18 Creative DIY Squirrel Feeder Plans From Simple Materials

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18 Creative DIY Squirrel Feeder Plans From Simple Materials

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If you enjoy the antics of the squirrels that frequent your backyard or just want something to attract them to your yard a squirrel feeder can be very helpful.

While it is always possible to order one online, the designs that you get are not very awe-inspiring and can also be quite pricey.

It is still possible to feed squirrels in your yard and enjoy watching them without spending a fortune. And for this to be so, you need to build a DIY squirrel feeder.

With some good squirrel feeder plans and a few pieces of leftover lumber, you can make one over the weekend.

And to ensure that you do not have any trouble building our DIY backyard squirrel feeder I have gathered some easy to implement plans for you. You can go through them below and choose one that best suits your yard.

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DIY Squirrel Under Glass Feeder

With a 6-foot cedar fence board, 1-gallon glass jar and a few screws you can build this fantastic DIY squirrel feeder.

The glass jar holds the feed and also creates a fantastic view of the squirrels as they can climb into it to take the nuts.

All the materials that you need for this project are easy to get for free, and so it is quite an inexpensive squirrel feeder design to implement. And with the step by step instructions guiding you, it should only take a few hours.

2. DIY Espresso Machine Squirrel Feeder

DIY Espresso Machine Squirrel Feeder

This squirrel feeder plan from the Instructables site uses some upcycled materials, and it proves that you can build one without spending any cash.

The old coffee maker case provides the frame and all the room you need for your squirrel feeder. And apart from it you only need a scrap piece of wood, bicycle seat, and some spray paint.

Since there is not a lot of assembling that you need to do this is just a one day project. The tutorial provides lists for the supplies and tools, text descriptions of the build and lots of pictures to make construction easy.

3. Free Squirrel Slinky Feeder

Free Squirrel Slinky Feeder

For this DIY squirrel feeder design, you only need to gather materials that you already have at home. It costs nothing to make, and you just need about 30 minutes to do it.

This squirrel feeder is a perfect project for kids that like doing DIYs. It uses a slinky and some twines to create a simple feeder for the squirrels.

Although there is nothing much to do the photos and brief descriptions will still be helpful for DIYers. But most will even not need them because just looking at the picture of the complete squirrel feeder provides enough inspiration.

4. Small Wooden Squirrel Feeder House

Small Wooden Squirrel Feeder House

A cute squirrel house like this one is perfect for those that keep one as a pet. It is a simple wooden structure that takes the shape of a house and only takes a day to build.

This squirrel feeder only requires a few small pieces of lumber, and so you can use your leftover pieces. The paints that you need are also inexpensive, and so it is entirely a cheap project to implement.

I like the size of this squirrel feeder, and it ensures that you do not have to keep filling it as it can hold a lot of seeds.

5. Cushion Spring DIY Squirrel Feeder

Cushion Spring DIY Squirrel Feeder

The ingenuity on this project is just incredible, and I will probably build a squirrel feeder like this one soon. There is no complicated construction or a lot of materials in this project, and it costs nothing to implement.

With an old spring from a rocking chair or mattress and some wires, you will have everything you need. And for the tools, pliers are just enough.

There is nothing much to figure out on this project, and so the few pictures and description is enough. The DIY squirrel feeder project will only take up a few minutes to make.

6. Simple Homemade Bottle Squirrel Feeder

Simple Homemade Bottle Squirrel Feeder

You do not have to spend hours agonizing on how to build a squirrel feeder because a little inventiveness is all you need.

This simple DIY project is about converting a bottle melt into a squirrel feeder. You will also need a drill, screws, metal or PVC pipe and a metal cap.

Like most other DIY squirrel feeders there is nothing much you need to do, and it should only take a few minutes to build this one. The pictures and brief step by step guide will provide all the information you need for this project.

7. Balancing Corn Cob DIY Squirrel Feeder

Balancing Corn Cob DIY Squirrel Feeder

This squirrel feeder plan offers a couple of ideas on how you can make one from some hanging corn cobs.

For this fun fall project, there is almost nothing else you need to do except hanging your corn from a tree or post. And for the materials, you only need a cob of corn, twines, and some scissors.

There are some directions for building this simple squirrel feeder, and it should be easy for anyone to implement.

8. Easiest Homemade Squirrel Feeder

Easiest Homemade Squirrel Feeder

Making a simple squirrel feeder like this one will keep the pesky rodents out of your bird feeders to ensure that you also get to watch some birds feeding in your yard.

You will not need to spend any cash on this project since it uses things you already have at home. And it will take just a few of your minutes to build.

This squirrel feeder design uses a wide-mouth mason jar, crafting wire and a spoon or fork with a flat handle.

Although it is an easy-to-figure-out DIY project, the P&G Everyday tutorials still provide some directions to help you out.

9. Mason Jar DIY Squirrel Feeder

Mason Jar DIY Squirrel Feeder

Here is another DIY squirrel feeder plan that also uses a wide-mouth mason jar. This simple but pretty squirrel feeder also requires you to use some wire and a wooden paint stir stick.

Although this tutorial guides you through the entire process of making the squirrel feeder, you can always use your imagination to make adjustments to suit your situation.

There are some simple 4-step instructions on the tutorial, and you can implement it in just a few minutes.

10. 12-Inch Long DIY Squirrel Feeder

12-Inch Long DIY Squirrel Feeder

Building a squirrel feeder does not have to be complicated, and this article from MY Outdoor Plans proves this as it makes things very simple.

This squirrel feeder plan will take one day to implement, and you will need 1x6 and 1x8 lumber pieces and one piece of a 1/4-inch Plexiglas.

The tutorial provides some 3D images with dimensions for the squirrel feeder and a lot of text description to help you with the construction.

11. Scrap Lumber DIY Squirrel Feeder

Scrap Lumber DIY Squirrel Feeder

I always have some small pieces of scrap lumber in the workshop, and so this squirrel feeder plan gives me an idea on how to use them

You also need some galvanized screws for this project and for the tools a cordless drill and table saw or hand-saw are all that you will need for the project.

Since the squirrel feeder will be outdoors, you will need the scrap wood to be cedar or pressure treated pieces. And once you have it you only need to follow the 6 steps on the DIY Network tutorial to make your squirrel feeder.

12. Bird-Proof Squirrel Feeder with Solar Powered Camera

Bird-Proof Squirrel Feeder with Solar Powered Camera

DIY Large squirrel feeders like this one are perfect for those that not only want to see the squirrels but also take some photos.

You can build this squirrel feeder in 9 easy steps, and it also includes a solar-powered camera. Since there are many components of this project, it will take about one weekend to build and a significant cash investment.

The Instructables tutorial provides the complete materials list for the 9 3/4-inch long squirrel feeder and also directions on how to build the camera circuit.

13. Pac man DIY Squirrel Feeder

Pac man DIY Squirrel Feeder

This DIY large squirrel feeder plan is for someone with at least intermediate woodworking skills and a full weekend to spare for the construction.

The tutorial is from the Instructables site, and it will also require a significant cash investment in the lumber and other things like paint and Plexiglas.

There are some comprehensive lists or all the materials and tools and in-depth description of the construction. And you also get a video and printable PDF document with approximate dimensions for the squirrel feeder.

14. DIY Pine Cone Squirrel Feeder

 DIY Pine Cone Squirrel Feeder

This squirrel feeder idea will cost nothing to implement and less than an hour of your time. It is all about collecting some pine cone and covering them with bird seeds before hanging them.

Apart from the pine cones, you will also need some peanut butter, bird seeds, wax paper, tablecloth and some wire for hanging them.

Although you might not even need them, there are some detailed instructions on this tutorial and some pictures to help you make this simple squirrel feeder.

15. Homemade Wooden Squirrel Feeder with Table and Seat 

Homemade Wooden Squirrel Feeder with Table and Seat

The design of this homemade squirrel feeder is very inventive but still cheap to build with scrap wood. It includes some table and seat-like structures that will make the feeding sessions more comfortable for the animals.

You can make this 11-inch long squirrel feeder in just 15 minutes and at almost zero cost if you have some scrap cedar fence board. Although you can use any wood type, it is best to go something with a natural decay resistance.

The plans from My Carpentry provide the sizes and quantity of lumber pieces that you need, and there are also some drawings with dimensions and text tutorial.

16. The DIY Train Mason Jar Squirrel Feeder

The DIY Train Mason Jar Squirrel Feeder

This innovative squirrel feeder plan entails using a mason jar and some wood to create a cute train squirrel feeder. And despite the impressive design, it is still an easy to build and cheap project.

The Instructables tutorial starts with some sketched plans for all the parts of the train to make it easy for you to understand. But, there is also a list of all the materials and tools that you need.

The most helpful part of this tutorial is the pictures for all the constriction stages and detailed text explanation of what to do. This 9-step squirrel feeder project should take just one day to build.

17. The Simple Serving Fork and Mason Jar Squirrel Feeder

The Simple Serving Fork and Mason Jar Squirrel Feeder

What I like most about squirrel feeders is that most of the times you do not need to spend any cash to build one. One like this only requires you to have a serving fork, a mason jar, and some wire.

This simple project from The Paper Mama site only takes about 20 minutes to implement, and it will be a fun activity to do with your kids.

And since there is nothing complicated the photos and text tutorial will provide more than enough information.

18. DIY 1x6 Cedar and Mason Jar Squirrel Feeder

DIY 1x6 Cedar and Mason Jar Squirrel Feeder

Making a squirrel feeder such as this one will only require a couple of pieces of 1x6x8 cedar pieces and a 1-gallon mason jar.

The tutorial provides a cut list to get you started and to make it easy to understand the dimensions of your squirrel feeder.

When you get to the actual construction, you get some step by step picture tutorials with some short text description for easy understanding. This inexpensive squirrel feeder plan is also just a one day project. 

We would love to hear your views about DIY squirrel feeders and your experiences with these pesky but cute and exciting to watch rodents. Please drop us your thoughts and comments below.