24 Free DIY Rocket Stove Plans & Designs to Cook Food or Heat Small Spaces

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24 Free DIY Rocket Stove Plans & Designs to Cook Food or Heat Small Spaces

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Campfire nights are the bomb. Telling stories with friends and family, cooking marshmallows and hotdogs over the fire and watching some dodge the campfire smoke is undoubtedly fun. 

But while you have created great memories around the campfires, there also are nights where creating a fire for one reason or the other was not an option. 

Those nights were cold and you had cold beans and cold hotdogs for dinner. You probably thought to yourself there are other better options. And good news – there are.

If you are willing to spend a couple hundred of dollars, you could get a retail rocket stove. But what if you do not have the cash to spend? You still have the option of a DIY rocket stove. 

These are cheap and you can make in a short time. In this piece, I have put together a comprehensive list of 25 DIY rocket stove for you to consider. 

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1. DIY Rocket Grill

DIY Rocket Grill

If you are looking to cook your food without having to spend on charcoal, this rocker grill will offer you great service. This DIY rocket grill is a great variation of rocket stoves and best for biofuels.

With this unit, you can cook your food with wood chips, twigs, wood scraps and anything else without smoking. The best part is that it really does sound like a rocket.

It is small and light and can be used to roast, braize, bake and boil as well. To hold your beer and plate of meat as you cook, the DIY rocket grill features side tables.

The overall design is simple and needs little to no maintenance. Instructables details the process of building your own. It is mostly built from scrap metal. The PDF tutorial, however, features a comprehensive list of all supplies needed.

2. DIY Rocket Stove Under $20

DIY Rocket Stove Under $20

If you are more of an outdoors person, or you find yourself having to go without electricity for prolonged periods, this portable rocket stove is perfect for you. It is easy to build, handle and use.

It weighs just 5 pounds. I love it because it is created with locally available items. For tools, you will need a hammer, metal snips and a drill. 

For materials, on the other hand, you will need a vent pipe (90 degrees), clay kitty litter, straight vent pipe, and paint. For these, you should expect to spend less than $20.

Instructables provides a step-by-step PDF tutorial of simple rocket stove. Complementing the tutorial are images for the steps taken. The tutorial is simple to follow for beginners.

3. DIY Brick Rocket Stove

For this DIY rocket stove, you will not have to cut or take any measurements. All you are needed to do is stack bricks. The video tutorial provided by KGB Survivalist on YouTube gives a detailed guide.

To successfully create this DIY rocket stove you need 24 bricks. You could have more than this but 24 bricks create the minimum height for the DIY rocket stove to work perfectly. 

In addition to this, you need a wire-mesh or grate to act as the shelf at the opening. If you cannot find one, a perforated aluminum foil will work just fine.

Following the video tutorial, you will build the DIY rocket stove in less than 2 minutes. It is inexpensive, efficient and best of all perfect for beginners and pros DIYers.

4. No. 10 DIY Rocket Stove

No. 10 DIY Rocket Stove

I love this rocket stove design because it is made from recycled cans and will cost you almost $0. The fact that it is insulated is also a plus as it will lose less heat and use less fuel.

The PDF DIY rocket stove plan detail that you will need a no. 10 can, regular cans, and perlite or any other insulating material. For the tools, you need tin snips, nails, and hammer, file, pliers, and gloves.

The PDF tutorial by Instructables details 8 steps to creating this DIY rocket stove. And while some fair amount of cutting is needed, this DIY rocket stove still makes for a perfect Boy Scout project.

When the DIY rocket stove is complete, do remember to allow the outside to cool after use as it does heat up with time.

5. DIY Mud And Brick Rocket Stove

DIY Mud And Brick Rocket Stove

These rocket stoves are huge and are slightly more permanent. However, they still abide by the functioning or basic rocket stoves with slight improvements. Despite their size, they are built from locally available material and are cheap.

The Kul Kul Farm blog details two DIY rocket stove designs. The same rocket stove principles are applied in both. For each DIY rocket stove plan and design, a word and video tutorial are provided.

The large size of this DIY rocket stove means it takes slightly more time and more people to complete but that is where the fun is. Images provided on the blog tutorial are testament to this.

Apart from the welding step, every other step requires no skill. Overall, the DIY project is perfect for beginners and benefits a community.

6. DIY Cinder Block Rocket Stove

DIY Cinder Block Rocket Stove

If you want to learn how to build a rocket stove, this is one of the best tutorials to follow. This DIY rocket stove created is simple and straightforward. The best bit is that are no prerequisite skills required.

The Attainable Sustainable blog details all steps to follow in building the DIY rocket stove. To construct the rocket stove, you will need cinder blocks, pavers and a grill for the cooking surface. 

With all supplies at hand, the construction process will take less than 5 minutes even for a beginner. The blog tutorial also provides a guide on how to light the cheap DIY rocket stove. 

7. DIY Concrete Tiki Rocket Stove

DIY Concrete Tiki Rocket Stove

This looks like one of those stoves or art you would see in movies. But with a little bit of creativity and lots of recycled materials, you can have this piece of art in your backyard. 

The great thing is that it costs under $40. This DIY rocket stove can also double up as a decorative statue.

Instructables avails a 7-step PDF tutorial to guide you through the creation process. In addition to the instructions, the tutorial also features a tools and materials list. 

And while this DIY rocket stove is slightly complex having more steps and needing lots of tools and materials, it is manageable by beginners as well. 

After its creation, you should allow it to cure under the sun for about two weeks. This prevents the concrete from cracking and exploding when heated.

8. DIY Camping Rocket Stove

DIY Camping Rocket Stove

If you are in love with cooking and camping but hate burning non-reversible fuels this small rocket stove plan is for you. This DIY rocket stove will keep you from burning piles of wood to prepare simple meals.

The small design makes it a portable rocket stove. Creating this DIY rocket stove, you do not have to spend a dime. The process as detailed in the 13-step PDF and video tutorial by Instructable is simple and straightforward.

To create this DIY camping rocket stove, you will need a helium bottle, a square tube, spike, pan and structural support. Since you will be recycling most materials, you might end up spending $0.

9. A DIY Hobo Tin-Can Rocket Stove

A DIY Hobo Tin-Can Rocket Stove

This little DIY stove is out of this world. Unlike the girl or boy scout versions, this DIY rocket stove can boil water with a few small sticks. The best part is that it weighs almost nothing. 

And instead of buying one for about $35, Log Cabin Cooking details how you can build one for yourself without spending a dime. You can adjust the size of the DIY rocket stove to suit your needs.

The blog tutorial details all the supplies you will need to create the DIY rocket stove. The fact that the stove has insulation (ashes) means it is more efficient. 

You can boil a cup of water in 5 minutes using about 5 sticks. Sure there is some bit of cutting involved but this is nothing a beginner cannot handle.

10. DIY Scrap Rocket Stove With A Handle

DIY Scrap Rocket Stove With A Handle

This DIY rocket stove design is similar to the one detailed above. Courtesy of the insulation, you can prepare a meal with a few twigs. 

Jamie from Prepared Housewives shares the steps on how she built a rocket stove. Everything you will need to build this rocket stove you already have lying around in your house including the wire hanger for the handle.

In the blog tutorial, she provides the complete list of supplies you require. In addition to this, she delivers the tutorial in a step-by-step format with each step complemented with a photo.

With a mini saw, creating this DIY rocket stove will take less than five minutes. The spray paint adds some oomph to the rocket stove. It also makes it more attractive and enables it to last longer.

Just make sure the paint you use is high heat spray otherwise it will peel right off when you light it up.

11. DIY ZeroFossil Fuel Rocket Stove Heater

DIY ZeroFossil Fuel Rocket Stove Heater

This DIY rocket stove is unlike any other on this list. This rocket stove has been designed as a heater as you can tell from its name. 

Generally, it uses wood for fuel and has an internal riser. It features a long barrel that comes with a long exhaust pipe running through a cob thermal mass which plays the role of a heat battery. 

This heat battery is useful in storing heat between mornings and evenings. The rocket stove looks complicated. As such to help in the creation of this unit, ZeroFossilFuel provides a PDF tutorial. 

The tutorial comes with images, list of supplies and creation instructions articulated in an easy to follow procedure. Sketch diagrams are available to give you a better understanding while building.

12. DIY Sand Rocket Stove

DIY Sand Rocket Stove

It is pretty unbelievable that you can turn the ground into an efficient stove. Anyone can do this anywhere anytime. Aside from sand and a tube, nothing else is required. 

That said, this DIY rocket stove will cost you almost $0 (especially if you already have sand. So how do you build this unit? Well, Instructables details an 8-step tutorial with images to guide through the creation process. 

The PDF tutorial is easy to follow. And since no cutting or measuring is required in the creation of this rocket stove design, anyone can create it in a few minutes.

13. DIY Heavy-Duty Rocket Stove

DIY Heavy-Duty Rocket Stove

If you are looking for a heavy duty, long lasting rocket stove, this is the unit for you. The stove is large, strong and sturdy. It has been created using a Freon tank. 

Instructables provides a PDF tutorial on how to build the rocket stove. But to be successful, they do point out the need to have metalworking and welding skills and experience.

The PDF tutorial provides step-by-step instructions. In addition, the tutorial features perspective diagrams to guide through the welding intense DIY project. While the DIY project is easy, it does require intermediate skills and great adherence to safety.

The rocket stove is insulated for added efficiency. It is also raised and features carrying handles for convenience.

14. DIY Rocket Stove Built From a 5-Gallon Steel Pail

DIY Rocket Stove Built From a 5-Gallon Steel Pail

If you are not into masonry and are looking for a DIY rocket stove that does not require masonry skills, this may be the right rocket stove design for you. I have fallen in love with the unit as it is also portable.

The fact that it is made from a steel pail means it will last for long. The main material for this project is the steel pail which is gotten from local stores. 

Root Simple provides a PDF tutorial with the instructions and supplies list. The tutorial features some images to make the steps clearer and simple for beginners as well. 

Overall, excluding the insulation dry time, it will take about 60 minutes to piece the rocket stove together.

15. DIY 6 Block Dual Burner Rocket Stove

This is yet another simple rocket stove design. But unlike other designs on this list, it comes with a dual burner. This will allow multitasking in your cooking just like at home. 

The best part is that no cutting or welding is required. With 6 concrete blocks, you will have your DIY rocket stove in a matter of seconds. 

The Desertsun02 YouTube channel provides a short video tutorial of how to lay the concrete blocks. If you already have the concrete blocks, the project will cost you $0. 

But even if you have to buy some, it still is an inexpensive DIY project. It is a perfect project for beginners.

16. 2 20 Liter Oil Can DIY Rocket Stove

2 20 Liter Oil Can DIY Rocket Stove

To have direct and insulated fire when you are out camping, this stove is best. It is simplistic in design though it requires some bit of work as is evident from this 10-step Instructable PDF tutorial.

This DIY rocket stove features metallic handles and sawdust insulation. When complete, the rocket stove will require you to use a snug fitting pot.

Now, the instructable tutorial details the materials and tools needed for the project. These include 2 20 liter oil cans, a dedicated cooking pot snuggly fitting into the rocket stove, a sheet of metal and metal tubes.

When following the tutorial, you should have work gloves to avoid accidents when handling the metal sheet and tubes.

17. DIY Permanent Brick Rocket Stove

DIY Permanent Brick Rocket Stove

If you need the efficiency of a rocket stove for the long term, this permanent rocket stove in your backyard will be best. Unlike other brick rocket stove designs, this unit features insulation.

In addition to the insulation, the Root Simple blog tutorial also details the need for 36 bricks, a stove pipe, tin, premixed concrete and a grill. Following this tutorial, the hardest bit will probably be the masonry bit.

Nonetheless, an individual with beginner masonry skills can hack building the structure with ease. The tutorial is complemented with images and even though it is not in a step-by-step layout, it is easy to follow.

18. DIY Space Shuttle Rocket Stove

DIY Space Shuttle Rocket Stove

If you are confident you have above average metal working and welding skills, then this DIY rocket stove is the best DIY project to embark on. The rocket stove is designed from thick heavy metal.

Instructables gave it the space shuttle name not because it resembled one (though it does, remotely), but because of its gray color. The graphical tutorial by Instructable provides a visual step-by-step guide.

The main material needed for the creation of the unit is a 10x10cm metal profile. Given its metallic structure and paint finish, this rocket stove is bound to last for ages.

19. DIY Recycled Can Rocket Stove

The Bug Out Bag Guide YouTube channel video features a creation by Prepared Housewives. The DIY rocket stove project is created from a no. 10 recycled can. 

If you are more of a visual individual, you will prefer this video tutorial instead. In this video tutorial, a list of supplies is provided at the start of the video.

The video is shot as the rocket stove is built. This way you get a clear image of what is required for the project. In less than 5 minutes, you will have the DIY rocket stove ready to go. 

Do remember to have your heavyduty gloves on during the project to avoid accidents when handling the metallic can.

20. DIY Homemade Tin Can Rocket Stove

DIY Homemade Tin Can Rocket Stove

This is an absolutely cute rocket stove. It is perfectly small and gets the job done as one would picture it. Its small size makes it portable. It also features a handle and insulation.

Despite the small size and all its cuteness, it is a powerful stove. In fact, it is rain and wind resistant meaning it lasts for ages.

For the successful completion of this project, you will require 3 metal cans and sand. For tools, it is important to note that no special tools are required. You only need a drill, pliers, and a hacksaw.

The video tutorial by desertsun02 takes you through the steps of creating the homemade rocket stove. The steps are easy to follow and you will be done in less than 5 minutes.

21. DIY 4-Block Rocket Stove

This is yet another cool video tutorial by Desertsun02 (YouTube Channel). Unlike other block rocket stove covered above, this DIY project only requires 4 blocks. 

If you have the blocks already, you will not spend a dime. However, if you have to buy the blocks, expect to spend about $6.

The video tutorial by Desertsun02 details the process of putting together the rocket stove. I love the fact that no masonry or metalworking skills are required in this project. It is a project perfect for beginners.

The fact that this simple rocket stove is rain and wind resistant is an added plus. You can put it together in a few seconds.

22. DIY Trashcan Rocket Stove

DIY Trashcan Rocket Stove

Who knew a trashcan could be used for anything else than holding trash? Instructables got creative and used it to create a rocket stove. In a 54-step graphical PDF tutorial, the blog describes how they do it.

Before the numerous steps scare you away, you should note that they are all images of the different simple steps. Very few wordings are included in this PDF tutorial. 

The tutorial also includes a list of supplies you would need to successfully replicate the DIY rocket stove. The list of supplies includes the trashcan, a stove pipe, self-tapping screws, trim ring, vermiculite and a metal sheet.

Following the tutorial, you will be done in a few hours. The beauty this rocket stove is that when not in use, the trashcan lid can be used to protect the insides of the stove from the rain.

23. DIY Homemade Rocket Stove

DIY Homemade Rocket Stove

If you are looking to learn how to build a rocket stove, then the blog tutorial on One Green Planet is perfect for you. 

The tutorial describes what rocket stoves are, their benefits and why most persons have taken to them. 

In addition to this, before getting into building a rocket stove, the blog tutorial also details the basic simple designs of rocket stoves in general. 

It outlines that they have a basic L-shape and can be made from recycled cans and old concrete and cinder blocks for almost nothing. For its DIY rocket stove, it explains the 4-cinder method.

24. DIY Rocket Stove Mass Heater

DIY Rocket Stove Mass Heater

The beauty of this unit is that when it hits its maximum temperature it does not emit smoke. To create this DIY rocket stove heater, you will need to follow the PDF tutorial provided by Instructable carefully.

For supplies, you need to recover a water heater and then separate it into two. You will need to have insulation material for added efficiency and paint the outside for a sleek look.

I should point out that the tutorial skips some steps as such; you do need to be a skilled DIYer to hack this indoor rocket stove project. 

As for price, given you are recycling a water heater, you will spend very little cash if any.

Now that you have a whopping 24 designs to inspire your rocket stove project, shun procrastination and get started on it right away. Pick one design that appeals to you most.

Once you have made your pick we would love to hear from you. Share with use the challenges you face in the project. Any additions and improvements you might have for the different designs for future reference.

We are all in this together. Comment below and help add to the wealth of knowledge available.