20 Free DIY Room Divider Ideas to Maximize Space

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20 Free DIY Room Divider Ideas to Maximize Space

diy room divider

Are you always wondering how to section the space in your living room or bedroom? If so, a room divider is your best options.

Room dividers not only help in sectioning rooms but also improve your interior decorations and add some elegance and extra detail to the living areas.

The immense popularity of room dividers means that you can get them in most interior decor stores. But, the best designs and type can cost a fortune.

The good news is that there is another option. And this is making DIY room dividers with the material you already have.

I know just how frustrating things can be when trying to make a DIY room divider screen as it is not always easy to think of something.

In this piece will solve this problem as I provide 20 different room divider ideas. You can pick and make one or use them for inspiration.

You can find more than just these free room divider plans like plans for barn door, pipe shelf, wood wall, and many more. 

Cardboard Tube DIY Room Divider

This cardboard tube divider is one of the easiest and cheapest you can make. It is all about making use of recycled paper to divide the room. And it will only take a few minutes to complete.

For this project, the main components are the cardboard tubes and cords. For the tools, you only need a tape measure and something that can drill some nice holes.

This Lushome tutorial provides a detail description of the materials and the entire process for making the room divider. It is an easy DIY plan to follow, and the tutorial also provides some idea on how you can enhance the divider with stickers or stencils.

2. DIY Room Divider Screen with Casters

DIY Room Divider Screen with Casters

You can build a room divider out of almost anything, and you only need to get creative. This project showcases how to make one with casters for easy mobility.

The guide is simple and easy to follow, and it has a complete list of the materials. The main parts that you will need are pipes, wood boards, and some casters.

Although this tutorial does not provide details about the cost, you will not spend much. If you already have some pipes and wood board, then the casters are the only thing you need to buy.

What I like most about this room separating idea is that it can convert into a regular rack by removing the fabric.

3. Leftover Wood Floor Room Divider

Leftover Wood Floor Room Divider

If you have some extra wood planks from a flooring project here is a good way to repurpose them. This project entails using the planks, rope and some IKEA pipe stands to make a simple but stylish room divider.

It is quite a simple project that should only take a few of hours to complete. And if you already have some wood planks and rope then you only need to buy a couple of pipes.

IKEA room divider ideas like this one will help you repurpose material you already have at home. They are also very cost-effective, and I would not mind trying this one.

4. Easy Twinkling Branches DIY Room Divider

Easy Twinkling Branches DIY Room Divider

Some simple trees with twinkling lights create a festive atmosphere in any room. But you do not have to wait for Christmas to make them since you can also have them as part of a room divider.

The Make site provides a short video that showcases the material that you need for this project and how to make the wall divider.

This room separating idea is not only easy to implement but also very affordable. Apart from the twinkling lights (which you probably already have) you only need some 1 by 3 inches pine planks for the frame and some tree branches.

The frame only takes a few minutes to assemble. But since you also need to do some painting this project will take a few hours to complete.

5. Vinyl Record DIY Room Divider

Vinyl Record DIY Room Divider

There are various things that you can use to make a room divider, and all you need is some creativity. This tutorial provides a cheap room divider idea that makes use of old vinyl records.

It looks very classy but still very simple to create. Here you only need to join the vinyl records with some wire to create a simple divider that you can hang on a wall.

This DIY hanging divider idea will also require you to use some contact paper to cover the records. But the papers are still cheap, and so the project will not cost much to implement.

What I like about this room divider is that it will allow you to peek through the two spaces without even moving it aside.

6. The Movable Room Divider

The Movable Room Divider

This wooden room divider only requires some basic woodworking skills to make. It entails using some 2 by 4 pieces to form a supporting frame and a thin plywood to create the face.

Although this Improvised Life project does not provide a comprehensive guide on how to make the room divider, the description is enough.

With a few hours to spare and some woodworking tools, you should not have any difficulties completing this divider. And the 2 by 4 frame will also provide some nooks for your artwork.

7. Simple Homemade Multipurpose Room Divider

Simple Homemade Multipurpose Room Divider

I just love this room partitioning idea, and I must try it out soon. It is simple, and you will not require a lot of material to make it. But, what I love most is the two-sided and multipurpose design.

The primary materials are the MDF boards, hinges, fabric and chalkboard paint. The tutorial provides a list of everything you need and their sizes. Also, there is a list of the necessary tools.

This DIY wall divider plan has some detailed step by step instructions and some pictures of all the construction stages. Depending on the availability of materials in your locality it is a relatively cheap plan, and you can create it in just a few hours.

8. 13-Step Multifunctional Room Divider

13-Step Multifunctional Room Divider

This DIY room divider makes it possible to separate the dressing and sleeping areas in your bedroom. The 13-step tutorial provides clear instructions on what to do and a full list of parts.

For this room divider, you will need some MDF boards and plenty of other materials, but most are easy to get and affordable.

But, the size and level of details in this divider mean that it will take at least a weekend to finish. There are also plenty of pictures in the tutorial to help you with the construction.

Besides from dividing the room this piece is also multipurpose. It provides plenty of storage for your clothes and various other items.

9. Cheap Rope DIY Wall Dividers

Cheap Rope DIY Wall Dividers

With a few wooden boxes and a bunch of jute ropes, you can implement this cheap room divider idea. It is a very straightforward design that you can achieve on a small budget.

For the wood boxes, you only need to make some holes for the ropes which should be quite easy. The only thing that might be challenging for this project is the tedious and repetitive process of inserting the jute ropes.

Depending on the size of room divider you want to make this is quite a quick project. And to save even more cash, you should buy the jute ropes in bulk.

This tutorial does not provide a description or step by step guide, but they are not necessary since this is a straightforward wall divider idea.

10. DIY Plywood Room Divider/Bulletin Board

DIY Plywood Room Divider/Bulletin Board

This Design Sponge tutorial helps you make a simple room divider that also works as a bulletin board. If you aspire to learn how to build a room divider without spending much this tutorial is an excellent starting point.

Here you only need a few 20 by 66 inches plywood panels, some hinges and a 4-yard fabric. The tutorial provides a complete material list and measurements to make the construction easy. There is also a step by step build plan that is easy to follow.

Although it is handy as a room divider, I also like the fact that you can use the inner section as a bulletin board.

11. Freestanding Divider Wall

Freestanding Divider Wall

There are many room separating ideas out there that you can try out, but this is one of the easiest. It is an easy DIY project and also very cost-effective that you can complete in one weekend.

This DIY plan is straightforward and clear with lists of the tools, materials and a 7-step construction guide. The simplicity of the design means that anyone with basic woodworking skills can implement it.

Since this is a freestanding divider wall, you can also move it from one room to another.

12. Homemade Decorative Folding Screen

Homemade Decorative Folding Screen

Although DIY room dividers are very helpful in sectioning your rooms, they can also be decorative. This one from In My Own Style site is more decorative than functional.

What I like most about it is that you can paint the sides in different colors to change the look of the room when you feel like it. Also, it is very affordable as you can make it with as little as $30.

This project can take a day or even a few hours to complete, and the tutorial provides a list of everything you will need.

13. Wood Pallet DIY Room Divider

Wood Pallet DIY Room Divider

There are countless things that you can do with old wood pallets. But this DIY idea takes things to a whole new level.

I like the simplicity of this project, and one does not require any advanced woodworking skill to create it. Here you only need to measure, cut the pallets and hammer them into a room divider.

If you have some large pallets or one that suits your desire dimensions you will not even need to do anything else apart from cleaning them. And so this is one of the cheapest and quickest DIY room dividers to implement.

14. 60 x 180 CM Wood Panel Room Divider

60 x 180 CM Wood Panel Room Divider

Here is another folding room divider idea that you can implement with three 60 x 180 cm wood panels. It is also an easy project that will only require you to spare a few hours.

You will also need a piece of fabric with some lovely prints which you can get from IKEA, some screws, and hinges. There is a list on this tutorial for everything else that you need.

This plan provides a clear description of the room divider, and so you will have an easy time figuring it out.

15. $170 DIY Hanging Room Dividers

$170 DIY Hanging Room Dividers

Hanging room dividers are functional, and they will also help to beautify the place. Most are also easy to make and do not take a lot of your time. With $170 and a few free hours over the weekend, you can make this one.

The main materials that you will need for this room divider are the fabric and canvas, but there is also some cheap hardware you will need for assembly and when hanging the room dividers.

Since this is a straightforward project, there is no need for any step by step instructions. But the tutorial still provides some pictures with clear descriptions to help DIYers.

16. Under $40 DIY Curtain Room Divider

Under $40 DIY Curtain Room Divider

DIY curtain room dividers are an excellent idea when you have a large area to cover but do not want to spend a lot of cash. This tutorial demonstrates how you can make them for less than $40.

Instead of using some expensive fabric this project goes for some flat white sheets that you can get in any local store. You also need some S hooks and hanging wire, but there is a list of all these items on the tutorial.

Once you get everything, there is not a lot of work that you need to do. And so assembling this room divider only takes a couple of hours or less.

There are also some clear descriptions of the projects and a few pictures to help you figure things out.

17. Green Growing DIY Room Divider

Green Growing DIY Room Divider

If like me you love having some plants indoors this room divider tutorial will impress you. It is a straightforward project, but the plants make it unique and very appealing.

The wooden frame has a rustic appearance that will add some elegance to your home. It is also easy to make as it does not require many wood pieces.

There are also some casters on this room divider for mobility and hence making it more convenient. It is a cheap project that you can make from wood pieces that you already have at home.

The plants will require some time to grow, and in some cases, it is necessary to start them off in a nursery or pot. But, apart from this the rest you can finish in one weekend.

18. Modern Wall Divider with Build-In Bookshelf

Modern Wall Divider with Build-In Bookshelf

It is amazing how this room divider complements the appearance of the house. And it is also very functional hence making it an excellent project to try out.

Although this Apartment Therapy article does not specify how to build it, the pictures should give you enough ideas. It is a wooden room divider that is fixed on the wall permanently. And so it will require some extra keenness when making and setting it on the wall.

Since you will only need a few boards and some other pieces of timber it should not be expensive to make. But what I love most is that it will also provide some extra storage space and act as an office nook.

19. Giant Hanging Window Room Divider

Giant Hanging Window Room Divider

Adding a giant window between two rooms can help you create a beautiful and unique room divider. And if you already have the large window you will only need to buy some hinges to complete the project.

This DIY room divider screen is another of my favorite that I would love to try. It is a unique room divider that will not just create some definition for the spaces, but also keeps everything bright as it allows light to pass through.

If you have to buy the window, you can get it for less than $100 in a salvage yard. And if you add the cost of the other things you need to hang it you will see that it is still quite affordable.

There is nothing complicated when it comes to hanging the window. And so the text description on this Jones Design Company Tutorial should be enough

20. Geometric DIY Fretwork Screen

Geometric DIY Fretwork Screen

You can make this 80 by 48 inches screen in three simple steps. It has a folding style and some geometric designs that are not as hard to make as they might look.

It is a beautiful piece that will not only be functional but also helps to spice up the room. You will need lots of 2 by 2 pieces to make this screen. But the tutorial provides complete material and cut lists.

Since there is a lot of cutting, gluing and nailing several pieces this project will take quite some time to implement. If you have all the materials, you can finish it over a weekend depending on your speed and skill level.

The cost will depend on the availability of the material. If you already have the 2 x 2 pieces and some hinges in your garage it will be a very cheap project.

With our 20 DIY room divider ideas above in mind, you should not have a problem making one that's suits your home. If you also have other ideas or have already tried one of them, we would like to know your experiences.

Feel free to drop us your comment below and share this piece to help others also know how they can make a DIY room divider.