24 DIY Screen Doors - How to Build Your Own Screen Door

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24 DIY Screen Doors – How to Build Your Own Screen Door

diy screen door

A screen door is always a great addition to your home as you can use it to let in some fresh air without allowing in any pesky bugs.

Screen doors can work well in various places from front and back doors to inside the house as a partition or even just a decorative piece.

As functional and attractive as screen doors might be, buying one can be quite expensive.

Since you would not want to spend a lot of money on something that you do not necessarily need in the house, the best alternative is to build a DIY screen door.

With some inexpensive lumber pieces, a few other materials and a couple of hours to spare, you can make a beautiful screen door for your home. But you need some screen door plans to make the construction easy.

In this piece, we have gathered various DIY screen door plans that you can use to make one for your home. All you will need is choose one that you like most and make it over the weekend.

You can find more than just these free screen door plans like plans for barn door, plant stand, potting bench, clothing rack, and many more.

DIY Back Porch Screen Door

A screen door might be the only thing missing in your back porch and making one can give it some character. This DIY screen door is just under 7-foot tall and about 2.8-foot wide, and so it will be ideal for the standard size porch door.

Everything that you will need for this project is on the supplies and equipment list. And since you do not need a lot of supplies this should be an inexpensive project to implement.

There are some 15-step instructions on the tutorial to guide you with everything from cutting the wood pieces to installing the doorknob. And there are also plenty of pictures of all the stages of construction.

2. Sturdy Rustic Handmade Screen Door

Sturdy Rustic Handmade Screen Door

With a metal screen, a few lumber pieces, wood stain, brass hinges and a few other materials you can make this rustic screen door in a few hours.

The Owner-Builder Network tutorial provides some lists of all the tools and material that you will need to make this handmade rustic screen door. And there is also a link that directs you to the step by step instructions for making the screen door.

This project should be quite affordable to implement, but this also depends on your choice of wood.

3. Chippendale Patterned Homemade Screen Door

Chippendale Patterned Homemade Screen Door

The Chippendale pattern on this door looks complicated at first glance, but you can still create it with a little effort. And the rest of the screen door is just straightforward.

This simple screen door uses 2x4s and 2x6s, and besides from the lumber pieces, you will also need some 3-inch wood screws, screen paint and few other things that are on the shopping list.

Even with the Chippendale pattern, this DIY screen will only take one day to complete, but it might be a great idea to build it over the weekend when you have enough time.

4. Under $100 DIY Screen Door

Under $100 DIY Screen Door

It is possible to buy a screen door for $100 or less, but you can be sure that you will not like the look or the quality as it will not last long.

This project provides a better alternative, and it still costs less than $100 to build it and will only take about 5 hours.

It uses some 2x6 lumber pieces, and you will also need some screening, sandpaper and your regular woodworking tools. With the step by step directions and pictures to guide you it is possible to build a screen door like this without any difficulties.

5. Easy and Cheap DIY Bi-Fold Screen Door

Easy and Cheap DIY Bi-Fold Screen Door

These screen door plans are for an adorable bi-fold screen door that not only looks great but will save you some floor space. This fantastic screen door will stick out about 16-inches when you open it, and so it will not need a lot of space.

It includes some vertical dowels on the bottom section, and so you will not have to worry about dogs or cats ruining through the screen.

Although the article does not provide very comprehensive plans for making the screen door, the pictures and description will offer enough inspiration to any seasoned woodworker or DIYer.

6. The DIY Half Screen Door

The DIY Half Screen Door

You do not always have to build a full-screen door for the indoors because a half one like this is still functional and also useful in adding some character to your space.

This door uses 1x4s and MDF boards and the other things that you will need include some flat corner braces, mending plates, and wood screws.

There are both text tutorial and lots of pictures to help you build the screen door and so this should be quite an easy project that will only take a few hours.

7. DIY Adorned Screen Door

DIY Adorned Screen Door

This adorned screen door is one of my favorites, and I plan to make one just like it soon. What I like most about this screen door is that it is also simple and very affordable to build.

You will only need one Saturday afternoon to make this lovely homemade screen door. And you will spend under $50 for everything including the corner brackets.

There is a list of all the supplies that you need for this project, and the Going Home to Roost tutorial also provides a detailed text tutorial and a few pictures to help you understand the DIY project.

8. Easy-to-Build Wood Screen Door

Easy-to-Build Wood Screen Door

A DIY screen door is cheaper, sturdier and more attractive than many stores bought ones. And the best thing is that you can custom make one like this to fit any door size.

The door uses 1x3, 1x4 and 1x6 lumber pieces and some of the tools that you will need include a router, miter saw, and plate joiner. And you will also need to buy a DIY screen door kit which is quite inexpensive.

The Saws on Skates tutorial provides some detailed and easy to follow 12-step instructions with lots of pictures, and you can also download the screen door plans in a PDF format.

9. Simple 8-Step Wooden Screen Door

Simple 8-Step Wooden Screen Door

This custom screen door uses some simple construction techniques, and so anyone with beginner woodworking skills can build it.

You can make this wooden screen door in 8 easy steps that the tutorial highlights. And there are also a few pictures to help you understand what you need to do.

There is a complete tools and materials list on this HGTV tutorial, but some of the essential supplies that you will need are 1x6 and 1x8 wood pieces and 6-foot long screen material.

10. Cheap DIY Pallet Screen Door

Cheap DIY Pallet Screen Door

This cheap and easy to build wood framed screen door will provide a simple way to get some air into your home. It will cost between $17 and $25 to make, and you can finish it in just a few hours.

For this DIY Screen door project, you will need some reclaimed wood pallet, wood glue, pocket hole screws and some paint.

Once you gather all the materials, you will only need to follow the 5-step text and picture Instructables tutorial to build the screen.

11. The Retractable Screen Door

The Retractable Screen Door

Most of the work in this project will go into installing the retractable screen door. There is not much construction that you need to do except modifying your screen door a little if necessary.

For the tools, you will only need a drill and your regular woodworking tools if you need to modify the door so that the screen door can fit well.

The Addicted 2 DIY article not only provides step by step instructions on how to modify the door and install the screen but there are also many pictures to demonstrate this.

12. $12 Pallet Board Screen Board                   

$12 Pallet Board Screen Board

Here is another of my favorite screen door plans. It uses some old pallet that you can get for free, and you can make it for just $12.

Apart from being a cheap screen door, it is also one of the easiest to make and anyone with basic woodworking skills can create it.

With the free pallet, you will have the essential material for the frame, but you will also need a roll of screening, screws and your regular woodworking tools.

The Zest It Up tutorial provides a comprehensive materials list and some detailed construction instructions that also include pictures.

13. DIY Stitched Screen Door

DIY Stitched Screen Door

This screen door project uses some stitching to convert a simple screen door into something beautiful and attention-grabbing that will impress all your guests.

Since the screen door has a basic design, it will only take a few hours to make, and you will need a pet-proof screen kit, needle, scissors, a tape measure and the 'Hello' template.

Once you assemble the screen or build one the next step is to do the stitching, and the DIY tutorial provides instructions on how to do everything starting with photocopying and enlarging the template.

14. Vintage Homemade Front Door Screen

Vintage Homemade Front Door Screen

The old-fashioned look of this door comes from the use of an old metal screen. If you do not have one, it is possible to give yours the same effect.

For the wooden frame, you will need straight grain fir as it does not warp. The RunnerDuck tutorial provides the dimensions for the wood pieces you need and also lists all the other materials.

The pictures help you know what you intend to build and the text description makes the construction even easier to understand. This DIY screen door project is just a one afternoon project.

15. Easy-to Install Retractable Screen Door

Easy-to Install Retractable Screen Door

If you do not have some free time to build a wooden door from scratch, you can still get a high-quality and inexpensive one like this that is also very easy to install.

Since there is no cutting or joining of parts, this screen door project should only take a few minutes (30 minutes at most) to complete. And although the retractable door comes with instructions for installation this tutorial summarizes everything to make this an easy project for you.

The pictures in this article are also handy, and they will ensure that you do not run into difficulties when installing your retractable screen door.

16. Repurposed Chicken Wire Screen Door

Repurposed Chicken Wire Screen Door

The chicken wire on this DIY screen door would probably not be suitable for use for a front or back door. However, it is still useful for decorative purposes.

This homemade screen door is about repurposing an old wooden screen door to create something useful that you can use to display various things.

All you need to do is to take out the old screening and replace it with some chicken wire. Since this is a very straightforward project, the picture and brief text descriptions are all you need to repurpose your old screen door.

17. DIY Porch Divider from a Screen Door

DIY Porch Divider from a Screen Door

Screen doors are essential for your front and back doors, but there are still many other ways to use them. Repurposing an old one into this beautiful porch divider is an example of this.

There is nothing much you will need to do for this project as it is all about cleaning your screen door and taking out the screening on the lower section before painting it.

Also, this should be a quick and simple project that will not cost much because the paint is probably the only thing you might need to buy.

18. The Rustic Wooden Screen Door 

The Rustic Wooden Screen Door

If you would like to make a rustic wooden screen door here is one that you can use for inspiration. It has a simple and easy to replicate screen door design and will only take a few hours to make.

Although this rustic screen door does not come with a detailed tutorial, it is still easy to build just by looking at it. Also, you can use this screen door design as inspiration to make something that will work for your home.

19. The X-Design Sliding Screen Door

The X-Design Sliding Screen Door

You do not need a tutorial to build this screen door because the design is very straightforward. Even the sliding track should also be easy to install.

If you have an old garage door track that you can repurpose and some leftover lumber, this should be a relatively cheap project for you.

For the screen door, the most impressive part is the X-design, but it is also easy to achieve for anyone with beginner woodworking skills.

20. Simple DIY Sliding Screen Door

Simple DIY Sliding Screen Door

Here is how to build a screen that your kids and pets will not run through. You will need a track, a wood screen door (which you can make quickly) and a door molding kit.

If you have to buy everything that you need to for this DIY screen door you will spend around $200 which is still quite inexpensive for such a classy screen door.

Anyone with moderate skills can build this screen door, and the only tool that you will need is a drill. The pictures on this Cure4Decor article should give you some idea of what to do.

21. The Easy DIY Screen Door Garden Trellis

The Easy DIY Screen Door Garden Trellis

As you learn how to make your own screen door, it is also a good idea to come up with some ideas for repurposing your old ones. This garden trellis is an example of an easy way to repurpose a screen door.

If you have a garden with some flowers or vegetables that might require a place to run, this trellis will be very useful for you.

This project does not have a tutorial or the step by step instruction but it looks straightforward to recreate, and it will also not take a lot of time.

22. Customized White DIY Screen Door

Customized White DIY Screen Door

You do not always have to buy new materials to make a screen door because you can a take apart your existing one and rebuild it. This cute white DIY screen door is an example of this.

The screen door has a simple design that does not take a lot of time to build, and you will also not need a lot of materials.

Since this is quite a straightforward project, you do not even need a tutorial to make it. Just looking at the pictures of the screen door is enough to give you some idea of what to build.

23. The Hand Carved DIY Screen Door

The Hand Carved DIY Screen Door

This brilliant screen door is a project for someone with some artistic touch as there is some carving involved. If you think you have what it takes you can use it as inspiration for you next screen door project.

There is also no tutorial for making this screen door. But, any woodworker that knows how to carve wood should not have difficulties figuring things out.

If you cannot recreate this artistic screen door but would like to have one, you can always get someone to make it for you.

24. Decorative Blackboard Screen Door

Decorative Blackboard Screen Door

Screen doors are not just for letting in some breeze into your home because they can also act as decorative pieces. This repurposed one has a beautiful red color and some blackboard for writing things.

For this project, you will only need to take out the screening on your DIY screen board and replace it with MDF or plywood to create a blackboard.

The picture should give you enough ideas on what to do and so the absence of a tutorial should not prevent you from trying this project.

With these DIY screen door plans, you should be able to make something that is both functional and attractive for your home.

But if you already have a homemade screen door we would love to hear from you. Kindly share your experiences, views and even additional DIY screen ideas in the comments section below.