28 Creative DIY Tower Gardens to Make Your Own

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28 Creative DIY Tower Gardens to Make Your Own

28 Creative DIY Tower Gardens to Make Your Own

If you love gardening but are tight on space, then vertical gardening might be the solution for you. With a DIY tower garden, you get to maximize the little space you have and still enjoy what you do.

There are many different ways and styles to build a vertical garden tower, and many DIY folks have also tried their luck with these different designs.

If you are planning to maximize space with a vertical garden tower, then this list should be of much help to you. I hope that by going through these tutorials and ideas, you too can become inspired to build a tower garden.

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DIY Strawberry Tower with Reservoir Guide

Ananda loves strawberries, so she decided to grow some by herself. She used 3 pieces of 5-gallon plastic nursery pots and stacked them one on top the other. Buckets will also work for this.

The trick here is the addition of a reservoir. Ananda uses a simple plastic bottle to build a system which slowly releases the water into the first bucket. The holes in the bucket's bottom then allow the water to also drain downwards.

She used a drill with a hole saw to create 12 holes on the sides of each pot. These are the holes to plant the strawberries. The top pot also gets some gravel to help maintain the soil.

2. Eco-Friendly PET & Bamboo Aquaponic Tower Guide

Eco-Friendly PET & Bamboo Aquaponic Tower Guide

Aquaponics is the combination of aquaculture and hydroponics. The aquaculture part is the lowest plastic container here and contains the fish.

Hydroponics is the raising of plants using a liquid system. The plants are built into a tower in this guide, and a pump delivers the waste from the fish as nutrients to the plants.

This small installation called miniponics is made from bamboo, PET bottles, and ropes. The guide is detailed with lots of pictures, making the entire process easy to understand.

3. Amazing DIY Flower Tower Video Tutorial

Amazing DIY Flower Tower Video Tutorial

Here you'll learn how to build your own tower garden using galvanized wire fencing and landscape fabric. Other items include zip ties, space, flower pot and potting mix.

This video is from Home Depot and every item used can easily be purchased there as well. The video is delivered in a step by step manner up to step 10.

You can as well get creative and use this system for something other than flowers, the choice is yours. Since it is built using galvanized wire fencing, you can also decide to make it much higher than in this tutorial.

4. Aeroponic DIY Tower Garden

Aeroponic DIY Tower Garden

What we have here is a pre-made aeroponic system. Aeroponics is the growing of food using air or a misting system. It is great for growing a wide variety of vegetables, except those with roots.

If you decide to go with this pre-made, then the instructions are easy to follow. You can also decide on the other hand, to DIY.

Building such a system by yourself will require a reservoir and a misting pump. The reservoir will contain your water mixed with nutrients and the pump will occasionally draw the water and mist the plant's roots.

5. Beth's DIY Stylish Vertical Garden Planter Tutorial

Beth's DIY Stylish Vertical Garden Planter Tutorial

Beth's DIY garden tower planter might look playful and fun, but it's also a very space saving way to go about your gardening.

The material list includes terracotta pots, spray paint, a little ceramic bird, and a piece of rebar. The pot at the bottom is the biggest, while the others are smaller.

Beth presents this tutorial in a clear manner, using very bright pictures and instructions to teach the construction process in 5 steps.

Two feet from the 62-inch rebar has to be knocked into the garden soil. Then holes are made in the pots and the stacking begins.

6. DIY Kelly's Tipsy Pot Planter Guide

DIY Kelly's Tipsy Pot Planter Guide

Here's another homemade tower garden, which uses tipsy stacking to create a beautiful work of art. This project should cost less than $60, and you don't need any special skills for it.

You will need your primitive pots, a drill, a 1-inch hole saw, a half-inch steel conduit, potting soil, and flowers.

Kelly is an artist and entrepreneur from Wisconsin. She carefully shows in a step by step manner how anyone can also build this project easily. She also includes lots of nice pictures.

7. DIY Terracotta Pots Vertical Planter Tutorial

DIY Terracotta Pots Vertical Planter Tutorial

This is a very simple and straightforward tutorial for anyone who wants to learn how to make a tower garden using pots of any kind.

You will need 5 different terracotta pot sizes for this project. There is a 14-inch pot, a 12-inch,  10-inch, 8.25-inch, and 6-inch terracotta pots. You will also need a 14-inch terracotta base, plus potting soil and the flowers or herbs that you intend to plant.

The process here is simple. You start with the base, then add the largest pots first, followed by smaller ones, and with a center rod in the middle of it all.

8. Pot and Wire Mesh DIY Garden Tower

Pot and Wire Mesh DIY Garden Tower

The garden tower pictured here cost $2,000 to build, but this tutorial here shows you how you can build a relatively similar tower for about $140.

You will need a 16-inch clay pot with pebbles inside. You will also need a 34-inch high cylinder made from welded wire mesh. You will put the mesh inside the pot and fill it with soil.

This guide also tells you exactly how to fill up the wire mesh. The system works with edible veggies like lettuces, arugula, radishes, and strawberries.

9. DIY Stacked Pots Flower Tower for Under $10

DIY Stacked Pots Flower Tower for Under $10

With this guide, you can use the small green plastic planters from Dollar General, which cost $1.50 apiece. You will also need some garden soil, which cost $4, plus fertilizer for $5, and a mini flag hook for $2.

The guide starts by sawing off the curve on the flag hook. Then you'll have to drill holes in the bottom of the plastic planters. Everything is shown clearly with pictures and well explained.

Three planters are used, each one on top of the other in a stylish manner. They all rest on the metal stake which was made from sawing off the curves. You can also add your own ideas, or even paint the planters if you like.

10. DIY Topsy Turvy Pumpkin Planter Video Guide

DIY Topsy Turvy Pumpkin Planter Video Guide

While many DIY tower gardens here are built using normal planters and buckets, this one goes out of the way to use plastic Halloween pumpkins to create the flower tower.

Each of the pumpkins costs about $1 and you will also need a stake, or a rebar preferably, to hold the pumpkins together while stacking.

This video tutorial is well made and edited. It also packs a little bit of humor. If you try this project, then you should be rewarded with a lovely flower tower for Halloween.

11. DIY Pyramid Garden Tower on Casters

DIY Pyramid Garden Tower on Casters

Using a pyramid to create a vertical garden is quite a challenge, but one that is also quite doable. This tutorial shows you step by step, how this pyramid can be built.

It starts with your materials list, which includes 1x4s and 4x4s, plus the casters, gravels, screws and wood glue for a total of $219.

Plywood was also used in this project, so one tip is to try and treat it so that it can last for some seasons. The instructions lead you using pictures through the building process, and the end result is a lovely sight to behold.

One consideration though is the irrigation system for this pyramid garden. It is not shown here, so one might be led to wonder how effective it can actually be.

12. DIY Flower Tower 2ith Wooden Planter Guide

DIY Flower Tower 2ith Wooden Planter Guide

Although this DIY tower garden is based on the design from Home Depot, it still produces an entirely unique flower tower. This is proof that you can always make good modifications.

This guide includes a video, which is great for lovers of video tutorials. You can choose to watch the video or only follow the written guide with pictures. The guide itself is delivered in 4 parts.

You will need a wooden planter and wire fencing to do this project. You will also need landscape fabric, potting soil, gloves, and some plants, of course.

13. Tipsy & Colorful DIY Stackable Pot Planters Tutorial

Tipsy & Colorful DIY Stackable Pot Planters Tutorial

Here comes another stacked terracotta pots tower garden. This project stands out from the rest because the pots are painted in 2 fun and lively colors.

You can also decide to update your old terracotta stacked garden, like the way it was done in this guide. You will also need polyurethane to seal the inside and a can of clear sealer to seal and protect the paint.

As you can see, Tracey here is quite creative. She also shows you how to do what she did. You can even decide to use different colors from what she used, and just do your thing.

14. DIY Flower Tower Tutorial

DIY Flower Tower Tutorial

Using a plastic bucket and wire fencing, this DIY project creates a flower tower with an interesting drainage system. The drain tile is cut to be the same length as the tower, and its bottom end is sealed.

There are 2 parts to this tutorial and they are on different pages. In page 2, you are taking through the final steps of the DIY tower garden, with the installation of the brown tarp.

This tarp holds moisture and sand in place, while the wire fencing holds the tarp in place. You also hold the tarp in place using plastic tie straps.

15. Amy's 3-Tier Stacked Pots DIY Tower Garden

Amy's 3-Tier Stacked Pots DIY Tower Garden

Amy's DIY tower garden tutorial offers you an easy way to learn how to make a tower garden without a power tool. The guide begins with a materials list and it includes 3 different pot sizes and a can of spray paint.

Painting your terracotta pots is always a great idea. It not only makes it look better, it also protects it from the weather and helps it last longer.

This guide contains easy to understand instructions and pictures, making it easy for you to follow. It also shows you have to save on soil by inserting empty flower buckets upside down into your terracotta pots.

16. DIY Kathy's Vertical Garden

DIY Kathy's Vertical Garden

You will need 5 different sizes of terracotta pots for this project. They include 14, 12, 10, 8, and 6-inch pots. A terracotta saucer for the tower's bottom is also necessary.

In addition to the materials list, Kathy also lays everything out and takes a photo. She then begins the construction process, adding photos and enough details about each step.

If you are not very knowledgeable about flowers, then you can also learn a few things from Kathy here. She offers information and advice about flowers, including which flowers to use for sunny and shady locations.

17. PVC Pipe DIY Plant Tower Garden Planters

PVC Pipe DIY Plant Tower Garden Planters

Getting a little technical, this guide uses a PVC pipe to create a vertical garden, which looks very much like commercial products. Those who want to grow lots of plants will definitely find this design interesting.

A materials list is provided at the beginning of this guide, and it includes a 1-meter long PVC pipe, which should have a minimum diameter of 125mm.

Other items include an optional irrigation pipe, and there is also a tools list. The construction process is presented in 8 steps, beginning with measurements and markings, and then ending with irrigation in step 8.

18. Amazing PET Bottle Tower Gardening System

Amazing PET Bottle Tower Gardening System

This amazing system is so simple and yet so effective. It is nothing short of genius. By using small plastic bottles, you can create both a tower garden and an irrigation system.

Moreover, you will also be upcycling waste bottles and turning them into something much more useful. This system is perfect for veggies, including lettuce, bell peppers, and many herbs.

By following this simple and easy to follow guide, you will discover this amazing method and you'll also be free to modify it to your personal needs.

19. Creative DIY Wooden Strawberry Tower Guide

Wooden Pyramid Vertical Garden Tower Idea

Sam and Chanda from Zest it Up are having fun creating amazing stuff in their garden. This one is made completely of wood and is both lovely and functional.

The goal is to build a tower using wood and to anchor it to a wooden box on the ground for support and stability. The box on the ground can also be used to grow plants.

One possible issue with this system though is the ease of changing the soil or adding fertilizer after a season or two. On the other hand, the use of natural wood makes this tower a unique work of art.

20. Wooden Pyramid Vertical Garden Tower Idea

Wooden Pyramid Vertical Garden Tower Idea

This DIY project idea can be easily recreated by anyone who is good with power tools. It is built using 2x2s as the center post, the using plywood for the rest of the construction.

¼-inch or even ½-inch plywood should work great for this. You will first have to cut-out and install the 4 extended sides, before adding the pyramid steps.

A miter saw will definitely be of great help in this project. All you have to do is to add the pyramid steps beginning from the lowest level to the top. You do not need to cover the space between steps, but you should cover the bottom.

21. Ceramic or Plastic Pot Stacked DIY Herb Garden

Ceramic or Plastic Pot Stacked DIY Herb Garden

Perfect for the balcony or anywhere near the kitchen, this DIY herb tower garden will provide you with fresh herbs for your meals.

You can build this using a wide variety of materials, the only requirement is that you use planters or pots of different sizes. You can use plastic or ceramic pots, as well as concrete or even wooden ones.

Another important consideration is the types of plants that you'll be using it to grow. For herbs like basil, cilantro, and parsley, all you need is potting mix and you are good to go.

22. DIY Pallet Tower Garden Idea

DIY Pallet Tower Garden Idea

Wood is a great material for building DIY tower gardens and pallets can be abundant and free. So why not use pallets to build a vertical garden?

You will need a sheet of plywood or MDF (medium density fiberboard) and some nails or screws. Use the board to cover the lower side of the pallet, and then nail or screw it into place.

You can also decide to add any other extras as you might see fit. Now fill the pallet with potting mix, plant your veggies, and then raise it sideways to become a DIY tower garden.

23. Multi-Level DIY Tower Garden Idea

Multi-Level DIY Tower Garden Idea

For such a project as this, you will need to purchase a DIY kit or a multiple planter system. The important aspect to look out for is stackability. If you can stack the containers, then you are good to go.

You may have to make holes in the bottom of the planters to allow the easy draining of water from the top level to the lowest level and out. Then add your soil and fertilizer if necessary, and plant your flowers.

Another idea is to attach these planters together into one unit. This way, you can add a rope to it and hang it up.

24. Wooden Fence DIY Tower Garden Idea

Wooden Fence DIY Tower Garden Idea

This idea offers many features at once. First, it is a beautiful garden, which is well designed. Secondly, it produces food, which can be fresh and reduce costs. Thirdly, it is a fence and can be quite effective in preventing access.

Building this project requires woodworking skills. You could also have free wooden boxes that you can stack together to build this wall. Whatever the case, you need wood and lots of it.

This design is great for producing herbs and veggies for the home. It is also expandable and can be made as large or as little as you need it to be.

25. Vertical Tower Garden Kit with Drip System Idea

Vertical Tower Garden Kit with Drip System Idea

Here we have 4 vertical strawberry garden towers with a drip irrigation system. You can either buy it or decide to build it by yourself.

Building the tower will require suitable containers that can be stacked together. Anything from plastic to PVC containers is okay. Care should be taken to add irrigation holes in the bottom.

How you decide to water the system is let to you. If you choose automatic irrigation, then simply connecting a pipe with tiny holes to the top planter will create a drip irrigation system.

26. Plastic or PVC Tower Garden Kit Idea

Plastic or PVC Tower Garden Kit Idea

You can use a saw and a blowtorch to turn most PVC pipes or plastic buckets into efficient tower gardens. An additional idea here is the attachment of wooden legs to keep the tower clear from the ground.

You can use such a system to row practically most types of food, including veggies, peppers, and even potatoes. You just have to make the holes wide enough.

To make the tower, measure out places to cut, then make the cuts using a saw. Next step is the use of a blowtorch to soften the area around the plastic or PVC cuts, while simultaneously shaping them to be like this one.

27. Inverted Pyramid DIY Tower Garden Idea

Inverted Pyramid DIY Tower Garden Idea

Here the pyramid shape is inverted, with the sides extending from the ground outwards. This allows for planting around the sides an infinite number of times because this structure never gets narrower at the top, like with a normal pyramid.

Although this one is built from wood, you can also find planters with this same shape, which are made from other materials like plastic. Just make sure to make holes in the bottom.

If you do decide to build it from wood, then you'll be needing a miter saw.

28. Metal & Wood Vertical Garden Design

Metal & Wood Vertical Garden Design

This DIY garden tower planter combines wood and metal to create a stylish but functional tower garden. You can use it for different kinds of plants, and you can also make it in larger or smaller sizes.

Unless you already have such a metal frame, you will need to build one by yourself, and this requires metalworking tools.

Since metal can be quite a strong and durable material, the opportunity here is enormous.

I hope you have gained some inspiration from our list of DIY tower garden plans and ideas. Having come to the end of this list, it's now your turn to get busy and build something.

Do let me know what you are up to by writing me a few lines in the comment section below.

Also feel free to share this list and to pin any images that you may find interesting.