10 Simple DIY Sawbuck Plans to Build Your Own

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10 Simple DIY Sawbuck Plans to Build Your Own

Saw Buck Plan

One of the most useful and functional tools for cutting up firewood is a strong and hardy X shaped sawbuck. 

Now, a sawbuck is a special type of sawhorse frame that is designed for holding rough and bulky wood so that you can saw it into suitable lengths either for use in a fireplace or a stove.

The generally, sawbucks include X forms (two or three) along its length. These provide stability to the sawbuck. Long woods is placed on the V part of the sawbuck and then cut into tiny pieces.

That said, rather than struggle cutting up woods into tiny manageable pieces, I have taken the liberty of preparing a list of some DIY sawbucks plans that you can take up as your DIY project. 

Transforming the Sawbuck into a DIY project is way cheaper than getting one at your local shop. But you probably already know this. 

If you like these free sawbuck plans, you may also like ones for building a homemade log splitter, foldable sawhorse, firewood rack, lumber rack, and many more. 

DIY 2x4 Foldable Sawbuck

If you are looking to build a compact, strong and stable folding sawbuck, this sawbuck plan will work wonders for you. I love the folding design as it makes the unit easy to store. 

To build this sawbuck, you will need to use pressure treated lumber. Sure you can use normal lumber but their longevity is shorter. In addition to lumber, you will need bolts, washers, nuts, outdoor screws and a chop saw. 

The specifications of these tools and materials have been listed on the supplies list.

In addition, the Firewood-For-Life provides step-by-step instructions and images. That said, when tightening the bolts, be sure not to have them so tight as this will impede the foldability of the sawbuck.

2.  Simple Sawbuck Made With 4x4 Lumber

Simple Sawbuck Made With 4x4 Lumber

This is more of a heavy duty sawbuck. The thickness of the lumber used preempts on the strength and sturdiness of the sawbuck. You can place heavy wood on it without the fear of it crumbling under the weight.

It has 3 X frames for ample stability. It is foldable which is perfect for storage. Instructables provides PDF plan to follow. 

In the plan is a list of materials and tools including circular saw, spade bits tape measure among other tools. The PDF plan also comes with images.

3.  DIY Folding Sawbuck With Diagonal Braces

DIY Folding Sawbuck With Diagonal Braces

If you want to learn how to build a sawbuck, How to Specialist has got you covered. On their blog, they present a video tutorial along with step by step instructions. 

The sawbuck plan helps you to create a simple 48-inch sawbuck with 3 X frames. The sawbuck also comes with diagonal braces to add to its strength and stability. It is foldable which makes it easy to store.

The blog tutorial insists that you be keen on taking measurements before you cut any lumber to size or attach any components into place.

4.  DIY Sawbuck Bench

DIY Sawbuck Bench

This sawbuck bench will make it easier for you to cut long wood pieces. It holds the wood at a perfect height off the ground and is foldable which makes it easy to store away.

To build this DIY sawbuck bench, all you need is a saw, power drill, screw bit, measuring tape, angle square and a pen for marking the measurements taken. 

As for materials, you will need 4 2x4 wood, stainless steel bolt, washers, nuts and deck screws. The free plan is completed with images and simple to follow instructions.

5.  DIY Sawbuck With Back Supports

DIY Sawbuck With Back Supports

There are always many designs to choose from. However, if you are looking to build a wooden sawbuck for your DIY project, this sawbuck plan by My Outdoor Plans comes highly recommended. 

The sawbuck plan is put together with great attention to detail and is bound to suit your needs. The X frames are attached at the middles and the bottom. 

Each piece of the X frame is 36-inches long and has a slanted top. Follow the plan to the letter to design a sawbuck you will love.

6.  DIY Sturdy Sawbuck

DIY Sturdy Sawbuck

Before chainsaws came into the picture, sawbucks were very common. Their convenience, functionality, and support got them popularity. 

That said, their use has not died out. Actually, more and more people are getting back to them. To build a sawbuck, this sawbuck plan by Survival Sherpa is perfect. 

The plan details tools and materials needed to complete the project. In addition, the plan features instructions on how to measure, cut and put together the sawbuck. 

Unlike most plans, it goes the extra mile of listing the benefits of a sawbuck.

7.  Simple DIY Cross-Piece Sawbuck

Simple DIY Cross-Piece Sawbuck

If you are in search of a unique sawbuck, this plan will serve you best. The sawbuck outlined is a simple variation of the common 2x4 sawbuck. 

This sawbuck comes with only 2 X frames for support on both ends. It also features a small and movable X frame on the inside of the sawbuck. This allows you to cut woods of varying lengths. 

The plan provided by Mother Earth New is simple to follow and understand.

8.  DIY Reclaimed Wood Sawbuck

DIY Reclaimed Wood Sawbuck

The beauty of using reclaimed wood is that the DIY project ends up costing you close to $0. In this plan by Little House in the Surburbs the sawbuck built was from salvaged decking.

The result is a strong and sturdy sawbuck able to withstand the weight of heavy wood. You should, however, work to create a larger V at the top to hold thick logs.

9.  DIY Well-Designed Sawbuck

DIY Well-Designed Sawbuck

Even with the best chainsaw on the market, there is only so much you can do without the support provided by sawbucks. This sawbuck is well-designed. I love that it is clean, smooth and a great extent beautiful. 

It features 3 X frames along with back supports. The X frames are slanted at the top to better accommodate the wood. 

Bellewood Gardens provides sketch drawings and measurements to guide you through the project. The plan is simple and easy to understand.

10. DIY Sawbuck With Clothes Rod and Rope

DIY Sawbuck With Clothes Rod and Rope

Needless to say, a sawbuck will help keep off the pressure from your back when you are busy cutting wood into pieces. That said, this particular sawbuck is designed from 2x4 lumber and features a clothes rod and rope.

Additionally, the sawbuck comes with a sliding piece which allows you to work on a piece of wood of any height.

Explore-Build-Do provides a plan to build this sawbuck.

And there you have it. Free plans to get you started on your simple sawbuck project. They are all easy to hack and are beginner projects.

When you do pick any of the plans to work with, feel free to share your experience, challenges and why you loved the plan.

Chip in by commenting below. Help another hack the project with ease.