plans the next step is to choose and make one. You can also use them as inspiration to create that media console you have been dreaming about.

If you have already created one, we would like to hear how it went. Please leave us a comment below.