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27 Free DIY Toy Box Plans Just for Kids

27 Free DIY Toy Box Plans Just for Kids

toy box plans

Organizing your kid's room is not always the easiest thing. And this is more so when they have lots of toys but without a particular place for storing them.

Instead of getting rid of some of their toys the best thing would be to make them a toy box. Making a toy box is also easier than you think and you can use materials that you already have at home.

A toy box is an easy way to add some storage space to your child's room, and it makes organizing their room easy even without your help.

To make it easy for you to organize your little one’s room, we have gathered some easy to implement DIY toy box plans.

These toy box plans go beyond the usual storage designs and are cheap, affordable and quick to build. Check them out below and choose one that will suit your child’s room.

You can find more than just these free toy box plans like plans for sandbox, shadow box, grow box, planter box, wood box, wooden jewelry box, nesting box, and many more.

Rustic Toy Storage Box with Rolling Bins

If your child has many toys, this storage box will provide more than enough space for them. It is a rustic wooden box with three compartments at the top for the small toys and two large bins with casters for the large ones.

For this project, you will need several boards, plywood, casters and some pocket hole screws. All these items are available at local hardware stores and are also very cheap.

Also, the chances are that you already have some of them at home and so this is quite a cheap project.

You can implement this free toy box plan in one weekend or even a few hours depending on your skill level and material availability.

This DIY tutorial provides step by step instructions and material, cutting and tools lists.

2. Easy Homemade DIY Toy Box

Easy Homemade DIY Toy Box

Anyone can make this toy box because the design is very straightforward. Also, the tutorial provides a video and some clear pictures to make the construction very easy.

What I like about this Jay’s Custom Creations wooden toy box plan is that you only need three tools which are the circular and miter saws and a Kreg jig.

For the material, the main ones are the MDF board, wood glue and some pocket hole screws and brad nails.

With all the resources in this tutorial, you should be able to finish the box in a few hours. But, the paint might require extra time to dry.

3. Barn-Style Toy Chest

Barn-Style Toy Chest

This toy box design has an appealing barn-like appearance that makes it very interesting. It is an easy project to implement, and it will only take one afternoon to complete.

If you want a simple DIY project that you can do with your kids, this is a perfect choice. And it is also cheap since you will only need some plywood, hinge, and casters.

This DIY toy box plan provides an instructional video, drawings with dimensions and a step by step guide for the construction. It will also not cost much to implement since you can get all the materials in your local store.

4. Caboose-Inspired DIY Toy Chest

Caboose-Inspired DIY Toy Chest

Toy storage boxes should always be fun and appealing to your kids. Apart from storing their toys the box also complements the appearance of the room. Most kids will love this caboose-inspired toy chest.

It is very creative DIY wood toy box plan that will require at least intermediate woodworking skills to implement. But Skill Tools also provides a details PDF document to make the build easy.

This plan has a comprehensive material and cutting list and also a shopping list for everything that you will need. And once you get all the materials you can finish it in one weekend.

5. DIY MDF Board Chest Bench

DIY MDF Board Chest Bench

This toy chest is quite straightforward, and any DIYer can create it in just one day. It is a 60 by 20 by 21 inches chest that will accommodate a lot of toys while also complementing the room's decor.

This tutorial provides a list of the material that you will need and this sizes. Also, there is a list of the tools that you need from start to finish.

The drawing with the elevations will also guide you when it comes to assembling the different parts. And since you only need two sheets of MDF this will be quite an affordable DIY toy box plan to create.

6. Simple Homemade Storage Box

Simple Homemade Storage Box

This storage box is one of the easiest that you can make for your child's toys. I love the simplicity of the toy storage box design and the step by step instructions that the Instructables tutorial provides.

You can make this box with your choice of wood, and it will not require many pieces. And so you can even repurpose some leftover pieces to make this a cheap DIY project.

This plan also allows you to improve the design or add some variations. But regardless of what you chose to do it will in most instances only take a day to complete.

7. Double Duty Storage Box with Chalkboard

Double Duty Storage Box with Chalkboard

Most parents will love this storage box as it provides not only some storage space but also chalkboard for your kid to have some fun. And it will only take a few hours to complete.

The plan comes in a PDF document that contains material and tool lists. It has a step by step guide for the construction with some clear text descriptions and pictures for every stage.

If you do not know how to build a toy box this guide is an excellent starting point because the tutorial is very straightforward and easy to follow.

8. Pine Board Toy Box with Trofast Bins

Pine Board Toy Box with Trofast Bins

This toy box plan makes use of some Trofast bins that you can get from IKEA and some pine wood to create a unique storage box.

Buying the Trofast bins and the timber that you need for this Shanty2Chick project will cost less than $100. And so it is still quite affordable despite the elegance.

The wooden component of the box only has four sides, and so it will only take a few hours to complete. Even if you factor in the time the stain takes to dry it should still take less than a day to make this box.

This toy box build plan provides a materials list and pictures of all the construction stages to make the project easy to implement.

9. Modern Toy Box with Optional Lid

Modern Toy Box with Optional Lid

Anna White offers this tutorial to help you make a 36 by 16 by 20-3/4 inches toy box. This kids toy box plan gives you the option to have a lid or not.

For this tutorial, you will get a cut list for all the timber pieces you need and a list of the other material you need such as the hinges and pocket hole screws. But, the best element of the project is that there are also some 9-step instructions for the construction.

Even if you are not a very skilled woodworker, you can still implement this projects because it also comes with some clear drawings to guide you.

10. Industrial Wood Crate Storage Box

Industrial Wood Crate Storage Box

This simple toy box from the Addicted 2 DIY site provides an easy way to make an industrial wood crate for all your kid’s toys.

It is a straightforward project that is all about cutting, sanding and joining the boards. But there are also other things that you need such as casters, storage chest handles and corner straps.

Although this toy box plan is easy to make, the industrial look is what I like most. But, it is also effortless to achieve with a creative choice of staining. The tutorial provides instruction on how to do this, and it should take only a few hours to finish.

11. 7-Step Wooden Letter Block Toy Storage Box

7-Step Wooden Letter Block Toy Storage Box

Instructables creates this simple toy box woodworking plan that you can implement over the weekend to help solve your kid's toy storage problems.

You can make this box in 7 easy steep, and the plan explain all in detail. You will also not need a lot of material because with a few pine boards and panels, some caster, and hinges you are ready to go.

There is also a plan with precise dimensions that are available in a downloadable PDF file. The simplicity of the project makes me want to try it and probably will when I get some free time.

12. Personalized Wood Toy Box

Personalized Wood Toy Box

Here is yet another amazing plan for wooden toy box from Instructables. And like most of their other projects, it provides a comprehensive construction guide and detailed material and cutting lists.

This toy box is also another project that I must try at some point. What I love most about it is that you can customize it to include your kid’s name and it is also spacious enough for them to use for many years.

There are plenty of pictures on this plan that will be very helpful, and Instructables also provides a downloadable PDF file for the project plans. And despite the large size this toy box will only take one weekend to make and is also still very affordable.

13. Simple Wooden Toy Box with Lid and Casters

Simple Wooden Toy Box with Lid and Casters

With some high-quality lumber like cedar, redwood or pine and a day to spare over the weekend, you can build this beautiful toy box for your child.

If you follow the dimensions on the tutorial, you should end up with a toy box that is 45 by 21 by 21 inches. This size is sufficient for most kid’s toys.

This storage box will also have some casters to make it easy to move around the room and a lid so that it can act as a bench. And so it will be very functional on your child's room. But what you will love most is that it will not take a lot of cash investment to make it.

14. 1-Day Toy Box Plan 

1-Day Toy Box Plan

A simple toy box plan like this one will only require you to spare one day and a little investment. You will need several pieces of 2 by 2 and 1 by 4 lumber pieces and few other materials and tools. The My Outdoor Plans tutorial provides enough details on all of them.

Making this 45 by 21 by 21 should not be difficult for anyone with basic woodworking skills. And this is because the tutorial provides some drawings for the plan and clear instructions on how to make the different parts of the box.

There are also some instructions on how you should attach the caster wheels.

15. Large Plywood Toy Box with Caster Wheels

Large Plywood Toy Box with Caster Wheels

You do not have to use a lot of money to get a large toy box for your kid. This large plywood one is spacious and with an appealing look and it will cost less than $40 to make.

I love the natural finish, but you can still paint it if you prefer some color. For the construction, you will need one sheet of plywood, some casters, screws and wood glue.

And since there are not many parts to join this should take a day to complete. This free toy box plan provides details on the material and tools and some step by step building guide with pictures and drawings.

16. Plywood DIY Toy Bow with Handles and Casters

Plywood DIY Toy Bow with Handles and Casters

A sheet of plywood can help create some very adorable wood pieces like this toy box. It is a medium size box that is cheap and easy to make in one day.

Although plywood is the primary material, you also need some casters, handles and various other things. This step by step tutorial provides a list of these items and clear instruction on everything you need to do.

This Home Depot Blog tutorial might not have pictures or drawings, but the steps are still easy to understand and follow.

17. DIY Personalized Hope Chest

DIY Personalized Hope Chest

This hope chest will make a perfect gift for your kid or any other special child in your life. It is a large toy box that can carry plenty of large and small toys. And it is personalized with the child’s name to make it more special.

The size and design mean that this chest will take at least a day or an entire weekend to build. But it is easy to implement this plan since the tutorial provides everything from material and cutting lists to step by step guide.

If you have some cedar, pine and plywood pieces at home that you can repurpose, this toy box plan will be cheaper to build.

18. Oak Wood Toy Box-Treasure Chest

Oak Wood Toy Box-Treasure Chest

Your kid will love this toy storage box as it has an attractive pirate treasure chest design. The design is also straightforward, and anyone can build it.

This Woodworking Corner DIY plan provides a material list with specific dimensions for all the wood pieces. The drawings and pictures also provide a lot of information on how to make the chest.

And because this is a small chest that does not require a lot of wood pieces and other materials it is cheap to make. Also, the size and simple design means you can make it in just a few hours.

19. 3-Tier Toy Box

3-Tier Toy Box

A space-saving toy box like this one forms a fun weekend DIY project. This DIY toy box plan is for a 3-tier storage box that you can make with some birch plywood and pine boards.

It will provide more than 8,300 cubic inches of storage space, and so your little one will have more than enough room for all the toys. Also, the design takes little space in the bedroom.

The cost for making this toy box will be between $150 and $175 depending on the availability of material in your locality. The guide provides a complete list of the materials you need, their sizes and in-depth description of how to make the boxes.

20. Traditional Toy Box with an Easel

Traditional Toy Box with an Easel

This toy box maintains a classic design but with a twist that entails including a bookshelf and an easel. The Build Something site provides the toy box blueprints to make this project simple.

You also get an outline of all the steps you need to follow when making the box and some plans to help you understand the dimensions.

The primary materials for this project are pine and MDF boards which are relatively affordable in most places hence making this a cheap DIY project. And you can build it in one day.

21. Simple Wood Toy Box

Simple Wood Toy Box

You will hardly find any other DIY wood toy box that is easier and cheaper to create than this one. It is one of those homemade items that you can create when you have just a few hours to spare.

Despite this being a simple project the tutorial still provides a comprehensive guide on how to make it. You only need one plywood panel and a few other materials to make this box, and there is a small list that contains them and all the measurements.

Every DIYer knows just how important pictures are when trying to make something. The few on this guide will be very helpful when making the toy box.

22. Little Wooden Crate Toy Box with Cute Casters

Little Wooden Crate Toy Box with Cute Casters

Wooden crates are easy to come by, and the chances are you already have one or more at home. This DIY toy box plan from This Little Streets demonstrates one way to repurpose them.

And if you already have the crates this is a cheap project as you only need to buy the cute casters and some foam, fabric, and plywood for the lid.

This toy box should take a couple of hours at most to make. There is nothing much to do apart from attaching the top and casters. You will also not need any special skills for this project.

23. Herringbone DIY Toy Storage Box

Herringbone DIY Toy Storage Box

You should not throw away your old wood crates because there are endless ways of repurposing them. This tutorial shows another way you can use them to make a toy storage box.

Since old wood crates tend to break easily, this tutorial combines them with some plywood to create a beautiful herringbone style toy box. And it also has some casters to make it easy for your kid to move it around.

This project is very cheap because in most cases you only need to buy the casters. And so it will cost less than $12 to build and only take up a few of your free hours over the weekend.

24. Easy Chalkboard Box on Wheels

Easy Chalkboard Box on Wheels

Here is yet another free toy box plan that entails using some wooden crates. But it also includes a chalkboard and some rope handles.

This toy box tutorial provides a list of everything you need, pictures and a 7-step guide for the construction. And since you already have most of the things you need for this box at home it will be cheap to implement.

This toy box makes an excellent weekend project, but it is also possible to make it anytime you have a few free hours.

25. Multipurpose Coffee Table/Toy Box

Multipurpose Coffee Table/Toy Box

Multipurpose DIY projects are always the best because they help you solve several problems at a go. This Anna White tutorial will help you make a simple coffee table that also doubles up as a toy box.

You can implement this free toy box plan in a day or two at most and a cost of between $20 and $50. 

The tutorial provides a comprehensive guide for making the box in 10 easy steps. There is also a video for the project and several plan drawings.

26. $60 Rollout Toy Storage Box

$60 Rollout Toy Storage Box

This rollout toy box plan is another of my favorites. It is simple but still very functional and useful in storing and organizing your kid's toys.

You can make this box just from a single sheet of plywood, and it will only take you a few hours on a Saturday morning and less than $60.

For this project, you will get a detailed description on how to cut and join the plywood pieces and a diagram of the different parts. And since this is a simple toy box plan the description and picture are just enough.

27. Under $20 Wood Crate Toy Box

Under $20 Wood Crate Toy Box

There is always a toy box that you can make even when on a tight budget. For this one, you will use less than $20 but it still provides a lot of storage space, and it looks amazing.

You do not have to be an experienced woodworker to make this box because the design is very straightforward. It is all about joining small pieces of timber to form a wood crate and staining it.

The toy box patterns on the side are also cheap and easy to stick. And it is also possible to make the letters at home.

If you have a small wood crate at home that you no longer use, then you will not even need to do much to make this box. For the tutorial, there are no text descriptions, but there are plenty of pictures for all the stages of the project.

This DIY toy box plan should take a couple of hours at most to build.

With the 27 toy box plans above you should be able to make something attractive and functional to organize your kid's toys. The DIY plans should also inspire you to make something that your child will love.

If you have other toy box plans in mind or have an idea to add to the ones above, we would like to hear from you. You can leave your comments, suggestions, and ideas in the comments section below.