21 Creative DIY Standing Desk Ideas You Can Build Without Carpentry Skills

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21 Creative DIY Standing Desk Ideas You Can Build Without Carpentry Skills

Ever thought of adding a standing desk to your office? Well, besides their numerous health benefits, DIY standing desks are fun and easy to make.

You don’t need much to put together a unit, either. In fact, with as little as $50, there’s always something in store for you.

Most importantly, perhaps, you don’t need to be a woodwork pro to handle this kind of job.

As long as you are feeling creative and bold, there’s absolutely no limit to the kind of homemade standing desk you can put together.

Here’s a look at 21 potential ideas you can explore.

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Uplift DIY Standing Desk

This simple standing desk is made from a store-bought standing desk frame/base. It is relatively inexpensive, easy to assemble and there is even an extra video to help you assemble the base.

The best thing about the base is that it comes with every piece of hardware you will need to attach it your desktop.

Apart from the frame, you will also need an orbital sander, wood glue, birch or maple plywood top, lacquer and a pack of screws.

Prior to starting this project, you need to determine the thickness, width, and depth of your desktop. In addition, you need to give the desk a durable finish which will depend largely on your style.

2. Wrap-around Standing Desk

Wrap-around Standing Desk

This is yet another customizable homemade standing desk that creates a professional yet homely vibe indoors.

It offers a perfect height for standing and working and can be used with a simple metal chair in case you would like to sit sometimes.

Besides, it does not take up much space and building the desk is both simple and fun too. And guess what; you will only need pine board, hand sander, large shelf brackets, polyurethane, and screws.

In addition, it is built to be sturdy so you won’t have to worry about placing too much weight on the desk. And apart from being cost-effective, it is also easy to make.

3. Custom Height Standing Desk

Custom Height Standing Desk

The goal of a custom-height standing desk is to help you maintain good posture. The idea behind this DIY stand up desk is to build a removable standing extension on top of an existing workstation.

Consequently, the design is both simple and cheap to make and at the same time functional.

To make this homemade standing desk, you simply need to make two box supports and then use a blond wood plywood as the table top.

And when your desk is ready, you can invest in a nice anti-fatigue mat to help you stand comfortably and strong.

4. Iron Pipe Standing Desk

Iron Pipe Standing Desk

Made from iron pipes, pre-made stain wood board, pipe threader, polyurethane, flange, coupling and caps, this desk is quite sturdy. It could even last you a lifetime with proper care.

It is estimated to cost around $180 which is relatively inexpensive but you can make it for less than $100 if you already have a pipe threader.

But here is the best part; the desk is built to be adjustable. So, if you ever feel like raising or lowering its height, you can do so easily and quickly.

Furthermore, it does not cause any trouble on carpets.

5. Cut Up Board Standing Desk

Cut Up Board Standing Desk

For this stand-up desk, you will need two shelving units, lack shelf, metal braces, capital brackets or cut up boards. Place them across each other and then secure them together using braces and screws and you will have a brand new DIY stand up desk.

This is a fantastic DIY project and will only cost you around $250 for the materials. But the best part is that the shelf is big enough to hold plenty of gear or even a few meal plates.

In addition, it has enough space to slide a bar stool or a high chair underneath in case you want to sit a bit.

6. TV Bench Adjustable Standing Desk

TV Bench Adjustable Standing Desk

For only $140, you can build your own standing desk in no time. All you need is a TV bench, bolts, nuts, base frame, washers and adjustable A-frame desk legs.

This standing desk is easy to make and most of all cheap. Just a bit of drilling work so you can set up the desk and line it up with the frame is all you need to do and you will have your desk ready.

If you are up for creating your own version, the following guide makes it even super easy. You will not believe how modern and professional your desk will look like.

7. Solid Wood Countertop DIY Standing Desk

Solid Wood Countertop DIY Standing Desk

Spacing saving stand-up desks can be quite expensive which is why building your own desk like this one can be the best alternative.

The desk offers some space beneath where you can put your external hard drives. What’s more, it does not take up much space and is cheap to make because you only need a solid wood countertop to make it.

Although a tutorial is not available, you can use the photos as a guide to help you customize almost a similar desk that works in your space.

8. Adjustable Solid Top Standing Desk

 Adjustable Solid Top Standing Desk

This is an attractive, functional piece of furniture and the best thing is that it only costs around $200 for the materials.

Basically, you will need lack wall shelf, trestles, capita bracket and solid wood top to put the desk together. You can get all the materials from your local hardware store and at an affordable price.

The desk is adjustable to different heights including normal sitting desk height hence it can work for nearly anybody and wouldn’t strain the neck. In addition, it is very sturdy and does not wobble.

9. The $40 Standup desk

The $40 Standup desk

If you think practically, there is absolutely no need to pay hundreds of dollars for a standing desk when you can build your own for only $40.

It turns out you just need heavy duty shelf brackets, couple of screws and a desktop surface which you can get from your local furniture store.

And when it comes to the installation process, it is even easier. However, finding the studs can be a little tricky and time-consuming.

But once you locate them, all you need is to hang the brackets and then place your desktop surface on them and your desk will be ready for use.

10. DIY Galvanized Steel Pipe Standing Desk

DIY Galvanized Steel Pipe Standing Desk

Made from oak kitchen countertop, galvanized steel pipes, couplings, flanges, wood screws and reclaimed wooden planks, this DIY stand up desk can be used as a dual workstation.

Depending on where you source your materials from, this project is estimated to cost around $350 which is a bit expensive but worth the money.

However, it can be cheaper if you have some of the materials at home. Furthermore, the end product is quite large and highly professional.

11. Plumber Pipe Based Standing DIY Standing Desk

Plumber Pipe Based Standing DIY Standing Desk

You will require two crucial materials to put this desk together. These are 2x12 lumber pieces which will come in handy in making the tabletop.

You will also require some plumber pipes.

The advantage of using plumber pipes instead of 2x4 wooden planks for support is that you can easily adjust the height.

This is particularly important because you might need to let another taller or shorter person use the table.

With plumber pipes, you would only need to switch out different sections to vary the desk’s height.

In total, this project will cost you roughly $185 and 3 hours to make.

You can cut down the cost further by using scrap wood instead of buying new 2x12 wooden pieces.

12. Cubicle Wood Standing Desk

Cubicle Wood Standing Desk

You can build this DIY stand up desk from scratch for about $60 which is the cost of the materials. However, you can also buy a pre-made standing desk and then customize it which is a cheaper option.

If you choose the latter option, you will need pine boards of various sizes, polyurethane, sandpaper, stain, and polish.

Basically, this is not a complex project as it may look like and this guide walks you through the entire process of building and staining/finishing.

Moreover, you will appreciate the size of the desk as it is large enough to accommodate a large monitor, a keyboard, mouse and probably some papers and a drink.

13. The DIY Standing Desk with Two Shelves

 The DIY Standing Desk with Two Shelves

This desk is not only modern but also glamorous and chic as it incorporates multiple finishes. It is estimated to cost about $187 to put it together.

For the materials, you will require average-sized tables, boards, pocket rags, polyurethane and grit sandpaper.

Actually, most of the work here is in the making of the shelves which are supposed to go in between the table top and Annefors. The rest of the assembly is a piece of cake.

And after finishing putting the desk together, it is advisable to wait for at least 24 hours before putting on heavy items such as the monitors.

14. $50 Homemade Standing Desk

$50 Homemade Standing Desk

Who said that you need to be a handyman to build your own standing desk? This following tutorial makes it easy to build your own customized desk and you don’t need to have any carpentry skills to do it.

And the best part is, the materials for this standing desk will cost you about $50. Cheap, right? Yeah, it’s cheap and easy to make.

In addition, you will need brackets, decorative shelf, and flathead wood screws. Just make sure the desk size fits your personal height and is ergonomic enough.

And for the tools, you will only require a drill and a head screwdriver since the project is more of drilling.

15. Countertop Adjustable Standing Desk

Countertop Adjustable Standing Desk

Designed to allow both standing and sitting, this DIY desk costs about $364. It is large enough to accommodate two desktops comfortably among other items.

For the materials, grab a countertop, pipes and fittings, nipples, paint, tee joints, caps and floor flanges from your local hardware store.

While the project may seem a bit complex at first glance, it is not. Just a day of planning, ordering and buying materials and an extra full day for the assembly is all you need.

In addition, the desk features a crossbar underneath, which makes a great footrest when sitting. Also, for added comfort, while standing, you can always accessorize the desk using an anti-fatigue mat.

16. MDF DIY Sitting/ Standing Desk

MDF DIY Sitting/ Standing Desk

This is a project you can easily handle over a weekend as you only need a few tools and little DIY and woodworking experience.

The desk is designed to have both a standing as well as sitting part which makes it quite versatile.

Worth noting is that you will need to spend around $150 just for the materials. These include MDF, shelving unit, legs and a few brackets here and there.

You can actually cut the budget further to around $50 if you already have most of these materials already with you.

Guess what else; you can actually paint the desk with whatever color you feel will look good and last a long time.

17. The $50 Standing Desk

The $50 Standing Desk

You don’t have to cough out $500 to purchase a fancy chair that can be adjusted to suit different sitting positions.

For this project, you will only require laminated pine boards, 2x4 framing braces and 2x4 pieces of wood.

The assembly process is quite basic once you have all the necessary materials together. Once the table is done, you will simply need to place it on top of your average countertop.

It never gets easier than this. Save for the hours you’ll spend going to your nearest store to purchase the materials, this entire project should not take more than 2 hours of your time.

18. Solid Wood Tabletop Standing DIY Desk

Solid Wood Tabletop Standing DIY Desk

This solid wood DIY standing desk is of immense value to those who work while sitting for more than 8 hours a day. The project is relatively straightforward and cheap to make.

The most basic material required is a tabletop which you can easily make on your own at home or buy ready-made. You will also require some adjustable legs.

You don’t really have to make these at home as there are ready-made versions available. Of course, you will need some brackets to join the different parts together.

The total cost for this project should be $300 or thereabouts.

19. Ergonomic Homemade Standing Desk

Ergonomic Homemade Standing Desk

Who said putting together a DIY standing desk takes rocket science? With this design, all you’d need to do is begin with measuring your height.

You want to make sure that your arms will be at right angles against your desk surface. Once you have determined your height requirements, you’ll simply need to head to your nearest store to get yourself some basic supplies.

These include brackets, 2x4 wooden planks, and of course a ready-made tabletop.

This is a really simple and straightforward process and you don’t need to be armed with the latest carpentry skills to nail it.

20. Automated Standing Desk

Automated Standing Desk

This desk is unique in the sense that it is adjustable. Whether you want to use it as a normal desk or a standing one, all you would need to do is adjust with up/down motion control.

The project is relatively easy to put together as long as you have an automated table lift and a desktop.

If you are lucky to find a ready-made automated lift, then the job of putting the desk together will be pretty easy.

The beauty of this kind of table is that it can be used by multiple users of different heights.

21. The Easy Fix DIY Standing Desk

The Easy Fix DIY Standing Desk

It is hard to ignore the dangers of sitting for long hours. This DIY standing desk comes with a unique design that is easy to implement.

The bottom of the desk provides a large bar with just enough legroom for you. The materials required to deliver this standing desk are none other than pipes and a desktop.

Ready-made tabletops are readily available in local stores and so are the pipes. Putting the two components together will cost you roughly $500.

You can cut this cost further by using narrower pipes, though. On a good day, you should be able to finish this project in as few as 4 hours.

Kiss goodbye to back pain and usher in a new world with a healthier you. Besides the health benefits you stand to gain here, this DIY standing desk task can be a fun-filled way to spend the weekend.

One unique attribute of this project is that most of the parts required come ready-made. Your job will be to only put it together and start using it.