33 Free DIY Tree House Plans – Amazing Treehouse Designs

33 Free DIY Tree House Plans – Amazing Treehouse Designs

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Surely when you were a child you must have dreamt of having a treehouse. Not necessarily for covert missions but to hang out and feel cool.

Well, I did too. And even now as an adult, while most are turning their basements into their safe haven, I fancy a treehouse.

But with some little digging, you will soon discover like I did, the insane price tag that comes with having a professional build one for you.

But before you move on, you still can have your treehouse without necessarily selling your kidney. I have taken the liberty to prepare a list of free treehouse plans to inspire your next DIY project.

Ultimately it is up to you which treehouse you build. That said, let us get started.

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Assuming you have gathered all the relevant information you can start building. Here are some steps to follow when building a sturdy and secure treehouse.

1. Build the Platform

This is an integral part of the treehouse. As such, you should build it carefully and securely around the tree trunk. For support, you will need to use diagonal braces.

The number of braces you use will, however, depend on the number of branches the platform will rest on. For nails, you should use screws and nails to ensure no rusting takes place.

Additionally, you can use a rope to secure the platform. But for this, you should know the right knots to use. After securing the platform, you can proceed to add an exterior plywood floor.

2. Grant Access to the Treehouse

In the planning stage, you should have already considered how you will access the treehouse. If a ladder, whether attached or separate is not a feasible idea, then a strong rope will work just fine.

You could also add a rope pulley to get items up to your treehouse.

3. Windows and Doors

Since you might not be installing windows and doors but might leave the spaces open, you can engage your creativity. Just ensure that the openings are in the right place and in the right proportions to the house.

4. Deck and Railings

If the treehouse design can accommodate it, then by all means plan for it. A deck would be a great addition to your treehouse.

You can add the deck later on as an extension or make it as part of the platform. However you do it, a deck will provide you with a nice spot to get away from the heat inside the treehouse.

5. Repairing and Maintaining the Treehouse

When the treehouse is complete, you still will need to regularly check it for rot or any structural weakness that may cause damage. Also constantly check your tree for growth that you may need to account.

If you notice any weak point, perform repairs immediately.

33 Free DIY Treehouse Plans

1. DIY Kids Treehouse

DIY Kids Treehouse

If you are looking to build a treehouse for your kids and also join in on the fun once in a while, this treehouse will allow you to do so.

It is the perfect treehouse for every small and big kid as well. The exterior of this treehouse is loads of fun featuring two slides leading to a sandbox below.

In addition, the treehouse features several decks at different levels. On the ground is a play area covered in mulch. It provides ample safety for kids while they are lost in the fun they are having.

To make the treehouse last long, Instructables used pressure treated wood and hardieboard on the exterior and roofed the treehouse with asphalt shingles. The PDF treehouse plan by Instructables will guide you through the building process.

2. DIY Pirate Hideout Treehouse

DIY Pirate Hideout Treehouse

If you love pirate movies you will definitely love this pirate-themed treehouse. This treehouse makes for a perfect and simple hideout.

While Instructables did not take lots of images of all the small steps, the design is simple enough for you to hack. Every step is laid down simply. The treehouse features a deck to relax and enjoy the view from.

Overall, the house measures 8x8ft and leaves 2ft allowance for the ladder and porch. Speaking of which, the rail is made from treated wood fencing to increase its life.

Instructables provides a detailed 9-step simple treehouse plan to guide you through the building of the unit. They provided images to help your understanding.

3. DIY 2-Tree Treehouse

DIY 2-Tree Treehouse

If your child suddenly wanted to get a treehouse, regardless of your DIY skills, your first instinct as a parent will be to meet that want the best way you know how.

Lucky for you, You Home Triad shows you how to build a treehouse. In the 6-phase blog tutorial, he provides every detail and step to building a treehouse for kids between two trees.

The resulting treehouse is simple. But despite its simplicity, it serves the purpose intended. It is strong, sturdy and best of all long lasting and safe. It is strong enough to support an adult.

It features a two ladder; a solid wooden ladder and a rope ladder. The rope ladder sways a lot but kids seem to love it.

Follow the DIY treehouse plan provided to the letter and you should be fine.

4. DIY Deluxe Treehouse

DIY Deluxe Treehouse

Kids want treehouses. That is all they care about. But as a parent, before building one, you have to consider their safety, the stability of the treehouse and the health of trees on your property.

If you have all these concerns, this treehouse plan will work for you. The best part is that it is freestanding and can be built even when you do not have a suitable tree in sight.

It features a triangular framework for the support which makes it inherently stable. I love that you do not have to sink the posts into the ground for support. Your workload is thus reduced.

To build this treehouse, you can follow The Classic Archives blog tutorial and plan. It features all details needed from materials and tools, cutting list, perspective drawings and instructions to guide you through.

5. DIY Treehouse With Pulley

DIY Treehouse With Pulley

This treehouse design needs 2 or 3 trees close to each other to work. To complete this treehouse project, you will need several weekends.

The treehouse has been built with pressure treated wood for the supports while the floor and fence were built from recycled sides. I love that it features a pulley.

The roof is designed from a camouflage pattern tarp. This protects and keeps the treehouse relatively dry. However, you should note it is not weatherproof. It is best for summer.

To guide you through the creation of the treehouse, Instructables has made available a free downloadable treehouse plan. You can make adjustments to the design and even use a different material for the roof to make it more permanent.

6. DIY Treehouse on a Hillside

DIY Treehouse on a Hillside

It is one thing to build a treehouse; it is another to build it on a hillside. The slope changes the dynamics of the construction.

On that note, it is also worth noting the treehouse is connected to an oak tree that sways in the wind. To solve the hillside problem, a bridge with concrete post foundations is built.

To avoid structural damage as a result of tree movement, a sliding beam bracket is used to connect to the tree. Overall, the house is gorgeous and strong. The deck and bridge are my favorite bit about it.

ArborCasa provides a tutorial and plan on building the unit. You should be warned though, it is rather brief and will need some bit of experience to piece the house together.

7. Simple A-Frame Treehouse

Simple A-Frame Treehouse

There are two ways you can go about building this treehouse. You can either build it with four supporting posts or two posts and a tree. Either way, the treehouse will be firm and strong.

I love the A-frame and think it gives the treehouse some personality. The treehouse is built using plywood sheets. Over the plywood, you can have some shingling, if you prefer.

To build this one of a king treehouse, you can follow the Outdoor Life treehouse plan. It features all you will need including material list, cutting list and detailed instructions to guide you through the project.

8. DIY Playset Treehouse

DIY Playset Treehouse

This treehouse is a great display of creativity. The treehouse plan takes you through building a playset treehouse. The treehouse is not built on a tree and its only access is through a tunnel coming from the main house patio.

While in the playhouse, your child will have the privacy they want and still have the time of their life sliding down the slides, through the tunnels and climbing on a ramp on the side.

The treehouse has two levels and is built with treated cedar. As such you can be sure it will last long. To build the treehouse, follow the plan provided by Captainpsp on Imgur.

It comes with easy to follow instructions and images.

9. DIY Treehouse With a Ladder and a Gate

DIY Treehouse With a Ladder and a Gate

This treehouse is cute and seems simple enough to build. It features railing all around, a roof covering one half of the floor, a ladder, and a gate.

Village Custom Furniture has taken the liberty of providing a plan for building the treehouse ladder and gate. The ladder has to be of just the right inclination for purposes of safety and ease of climbing.

The gate was added to give the kids added safety for when they played and lost themselves while on the deck.

The treehouse itself is a platform around a strong and thick tree with railings and a roof. The design is simple enough to be pulled off by a beginner.

10. DIY Rustic Treehouse

DIY Rustic Treehouse

Building a treehouse is just like having any other project with a slight difference. Rather than having a foundation, treehouses rest on sturdy platforms. The entire treehouse rests on the platform and does not attach to the tree trunk.

This particular treehouse is built using oak lumber. It is hardy and rot-resistance. Additionally, it tends to age beautifully. The access to the treehouse is right under it.

Kids climb up and down the treehouse using a bungee cord ladder. Popular Mechanics provide a detailed treehouse plan for free. The project is a one-man job and is devoid of complexities.

11. DIY Handmade Treehouse Hideaway

DIY Handmade Treehouse Hideaway

Talk of persons bringing their dreams to life. One look at this treehouse/hideaway and you will agree that indeed it was well thought and without a doubt beautiful.

Yes, the overall treehouse design is simple, a platform, three walls, and a roof, a deck, and ladder, but the finishing and décor have given the treehouse life and command.

That said, it is also evident that the treehouse is no small project with regards to pricing. The Handmade Home provides a plan for building the treehouse and gives a range of $1000 and $5000.

The prices are of course variable depending on the location size and additions. When following the free plan, make the relevant adjustments and build your vision trying as much as possible to keep the costs low.

12. Simple Deck Treehouse

Simple Deck Treehouse

If you are into starting on a do it yourself treehouse, there are various considerations that you should make. Planning is just as important as the actual constructing process.

If you afford the treehouse the attention it deserves and when it is complete it will take care of your kids. In light of this, WikiHow avails a treehouse plan providing intricate detail on the project.

It provides information on all you need to do before you start on the project, making a plan and building a strong and firm platform.

The treehouse WikiHow guides you in building, is a simple platform with mesh railings and a ladder access. It features a simple tarp for the roof. You can, however, build a more elaborate roof if you please.

13. DIY Redwood Stump Treehouse

DIY Redwood Stump Treehouse

Having a large tree stump surrounded by several trees is more of the exception rather than the norm. Yes, finding such conditions for your treehouse is rather difficult. However, the overall design can always be borrowed from and hacked.

The treehouse by Instructables is a simple deck with side railings for safety. Other fancy additions like the fireman pole and the cargo net are a plus and give the unit a cool design.

The treehouse also features a ladder. Taking all these elements, you can replicate the treehouse design without having the stump and trees. Actually, following the PDF plan, the trees and stump can be replaced with poles.

With some adjustments and modification, you can enjoy and relax from your treehouse.

14. Elegant DIY Treehouse

Elegant DIY Treehouse

Treehouses come in many different designs. This particular design resembles a normal house only that it is small and raised. It is simple and adorable in its own right.

It features all the basics of a treehouse including safety rails, access door, ladder, and windows. Instructables details the process of building the treehouse in detail and in 8 steps.

In addition, Instructables provide a downloadable PDF plan complete with images to guide you through the construction process.

You should note that most of the parts you will build on the ground and then raise to the platform and set it in place.

15. Modern All-Weather Treehouse

Modern All-Weather Treehouse

There is some magic attached to a treehouse. It is fun to be in and relaxing. The construction process opens up your mind to a world of possibilities and gives insight to a side of you, you never thought existed.

This particular treehouse will test your patience but when all is said and done you will have a modern treehouse able to brave all the seasons with grace. The treehouse is not supported by a tree but instead, stands alone.

It features four supports, a boxy frame giving it a simple design that is both versatile and safe. For stability, once erect, reinforce the base of the footings with concrete.

Dornob provides a treehouse plan for you to use during the project.

16. DIY Platform Treehouse

DIY Platform Treehouse

This treehouse is the simplest of them all. it is one that you can complete in a matter of hours when you put your mind to it. It does not come with any complexities but is instead simple and straightforward.

The treehouse is just a simple platform build around the stem of a tree. The ladder is made of small branches nailed to the trunk of the tree. It is light through strong enough to support the weight of a child.

I love that it is built from scrap wood and branches which means it is inexpensive. The treehouse plan provided by Apartment Therapy includes instructions and materials you will need to complete the project.

17. DIY Backyard Treehouse

DIY Backyard Treehouse

This treehouse is built around a tree. However, looking at the plans, you will notice it is independent of the tree. It is not supported by the tree. If anything it seems the tree is there to complete the look.

The treehouse is easy to build and features wooden railings to keep the kids safe. It is so easy to construct that kids can join in on the fun. Capturing Joy built the treehouse and provides the relevant plans.

They even provide a sketch for the project. It took a month to build the unit though if you are working non-stop, it can take an even shorter time. Note that the treehouse features 3 trap doors of different sizes.

18. DIY Treehouse With Swing-Set and Slide

DIY Treehouse With Swing-Set and Slide

This is yet another self-supporting platform. It is built around a tree rather than on the tree. It has been designed specifically for kids and has features that will intrigue kids aged three years and above.

The staircase for instance has been designed in a way that makes it easy for young kids to climb without help. Additionally, the surrounding rail provides kids with ample safety.

If you intend to use the same design and plan, you should consider replacing the steps with a ladder. Now, while the structure has been built to be safe, kids should not be left unsupervised.

To aid in the construction of the treehouse, Build Eazy provides plans as well as lumber amounts in addition to building instructions. Depending on your tree, you can make the relevant adjustments to the measurements.

With the perspective diagrams, you are able to get a clear perspective of the building.

19. DIY Long-Lasting Treehouse

DIY Long-Lasting Treehouse

This particular treehouse has been designed and built to last a lifetime. The treehouse is strong, sturdy and above all, provides ample space for kids to play in for hours.

For an adult, the treehouse is a perfect DIY project to keep you busy. It is designed to use the tree as one of its supports. Additionally, it straddles on a wall.

The overall design is safe bot for the kids and the tree. Ron Hazelton provides a detailed plan on building the treehouse.

The tutorial/plan features 10 steps which are well explained and easy to follow. Images are also included to have a good mental picture of what is required.

20. DIY Treehouse With a Trap Door

DIY Treehouse With a Trap Door

If you are one who follows videos better, this video series by Wranglerstar is perfect for you. The series has a total of 36 detailed videos to guide you through the treehouse building.

Throughout the videos, Wranglerstar introduces and explains different techniques and skills you might need to build the treehouse with ease. You understand why you take every step. At the end, you will be a pro treehouse DIYer.

Included in the videos are tutorials on how to build a treehouse ladder, building a secret trapdoor, the walls and more. Needless to say, the treehouse plan provided by Wranglerstar is perfect for beginners to embark on.

21. DIY Simple Tree Fort

DIY Simple Tree Fort

Modern designs are becoming more and more simple and straightforward. This particular tree fort is a perfect example. It is basically a deck with railings for safety and a ladder on the side.

It features four supports as one of the trees doubles up as a support. Since the tree fort is connected to the tree, galvanized lag screws are used on the tree.

An oval cut is made where the screw goes through to allow for movement. The PDF tree fort plan as detailed by Instructable is easy to follow.

It comes with a whopping 13 steps each with a complementary image for a good mental image. In addition, the tutorial features a list of tools you will need to have to complete the project successfully.

22. DIY Freestanding Treehouse

DIY Freestanding Treehouse

Mark from Yes Dads Home provides a plan on how one can build a treehouse in the woods. Yours does not necessarily need to be in the woods though. You can replicate the design in your backyard.

The treehouse is free standing and features an 8x8ft platform. it is raised about 6ft from the ground. The platform is large enough to hold a small tent for kids and the space under enough for them to play on.

If your child is tall enough to climb to the treehouse using the side supports, you can scrap off the ladder from the design. This will reduce your workload as well.

The free plan provided includes images, instructions and a list of supplies needed to successfully build the treehouse.

23. DIY Obstacle Treehouse

DIY Obstacle Treehouse

It is very important for kids to climb, jump and run around. It is good for their health and fitness. It also helps them develop their stability and movement.

This treehouse is not one to provide a hideout only; it features obstacles that will get your kids to exercise while they play. The obstacles include a climbing rope, fire pole, climbing wall and a zip line at 12 feet.

While there is some risk involved in building such a treehouse, you should work to cushion and minimize some of them.

With regards to price, the unit is not cheap. Actually, Wellness Mama states that its price is almost the same as that of a premade structure.

Only that this custom treehouse can be made to your specifications and can be even stronger. The blog provides a free plan to take you through the construction process.

24. DIY Treehouse With a Sandbox

DIY Treehouse With a Sandbox

The construction of this treehouse is simple. It is simply a playhouse on a deck with a tree going through it. The tree does not provide support; only aesthetics.

Ana White provides a free PDF plan of constructing the treehouse from start to finish. I love the fact that it is simple and a perfect treehouse plan for a beginner to start on.

Additionally, the fact that it only requires 20 hours to complete is an added plus. Following the plan, you should expect to complete the project with only a total cost of $500 only.

25. DIY Treehouse With Metal Roofing

DIY Treehouse With Metal Roofing

Looking at the sketches of this treehouse, you fast realize that it is easy and simple to construct. Most of the work is done on the ground after which it is lifted in place on the oak trees.

It has sufficient space and strength to hold an adult too. The treehouse plan provided by Imgur is graphical. Truly images speak a thousand words. The plan is explained from start to finish using images only.

Added to the plan are images and perspective drawings of the treehouse. The roof is made from metal sheet to provide ample protection from the weather elements. The rain falling on the roof also has a nice effect.

The treehouse is accessed using a ladder.

26. DIY Creative Treehouse

DIY Creative Treehouse

Treehouse designs are numerous. They each come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Before you can rest easy and enjoy the view on your treehouse, there are various steps you are meant to take.

Before you start working on the free treehouse blueprints you have acquired, you should check with the local planning authorities. Confirm whether there may be restrictions on building the treehouse design you have in mind.

This step is important as different areas have different laws and restrictions regarding the design, height, and windows overlooking private property.

Mother Earth News details the steps to take before you embark on effecting the treehouse plan. In addition, they also recommend starting on a simple and small project.

27. DIY Treeless Treehouse

DIY Treeless Treehouse

If you want a treehouse in your backyard but do not have the perfect tree for the project this treehouse plan is perfect for you. Instead of using a tree, the treehouse plan makes use of a long pole.

You can get a 20f pole for about $50. Ensure that this pole is pressure treated and measures 8-inches in diameter.

This treehouse design and plan is perfect since you can build the treehouse anywhere in your backyard.

To hack the treehouse design as explained, you can follow the plan provided. It is detailed and covers everything you need to know.

28. Raised Platform Treehouse

Raised Platform Treehouse

Unlike most treehouses, this particular treehouse was designed to fill a void left by a fallen pine tree. While it may not be as high as most treehouse designs we have looked at, it adds beauty to the backyard.

It also provides kids with some privacy and space to play. The fact that it is not so high makes the treehouse safe. There is no need for rails on the sides.

Made With Happy, shares the children treehouse plans along with instruction of how the whole treehouse was put together piece by piece. The treehouse costs about $300. This is way cheaper than the cost of premade treehouses.

29. DIY Hanging Treehouse

DIY Hanging Treehouse

If you are looking for a unique treehouse plan, this hanging tree fort will work fine. It is small and cute. The space inside is just enough for a couple of kids.

Also given that it is a hanging tree fort, the rope used to hang the tree fort should be strong. I love the oval walls and the circular entrance and windows. They add some taste to the tree fort.

To build this tree fort, you can follow the plan by DIY Network. The plan details that the project requires intermediate skills to complete and about 2 days.

The cost range of the tree fort is almost half of what you would spend on a premade tree fort. That said, the tutorial also features a list of tools and materials you would need.

30. DIY Treehouse With Branch Railing

DIY Treehouse With Branch Railing

Aside from being fun and providing a perfect hideaway, treehouses are also romantic. Of course, this depends on the treehouse design you choose. The treehouse on the image has a romantic setting and lighting.

It is perfect as a couples hideout spot. But to build this treehouse, several considerations have to be made. For instance, you cannot afford to damage the tree.

The supports you put in place should also provide room for tree movement and growth with time. In addition, you also need to consider the safety of the treehouse.

This treehouse is set up high. As such, the railings are necessary for safety. This is especially if kids will use the treehouse as well. The Family Handyman provides important tips to consider when building the treehouse.

31. Ultimate DIY Treehouse

Ultimate DIY Treehouse

For kids, having a treehouse that is out of bounds to adults makes one the coolest kid in town. However, not many dads can pull off a perfect treehouse. For this, free treehouse plans are made available.

When building the treehouse there are several aspects you need to get right. These include the platform, the beams, anchor, bolts, and supports.

The Outside Online blog provides insight on these aspects and guides you in building the ultimate treehouse.

32. DIY Treehouse With Fiberglass Roof Panel

DIY Treehouse With Fiberglass Roof Panel

It is a given, every kid wants to be the coolest in town. A treehouse would cement them in this position and title. However, only an adult can make this dream and wish come true.

To grant your child their wish, try this simple backyard treehouse. It is freestanding and as such can be built even when you do not have a tree in your backyard.

Home Improvement provides a treehouse plan and details all materials and tools needed to make the project a success. Adding to this, the plan takes you through step-by-step instructions that are easy to understand.

Last but not least, the plan features perspective diagrams to give you a clear image of the steps and end product. There is no doubt you will have fun with this project.

33. DIY Cool and Safe Treehouse

DIY Cool and Safe Treehouse

If you feel a treehouse is a perfect addition to complete the look in your backyard, then this is the perfect treehouse project to embark on.

This treehouse though high has been designed with safety features to protect your kids when they get lost in the fun. The multiple windows add to the beauty of the treehouse.

This freestanding treehouse plan and guide is provided by Woodwork Guide the plan and guide is detailed enough even for a beginner to follow. It affords you the luxury of making changes to the design as you please.

And there you have it. 33 free treehouse plans you can use on your next treehouse project. Hopefully, you find one that will inspire you to get your hands dirty.

When you complete the project, feel free to share images of your treehouse. You never know who you will encourage with your success.

We would love to get some feedback from you. Share any additions you may have to the treehouse plans listed above. Help build the internet well of knowledge.