50 Small DIY Scrap Wood Ideas to Upgrade Your Home

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50 Small DIY Scrap Wood Ideas to Upgrade Your Home

scrap wood projects

If you have been thinking of discarding the pieces of scrap wood from your last DIY project, just hold on a second.

But before you take such drastic measures, pause for a moment and think of the numerous little DIY projects you can turn the ever-growing pile of scrap wood into.

With your creativity and a little inspiration, the sky is the limit. I have put together a list of super easy scrap wood projects that are easy to make and inexpensive.

Some are perfect for home décor, others for improving your organization and others still perfect as handmade gifts. Have fun as you scroll through these DIY scrap wood projects.

I keep a list of other free woodworking plans, such as ones that show you how to build a jewelry box, wine rack, coffee mug holder, earring holder, drawer divider, and many more.

DIY Rustic Wood Bathtub Tray

If you love locking yourself in your bathroom and crawling into a tub full of hot water with scented candles all around, you will surely love this DIY tray.

It is designed to provide convenience as you find solace away from the world. On the rustic tray, you can have a glass of wine and a book. Or even a cup tea and your iPad for some funny YouTube videos.

Pretty Handy Girl details the process of building this tray with simple instructions and images. To build this rustic tray you need a board, cotton rope, wood glue and finish nails.

2. DIY State Pride Magnetic Keyholder

DIY State Pride Magnetic Keyholder

If you love magic, you will love this scrap wood idea as well. Unlike most keyholders, this does not feature hooks to hold the keys. The keys just float on the surface.

Brad from Fix This Build That was featured on the Pretty Handy Girl blog where he details the steps that went into the creation of the magical masterpiece.

Interestingly, you only need a small piece of wood and some magnets for this project. It is simple and straightforward. The hardest part will be carving your state of choice from the wood.

Other than this, when you follow the blog tutorial, it is a smooth sail to the ownership of this magic key holder.

3. DIY Marble Toss Game

DIY Marble Toss Game

Having kids at home for the summer holiday can drive any parent insane. To help keep your sanity and the kids entertained, this is a perfect DIY scrap plywood project.

With a piece of plywood, a marble toss game print out and a couple of other materials as listed on the Pretty Handy Girl tutorial, you are good to go.

The marble toss game is fun and best of all, easy to make. Be sure to engage your creativity.

4. DIY Yard Dice

DIY Yard Dice

Rather than spend a fortune buying retail yard dice, make some yourself for $0. A game of dice in the great outdoors is fun and helps to bring family and friends together.

With a some few 4x4 or larger posts, wood stain, sandpaper, paint, 6 dimes, and a tutorial by Pretty Handy Girl, you will nail this scrap wood project successfully in a few hours.

To make them last longer, you might have to seal the yard dice.

5. DIY Candle Holder With HorseShoe Stands

DIY Candle Holder With HorseShoe Stands

Give some life to your home décor with this DIY candle holder. You will need a chunk of wood, horseshoes, some nails, sandpaper and a drill.

Most of the work in this project will be sanding the wood and achieving a smooth and beautiful finish. Once done, stain the wood with a protective finish.

On the 5 candle holders, you can place differently colored and scented candles for more oomph. This DIY piece can be perfect to create the mood in your bedroom. Follow the brief blog tutorial on Simply Country Life.

6. DIY Rustic Pallet Serving Tray

DIY Rustic Pallet Serving Tray

It is funny how with so many serving trays available it is so hard to land one that captures my attention.

If you are like me, a DIY serving tray is your only savior. Good thing Pretty Handy girl has got us covered. Brittany outlines a blog tutorial on how to build a Bali-esque tray.

She compiled a list of materials and tools needed and complemented the instructions with actual images of the steps as she did them.

7. DIY Pallet Shelf

DIY Pallet Shelf

This is by far the simplest scrap wood projects you can get started on. It is beautiful and depicts great taste. On the Pallet University Blog, the DIY pallet shelf is rated a 2 for difficulty.

But this is only because you will have to use a Sawzall which can be tricky for beginners. That said, it only takes an hour to build.

With a pallet and the Pallet University blog and video tutorial, you can add this work of art to your décor.

8. DIY Switch and Lock Play Board

DIY Wood Wine Rack

There is so much fuss about scrap wood piling up after every project. But how about the random pieces of hardware like locks, switches, and latches? What do you do with those?

Jamie from Thats My Letter guest posted a blog tutorial of how she used scrap hardware to build a play board for toddlers. The board is designed to capture their attention and keep them busy.

When picking your hardware, be sure to steer clear of any hardware that is sharp, can pinch or snap the little fingers – generally anything that is not toddler safe.

To give the board a nice beautiful finish, she used pine to make the frame. You can always make modifications to the project.

9. DIY Wood Wine Rack

DIY Wood Wine Rack

Wine racks retail for anything between $15 to $100 depending on the design, the number of bottles it can hold and quality. Following the blog tutorial by Camille Styles you can create your own wood plank wine rack for $0.

The best part is you do not have to sacrifice beauty for costs. This idea for scrap wood is simple yet elegant. The featured wine rack design holds about 6 bottles but this can always be modified for more.

Using a long wooden plank will get you more space. Just be sure to use L brackets for heavy shelves.

10. DIY Art Utensils Holder

DIY Art Utensils Holder

This scrap wood idea makes for a perfect gift. If you have a creative artist in mind, go ahead and make this for them. The piece of art will brighten their studio and help organize it too.

Generally, this is a decorated piece of wood with holes on the top to hold painting brushes, pencils, and scissors – basic artist tools.

Following the blog tutorial by Pretty Handy Girl, get into your creative gear. There are lots of modifications you can make to suit your needs. Best of all, your kids can join in on the fun as well.

11. DIY Address Number Wall Planter

DIY Address Number Wall Planter

This DIY scrap wood idea for an address wall planter is so darn cute. Best of all, it is simple to create. When you are all concentrated, you will get this project done in 30 minutes.

Additionally, and according to Shanty-2-Chic, you should expect to spend about $25. It will be less if you use your scrap wood. She provides a list of all items you need including the succulent plants.

You can buy cheaper plants as well. Or use those already in your garden. The blog tutorial is step by step and features images as well.

12. DIY Personalized Wall Shelf

DIY Personalized Wall Shelf

Needless to say, this is a one awesome personalized wall shelf. It is bound to capture the attention of all who walk into the room. The shelf is functional courtesy of the hooks under the shelf.

Jamie from Thats My Letter provides a tutorial on building the scrap wood shelf. She used a navy blue color scheme for the name but you can always adjust the colors to suit your color scheme.

A materials list is available along with detailed instructions that are easy enough for a beginner to follow.

13. DIY Owl Bookends

DIY Owl Bookends

Coming face to face with owls at night can be scary at night. This DIY cedar wood project is however far from scary. It is cute and adorable.

The wood ends are designed to help organize and straighten your bookshelf. In addition to this, they will add some personality and life to the boring bookshelf. It is a perfect gift for kids and adults alike.

With some scrap wood, wood screws, finish nails, sandpaper, wood glue, paint and the Pretty Handy Girl tutorial, you can tap into your creativity and come up with something even more colorful.

14. DIY Kids Scooter

DIY Kids Scooter

Scooters are expensive. But is this reason enough to deny your kids the experience of being on one? No. With a DIY wood scooter tutorial by Jamie from Thats My Letter, you can afford your kids this luxury.

All you will need are a 2x12 scrap wood, handles, rotating casters, and paint. Follow the tutorial guest posted on Pretty Handy Girl and have your kids have a blast.

You can create this wooden scooter in less than an hour when you have all your items ready.

15. DIY Scrap Wood Fall Sign

DIY Scrap Wood Fall Sign

If fall is your favorite season, then this is a perfect way to tell the world of your love for the season. This project is straightforward and simple.

But if you are not such a sucker for fall, you could modify the DIY sign and have a pumpkin, turkey or anything else you might have in mind in place of the fall leaf.

To decorate your house with this DIY scrap wood project, follow the tutorial on the Pretty Handy Girl as documented by Shara from Woodshop Diaries. The tutorial features a material and cutting list.

16. DIY Birdhouse

DIY Birdhouse

Birdhouses can be insanely expensive and complicated too. This is one of the reasons some people are discouraged from keeping birds as pets. But this does not have to be the case.

This simple DIY birdhouse can be built by kids (but with the help of an adult). The tutorial by Skip To My Lou uses supplies from Lowes but you can use your scrap wood.

The resulting birdhouse features a perforated PVC pipe which allows for air circulation. It can also be removed with ease for cleaning.

17. DIY House Mailbox

DIY House Mailbox

Most people spend a great deal of time on their yards to improve their curb appeal and forget their mailboxes. If you have just remembered yours, this is a perfect DIY small scrap wood project for you.

This right here is art at its finest. At first glance one might think, it is an actual house courtesy to the fine painting job on the exterior.

Following the tutorial by Pretty Hany girl, you can modify the house mailbox however you please. But for your unique mailbox to be approved it should have an easy to operate door, a flag and keep mail dry.

18. DIY Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizer

DIY Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizer

If you have young curious kids who just cannot have enough of your jewelry, consider this DIY jewelry organizer to get your valuables on the wall and out of their reach.

This project is as easy as nailing together two pieces of scrap woods, sanding, and staining, and adding knobs to it. The Pretty Handy Girl provides a materials list and instructions to build the jewelry organizer.

19. DIY Rustic Caddy

DIY Rustic Caddy

This DIY applies to those who have a scrap box. You could build one from scratch with scrap wood, but the Pretty Handy girl tutorial will not guide you through it.

This tutorial sees you convert a sad little box into a beautiful caddy you can use for whatever. It features a branch handle and as such is perfect for holding flowers in different jars.

It is simple to create and can act as a focal point for your décor.

20. DIY Baseball Cap Rack

DIY Baseball Cap Rack

For baseball fans, here is a beginner project to get started on. This rack will hold your caps in style. The rack is 54 inches tall and can accommodate 8 caps.

All you need are basic techniques including making straight cuts, measuring as well as marking. You can customize the rack in any way you please. Follow the Minwax PDF tutorial for a home run with this DIY project.

21. DIY Mapped Rustic Tray

DIY Mapped Rustic Tray

If you want to advertise your best city, state, country, you can create a tray with the map inside. You do not have to paint the map. A simple printout will do.

For a more dramatic effect, you can play around with the saturation and hues. On the sides of the scrap wood tray, you can add a nailhead trim. The map of your choice is protected with a fitting glass.

Follow the Pretty Handy Girl simple tutorial for a successful DIY rustic tray project.

22. DIY Wooden Arrow

DIY Wooden Arrow

This wooden arrow wall art is perfect for a Vintage theme décor. It gives life to a boring wall. This project by Cherished Bliss is simple and easy. Actually, it makes for a perfect beginner project.

For those who would like to learn how to make 45-degree angles on wood, this is the perfect DIY scrap wood project tutorial to learn with.

While she bought her supplies, you can use the wood scraps in your garage. The project will take a short time to complete even for a beginner.

23. DIY Feather Art

DIY Feather Art

If you are in need of an extra art piece for your wall, go ahead and commit to this DIY feather art rather than spend a fortune on the retail kind. You should be warned though, use fake or paper feathers.

Collecting nests, feathers or any anatomical part of a migratory bird is illegal. For the frame, you will need 1x4 scrap woods. To attach the feathers to the wood, you will use a nylon line.

Pretty Handy Girl provides a detailed tutorial of this DIY project art.

24. DIY Scrap Wood Candleholders

DIY Scrap Wood Candleholders

If your pile of scrap wood is laden with tiny wood chunks that seem too small for a DIY project but still too large to discard, then you should build this wooden candleholder.

The design is simple and uses very small wood bits. You can build the candleholders in a single afternoon. All you need for your inexpensive candle holders are small pieces of wood (preferably of different shades) and wood glue.

For the detailed material list and instructions download the PDF tutorial from Instructables.

25. DIY Drawer Divider

DIY Drawer Divider

If you always are rushing to find things at the last minute, just when you are headed out, you may not be as organized as you thought. Drawers help with house organization but they too get cluttered with time.

To get your drawer organized and afford yourself the luxury of finding items you throw in them in record time, build a drawer divider.

Measure your scrap wood, cut them to size and fit them in your drawer. It is that easy. Pretty Handy Girl takes you through the creation process.

26. DIY Wooden Spoons

DIY Wooden Spoons

If you are out to try something new, how about having dinner using wooden spoons? Sounds cool right? Well, what is even cooler is the creation process. It is simple and relaxing.

The best part is that you do not need fancy tools. A scrap wood and simple carving tools will work just fine.

Sure wood carving is an art by itself and you too can learn it starting with the Fair Good tutorial by Chantelle Delichte. A point to note; when finishing the product, use food safe oil.

You will be using this piece of art to eat so you should stay away from any petroleum based oils. Also if you are allergic to nuts avoid tung oil.

27. DIY House Shape Décor With A Heart

DIY House Shape Décor With A Heart

How about you stray away from the normal wreath designs? Build this cute house with heart décor and have everyone knocking at your door to congratulate you and ask where you bought it.

1x3 scrap woods are perfect for the house frame. The hearts are hung from the frame to the center. You can paint it any color you please. Follow the Pretty Handy Girl blog tutorial and stand out.

28. DIY Wooden Sign

DIY Wooden Sign

Being a sign, you can write pretty much any message you please. It could be a heartfelt message to your mom or dad, or like in the Pretty Handy Girl tutorial by Vineta, a sweet message to your teacher.

But regardless of the message, you decide on, you will have to use stencil techniques to create the sign. The process is detailed in the tutorial.

29. DIY Bottle and Pallet Vase

DIY Bottle and Pallet Vase

If you love flowers in your home, you have to admit, there is a fairly limited number of designs you can buy. And those that you end up loving are insanely priced.

Well, how about building one with scrap material (pallets and bottle) and giving your vase a personal touch?

The process is as easy as nailing together 4 pallet boards - 2 measuring 2x14cm and other 2 measuring 2x32cm and cutting holes on the longer board. The Nur Noch blog features a tutorial.

30. DIY Wine Crate Window Box

DIY Wine Crate Window Box

Flowers literally add life to the area around them. They are beautiful and attractive. They are a perfect addition to a plain window.

Pretty Handy Girl started out this project with a wine crate. But she took the wine crate apart, cut the resulting sides to size and created a brand new window box.

As such, using the measurements provided, you can start with individual pieces of scrap wood and still get an awesome DIY window box.

31. Easy Scrap Wood Projects

Easy Scrap Wood Projects

Kids are creative and they are always looking for ways to express their creativity. While they cannot build DIY coffee tables yet, they can work on smaller simpler wood scrap projects.

HubPages provides a list of things to build with wood that are kid-friendly. These include napkin holders and toolboxes. These are simple and easy enough to teach kids several basic woodworking techniques.

32. DIY Romantic String Art and Engraving

DIY Romantic String Art and Engraving

For some tapping into their romantic side is a bit of a challenge. This DIY scrap wood art will fix this problem. To hack the project, all you need is a scrap wood, string, gum wrapper and several nails.

With all materials ready, you can follow the Pretty Handy Girl tutorial and make a heart string art with engraving for your loved one. You do not have to wait for valentines day.

You could have it as a wedding gift too and have the initials of the couple for the engraving.

33. DIY Scrap Wood Place Cards

DIY Scrap Wood Place Cards

Jamie did this project for her tables during Easter. You, however, can decorate your table with the cuteness at whatever time of the year and event. Following the guide she lays out, you can design the place cards however you want.

Rather than use the paper place cards that now seem too cliché and common, turn your wood scraps into beautiful placeholders everyone will love. The guide is complete with images as well.

34. DIY Sofa Sleeve With Cup Holder

DIY Sofa Sleeve With Cup Holder

I am a coffee lover – a lazy coffee lover at that.

I just find it too much work to lean forward and grab my cup of coffee for a sip in between my reading a book or catching up with my favorite series.

If you are like me, this wooden sofa sleeve with a cup holder incorporated is perfect for you. It will have you enjoy your coffee as you read or NetFlix.

A Beautiful Mess guides you the process of creating a perfect sofa sleeve for your chair. She includes optional materials and steps as well.

35. DIY Mini Pie Safe

DIY Mini Pie Safe

If you love pie and would love to bake more than one at a go but just do not have a place to store them, this mini pie safe is here to the rescue.

Basically, it is a standalone shelf with a screen door. It has 3 shelves and as such, you can store 3 pies simultaneously.

It is built with scrap wood. The only investment would be the screen. But this will cost you less than $10. The White Cottage Farm details the creation process.

36. DIY Heart Shaped Wreath Built From Tree Branches

DIY Heart Shaped Wreath Built From Tree Branches

This is yet another unique wreath for your door. This one is all about love. It is perfect for valentines. All you need is a branch with varying thickness.

Cut it into small slices and tack them close together in a heart shape. If you are not using a freshly cut tree branch, you may want to kill the bugs and worms in the tree.

For this, you can bake or microwave the slices. You can even do both. Building this wreath is fun and will take a short time. Cutting and sanding the slices is probably the tricky part. Pretty handy Girl provides a tutorial to follow.

37. DIY Jar Centerpieces

DIY Jar Centerpieces

This is a beautiful, functional and fun vintage centerpiece. You can use it to hold your flowers, cutlery or anything else you can think of.

Shanty-2-Chic made it for $12 but with your wood scraps, you can build it for $0. She provides a brief tutorial on building the piece of art. Images and measurements are included.

38. DIY Handpainted Sign

DIY Handpainted Sign

You love having signs with cute messages on your wall. But when you think of the fancy stencil techniques and using a vinyl cutting machine you shy away. Well, not anymore.

With this scrap wood project, all you need is a word document print out. This particular celebrate sign as used as a party backdrop. Jamie Costiglio details the process of creating it. Remember, you can always make modifications.

39. DIY Scrap Wood Designer Cutting Board

DIY Scrap Wood Designer Cutting Board

Have you seen the price tags on the retail cutting boards? They are insane. And to think you can create your own designer cutting board for $0. This project is heaven sent.

The project is slightly lengthy and will require some bit of patience. That said, most of the work is cutting the pieces of wood to size.

Once you have them in the right thickness and length, glue them together and finish the cutting board. Fix This Build That provides a graphical tutorial to guide you through the simple beginner project.

40. DIY Scrap Wood Kitchen Shelf

DIY Scrap Wood Kitchen Shelf

You always can do with some extra storage in your kitchen. If you are going for a simple design, one you can whip up in an hour or so, then you should get busy with this project.

Piecing together the different parts of this DIY shelf is the easy part. The hard part is sanding your scrap wood for a smooth finish. You are lucky if your wood is not all too weathered.

This new addition to your kitchen will be both beautiful and functional. Keeping It Cozy details the steps to create it.

41. DIY Pallet Kids Storage Table And Chair

DIY Pallet Kids Storage Table And Chair

Kids are playful. This is a great thing, but they can sometimes be too much and get in your way. Parents can relate with this.

That said, building a storage table and chair for your kids will allow them to indulge their playful side and not get you overwhelmed.

Note that this table has storage space for the toys. Building this unit is easy and perfect for any skill level. However, for beginners, you might have to be keen following the tutorial by Her Tool Belt.

42. DIY Rustic Crate Sign

DIY Rustic Crate Sign

If you are new to using Silhouette, Pretty Handy Girl has the perfect project to help you learn – a crate sign. Like all other signs, you write anything you please.

With this design, you will work more on the design than on the scrap wood (assuming you have a smooth plank).

The first step as detailed in the tutorial is loading the software onto the computer, designing your graphics and printing it on a vinyl. To get an old rustic look, all you need to do is sand lightly.

43. DIY Magnetic Bottle Opener

DIY Magnetic Bottle Opener

If you are constantly losing your bottle opener and cannot find when you really need I, how about building one that is too large to get lost?

With the Ugly Duckling House bottle opener tutorial, your woes will come to an end. This bottle opener has magnets on the front and the back.

You can stick it to your fridge, use it to open your beer and soda and have it clean up after itself – the bottle tops stick on it.

44. DIY Scrap Wood Abstract Snowflakes

DIY Scrap Wood Abstract Snowflakes

Abstract art is the bomb. Unfortunately, they tend to be expensive. And deservedly so. Their beauty is unmatched. If you want to adorn your living room with an abstract piece of art, how about this modern wooden snowflake art?

You can build it for close to $0 and in a short time. Also, if you are a beginner, you could use this project to perfect on your 45-degree wood cutting.

Addicted 2 DIY will take you through the steps in their tutorial that comes complete with measurements and images.

45. DIY Decorative Shelf With Crown Molding

DIY Decorative Shelf With Crown Molding

Yes, other than adding storage spaces, shelves can also be decorative. This particular one also includes hardware on which one can hang hand towels.

Building the shelf is easy. It is the crown molding that is tricky. Luckily, this tutorial featured on Pretty Handy Girl by Matt will guide you through the creation process.

46. DIY Rustic Sign

DIY Rustic Sign

Chances are you have come across this type of art before but the crazy price tag turned you away. Well, now you have the chance to own it without breaking the bank.

All you will need is a piece of scrap wood. If you do not have any piece of wood large enough for the project, glue to piece together.

The rest of the project is all about cutting the wood to read home or whatever else you want. Follow the tutorial by Pretty Handy Girl. But be careful when cutting especially working on two pieces glued together.

47. DIY Scrap Crate Christmas Tree Stand

DIY Scrap Crate Christmas Tree Stand

If you have never had a Christmas tree in your home for lack of an affordable planter, build this tree stand. Now you have no excuse for not getting a tree this year.

Good thing is that when Christmas is over, you can use the box as a planter on your patio or anything else. Its uses are numerous.

The Kim Six Fix while completing a challenge by Sawdust girl prepared a tutorial to guide you through the project as well. It is simple and perfect for a beginner.

48. DIY Shadow Box Frame

DIY Shadow Box Frame

You can add anything to frames. You can frame your wedding picture, have a family photo, or like the tutorial by Pretty Handy Girl, frame a flag.

This frame is sleek and a beauty. I personally love how she used the lass to support the flag. The tutorial is straightforward and even a beginner can hack it.

She provides a list of all materials you would need for the project most of which you already have.

49. DIY Rustic Sleigh Ride Sign

DIY Rustic Sleigh Ride Sign

I personally love this project because of the genius DIY smartphone projector. With this technology, you do not need to be an artist to draw complicated designs on your signboard.

Making the signboard is the easy part. It is all about gluing together different pieces of wood and cutting them to size when the glue dries up.

The tricky part yet the most exciting is the drawing. In this step you project an image from your phone. This tutorial includes a video and instructions for completing the project.

50. DIY Framed Pumpkins

DIY Framed Pumpkins

This artwork is simple and fast to make. Additionally, it makes a huge statement and you get to spend very little.

If you are to get all supplies from the retail store, it would cost about $20. But since with scrap woods, you spend nothing. The frame features 5 pumpkins in different colors.

In place of the pumpkins you can have any other design. The steps you will follow remain the same. Pretty Handy Girl takes you through the process.


And there you have it, 50 creative and unique ways to light up your home. And the beauty of it is that you do not have to spend a fortune. Hope this list will inspire your next DIY project.

If you have any comment on the list, any additions or questions, we would be glad if you go in touch.

Comment below with your experience of any of the simple scrap wood projects or any thoughts you might have.