19 Free DIY Round Table Plans For Beginners

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19 Free DIY Round Table Plans For Beginners

A table is one of the most functional pieces of furniture that you can have in the house, and it will always be the centerpiece any room you place it.

It is easy to get some cheap tables by ordering online or at your local furniture store. But these ‘conventional' table designs can be a little monotonous or boring.

A DIY round table can help you break away from the monotony of the regular table designs and styles. And they are easy to make even for beginner DIYers and also inexpensive to build.

In this piece, we provide 20 DIY round table plans to help you build aesthetically appealing and functional tables.

Check out the plans below, choose and make something that suits your home.

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DIY Farmhouse Round Table

If you have a small space for your dining room that will not fit the regular rectangular tables here is a plan to make a simple round one.

The project is a modification of one from Ana White's site, but it is quite straightforward to implement. Most of the work goes into making the decorative V-shape pieces for the base and making the round top from 2x4s.

The tutorial provides pictures and in-depth text description for making both the base and round tabletop. And there is also a video to help you cut the rounded top.

2. $70 Wooden Homemade Round Table

$70 Wooden Homemade Round Table

For just $70 you can make this adorable round table from Shanty2Chic which is a small fraction of what you would spend on buying a similar one.

The very comprehensive tutorial provides pictures for all the stages of the build and easy to follow text instructions and so this should be an easy project to implement for most DIYers.

You will also not need many tools to build the table because with a miter saw, Kreg jig and a drill and you have almost all you need.

Shanty2Chic also provided these free DIY round table plans in a printable version.

3. DIY Farmhouse Style Round Pedestal Table

DIY Farmhouse Style Round Pedestal Table

This French farmhouse style table is quite easy to build although it looks a little complicated. The table is 30-inch tall, and you can make it from regular and inexpensive lumber boards like 2x4s, 2x6s, and 2x8s.

The Her Tool Belt tutorial provides not only the complete materials and cut list but also a cut diagram to make the project easy to understand and straightforward to implement.

This DIY round table plan includes pictures and drawing for all the stages of the build and text description to explain everything you need to do.

The pedestal base might look complicated, but with the step by step instructions, you can build it with ease.

4. Pine Board DIY Round Table

Pine Board DIY Round Table

If you are still trying to learn how to make a round table, a good idea would be to use a simple design from your favorite furniture store like this one.

This tutorial provides some detailed instructions on how you can build a fantastic round table for a small fraction of what you would spend to buy it.

There are some pictures and detailed instructions on how to join the pine boards and cut them into a round top and also some tips on how to make the stylish base and stain your table.

5. Easy 44-Inch Round Tabletop

Easy 44-Inch Round Tabletop

When building a DIY round table, the top is always the hardest part and what takes the most effort.

This tutorial provides guidelines for making a 44-inch round top that you can use on any base that you like.

The top uses 2x12 lumber pieces which you should join with pocket holes and so you will also need a Kreg jig. There are pictures and short text guidelines on how to do everything from assembling your lumber pieces to cutting, sanding and staining your table.

This project should only take a day to finish, and it will also be quite inexpensive.

6. Simple and Classy DIY Round Trestle Dining Table

Simple and Classy DIY Round Trestle Dining Table

This Rogue Engineer tutorial proves that building DIY round tables is simpler than it might seem. And the table is also quite cheap since it costs around $40 only.

The tutorial provides the tools and material lists to get you started. Although there are many things that you will need for this project the primary materials are the 2x6s and 2x4s lumber pieces and wood screws.

There are some 3D images to help you understand the dimensions of this DIY round dining table, and you will also get a cut list and step by step guidelines for assembling the pieces.

7. DIY X Base Round Pedestal Dining Table

DIY X Base Round Pedestal Dining Table

Despite this being a week-long project the final product makes it worth the extra effort as it has a sleek and appealing look. And it will also be a functional and long lasting dining table.

Ana White summarizes the DIY round table plan to make it easy to follow, and any intermediate woodworker should not have any difficulties.

Besides from the 2x4s, stain and your regular woodworking tools and hardware there is nothing special you need to make the round tabletop and X base. The few pictures in the tutorial will also be handy.

8. Traditional DIY Round Table with a Modern Touch

Traditional DIY Round Table with a Modern Touch

There is a lot of construction that you will need to do to build a round table like this one. But, the WoodArchivist tutorial provides all the information you need to make it.

These step by step instructions provide both pictures and text guidelines for making everything from the round top to the pedestal base, and there are also some images with the dimensions.

The cut list will also give you some idea on the lumber pieces that you need to make this traditional DIY round table with a modern touch.

9. Cheap and Easy DIY Round Side Table

Cheap and Easy DIY Round Side Table

A simple 24-inch diameter side table like this one will be useful in almost any room. The plans from Ana White’s site are very detailed to ensure you have an easy time making the round table.

The shopping list includes 1x4, 1x3 and 2x3 boards and a few other basics like finish nails and pocket hole screws.

For the tutorial, you get some step by step guidelines with 3D SketchUp which also include all the dimensions. And it will only take between $20 and $50 to make this DIY round side table.

10. 70-Inch DIY Round Table Top

70-Inch DIY Round Table Top

Here is another detailed Rogue Engineer tutorial that will explain how to make a round table top. The table top has a 70-inch diameter, and so it will provide a lot of sitting space.

The table uses recycled legs from another table, and so it will also be quite inexpensive to build. The Rogue Engineer tutorial focuses on making the round top, and there are material, tool, and cut list to get you started.

With the many pictures on this tutorial and step by step directions to guide you this should be a straightforward DIY round table project.

11. Beautiful DIY Demuline Dining Table

Beautiful DIY Demuline Dining Table

A unique dining table like this one is the kind that I would like to make at some point. This beautiful table will always impress your guests and is also very convenient because it does not take up a lot of space.

These free DIY round table woodworking plans use 2x2s, a couple of sheets of plywood and half a sheet of MDF. There is also a list of the other materials that you need and a cut list of all the pieces.

This Designs By Studio C tutorial provides some helpful 3D images with precise dimensions and some step by step guidelines for making the table from scratch.

12. Simple DIY 24-Inch Round Table 

Simple DIY 24-Inch Round Table

Here is one of the easiest and cheapest DIY round table tops that you can build. The 24-inch table top uses 1x3s, and there is a cut list of all the pieces that you will need.

Besides from the lumber, you will only need a few other things like pocket hole screws and Kreg jig. With the few materials and tools, this should be a quick project for you.

The tutorial provides pictures for the main steps in the construction and some text to guide you. But, what I like most about the plan is that you are free to use any base style that you have or can make to complete the table.

13. $75 Easy DIY Wooden Round Table

$75 Easy DIY Wooden Round Table

For just $75 you can build this DIY dining round table. And with the many pictures and easy to follow instructions on this Shanty2Chic tutorial it should also be an easy project.

Most seasoned DIYers should only take a day or two to make the table and even the absence of a cut and materials list this is still a simple project.

Although this how-to tutorial provides enough information and all the steps, there are still some free printable plans for this DIY round table if you need extra information.

14. Simple 15-Step Homemade Round Table

Simple 15-Step Homemade Round Table

This list of DIY projects would not be complete without a project from Instructables as they always seem to have a plan for building almost anything.

For this small and modern-looking DIY round table there are only 15 easy steps that you will need to follow, and so even beginners can implement the plans.

This table builds around an old table, but you will also need a few 2x4s, screws and nails and some paint. But, the tutorial provides the complete shopping and tools lists.

15. Hairpin Legs DIY Round Coffee Table

Hairpin Legs DIY Round Coffee Table

A little creativity and a few hours to spare are all you need to build a round table like this one. And it is also one of the most straightforward DIY round tables that you can make.

There is a complete material list of all the supplies that you need and some easy to comprehend 3-step instructions, and so this should be a simple DIY project.

For this project, you will only need to stain your round coffee table top and attach the legs, but the tutorial explains in detail how to do this.

16. Super-Easy Rustic Round Table

Super-Easy Rustic Round Table

You will hardly see a homemade round table that is easier to build than this. And it also has an appealing rustic look that will impress all your guests.

It features a planked top on a solid 2x2 base and some of the other supplies that you will need are pocket hole screws, wood glue, and some 1x6 boards.

You can make this18-inch tall table in just one weekend, and besides from the detailed step by step instruction and 3D images, there is also a cut list for all the sections of the rustic coffee table.

17. DIY Round Industrial Coffee Table

DIY Round Industrial Coffee Table

Round DIY coffee tables seem to have a unique and more appealing look than the usual square or rectangular ones. And if you also add in an industrial look like in this project you can be sure of getting an outstanding table.

The round top is from an old coffee table, and so you will only need to strip it down and do some sanding, and the base uses some plumbing pipes.

For the base, you will also need flanges, and end caps and this tutorial provides pictures and written instruction on all you need to do when making this industrial DIY round table.

18. DIY Wire Spool and Metal Tub Round Table

DIY Wire Spool and Metal Tub Round Table

If you prefer to repurpose or use what you already have here is a fantastic DIY round table plan for you. It entails using a wire spool as the top for the table and a galvanized metal tub for the base.

Once you get these materials, there is nothing much to do and the assembly should only take a few minutes.

You still need to sand and stain the wire spool. The tutorial provides some text description and pictures to help you understand how to make your repurposed DIY round table.

19. Round Farmhouse Dining Table

Round Farmhouse Dining Table

This picture tutorial from Modern Build provides a video and some 12-step instructions on how to make a DIY round farmhouse dining table.

If you do not like reading lengthy text instructions, this will be a perfect tutorial for you as it relies more on pictures to explain the build.

There is also a material list for making the table, and it includes 4x4s, 2x10s, 2x4s and other supplies like stain and pocket hole screws.

Well, now you can make a DIY round table in 19 easy ways. And if you already have one or have any other ideas for making homemade round tables drop us a comment below.