21 Cool DIY Sofas and Couches for Indoors and Outdoors

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21 Cool DIY Sofas and Couches for Indoors and Outdoors

21 Cool DIY Sofas and Couches for Indoors and Outdoors

Budget limitations do not mean that you have to settle for less than a spectacular living room.

With some inexpensive materials or by repurposing what you already have you can make almost anything for your living room including sofas and couches.

A sofa or couch is the highlight of any living room, and you should never settle for cheap and worn out second-hand ones because you can build one that looks good and suits your space.

In this piece, we have gathered some easy-to-implement DIY sofa and couch plans and ideas to help you make something modern and adorable for your living room.

All you need to do is check out the DIY couch and sofa ideas below and choose one that you can build.

Besides I keep a list of other free woodworking plans too, such as ones that show you how to build sofa and console table, outdoor bench, picnic tabledeck, and many more.

Handmade DIY Sofa with Storage

A DIY sofa that also includes some storage is an excellent addition to your home. And this is more so if it costs under $150 to build.

Ana White provides a detailed tutorial with lots of pictures, 3D SketchUp and step by step text directions to help you build a 72-inch long sofa that can also double up as a guest bed.

The Ana White tutorial provides complete materials and cut list for the project, but the most important things that you will need are the 2x4s, 2x6s, 2x10s, plywood and lots of stuffing. And you can finish your sofa in just one weekend.

2. Under $100 No-Sew DIY Sofa

Under $100 No-Sew DIY Sofa

This DIY sofa project from the HomeMade Modern site proves that you do not need to spend a fortune to own a comfortable sofa as you can build it for under $100 and in just a few hours.

The sofa uses 2x10s, and 2x4s for the frame which are inexpensive and easy to get in most local hardware stores and you can order some pre-cut foam to make the build easy.

There is no sewing on this project, and you will only need to use three power tools which are an orbital sander, circular saw, and cordless drill.

The tutorial provides a video and some step by step instructions that also include drawings with dimensions for the sofa.

3. Modern Homemade Outdoor Sofa

Modern Homemade Outdoor Sofa

You do not need any particular skills or a lot of materials to make your own couch for the outdoors. With some 1x4s, 2x4s and a few other inexpensive materials, you can build this adorable sofa.

The sofa is 76-inch long, and the Fix This Build That tutorial provides both a video and some step by step instructions that include pictures and a drawing with all the dimensions.

With all the materials and tools this can even be a one day project for an experienced DIYer or woodworker.

4. Small DIY Sofa with Storage

Small DIY Sofa with Storage

Here is another fantastic sofa that also includes some storage but it is small in size to make it ideal for those that do not have a lot of space.

This DIY sofa is also quite simple and inexpensive to build because it uses plywood for the frame. And apart from the plywood, you will only need some screws and stain to give it a rustic look.

For the cushions, the tutorial also explains how you can DIY them using some 4-inch foam.

5. 5-Hour Modern Outdoor DIY Sofa

5-Hour Modern Outdoor DIY Sofa

The fact that this modern looking outdoor sofa only takes 5 hours to make and a budget of $200 is enough to convince any DIY to build it. But, it also has an appealing look that will spice up your deck or patio.

This DIY sofa plan uses 2x8s and 4x8s solid wood, and you will also need some outdoor sofa cushions that you can get from IKEA.

And when you get to the actual construction the HomeMade Modern article will provide a handy picture tutorial with some text descriptions of each stage and a video.

6. DIY Modern Timber Sofa Lounge

DIY Modern Timber Sofa Lounge

A lounge sofa can be quite pricey, and you cannot always be sure of getting something that will suit your space or tastes. But, it is possible to make one at a fraction of the cost you would spend when buying.

This tutorial provides some easy to follow steps for building a DIY sofa lounge using regular and inexpensive timber boards.

Depending on your skills and availability of materials this can be a one day project because there is nothing much to do besides from cutting and joining the timber. And there are pictures for each stage to make sure you understand the project.

7. DIY Outdoor Wood Plan Loveseat

DIY Outdoor Wood Plan Loveseat

The Rogue Engineer always seems to have a fun project to try out and this one is already on my to-do list as it looks not only fantastic but is also easy to build.

There is a tool and materials list to get you started, and the things that you need include 4x4s, 2x6s, 2x4s and 1x4s lumber pieces, loveseat cushions and lots of screws.

There is also a cut list to help you understand how to cut your lumber and a 3D sketch with the overall dimension of the outdoor loveseat. But, the step by step directions for the assembly which also include pictures will also be helpful.

8. Simple and Stylish White Outdoor Sofa

Simple and Stylish White Outdoor Sofa

The modern styling and thick cushions on this sofa give it a delightful look, and it will be a great addition to any outdoor space.

All it takes is a budget of between $20 and $50, and any intermediate woodworker can make this outdoor DIY sofa.

This Ana White article provides some comprehensive free plans for making the white outdoor sofa which includes the shopping and cut list and step by step directions with both 3D SketchUp and text instructions.

9. One Arm Outdoor Sectional Sofa

One Arm Outdoor Sectional Sofa

2x4s are one of the most common timber pieces, and they are also quite inexpensive. If you already have a pile of them at home here is an excellent DIY project for you.

This DIY sectional sofa uses cedar 2x4s to give it a sturdy and more appealing look, but you can just use the regular ones and give them a good finish.

The Ana White article only describes the project and provides some pictures and a video, but there is also a link to RYOBI Nation where you can get more detailed plans for the DIY sectional sofa.

10. Cheap and Quick DIY Platform Sofa

Cheap and Quick DIY Platform Sofa

This Design Sponge tutorial by one of their readers explains in detail how to make your own sofa from a platform and do it quickly without spending a lot of cash.

The project will require some beginner sewing skills, but you can still figure things out if you do not have them because the tutorial is very detailed.

Some of the things that you will need for this project apart from the platform or base are down pillows, camping foam, and upholstery weight fabric. But, there is a full list of the materials and tools and instructions for making the seat, bolsters, and pillows.

11. Easy DIY Pallet Wood Outdoor Sofa

Easy DIY Pallet Wood Outdoor Sofa

Like many DIYers and woodworkers I love making things from pallet wood, and so this DIY sofa is one of my favorites.

If you prefer to have unique outdoor furniture or something with an appealing rustic look, you should make this DIY sofa. And the best part is that it is both simple and inexpensive since you can get wood pallets for free.

You can make this pallet wood DIY sofa in a couple of hours, and all you will need to do is to build it around a mattress or cushion. The article provides instructions on how to do this, and there are also lots of pictures to guide you.

12. Homemade Copper Plumbing Pipe Sofa

Homemade Copper Plumbing Pipe Sofa

If you are still trying to comprehend how to build a sofa this project will be helpful as it proves that you can do it using almost anything including some copper plumbing pipes and fittings.

Since this is a straightforward project you do not need any lengthy text instruction to figure things out and so the few pictures in the article should provide enough information.

It is all about coming up with a sofa design that you want, measuring and cutting the copper pipes and using the elbow and tee connectors to assemble the DIY sofa.

13. DIY Sectional Garden Sofa Facile

DIY Sectional Garden Sofa Facile

This DIY sofa idea is for someone that wants to make something contemporary that is both easy to make and move around the garden.

The outdoor sofa will also not require a lot of materials to build because it is small and with a very straightforward design.

Although this article only provides some pictures, any experienced DIYer should not have any difficulties understanding how to make a similar sofa as the photos will offer enough inspirations.

Also, you can just use the photos as a source of ideas to make your unique DIY outdoor sofa.

14. DIY Pallet Upholstered Sectional Sofa

DIY Pallet Upholstered Sectional Sofa

Before you think of throwing out those old pallets in your garage or workshop, you should know that there are countless ways of using them including making a lovely DIY sofa like this one.

This DIY sectional sofa plan is also quite easy to implement because most of the work goes into upholstering the pallets. But you also need to clean, sand, stain and join a few of them to create the sofa sections that you want.

There are some pictures in the tutorial to help you understand everything that you need to do, and this should be a straightforward DIY project for a DIYers that can follow simple instructions.

15. 10-Step Pallet DIY Sofa and Bunk Bed

10-Step Pallet DIY Sofa and Bunk Bed

Multifunctional furniture is always the best when space is limited because you can use them for more than one thing. This DIY sofa, for example, also doubles up as a bunk bed.

And you will not need a lot of materials and tools to build a DIY sofa like this one. With a hand saw and screwdriver, you will have all the tools that you need.

As for the materials, you will only need some pallets, furniture legs, screws and a few other things that are on the shopping list.

With your few tools and materials you will only need to follow the 10-step instructions that also include pictures to make the DIY sofa.

DIY Couch

16. DIY Small Fainting Couch Toddler bed

DIY Small Fainting Couch Toddler bed

A fainting couch is always a perfect way to give your home a Victorian-era vibe. But this tutorial intends to make a small one that also doubles up as a toddler bed.

The frame uses 1x4s and slats, but besides from this, you will need a mattress and a few other things like the fabric for upholstering the couch.

This tutorial provides all the details that you need to make your own couch like this from scratch, and it is a 3-part series with lots of pictures to make it easy to follow

17. Cheap DIY Outdoor Pallet Couch on Wheels

Cheap DIY Outdoor Pallet Couch on Wheels

If you are looking to add some extra sitting space to your back porch a DIY pallet couch like this one will be an excellent idea, and it is also easy and inexpensive to build.

This DIY couch plan uses 2 pallets, 4 casters, galvanized steel pipes and a few other materials that are on the tutorial's materials list.

And to make your own couch like this one you will only need to follow the simple steps in this article that also include pictures and you can finish it in just one day.

18. The $100 DIY Industrial Couch

The $100 DIY Industrial Couch

Everything on this DIY couch is handmade but what makes it an even more exciting project is that it will only cost about $100 to build.

You will need some old construction wooden beams and steel tubing for the frame and also a spring mat to build your own couch like this. There is no materials and tools list in this tutorial, but you should be able to figure out everything that you need.

The picture tutorial provides photos for all the essential stages of the construction, and there is also a link to a video for the build.

19. DIY 5-Step IKEA Couch

DIY 5-Step IKEA Couch

Repurposing or converting an IKEA bed into a couch is an inexpensive way to build your own couch. Also, it cuts down on the time that it would take to make a sofa from scratch.

This tutorial provides instructions on how to convert the bed into a couch. And besides, from the IKEA bed frame, you will also need a piece of plywood, fabric, foam, staple gun and wood saw.

There is some step by step text instructions for converting the IKEA bed into a DIY couch and also lots of pictures to make the project easy to understand.

20. DIY Sectional Couch from 2x4s and 2x6s

DIY Sectional Couch from 2x4s and 2x6s

Sectional sofas are very convenient because they make it possible to create something that suits the size and shape of your space.

This DIY sectional couch uses 2x4s and 2x6s for the frame, but you will also need some MDF board and casters to make the couch easy to move around. Some foam or mattress and fabric are also necessary if you plan to use DIY cushions.

There are lots of pictures to help you with the construction, and the brief text description of the various stages of the build will also be handy for a DIYer.

It should also be a quick and inexpensive DIY couch plan because there is nothing much to do and you will not need a lot of material.

21. Upcycled DIY Wood Pallet Couch

Upcycled DIY Wood Pallet Couch

As you try to master how to make your own couch, wood pallets are one of the things that should be on your mind. And this is because there are almost countless ideas for turning them into a beautiful DIY couch.

With a few cheap pallets, twin mattress, twin duvet covers and some pillows you have everything that you need to build your own couch, and it will also not take a lot of time.

This project is all about arranging and stacking the pallets, and so it should only take a few minutes if you pick the right sizes and you will not need any tools.

DIY sofas and couches make a fun weekend project and with the DIY couch plans and ideas above you should have an easy time making them.

If you are a seasoned or even beginner DIYer with some experience building DIY couches or sofas we would love to hear your views and any additional ideas or plans in the comments section.