35 Awesome DIY Sofa Tables/Console Tables to Place Your Coffee

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35 Awesome DIY Sofa Tables/Console Tables to Place Your Coffee

Have you ever taken a look at your living room and felt the need to add a sofa or console table? Well, as it turns out, it’s really difficult to find a snug fitting table in the stores.

So what about creating one from scratch? Yes, we are talking about DIY sofa or console table.

The main advantage of doing it yourself is that you can take accurate measurements and build it just as you would like.

Moreover, it’s a fun way to spend your free time.

Here are 15 awesome ideas on how to build a sofa table plus 20 DIY console table plans.

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The Rustic Sofa Table

This DIY sofa table is a wonderful way to maximize space usage in your living room. Its standard dimensions are 35 inches high x 78 inches wide x 12 inches deep.

However, you can always make a few adjustments to suit your desired dimensions. The materials needed for the project include pine boards, metal braces, and pine board.

Once all the necessary materials are in place, the remaining process is all about assembling the unit. This should take you about 5 hours to wrap up.

The project is quite simple and straightforward and no special carpentry of woodwork skills are required here.

An extra tip: if you would like to give your table a rustic look, you should definitely consider staining the wood pieces.

2. Sofa Length DIY Behind the Couch Table

Sofa Length DIY Behind the Couch Table

This simple DIY sofa table not only helps you save on space but also brings with it a great sense of modernity.

To kick off this project, you will require wood and screws.

When shopping for wood, it would be a good idea to find pieces that transcend the entire length of the sofa.

In this case, the table extends 9 feet which is in proportion to the long sofa it is meant to cover.

You only need to take measurements of your sofa and adjust those dimensions accordingly.

Once the table stands firm, you can give it a nice, smooth finish using an electric sander or some 80 grit.

If done correctly, this project will take you around 4 hours to finish.

3. Extra Space-Saving $25 Sofa Table

 Extra Space-Saving $25 Sofa Table

Running out of space in your living room? A DIY behind the couch table would probably be the best idea to create an extra layer of space.

You can use this additional space to sit your wine or add some lighting. The beauty of this design is that it is long and really thin yet just wide enough to sit a few treasures.

You will require pine board and furring pieces. The process begins with attaching the furring strips beneath the long pine board.

Once you have successfully put the furniture legs in their rightful spots, the job is pretty much done.

All you need to get this DIY project done is a few hours out of the weekend and $25 for the materials.

4. Rusting Couch Table

Rusting Couch Table

This design from Anna White is a stunning piece of beauty all by itself.

It’s interesting how, with just a handful of wood and screws, one can uncover acres of space usually under-utilized behind the couch.

To put this together, you will require some 2 inches x 12 inches x 10-ft planks to serve as the tabletop.

Besides that, you will require 8 pieces of 2 inches x 8 inches x 8 feet planks.

Ann Whites estimates that the overall cost of this DIY sofa table plans to be between $20 and $50.

Another plus with this design is that it only requires beginner skill level to ace.

5. The Skinny DIY Sofa Table

The Skinny DIY Sofa Table

This skinny sofa table design from Black and Decker not only adds practical storage to your home but also introduces a sense of sleekness into your living room.

Its standard design is meant to fit comfortably couches measuring 12 x 30 x 84 inches.

Fortunately, you can always adjust the dimensions to suit the size of your chair. Once that is figured out, you will require plywood for the top.

In addition, you will need only two pieces of 9 x 81 inches planks for the shelves and another two pieces of 9 x 29-1/4 inches for the legs.

Aside from cutting and trimming, the rest of the process can be done by anyone who knows how to drive holes into lumber.

6. Stylish X Sofa Table

 Stylish X Sofa Table

Cedar planks and pine boards are the only primary materials you will require to put this X sofa table together.

The design is relatively straightforward and any person, including a beginner, shouldn't have any trouble nailing it.

Once you manage to attach the legs to the top, you will only need to lay the table on the ground to add the iconic X using the remaining cedar boards.

Of course, you don’t have to be a math genius to do this either.

What’s more, the X makes this table even more stable and sturdy.

Once this is done, you can go ahead and add a unique character to it, just the way you like it.

7. Reclaimed Wood Sofa Table

Reclaimed Wood Sofa Table

The good thing about using reclaimed wood is that you get to save cost and also achieve an elusive rustic appeal.

Indeed, this design, if done right, can add an interesting twist to your interiors.

You will need some 4x3 wood planks, a flat reclaimed piece of wood, a few wood screws and of course some corner brackets.

The rest of the process involves cutting the lumber to the desired size before winding up with screwing the legs.

The table should take shape in a little under 2 hours – if you are doing everything right that is.

8. The Thoughtful Homemade Sofa Table

The Thoughtful Homemade Sofa Table

This is yet another one of the DIY behind the couch tables you would be really thankful for having around.

It provides just enough space to place your favorite book, indoor plants, and even a remote control.

The materials required are your day-to-day items like wood, dowel rod, sanding block, and wire snips.

To make the job even much easier, you can have your sawyer cut the wooden planks for you.

Quite frankly, you don’t need anything more than beginner skills to hammer this together.

9. Mini Coffee Cum Couch Table

Mini Coffee Cum Couch Table

Who said sofa tables have to come with the typical “behind the couch” design? This side design presents an awesome way to break the norm.

What’s more, you get to save on cost and time required to get the job done.

The list of materials comprises a small piece of wood to serve as the tabletop and 2x2 boards to provide support.

If you are lucky to have some scrap wood around, then the overall budget for putting this together will scale down to $15.

The best deal is that you can get this table done and dusted in less than 2 hours.

10. The Transformation DIY Sofa Table

The Transformation DIY Sofa Table

No fancy cuts or special tools are needed to manage this simple project.

In fact, as long as you can get some wooden planks for the table top and legs, the rest of the process is pretty much done.

It is always a good idea to add a support beam to connect the two legs.

This makes the whole structure stable. You really don’t want to place your precious flower vases on a wobbly table.

On average, this should take slightly over an hour to finish.

11. The Easiest DIY Couch Table

The Easiest DIY Couch Table

This design is so basic, you can actually build it with your eyes closed.

You will only require some reclaimed piece of wood to serve as the top and 4 2 inches x 2 inches pieces of wood to serve as the legs.

You may also want to get some metal braces for a firmer hold.

The reclaimed piece of wood also gives you some well-deserved mileage as far as achieving that rustic look is concerned.

12. 10-Minute DIY Sofa Table

10-Minute DIY Sofa Table

If you are after something fancy and instantly recognizable, this may not be the project for you.

Indeed, this plan is quite basic and only focuses on getting one job done – providing extra space behind the couch.

Since the table is well hidden behind the couch, you may not really need to have it made in a sophisticated manner.

You only need a countertop and four legs. If you live near an IKEA store then a Lack Shelf and four Nipen Legs are all you’d need.

Just as its name suggests, this project will take you roughly about 10 minutes if you have ready-made materials with you.

13. Simple Entryway Table Plan

Simple Entryway Table Plan

From a glance, this may look like just any other farmhouse-styled table; however, if you look closely it also presents some interesting entryway table plans.

Its legs are made from 1 inch x 4 inches wooden planks while the top is made from a wider but thinner piece of wood.

Once again, you don’t have to go for some ready-made pieces from your local store as you can always repurpose the scrap wood from your garage.

The design is really simple and in fact, even if this is your first time holding a hammer, this should be a no-brainer.

14. Chippy Wood Sofa Table

Chippy Wood Sofa Table

The good thing about being a DIY person is that you can make good use of almost any other kind of scrap wood.

So, go do a search in your garage and collect a few pieces of wood lying idle and get this project started.

Materials required are wood (for top and legs), wood glue and of course some nails.

The rest of the process involves cutting the wood to the desired dimensions.

Finally, attach the legs, do a bit of surface spruce up and your table is all set for use.

15. Truss DIY Sofa Table

Truss DIY Sofa Table

The truss design is a fantastic addition to any outdoor environment; however, this design allows you to re-write the rules.

The design is quite captivating which means the sofa table would work best if used in the entryway instead of behind the couch.

Your list of materials for this project will include pine boards, fasteners, dowels, and pocket hole screws.

For a bit of character, you can use reclaimed wood for the table top.

The process of making this unit may require intermediate to advanced carpentry skills.

16. Multipurpose DIY Console Table

Multipurpose DIY Console Table

Whether you are looking to add a new TV stand, entryway table or bookshelf, this DIY console table has your needs covered.

You will only need $50 or less to buy the basic materials needed to pull of this design.

These include boards; preferably 2 inches x 4 inches boards for the top and 1 inch x 2 inches pieces for the sides or legs.

And if you choose to stick to this standard design, you will only need 4 2 inches x 4 inches boards for the top surface.

As for the X design on the side, you would need to custom cut your 1x2 boards at 50 degrees on each end.

That’s it, a simple and practical console table you can build all by yourself.

17. Mid-Century Inspired Console Table

Mid-Century Inspired Console Table

If you are already comfortable with building the basic console table designs, then this slightly advanced design might excite you more.

You only require some maple plywood, poplar, hinges, and a drawer pull.

The process begins with cutting the plywood and also creating narrow strips from poplar.

The strips can be used as edge banding.

And in case you find this process a little difficult, you can take a detour by using iron on veneer.

This seems like a week long DIY process but if you are able to stick with it from start to finish, you will surely end up with an awe-inspiring console table.

18. Rustic Flair DIY Console Table

Rustic Flair DIY Console Table

If you have ever tried shopping for a light-colored console table with a rustic flair then you probably have an idea how difficult the design is to find.

But if you really want this exact design with no compromise, perhaps it’s time to break out the power tools.

You will require wooden planks, screws, and lint free rags. The process can be managed by virtually anyone – including a beginner.

What’s more, the design takes less than 5 hours to put together.

19. $70 Homemade Console Table

$70 Homemade Console Table

You don’t have to spend $1,000 on a table while you can make this one right from your backyard.

You will need a few pieces of wood which you can get cut to the recommended size at your local store. This will save you quite a bit of time so you can focus on putting the separate pieces together.

Once the design stands on its two feet, you might find it worthwhile to stain the wood with oak stain.

This gives the console table a classic appeal that can add beauty to your front entryway.

On average, this entire project costs about $70.

20. The Easy-Build DIY Console

The Easy-Build DIY Console

Building your own console table at home might sound like an arduous task, but this console table plan from Lowes is as simple as it gets.

And since you’ll be the one building it from scratch, you can easily customize it to suit your unique needs.

The materials required include tabletop lumber, edging boards, and some 2 inches x 2 inches planks for the feet.

If you are considering making this into a rustic x console table, then you might want to use a reclaimed piece of wood for the tabletop.

21. Contemporary Console Table with Casters

Contemporary Console Table with Casters

If mobility is top on your list of priorities, then this DIY console table with casters will be the best catch you can ever make.

The materials required include lumber, wood glue, pocket hole screws, casters as well as tee nuts.

The main work here is to put the truss structure accurately in place.

Otherwise, this looks like a project that would go down well with a few years of experience in carpentry.

22. The Accommodative Rustic Console Table

The Accommodative Rustic Console Table

It is virtually impossible to run out of ideas on how to put the reclaimed wood to good use.

With this kind of plan, all you would need is a dusty piece of wood, some pipes, and flanges.

The reclaimed wood will act as the top of your console table while the pipes and flanges will provide support.

Simply start by cleaning the wood and removing any old nails from it. Then you fix the flanges and the pipes in place.

Just like that – no complicated cuts and no long list of to-do items.

23. The Space-friendly Console Table

The Space-friendly Console Table

The living room can sometimes be fully fitted yet you only have a small section of the wall that is underutilized.

Well, if that is the case, then this console table design is all you need to add a thing of beauty to this corner.

You will require some MDF and poplar boards.

The magic of transforming the materials into this eye-catching table begins with cutting the MDF according to the size of the table you want.

The project shouldn't take you more than 3 hours to finish.

24. Dining Room Console Table

Dining Room Console Table

Your dining room is in for a treat with this console table. The task is actually easier than you think.

You will only need poplar boards, furniture panel (to serve as the tabletop), wooden panels to serve as shelves and apron.

Feel free to choose the kind of material readily available in your backyard as this project is all about creativity.

Just set aside one weekend and sure enough, you’ll end the day as a wealthy owner of a rustic DIY console table.

25. Mini Console Table

Mini Console Table

If you can do any basic woodwork around your home, then you can build this console table too.

The legs are a unique feature of this project.

However, because this old design can be a little difficult to hack, you can simply switch it for basic wooden planks.

Of course, that would take away the original appeal but hey, you will still be a lucky owner of a well-thought-out console table.

Another wise option is to purchase ready-made legs from the stores. Otherwise, the rest of the process is simple and fun.

26. The Light and Bright Console Table

The Light and Bright Console Table

Everything about this design screams awesomeness. The color of the wood, the side support, and the tabletop speaks volumes about the homeowner’s desire for quality.

Would you like to achieve the same feat in your next DIY plan?

Well, all you need is 1 inch x 2 inches boards, screws, clamps, and of course other basic woodwork tools.

This project is suitable even for a beginner.

27. DIY Double X Console Table

 DIY Double X Console Table

Just because you are making a DIY table does not mean it has to look like any other aged piece of equipment picked from the garage.

With this DIY double X design, you get an opportunity to add space, beauty, and sleekness into your living room.

The 2 pairs of X not only provide support for two shelves and the table top but also act as legs.

Such a simple yet elegant design would cost you $47 in lumber.

Keeping in mind that this is the main material required, the project comes out as budget friendly as well.

28. The $100 Couch Back-Side Console Table with Casters

The $100 Couch Back-Side Console Table with Casters

This table represents all the goodness of country-life rolled into one.

To begin with, the table is average-sized with just enough space for placing lamps, souvenirs, mirrors, and even books.

Its design leaves behind a rustic feel which is a plus if you are looking to introduce a classic appeal into your home.

You will require wooden planks for the sides and the top. Besides, you will also need 2 pairs of casters.

Once all the materials are available, this rustic x console table should take approximately 4 hours to build at a cost of $100.

29. The $20 DIY Console Table

The $20 DIY Console Table

Building a DIY console table at $20 might sound unrealistic until you come across console table plans of this nature.

Some of the basic supplies required here are an 8-foot 1x12 board and 6 pieces of 96 inch 2x3 boards.

Of course, you can always repurpose any scrap wood in your garage for this project.

However, if you are going to purchase from the stores, it would be a good idea to request them to cut the wood into the desired dimensions.

This will help you save the time that would otherwise be spent cutting different wooden parts.

The project can be handled by anyone including beginners.

30. Custom Turned Legs Console Table

 Custom Turned Legs Console Table

Don’t let the custom turned legs intimidate you. This project costs under $200 to make.

The main materials required are wooden boards of 2x6, 2x4 and 1x6.

If you are planning to purchase them from a nearby store of timber yard, be sure to tell the sawyer that you need them at 8 feet each.

Once you have the legs and woods, the remaining task is to fit the parts together through a 7-step process.

31. Live Edge Slab Console Table

Live Edge Slab Console Table

Live edge slabs are the in thing in the world of woodwork nowadays. It seems like the natural curves and imperfections from the natural form of trees are what make these pieces look gorgeous.

Aside from the live edge slab, you will require 2x12 boards and hardwood dowel.

You will use the boards to create a wide panel on which place the slab by means of risers and lag screws.

This is a 1-day to 2-day project.

32. Behind The Couch X Console Table

Behind The Couch X Console Table

This is yet another one of the console table plans likely to mesmerize you with its unique X design.

What’s more, the design is small enough to fit behind a couch and yet large enough to provide acres of storage and display area.

The materials required to complete this project (lumber, hardware, and finish) will cost you about $110.

That’s a bargain given that you will require 2x6s, 2x4s, 2x2s, and 1x2s.

There’s nothing really complicated about this project except for the fact that you may have to make a few trial and error cuts to nail the X.

33. The $18 DIY Console Table

The $18 DIY Console Table

This insanely cheap console table will only require you to invest in 2 inches x 2 inches and 1 inch x 12 inches wooden planks.

Of course, the cost can actually come down to $0 if you already have these pieces in your home.

You simply start by building the legs using the 2x2s. The tabletop comes last after the legs are sturdily in place.

Once complete, you can stain the wood or apply paint to complement your interiors.

34. Entryway Console Table

Entryway Console Table

We often underestimate the importance of the entryway but it’s important to note that this part of our home speaks volumes about who we are.

A good way to spruce up this otherwise neglected part of the house is to utilize entryway table plans like this one.

The design shown in the photo above cost a paltry $30 and 3 hours to make. Above all, this is a beginner-level project that anyone can handle comfortably.

35. The Two-Legged Table

The Two-Legged Table

What can you do with an old, neglected tabletop and two odd looking table legs? Well, this DIY console table seems like the answer.

You only need to attach the two legs beneath the tabletop. And because a table requires four legs to stand, you can lean the other half against the wall.

So you get the power of four legs out of two legs.

Once again, this is a simple and straightforward process that would take you a maximum of 1 hour to complete.

Building sofa table or console certainly never gets easier than this.

The bottom line is that there is no limit to the kind of fun you can reap from undertaking such projects.

You not only get to save but also build customized furniture that can become a center of attraction in your home.

Above all, it’s a chance to hone your creative abilities and prepare the way for even bigger DIY projects!