12 Simple DIY Squat & Power Racks With Tuitorials

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12 Simple DIY Squat & Power Racks With Tuitorials

diy squat rack

No, you don't have to pay for expensive gym memberships just to stay in shape. Many fitness enthusiasts have built their own squat racks and other fitness equipment at home, so why can't you?

Of course, you can. In fact, having your own squat/power rack increases your dedication to good health and staying fit because it makes it easier for you to train whenever you wish.

Below, you will find 12 clever and thoughtful squat rack designs, which I have compiled from across the Internet. They should hopefully encourage you to build yours and then develop amazing legs.

You can find more than just these free squat and power rack plans like plans for bike rack, clothing rack, clamp rack, outdoor firewood rack, lumber rack, wine rack, and many more.

DIY Squat Rack from Wood Plan

Costing approximately $50 in materials to build, this DIY squat rack from Mr. Fritz features a simple but very sturdy design which allows it to hold up to 300 pounds of weight.

The joints are reinforced using metal sheets and you can also choose your style of finish to customize it.

This plan includes diagrams with detailed measurements, which show you what to cut and how to join it. There are no step by step instructions, but the idea is easy to understand.

After Mr. Fritz's plan on this page is a more detailed construction guide with step by step pictures. This one is way more helpful for beginners. You can follow the guide to easily build this squat rack.

2. Bucket & Wood DIY Squat Stand Plan

Bucket & Wood DIY Squat Stand Plan

You can get as cheap as you want when making your squat rack, as this guide proves. This guy built his for exactly $38.23, which is not too bad if you ask me.

He also presents his plan in an easy to understand manner. The instructions are contained in a 9-step guide, beginning with the gluing of the boards to create sandwiched racks for your weight bar.

You will also need concrete and 2 five gallon paint buckets, which should be empty of course. The last steps of this guide deal with the mixing and pouring of the concrete into the paint buckets, with a wooden post in each one.

In the end, it is difficult to say how stable this construction can be, but for such a low price, there should be nothing to complain about.

3. Free DIY Professional Squat Rack Tutorial

Free DIY Professional Squat Rack Tutorial

This DIY tutorial takes the power of wood to the limits. It uses 8 pieces of 4x4 lumber to create a very stable DIY wooden squat rack that is as functional as it is sturdy.

Steel plates secure the joints to create a more stable construction and diagonals help them to remain stable. The upright 4x4s also have holes drilled in them to make it easy to adjust the height of the weights.

This guide includes detailed diagrams and pictures of the construction process. There is also a 21-step guide to lead you step by step through each stage of the constructions.

4. DIY Squat Stand & Bench Press Combo Plan

DIY Squat Stand & Bench Press Combo Plan

In this tutorial, Carl shows you how to build a homemade squat rack which can also be used as a bench press. The design is clever and simply includes 2 racks, a higher one for squats and a lower one for bench presses.

It doesn't come with a bench though, so you will have to add that one additionally. This tutorial is quite long but detailed. It contains all the information you need to build this correctly and get it right.

There is a material list, a tool list, lots of diagrams and pictures, as well as tips and tricks. This construction is also very stable and is difficult to tip over. Total cost is about $50 and it will take you about 1 full day to complete.

5. Randy's homemade Wooden Power Rack 

Randy's homemade Wooden Power Rack

Taken from designs made by Aaron Gipperic, Randy built this power rack using 4x4s, 2x4s and 2x5s. It requires about 6 hours of work and $180 in material costs to build.

Randy lays out this tutorial very well. It includes lots of step by step pictures, which help to guide you through the process. It includes a material list as well.

The 4x4s make up the 4 posts upon which the entire construction rests. The 2x4s are then used for support.

6. $200 Squat Rack / Bench Press Station DIY Tutorial

$200 Squat Rack / Bench Press Station DIY Tutorial

If you are interested in being able to build a very nice and professional looking squat rack and bench press combo station in one, then take a closer look here.

This plan uses glued-together 2x6 boards for the verticals. They are also drilled to provide holes for adjustments.

There are so many pictures in this guide, with each one explaining one step of this construction process or the other.

Sketched plans with detailed measurements are also included. The best thing about this tutorial anyway, is that it teaches you how to do this with $200 or less.

7. Buff Dude's DIY Power Rack Plans

Buff Dude's DIY Power Rack Plans

Also made from 8-ft long 4x4s, this DIY squat rack from the Buff Dude is proof that making your own squat rack at home is totally possible once you are motivated.

The 4x4 posts come from Douglas Fir, though you are free to use equivalent wood. A material list details everything you need, including the 3/4 inch pipe list.

It begins with the cutting of the boards and the drilling of holes in the 4x4s, but this guide is not very well organized or laid out.

It does have some pictures of the construction process but not much. What it lacks in pictures though, it makes up in a video. if you like video tutorials, then check it out.

8. DIY Homemade 4x4 Power Rack Combo Tutorial

DIY Homemade 4x4 Power Rack Combo Tutorial

This DIY power rack shows you how to build a squat rack in a very clever way by including many other extras that you need for your training routines.

It includes a squat rack, a bench press, and a lat pull-down bar. In fact, this project will provide you with an almost complete training station in one place.

There is a supplies and a cut list, plus lots of pictures to explain the building stages. This plan is easy to follow and build, and the additional commentaries and tips make it even better.

9. DIY Wooden Squat Rack Plan

DIY Wooden Squat Rack Plan

This DIY wood squat rack plan is made up of only images. There is no material list, no cut list, and no construction instructions. Still, it is an inspiration for anyone who is interested in building a squat rack.

It is constructed using 2x4 boards, plus plywood for the floor. The diagonal post upon which the weight rests is built using double 2x4s and so too are its supports.

Metal reinforcement plates are also used to strengthen the joints, as well as the holder for the weight bar.

Anybody with enough interest can recreate this homemade squat rack. It is sturdy and will last for a long time. If you spend some time with finishing, it can also become a very lovely piece.

10. Homemade Wooden Power Rack Guide

Homemade Wooden Power Rack Guide

If you are looking for different ideas about how to make a squat rack, then take a look here because it contains pictures from different wooden power racks.

Although they were all made from the same plan, their finishings are different. This offers enough ideas for those who are searching for inspiration on what to build.

This power rack can be built for less than $150 in material costs using basic woodworking tools. The tutorial includes a link to a PDF file with detailed plans for this power rack.

You will be using lots of 2x6s and 2x8s for this plan, although the final choice of finishing and color is left to you.

11. $100 Power Rack DIY Plan

$100 Power Rack DIY Plan

Designed to be completed in about 3 hours, this DIY power rack plan provides you with a very affordable homemade training station.

It costs less than $100 in materials, and the 5-step instructions will guide you correctly from beginning to the end of a successful build.

Jerred Moon the original builder of this plan, has been using his for many months without issues. With this design, 400 lb on the squat rack is not a problem and you can do as many pull-ups as you want without problems.

With a little creativity, you could also add a bench press to this setup.

12. Weightlifting Platform DIY Plan

Weightlifting Platform DIY Plan

While this last entry is not exactly a squat rack, it's still a very important accessory for any home gym. A platform helps to protect your floor from dropped weights. It also reduces noise and provides traction.

This guide is straightforward and lists the items that you'll be requiring. It includes OSB/particle board, plywood, and other items, which brings the total cost of the materials to $170.

The goal is to have 2 layers of particle boards on the floor. Then there is a layer of plywood where you walk on in the middle. Then a layer of thick mats on each side of the plywood, where you can drop your weights without worry.

After these steps, you can then install your squat rack or power rack on top of your platform.

Having seen all these squat rack designs, you should be inspired to get building by now.

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