13 Free DIY Shooting Bench Plans With Tuitorials

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13 Free DIY Shooting Bench Plans With Tuitorials

shooting bench plans

Shooting benches give comfort and convenience for accurate shots. But why spend money on store-bought benches when you can build your own?

There are many shooting bench plans out there you can turn into your DIY project. However, most of them don’t come free.

The good news is that we have functional, practical, and cost-effective plans that are totally free. Check them below and see if you can use one of them for your next DIY shooting bench.

You can find more than just these free shooting bench plans like plans for deer stand, outdoor bench, hidden gun shelf, and many more.

Permanent Double Shooting Dual-Seat Bench

The designer of this bench wants a permanent shooting platform. This platform is to accommodate two shooters at a time.

The bench is build using pieces of lumber. The top has cutout sides to give some room for each shooter. Slats cover the top and are fitted in a way that leaves no gaps. The slats are sanded to get a smooth and level shooting platform.

Two seats are built into the bench so the shooters can’t get fatigued. The seats are covered in plywood. The legs of the bench are sunk in a concrete bed to make it more stable.

2. Low-Profile Shooting Bench from Scrap Wood

Low-Profile Shooting Bench from Scrap Wood

Nathan, a DIYer at Instructables builds this shooting bench. His aim is to get a portable, versatile shooting bench. It is designed for use while placed on the ground or clamped off the ground.

Nathan builds the bench using wooden boards and plywood. The plywood is used to make two supports for the gun. The back support is made like a box to resist gun recoil. The front support has a groove where the barrel rests.

Wooden boards make the base support. This base gives a place to clamp on a car rack or tabletop. Glue is used to assemble the pieces. Bolts and washers can be used to make the bench adjustable.

Nathan says it takes 1 to 3 hours to build. You can build alone using a vice. He builds it a literally no cost. This is impressive compared to shop prices ranging from $150-$300.

3. Homemade Steel Shooting Bench with Levelers

Homemade Steel Shooting Bench with Levelers

Bill Clarke, an author, and DIYer is the man behind this project. What he wants is a sturdy shooting bench that stays leveled.

Bill builds the frame using square steel tubes. The tubes are assembled using nuts and bolts. This makes it easy to disassemble for storage and transportation.

The feet have levelers that let the bench sit leveled, even on uneven surfaces. These levelers also make it possible to adjust the height of the bench.

Laminate and plywood are used to make the top of the bench. This project takes 8 hours to finish and costs a total of $70.

4. $75 Portable DIY Shooting Bench

$75 Portable DIY Shooting Bench

The designer of this bench builds it to make precision shooting easier. It is a stable 55-pound bench.

This bench is built using plywood and galvanized steel pipes. Three sheets of plywood are glued together to get a solid top. The pipes are used to make the frame.

Caps are welded on the legs. This helps prevent the legs from digging into the ground. It is a good improvement when using the bench on sandy surfaces. Bolts, screws, and mounting plates are used to assemble this bench.

5. Swivel Shooting Bench with Adjustable Elevation

Swivel Shooting Bench with Adjustable Elevation

What the designer wants here is a bench that is fully adjustable. This bench is designed for use on all terrains.

A cutout from a sink countertop is used to make the top. It is mounted on a bar stool swivel. This makes it possible to pan in any direction.

The frame is made of steel to give a sturdy support. One of the legs is built in the form of a screw jack. This makes it possible to elevate the top and adjust the sitting angle. That means that the bench sits level, even on uneven surfaces.

This shooting bench can be made for less than $100. A similar commercial bench sells for $500.

6. Basic Pedestal Shooting Bench

Basic Pedestal Shooting Bench

Bill Clarke builds this bench. His aim is to build a shooting bench that adjusts to the needs of the shooter.

The pedestal stand is built using a restaurant table base. Bill mounts an MDF top to the pedestal stand. The top has an L-shape that sores well in corners and give more leg room.

Snag-free bolts are used to assemble this homemade shooting bench. This prevents it from flexing when pressure is applied. The bench can be used for air rifles, light rifles, and pistols.

7. L-Shaped Shooting Bench with Seat

L-Shaped Shooting Bench with Seat

Jack Sander, an experienced DIYer builds this shooting bench. What he wants is a bench that is easy to build using basic skills and tools. It is also made to be lightweight for easy portability.

Jack builds this bench using lumber for the frame and plywood for the top. The top has L-shape design to give more legroom.

He adds a built-in seat where you can sit and relax while taking aim. Braces are used to reinforce the frame so the bench doesn’t flex. Jack Sander builds this DIY shooting bench in just one weekend.

8. Portable Knockdown Shooting Bench

Portable Knockdown Shooting Bench

This homemade portable shooting bench is a good choice for short-range shooting. It is a simple bench that can be assembled in seconds.

The bench is built of nothing more than plywood. The good news is that it takes just one sheet of plywood to build.

Tab and slot joinery are used to assemble the pieces. This is then secured with screws. A seat is integrated on the bench for user comfort.

9. U-Style DIY Shooting Bench

U-Style DIY Shooting Bench

This bench is build using salvaged lumber. The aim is to build an inexpensive, comfortable bench that gives more room for maneuvering.

The salvaged boards used here give the bench a rustic, weathered look. The top has wooden slats support and is covered in plywood. A U-shaped cutout made at the top gives the shooter room to maneuver.

X-braces reinforce the frame for more stability. This bench has a seat to minimize fatigue. Bolts, nuts, and washers are used to assemble the pieces. This makes it possible to disassemble the bench into three pieces for transportation.

10. Wagon-Style Homemade Shooting Bench

Wagon-Style Homemade Shooting Bench

The designer of this bench wants something mobile that suits life on the go. This bench is built in the form of a trailer you can haul behind your vehicle.

The designer uses wheels, tires, and axle salvaged from an old Chevy car. The full-size tires used here let you take and use the bench on different surfaces and terrain. The top is covered in plywood. It has more room to provide two shooting positions.

A twin-seat gives a comfortable place to relax. There is a large storage box where you can store ammunition. You can put a slot to fit a patio umbrella. This will protect you from the sun.

11. Shooting Bench with Shelf Storage

Shooting Bench with Shelf Storage

This bench is built to serve two functions. It provides support for firearm and gives storage space for firearm accessories.

This is a durable bench built using plywood and pressure-treated lumber. Two layers of plywood are glued together to give a solid top. It has side cutouts to give two shooting positions.

A bottom shelf gives storage space. It is made in form of a tray that has side rails to keep items from falling off.

12. Collapsible Portable Shooting Bench

Collapsible Portable Shooting Bench

The main aim here is to get a bench that is inexpensive, portable, and easy to take apart. This homemade shooting bench is built at a cost of one sheet of plywood.

Cutouts are made on the framing pieces to keep weight to a minimum and create a stylish look. Even with the cutouts, the bench still manages to stay sturdy enough for accurate shots.

The designer puts a seat for comfort and L-shaped top for more room to maneuver. The sheets can be disassembled and packed flat for space-saving storage.

This is an ambidextrous bench. That means it can be used by both left-handed and right-handed shooters. The bench is built at a fifth of the price of similar commercial shooting benches.

13. Rotating Top-Shooting Bench

Rotating Top-Shooting Bench

Roy, a varmint hunter and precision shooter, builds this swivel bench. His aim is to get a bench that lets you move your rifle through a wider arc. The best thing is that he achieves this without moving the front rest.

The top has a raised center that swivels on metal rollers. The rollers give smooth movement without the noise. This is important, especially when game hunting.

A folding frame made of lightweight aluminum tubes support the top. There are only three legs. This means you get more room and easy time setting on the uneven ground. Roy’s design is a good option for moving targets.

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