23 Free Step Stool Plans Anyone Can Build

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23 Free Step Stool Plans Anyone Can Build

step stool plans

Having a step stool is a perfect way of helping your kids become more independent. 

Thanks to the wonders of modern design, you no longer have to spend lots of cash to purchase one. There’s a whole avenue of DIY step stool plans for those that want to know how to make a step stool from scratch.

For DIYers out there, building a step stool shouldn’t be that difficult. What you need is the right plan and tools for the job. 

But where exactly do you start looking for DIY step stool plans? Below are inspirational step stool woodworking plans to help you achieve your goal.

You can find more than just these free step stool plans like plans for bar stool, rocking chair. Besides you can DIY more of your own furniture with free woodworking plans for a dresser, standing deskAdirondack chairbunk bed, and many more.

Classic Cherry Step Stool

Express your creativity with this kids step stool plan. It has a natural warmth and classic touch of a wooden cherry finish. Unique flared bottoms give toddlers a solid support that never disappoints. 

I love how simple it is to put the jig dovetail joints together and come up with this masterpiece. With full instructions and 45 colored photos and illustrations, you’ll surely never go wrong.

Love this project? If yes, then keep your table saw and softwood lumber at the ready. Well, about cost, this tutorial is likely to cost you around $7.95.

2. DIY Vintage Step Stool

DIY Step Stool

Looking to build your own DIY vintage step stool? Bingo you’ve definitely hit the jackpot! You can adopt this plan to give you a furniture that has a nice, old refined look. 

The idea of putting signature silhouette footprints is something that fascinates me most. What’s more, it’s pretty easy to put the stool together. However, expect to spend some couple of hours making jigsaw cuts.

The tools you’ll need for the task include a jigsaw, pocket-hole jig, pre-color conditioner, varnish, and footprint stencil. You can put those scrap lumber to use to cut down on material cost.

3. Easy 2-Step Step Stool

Easy 2-step step-stool

I liked this idea right from the start. You get a step stool that has soft, curved edges. True to its name, this step stool plan came simpler than I imagined. It holds on well and retains that natural, soft pinewood finish.

You’ll need to make some wood joints and so a jigsaw is a must-have. Well, don’t forget some varnish to preserve the natural look of wood.

4. Easy Vintage Step Stool

Easy Vintage Step Stool

Want a vintage step stool that screams elegance in all aspects? Well, this 5-step tutorial is worth your time. Ana White, the genius behind this project, makes it look pretty simple. 

Truth be told, I expected this stool to take longer to make owing to its sophisticated look. But the good news is that it takes only about 10 minutes to put together. Well, that’s after making the jigsaw cuts.

Don’t know what tools and materials you’ll need for the task? This tutorial has you covered. It comes with a shopping list and a complete guide. The project is expected to cost you a mere $20 or less.

5. Flip Flop Step Stool

Flip Flop Step Stool

The creator of this 3-step tutorial envisioned something versatile that can find some use even in the bathroom. This step stool is just the right match for toddlers. 

With a simple complexity, expect the process to be quite a breeze, except for some few tricky cuts. The DIY expert behind this project puts the time of completion at one day.

The cost ranges depending on the type of wood material and finishes used. Be prepared to dig $20-$100 deeper in your pocket. The list of tools and materials you’ll be needing for the projects is included.

6. Folding Step Stool

Folding Step Stool

Storage space isn’t something that we all have in plenty. The brain behind this DIY step stool plan comes up with a practical, multi-purpose step stool geared toward saving space. 

Apart from providing a space-friendly furniture, this plan makes the safety of your kids a top priority. This 10-step tutorial includes full instructions, and of course, the list of tools and materials needed.

This plan is downloadable and you might have to part with $5 to get one. Want to declutter your space? Well, this is space-saving plan is worth giving a closer look.

7. Kid’s Step Stool

Kid’s Step Stool

Kids as young as 2 years old will have a reason to smile, courtesy of this step stool plan. Adults too, especially those short of height, can enjoy the extra height thanks to the sturdy built. The project isn’t much of a challenge and you can adopt it as your DIY plan.

This tutorial is inclusive of the tools and materials you’ll be needing. Though the estimated cost of the whole project isn’t stated, expect to part with $8.91 for wood.

8. Kitchen Step Stool

Kitchen Step Stool Plans

This DIY step stool plan has something that will provide the extra reach you need to access your kitchen countertop. It’s a three-step furniture built from just six pieces that easily assemble into shape. 

Don’t look forward to depending on this step stool as a furniture to stand on. It’s more of a sitting platform that provides lots of room.

This project has a complete list of materials. Though not stated, expect the cost of this step stool plan to be just a pinch in your budget.

9. Transformable Spiral Step Stool

Narrow Transformable Spiral Step Stool

Here is a simple step tool plan with a twist to it. This plan provides a step stool that can be twisted to transform the steps into a spiral look.

Fold it back to normal and you get a space-saving design that stores away easily. What I love about this DIY step stool plan is the fact that you can use scrap lumber in your garage to make one. 

You get a construction that’s totally foolproof to 3-year old kids. This step stool plan has a 7-step tutorial. The materials, tools, and measurements are outlined to give you an easy time.

10. Fold up Pine-Stepping Stool

Pine-Stepping Stool

Make this project part of your DIY step stool plan. It’s a versatile take on the step stools. With this idea, you get a step stool that doubles as a seat and table.

The pieces come together quick and easy using dowel connectors. Two lower platforms fold in to save space.

The list of tools and materials are included. The brains behind this idea recommend oak or maple as an alternative to pine. 

11. Plywood Step Stool

Plywood Step Stool

Want a step stool that gives you extra reach without having to move around lots of bulk? This step stool idea might just be what you’re looking for.

In this project, you use plywood to create a lightweight yet study furniture. Well, the trickier part comes when fitting the parts together, something that will require an element of precision on your part.

The plan has a complete step-by-step guide inclusive of the tools and materials you’re going to need.

12. Rustic X Back Step Stool

Rustic X Back Step Stool

Rustic furniture is so “in” right now. The beautiful rustic decor looks good whether in the country or city. This plan gives you the chance to add that rustic look to your living space. 

Expect to brace yourself for some challenge. The unique X bracing provides a sturdy construction you can depend on.

I would very much recommend this stool for kids up to 7 years old. It’s an amazing plan in the long line of One Board Challenge projects.

13. Shaker Step Stool

Shaker Step Stool Plans

Among the simplest step stool plans, expect no trouble putting this furniture together. In fact, it has a beginner difficulty level. 

The step stool sits low with plenty of space to offer. The lower space is spacious enough to hold your flower pot with plenty of room to spare.

You don’t have to pay or download this plan since everything is included in the tutorial. The materials and tools needed are all included. The approximate cost for this DIY step stool plan is in the range of $20-$25.

14. Walnut Shaker Step Stool

Shaker Stepstool

This is a modest yet satisfying project worth your time and effort. It involves creating the walnut version of Shaker step stool, which is a design that adds that extra warmth. 

I love its solid look crafted from real wood. Three-step design means you get to achieve more height. The list of tools needed to make the dowel joints are included. It’s a Japanese ingenuity too charming to resist.

15. Simple 1x10 Single Step Stool

Simple 1x10 Single Step Stool

Never short of step stool ideas, Ana White brings something new to the table. It’s a simple DIY step stool plan given to you absolutely free. 

The step stool is built in 27 simple steps and is designed for the bathroom. Though not that glamorous, it’s an economical furniture you just can’t afford to miss out.

The project is a breeze for those who are skilled at using a miter saw. Talking about cost, you only need $10 to craft this bathroom step stool.

16. 2-in-1 Four-Step Stool

Simple DIY Step Stool

Benjamin Franklin came up with this idea of creating an innovative step stool that doubles as a chair. This 6-step tutorial is a great option for those that want a higher reach.

Made of red oak or maple, this is a durable step stool that’s sure to withstand the test of time. The basic tools for the project are included. 

The project has animated walk-through guides and printable plans. This makes the plan much simpler than it looks.

17. Simple Step Stool

Simple Step Stool

This is among the simplest wooden step stool plans with a 9-step instruction. The tutorial is by far one of the most complete outlining everything you need to create this lightweight stool. 

This kids DIY step stool plan provides a cute platform without the bulk. There are 7 photos to add visual impression. 

Whether you want a step stool for your kitchen, bathroom or any other place, this idea might come in handy.

18. Small Step Stool

Simple Step Stool

Give your little angels the extra reach they need without putting a huge dent in your pocket. This step stool idea takes care of that. 

It’s one of the simplest DIY step stools to craft right in the comfort of your home. This tutorial has a 3-step instruction.

The project uses one of the least materials. You need only a single 8-foot, 2 x 4 lumber for the task. About project cost, it’s a mere $2.50.

19. Outdoor Step Stool

Simple Step Stool

This project takes the use of step stools to the outdoor setting. With this plan, you get a durable step stool that can withstand a beating. You’ve got a variety of wood to choose from including pine, cedar, and redwood.

The size and measurements of lumbar are given. Don’t get worried about the tools to use since they’re all included in the list. This project takes about one day to complete.

20. Step Stool with Built-In Storage

Simple Step Stool

Whether it’s for the bathroom, kitchen or toddler playroom, this DIY step stool plan is sure to suffice. It’s specially built with small kids in mind and provide plenty of storage space for toys and toiletries.

This is a project that lets the creativity of your kid soar and adds mood with fun color. Not happy with the solid color? Well, let your kid add stencils and markers to let it stand out.

The project includes the complete list of tools and steps you have to follow.

21. Compact Storage Stool

Storage Step Stool

Take the idea of step stools a notch higher with this clever plan. What I love about this project is that you get to enjoy the benefit of a step stool without compromising space.

You get a perfect leg support that doubles as a one-foot storage box. The guide includes dimensions, list of materials, and the complete steps you need to craft this little marvelous creation.

22. Distressed Vintage Step Stool

Vintage Step Stool

Well, talking about visual deception, this plan gives you something to consider. The project gives the impression of a used step stool worn over the years. It will surely give your space that old yet dramatic touch.

Ana White provides a complete shopping list for this project that takes only 5 steps to complete. This beginner level project costs under $20.

23. Super Simple Kids DIY Wooden Step Stool

Wooden Step Stool

Beckham & Belle make wooden step stool plans look super simple and a whole lot easier. The plan is for a 2 x 4 bathroom step stool. Don’t look forward to spending hours on this step stool. 

In fact, if you’ve got fast hands, you can put this step stool together within minutes. The projects include all the materials you need, dimensions, and tools. 

This step stool looks stunning with a rustic paint finish.

Now you’ve got 23 different DIY toddler step stool plans to craft something for your little ones. It’s my hope that the article has provided enough information help you meet your goal.

Have you ever crafted a step stool? If yes, then what was your experience? We would be glad if you share with us in the comment section below.