31 Easy DIY Storage Bench Plans Anyone Can Build – 100% Free

31 Easy DIY Storage Bench Plans Anyone Can Build – 100% Free

Storage Bench Plan

There will always be some need for extra storage in the house. As your family grows and you buy more things you will always want more space.

Instead of spending a fortune on cabinets and wardrobes you should go for something more creative like a DIY storage bench. These storage benches are easy to make, affordable and they also serve more purposes than just storing stuff.

Storage benches are fun DIY projects that you can do over the weekend.

But what makes them even more exceptional is that you can customize the designs to suits your home and they are suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

I have gathered some DIY storage bench tutorials in this piece that will be both easy and inexpensive to build. Check them out below and choose one to help you solve your storage problems.

After you've used one of these ideas to make your DIY storage bench, come back and browse my other free building plans so you can build a mudroom bench, outdoor bench, corner desk, garage storage

Outdoor Storage Bench

Anna White provides this tutorial for anyone that wants to build a simple outdoor storage bench. It is also a cheap plan that will take between $50 and $100 to make.

Like most other tutorials by Anna White, this one comes with a comprehensive list of materials and a cutting list. It also breaks down the construction into 6 stages to make it easy to follow.

There are some clear drawings of the different panels that you need to make and their dimensions. Anyone with beginner or basic woodworking skills can make this 48-1/2 inches long bench in one weekend. 

2. Simple and Functional DIY Storage Bench

Simple and Functional DIY Storage Bench

This project is suitable for someone that is just starting out woodworking and does not have a lot of skills. It is a very straightforward bench as it is all about cutting the boards, joining them and finishing with some staining.

You will need about 5 wood boards, some hinges and a few other things that the tutorial explains in a list. And with the material and all the tools you can finish the bench in a few hours. But, you might need to keep it outside for a day for the stain to dry.

There are some drawing and pictures on this plan and detailed description of the construction process. These resources make this an easy to implement storage bench plan.

3. Homemade Banquette Storage Bench

Homemade Banquette Storage Bench

If you are looking for that perfect storage bench to complement your dining room, you should make this one. The DIY bench will take a couple of days to make, and you will spend just over $100.

The primary materials for the project are the 3/4-inch MDF boards, some screws and white paint. You also need woodworking tools for cutting and joining the boards.

This DIY storage plan makes the construction easy by providing some pictures and some description on how to assemble the boards.

4. Bedroom Storage Bench

Bedroom Storage Bench

A bedroom storage bench provides a good place to keep your linens and blankets and also somewhere to sit on when wearing or removing shoes. This beautiful one also helps to complement the decor.

To make this bench you will need lots of boards, screws and some knobs. There is an extensive list of material with all the wood dimensions and sizes for the other materials.

The bench also provides lots of storage space as it is about 12.3 inches deep and up to 25 inches long.

This Home-Dzine project is not complicated and so one weekend will be enough to make it. For the cost, it will depend on the availability of the materials in your area and what you already have in the workshop.

5. 2-Day Banquette Storage Bench

2-Day Banquette Storage Bench

Although this storage bench is quite large, it will only take an expert woodworker two days to make it. It is also quite cheap since you only need some 3/4-inch birch plywood, piano hinge, 3-inch wood screws and a few other materials to make it.

The construction will be easy to figure out thanks to the step by step guide that contains 11 construction stages with some clear pictures for every stage.

If by any chance you get some difficulties when doing this project, the tutorial also comes with a video that will help you out.

6. Simple Laundry Room Storage Bench

Simple Laundry Room Storage Bench

What I like most about DIY storage benches is that you can make them for almost any room. This tutorial provides a video to inspire you on how you can make one for the laundry room.

Although there is no step by step instructions on how to make it, the text descriptions and video are enough for most woodworkers to figure out how to make one.

You can make this bench by repurposing the wood pieces or board you already have at home or buy some cheap ones. And so this is also an inexpensive storage bench that you can make in a couple of days.

7. Wood Board DIY Storage Bench

Wood Board DIY Storage Bench

This easy to follow tutorial will help you learn how to build a storage bench without spending much money and time. You can make it in one full day, and you will only require one piece of wood board, some hinges, and screws.

It is a 48.5 by 16 by 16 storage bench, and so it will provide lots of storage space. I also like the partitioning in the middle because it makes organization of linens or clothes easy.

This bench is also cheap to make since you will not need a lot of material. You will also love the appealing natural wood finish.

8. Easy Storage Bench with Shoe Storage

Easy Storage Bench with Shoe Storage

A storage bench does not need to have a complicated design to look good. This Boxy Colonial tutorial shows how you can make a basic one that still looks very appealing.

The DIY plan provides a cut list for the materials and also all the tools that you need. There are lots of pictures and in-depth description in this guide, and so it should be an easy project.

You will need a couple of 1 x 12s, 1 x 3s and 1 x 2s. And when making the cuts, you should make the top about 53.5 inches long to make your storage bench spacious enough.

Since the bench has a basic design and requires a few parts, it should only take a few hours to construct.

9. Entryway Storage Bench

Entryway Storage Bench

I love this entryway bench plan and am hoping that I will get some time to implement it soon. It is just what is missing in my entryway, and I can use the extra storage space that it provides.

The DIY tutorial is from Anna White's site, and it gives some 7-step instructions on how to make the bench. Each step also has some drawing to help you understand the measurements.

This bench will be around 36 inches long and just over 18 inches tall. And apart from the lumber pieces, you will also need some 1/4-inch scraps of plywood.

According to the tutorial, this DIY storage bench will cost between $20 and $50 to make which is quite cheap despite its impressive appearance.

10. Cheap and Easy DIY Wood Storage Bench 

Cheap and Easy DIY Wood Storage Bench

With some 2 by 4 boards and 3/4-inch plywood, you can make this storage bench in just one afternoon. You will also need some basic woodworking tools, but the tutorial lists everything you need.

Although there are no pictures or a video which would have been very helpful there are some clear and easy to follow directions. And so you should make this bench without encountering any challenges.

For this bench, you get to paint it in any color that you like, and you can also add a cushion to make it more comfortable.

11. DIY Window Storage Bench 

DIY Window Storage Bench

What I like most about DIY storage benches is that you can make one that suits your particular needs. If you want something to keep under a window, this tutorial is for you.

This window storage bench will cost just over $60 to make since you will only need to buy some maple plywood and some fabric. You should make the storage bench about 16-1/4 inches tall so that it will be just below the window and 31 inches long to make it spacious enough.

Although you can make it in a day, you should at least dedicate one weekend to the project to ensure you get everything right.

And for the beginner woodworker without a lot of experience, this tutorial provides several pictures and a detailed guide for the entire construction process.

12. Reupholstered Storage Bench

Reupholstered Storage Bench

You do not always have to build your storage bench from scratch because you can still enhance the appearance of what you already have. This tutorial shows a simple way to do this by reupholstering.

This DIY guide provides enough resources on how to do this project, and they include material lists, step by step construction plans and several pictures. There are 18 detailed steps for reupholstering the top and 4 for the bottom section of the bench.

Depending on your choice of fabric and buttons this project is quite easy to implement. And it should only take one weekend to finish.

13. Homemade Storage Bench from a Single Plywood Sheet

Homemade Storage Bench from a Single Plywood Sheet

Here is another Anna White storage bench plan that I must try out soon. It is straightforward in design and easy to make but yet still very elegant.

The storage bench only requires one sheet of 3/4-inch plywood and a few other things that are on the tutorial's list. And it will only take about $100 to make.

This tutorial has all the information you will need for the build. I love the drawings and the step by step instructions because they make everything easy.

Anyone with beginner woodworking skills and a few hours to spare on a Saturday morning can make this 96-inch long bench.

14. 6-Step King Size DIY Storage Bench

6-Step King Size DIY Storage Bench

For less than $100 and a free weekend, you can make this king size storage bench. It is a large storage bench that will provide a lot of extra storage space for your bedroom and also add some aesthetic appeal.

You will need a few sheets of 3/4-inch plywood and some foam and fabric for the upholstery. And with these things, you can make the 56-inch long by 18-inch wide bench in 6-easy steps.

Although the tutorial provides some clear descriptions for all the steps, upholstering will require some practice if you are doing it for the first time. But, with some extra effort and little trial and error you should be able to make this beautiful storage bench.

15. $32 Pallet Shoe Storage Bench

$32 Pallet Shoe Storage Bench

If you are a hobbyist or DIYer, the chances are that you already have some wood pallets around. This wood storage bench plan provides an easy idea to put the pallets to good use.

It is one of the cheapest storage bench plans as it will only cost about $32 (for the caster and a few boards). Also, there is no much work involved in making it, and so you will only need to spare a day to make this 48 x18 inches storage bench.

This plan from Between 3 Sisters is very comprehensive, and it not only provides a lot of pictures but also some clear descriptions of every stage in the build.

16. Easy Homemade Outdoor Storage Bench

Easy Homemade Outdoor Storage Bench

A bench like this one will look good on any patio. And it also provides plenty of storage space. This bench will also not be as expensive to make as it may look.

You will need lots of boards for this project. The tutorial provides a downloadable PDF plan for the bench which includes some 3D drawings and some specific dimensions.

Depending on your woodworking skills and availability of materials, this project should take at least a weekend to complete. You should make the bench just under 50-inches long so that it can accommodate standard size 45-inch bench cushions.

17. DIY Storage Bench with Backrest

DIY Storage Bench with Backrest

A backrest always makes a storage bench more comfortable, and it makes it possible also to have some pillows. The House of Wood site provides a storage bench plan that you can use to make one.

The article has some pictures of the finished product to give you some idea on what you should make. However, it also provides a link for the complete plans and step by step instructions.

It is quite a large bench that will be 37 1/2-inch tall and 48-inches long. The PDF file provides some detailed dimensions and a material list for this storage bench plan.

The materials that you need for this projects are relatively cheap, and it will only take a day or one weekend at most to build.

18. Storage Bench with Removable Shelf

Storage Bench with Removable Shelf

This DIY bench with some storage space is another one that I would like to make someday. It looks small and simple but still has a lot of space for files or even clothes.

Like many other DIY storage benches you will need some 1 x4s, 3/4-inch and 1/4-inch plywood and lots of screws to make it.

The tutorial provides the exact measurements of the wood that you need. There is also a list of the other materials and tools that you will need to make this 29-inch long storage bench

The step by step project plans with plenty of drawings are also beneficial. And the pictures of the finished bench will also be helpful because you know what you are aiming to build.

19. Adjustable DIY Shoe Storage Bench

Adjustable DIY Shoe Storage Bench

If shoes are always cluttering your hallways or entryways, you need a DIY storage bench like this one. The bench has a simple design that you can build in a day and without spending a fortune, and it can hold up to 6 shoe pairs on one shelf.

With one sheet of plywood and some walnut boards, you can make this fantastic bench. But what most DIYers will like most is that it will provide plenty of storage space for several pairs of shoes.

And to make the build easy, the tutorial provides complete material and tools list and photos for all the construction stages.

You will also need 1 x 2 boards and 3/4-inch plywood for this project. And if you follow the cut list on the tutorial you should end up with a storage bench that is 19-inch tall and 34 1/2-inch long.

20. Cheap Storage Bench from a Repurposed Cabinet

Cheap Storage Bench from a Repurposed Cabinet

Repurposing wood that you already have at home makes your DIY projects more affordable. This project entails repurposing an old cabinet to create a functional storage bench.

It is a cheap project to implement, and you might not need even to buy anything if you also have some leftover 2 x 4’s wood pieces in the workshop. And it is a quick project that will only take a few hours to complete.

What makes this plan even more interesting is that there are only three main steps. The tutorial from My Love 2 Create describes the steps in detail and with some clear pictures of each.

21. DIY Storage Bench with Bun Feet

DIY Storage Bench with Bun Feet

This storage bench is from one large wooden board. It is also easy to make as it is all about cutting the board into different sections and joining them.

The homemade storage bench plan provides pictures for the various steps of construction including some for the finished storage bench.

This project also involves some repurposing to make the basket and bun feet. Although the baskets look fantastic, they are repurposed from some buffet warmers and scrap wood. The bun feet, on the other hand, are wooden bowls which you can get for just over of $1 each.

Repurposing reduces the overall cost and makes this a cheap and quick DIY storage bench.

This storage bench will be 58 1/2 inches long by 24 inches wide when complete, and the height should be 18 5/8 inches when you attach the bun feet.

22. Pine and Plywood Shoe Storage Bench

Pine and Plywood Shoe Storage Bench

Shoes can be hard to organize in most homes. But a storage bench provides a solution for this problem. And with a simple plan like this one you can have one fast and without spending much.

For this bench, you will need some pine boards, plywood and lots of screws. These materials are available at your local Home Depot store and are also very cheap. It is also possible to repurpose 1x2 pieces that you already have at home since you will need lots of them.

The staining and finishing on this bench are very impressive. But, the depth which can accommodate up to 30 pairs, and the beautiful doors are what I like most about the storage bench.

It will take a day to build, but an experienced woodworker can still make it in just a few hours.

23. Modern Entry Storage Bench

Modern Entry Storage Bench

A modern entryway bench plan like this one will take anywhere between 1 and 2 weeks to build. But it is worth every minute you spend making it.

The most impressive feature about this Lowe's project is that it provides storage space for everything from books to coats, hats, and shoes. And it is also a beautiful piece of furniture with an appealing modern look.

This 46-inch long storage bench will require at least intermediate woodworking skills, but anyone can make it with some extra effort. 

For the budget, you will spend less than $500 depending on the material you have and what you need to buy. The DIY tutorial provides lists for the materials and all the tools you will need and a step by step guide. And there is also a PDF document with project and cutting drawings.

24. Built-In Storage Bench Seat

Built-In Storage Bench Seat

Here is another cozy and classy storage bench by Lowe's that you can also make for less than $500. It requires intermediate skills, and you can have it for the bedroom or family room.

This built-in bench will need some 1 x 6 and 1 x4 pine boards, 3/4-inch MDF and several other materials that the tutorial lists. There is also a PDF file with the cutting list for the different parts, and if you follow it correctly, the bench should be 60 1/2 inches long at the top.

As complicated as the bench might look the detailed construction steps for the main parts will make everything easy. This project will only require one weekend to implement.

25. The Stock Cabinet Bench

The Stock Cabinet Bench

You can have this storage bench in various places including the entryway and under a window. The size and design make it suitable for different rooms in the home.

The primary materials for this bench are MDF and stock cabinet. But, the stylish look will require some skills to achieve and at least 1 weekend of hard work. The finished storage bench will be 62 inches long and 16 inches wide.

There is a video on this tutorial that will be very useful during the build. The 8-step instructions are also helpful and easy to follow. Despite the expensive and stylish look it will cost less than $500 to implement this DIY storage bench plan.

26. DIY Corner Bench

DIY Corner Bench

This DIY storage bench seat will not only give you extra space to keep your things but also add some elegance to the room. It also uses stock cabinets, and despite the cozy and elegant look, it is still quite affordable to build.

The Lowe's tutorial provides lists for the tools and all the material that you will need and a PDF document with a cutting list. There is also a step by step guide for building the bases and installing the cabinets.

If you are an intermediate woodworker and have all the necessary tools and materials, it will only take a weekend to create this beautiful bench. The storage bench will have a total length of 104 inches and be about 11 1/2-inch wide

27. Mudroom Shoe Storage Bench

Mudroom Shoe Storage Bench

This wood storage bench plan takes creativity to a new level. It is about combining new and repurposed material to create a unique shoe storage bench for your mudroom.

You will only spend about $200 on this project, and you will end up with a storage bench that is very functional and will always stand out.

There are some kitchen cabinets, coffee table legs and some 2 by 4 pieces on the base. The mixture of different materials can be a little confusing. However, the tutorial provides some pictures and clear descriptions to make everything easy for DIYers to understand.

28. Rustic/Industrial Style DIY Storage Bench

Rustic/Industrial Style DIY Storage Bench

The artistic look and functionality of this storage bench make it a must try for any hobbyist and DIY enthusiast. This project combines rustic and industrial styles to create something that will always impress your guests.

You will need lots of pine, a plywood sheet, and some 1/2-inch galvanized pipes. The material list on the tutorial provides a more comprehensive guide on the dimensions and all the other things that you will need.

Although the materials list is quite long, this will not be an expensive project because the chances are that you already have most of the items in the garage. The bench should be about 55 inches long and provide enough room for 8 vintage locker baskets.

29. 7-Step Storage Bench with IKEA Boxes

7-Step Storage Bench with IKEA Boxes

This built-in corner bench does not take up a lot of space in the chamber, but it still provides a lot of storage space. It entails forming a frame with MDF board and using the IKEA boxes for drawers.

The storage bench will have a total length of 70.5 inches but will not take up a lot of space since it is a corner storage bench. And it will accommodate 10 of the IKEA boxes.

The Instructables DIY tutorial divides the plan into seven steps. Each of the stages or steps has some text description and several pictures. You can also download the project plan in a PDF file format.

Although there are still a few other things that you need besides from the board and boxes most like the fabric are also cheap. And so this is a relatively inexpensive storage bench that you can make in a single weekend.

30. Classic Storage Bench with Two Drawer

Classic Storage Bench with Two Drawer

The classic look of this storage bench comes from the choice of staining and color. The design is also very appealing and also quite straightforward.

This Shanty2Chic DIY plan does not provide a lot of information on how to build it or the pictures and step by step instructions most people expect. However, it is still possible to figure all this out with a little research and just by looking at the bench.

The 2 large drawers provide a lot of storage space, and you can use this storage bench almost anywhere including the bedroom and hallway.

It takes about 10 hours to make the DIY storage bench and at a budget of around $75.

31. Pallet Wood Crate Shoe Storage Bench

Pallet Wood Crate Shoe Storage Bench

This shoe storage bench is another excellent idea for taking care of clutter on your mudroom. The storage bench is easy to build with some 2 by 2 boards and plywood.

For the pallet wood crates, you can get ready ones cheaply or even make them with your leftover wood pieces. But the tutorial only provides a cut list for the bench and assumes that you are using ready 18-inch long by 12 1/2-inch wide pallet wood crates.

You can finish this project in one Saturday or even a few hours depending on your skill level. And to make things even better the storage bench project comes with step by step plans with drawings that are also available in a PDF version.

All the plans above are cheap and easy to build. But now we would like to know, have you ever tried to make DIY benches with storage? 

If so, did you use one of the plans above or something very different? What was your DIY storage bench construction experience like? Did you face any challenges?

We love hearing what you have to say about this and other DIY projects. Please leave your comments (and other storage bench DIY ideas) below.

Also, feel free to share the piece to help others make their dream storage bench.