16 Simple DIY Rocking Chairs You Can Build In a Weekend

16 Simple DIY Rocking Chairs You Can Build In a Weekend

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Having a rocking chair is such a great pleasure. It allows you to properly relax, while enjoying your evening, a lazy afternoon, simply reading a book, or watching the sun set in the horizon.

You can build your own rocking chair if you really want to. There are many DIY carpenters from around the world, who have succeeded in building a rocking chair by themselves.

In the list below, I present 17 of the most amazing free DIY project plans to you. They should inspire your creative genius, and enable you to create your own unique rocking chair.

After you've used one of these ideas to make your DIY rocking chair, come back and browse my other free building plans so you can build an adirondack chair, hammock, bar stool, outdoor bench, go-kart, and many more. 

Henry Jackson's Free DIY Rocking Chair Plan

Delivered in 11 steps, Henry's rocking chair plan produces a beautiful but solid rocking chair. This guide begins with a list of required tools, plus a materials list. It then begins the construction instructions.

Step 1 is about building the legs, while step 2 focuses on the sides of the chair. There are not too many pictures in this guide, but each of the steps is explained in detail.

Choosing to paint or to stain the chair when complete is your choice. Stained and glossy finished rocking chairs often produce a nice classic chair vibe.

2. DIY Adirondack Rocking Chair

DIY Adirondack Rocking Chair

It is one thing to build an Adirondack chair, but a much bigger challenge to build a rocking Adirondack chair. This is a complex project, so you should only attempt it if you are experienced enough.

The guide begins with a tools and materials list, which include lumber, copper pipe, washers e.t.c. The next step is the tracing of the template and the cutting of the wood.

You will also need to drill lots of holes into the different parts of this chair. There are a total of 34 different parts in this project and the assembly part of this guide shows you how to assemble them all in 8 steps.

3. Modern & Super Comfortable Rocking Chair Plan

Modern & Super Comfortable Rocking Chair Plan

A rocking chair doesn't necessarily have to be made from wood alone. You are free to build a very comfortable and upholstered rocking chair, complete with armrests.

The material list includes MDF and plywood, as well as glue, orbital sander, and other standard woodworking tools. It also includes an upholstered accent chair, which can be gotten from a thrift store.

There are 7 construction steps, which guide you through the building of the rocking chair frame, and its attachment to the upholstered chair, which then creates the upholstered rocking chair.

This is a great guide for those who want to build a build a rocking chair that is different. It inspires you to think outside the box and to do something cool.

4. Conover's Free DIY Shaker Rocker Plan

Conover's Free DIY Shaker Rocker Plan

This page contains a link to a downloadable 9-page tutorial on building a rocking chair in the shaker furniture's simple way. The wooden parts of the chair are turned on a lathe, while the seats are woven.

There are detailed diagrams in this PDF file as well. They contain the individual parts of the chair with their measurements. There is also a template for the armrest and the rocker.

Another interesting lesson that this guide teaches you is how to do steam-bending. This is the process of using steam to soften a piece of wood, while you bend it.

Even if you don't intend to build this lovely chair, going through this guide can teach you some helpful woodworking skills.

5. Rocking Chair & Crib Combo Plan

Rocking Chair & Crib Combo Plan

This wooden rocking chair plan includes something that most other rockers don't have, and that is a baby crib. This allows you to rock your baby and yourself at the same time.

Needless to say, this combo chair only makes sense for a parent with a baby. The project requires pine board sheets, plywood, wood glue and super glue, plus other materials.

An included template provides you with the shapes that you'll have to cut out and get building. Pictures also help you to understand each of the building steps. There are plenty pictures, and they continue until the third page of the tutorial.

6. Bent-Back DIY Rocking Chair

Bent-Back Rocking Chair DIY Guide

Here, you'll learn how to build a rocking chair with a bent back. The design is simple, but it does feature a touch of woodworking expertise.

The plans here are very well made and contain measurements and tips. There are also lots of pictures of the chair building process.

This guide also includes templates to use in cutting out the rocker, the armrest, the ribs and the bottom splat. You should learn quite a few cool woodworking techniques from this tutorial.

7. Peter Hutchinson's Victorian Child Rocker plan

Peter Hutchinson's Victorian Child Rocker plan

This rocker is more of an artwork than a functional piece of furniture. It has a total of 22 parts, with 16 of those parts being turned spindles. It is 27 inches high and 15 inches wide.

A list of the chair parts which shows their various designs and measurements is presented in this guide, as well as other helpful pictures and diagrams for boring holes and other steps.

In the end, you will build an unmistakable piece of Victorian furniture by following this guide.

8. Accent Chair Rocking Base

Accent Chair Rocking Base DIY Guide

DIY rocking chairs don't always have to be 100% wooden. Accent chairs can be successfully converted into rockers, as we have already seen.

This guide begins with taking out the initial legs on the accent chair, then measuring and building a new base with rockers. As you can imagine, the dimensions of the base you'll build will depend on the dimensions of your chair.

A material and tool lists are provided, and then a 12-step DIY guide follows with pictures and lots of instructions.

The construction of the base is then shown step by step, after which the rockers were attached to it using wood glue and pocket holes. The entire construction was then coated and attached to the accent chair as soon as it was dry.

9. Free DIY Rocking Lounge Chair Video Guide

This guide is presented in a video format on YouTube and is great for those who prefer video tutorials.

It begins with a picture of the chair to build and a list of the tools and materials that you'll be needing. You then need to download the templates and use them to cut the wooden boards.

Next comes the sanding of the boards, the removal of the backrest from the base, and the cutting of slats.

The base and the backrest are then screwed together, and the slats also screwed onto them, and that's it.

10. Outdoor DIY Rocking Chair Plan

Outdoor DIY Rocking Chair Plan

For this DIY outdoor rocking chair, you will be needing 1x3 lumbers for the sides, seat and backrest supports. You'll also be needing 1x6 lumbers for the rockers and 1x2s for the armrests.

The project will take about a day to complete, and you only need basic woodworking tools. The seat is 20 inches wide, while the backrest is 18.5 inches high.

The rockers have a length of 36 inches. They are the first part of this chair to be built. The shape is drawn on a 1x6 board and then cut with a jigsaw.

This DIY outdoor rocking chair guide is presented in a step by step manner. Each step focuses on a particular action and includes a diagram as a visual reference.

11. Comfortable & Easy to Build Outdoor Rocking Chair Plan

Comfortable & Easy to Build Outdoor Rocking Chair Plan

You will be requiring more than standard tools to build this chair, such as a spindle sander, a dowel-hole drilling jig, and others.

There are shopping and cutting lists, with all the boards you have to buy and how you have to cut them. The chair itself is 24 inches high without the rockers.

You also get templates for the rocker and the rear legs, plus a detailed plan of all the chair's parts.

This DIY guide is well laid out and includes a 10-step guide, which shows you how to cut the parts and how to put them together.

12. $25 DIY Rocking Chair Plan

DIY $25 Rocking Chair Plan

This plan may not produce the most visually appealing rocking chair, but it does produce a very affordable one at a material cost of $25.

There are no fancy parts in this project and no fancy carpentry skills. This DIY guide is also not fancy. There is no step by step tutorial and no construction pictures.

Although this may not be the best rocking chair tutorial in the world, the design of the chairs is so straightforward that you would hardly need a guide to get it right.

13. Free DIY Child's Rocker Plan

Free DIY Child's Rocker Plans

This project is not recommended for beginners. It is for experienced woodworkers who want to build a rocking chair and don't need someone to hold their hands and guide them through the process.

It features an early American styling and a detailed plan with complete measurements, which can be downloaded and printed out. A few instructions on this page offer some tips for a better job, but that's it.

The chair is 10.5 inches high, but it can be increased if the child is older than 6 years old.  Some parts of the chair also have to be turned on a lathe, while other parts are joined together using wood plugs.

As stated before, you will have to be good in woodwork to take on this project, because you will need to read the plans on your own here.

14. Classic DIY Rocking Chair Plan

Classic Rocking Chair DIY Plans

This particular plan is one of the best rocking chair plans ever. It includes detailed diagrams with all the necessary measurements, plus templates for the rocker and armrests.

A material list is also included, with all the boards that you'll have to purchase for this project. The building instructions are delivered in a step by step guide, and they cover everything from the making of the posts to the assembly of the chair.

There are 24 building steps in total, with the last steps dealing with the fixing of the armrests and the gluing and clamping of the seat slats.

There are also helpful instructions on the sides, which provide information on how best to go about each stage of the build, from making of the rails, slats, posts, rockers, and how to glue them properly.

15. Free DIY Outdoor Rocking Chair Plan

Free Outdoor Rocking Chair DIY Guide

With an estimated cost between $50 to $100, this DIY offers you a wooden rocking chair plan with 7 building steps.

The chair is 32 inches high and 22 inches wide. You will need 2 pieces of 8-ft 1x2s, 3 pieces of 1x3s, 2 pieces of 1x4s and a 1x6 board to build this chair.

There is also a cut list and a set of instructions to read before starting the project and working through the step by step guide. They include tips for cutting, assembly, finishing and other aspects of woodwork.

The 7-step guide is well laid out and includes a diagram of the build in each step. It begins with the cutting of the pieces for the backrest and ends with the final assembly of the side frames, which concludes the construction.

16. Adirondack Style Rocking Chair Plan

Adirondack Style Rocking Chair DIY Guide

Although this chair has some basic Adirondack chair features, it is not as laid back as an Adirondack chair and it is also on rockers.

This guide leads you through the different stages of the build using lots of pictures. It starts with the legs on the rockers, and then adds the seat with its slats.

The backrest slats are added and then everything is perfectly sanded, before getting stained and waxed. This tutorial is a great idea and mix between an Adirondack and a rocking chair.

You are also free to make additions to this design and to create a unique or amazing piece of furniture thereby.

We have come to the end of our list of free and amazing rocking chair plans. Please feel free to share this list and to pin any image that you feel like.

I would also like some feedback from you.

Why don't you drop me a few lines in the comment section and let me know which of these designs that you are planning to build?