10 Amazing DIY Porch Swing Fire Pits - Perfect Gathering Spots

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10 Amazing DIY Porch Swing Fire Pits – Perfect Gathering Spots

porch swing fire pit

If you like spending time outdoors with your friends or family, you need somewhere comfortable and warm to sit. A fire pit with some swings around it is an example of such a place.

With a swing fire pit, you will get not only the perfect relaxation place but also something to spice up your empty porch and also enhance the look of your entire backyard.

Swing fire pits are more straightforward to design than they may look. And with some good fire pit swing plans, you can have one in your home in just a few days and without hiring someone to build it.

Although this is not a very complicated project, it is always easier to build it with some plans. In this piece, we have gathered 10 swing fire pit plans to help make the construction easy for you.

Check out our plans below and choose the swing around fire pit plan that best suits your home.

You can find more than just these free porch swing fire pit plans like plans for outdoor fireplace fire pit, picnic table, outdoor bench, outdoor firewood rack, and many more.

DIY Hexagonal Porch Swig Fire Pit

This hexagonal swinging bench fire pit provides a lot of sitting space for your friends and family. And you can use it all year round provided you build it in a suitable location.

The Instructables tutorial provides some detailed 12-step instruction for the construction, and they include both text and photos to make the project easy to implement.

For sturdiness and durability, this swing fire pit uses 6x6 posts and beams. There is also a long list of all the other lumber pieces and materials that you will need.

And since it uses readymade benches that only require some assembly it will not be a very tedious project. You should be ready to spend at least $1,200 on this DIY project.

2. Awesome 5-Swing Backyard Fire Pit

Awesome 5-Swing Backyard Fire Pit

This picture tutorial provides a detailed guide on how you can make that perfect swing fire pit for your backyard. It has a simple hexagonal design, and it also uses some 6x6 post and beams for durability.

Although this swing fire pit does not come with the usual step by step instructions the material lists and pictures provide more than enough information.

Depending on the availability of the lumber in your locality this project can cost just a few hundred dollars or even more than a thousand. But, it should only take a couple of weekends to build.

3. The Hexagonal Fire Pit with Swings Simplified

The Hexagonal Fire Pit with Swings Simplified

For those that prefer more summarized plans here is a perfect one for you. It is for the hexagonal porch swing fire pit from Instructables, but it provides the information you need using ‘fewer' words.

This swing fire pit plan is one of my favorites as it is not only easy to follow but makes everything look very straightforward.

Making this family-friendly backyard relaxation structure should be a fun and relatively inexpensive project, and you can be sure that your family will love it.

4. DIY Fire Pit Swing Gazebo with 4-Foot Swings

DIY Fire Pit Swing Gazebo with 4-Foot Swings

If you are looking for an easy-to-build but durable swing fire pit here is the perfect plan for you. Like many other designs, it has a hexagonal shape, but it uses 6x10 posts and beams instead of the smaller 6x6s.

Most of the work in this project will go into the framework because the swings only need hanging. The 4-foot wide swings with a backrest are very comfortable and provide a lot of sitting space.

For the construction guide, you will get some detailed text tutorials and pictures for all the crucial stages, and so this should be an easy project to implement.

5. $600 Modern Porch Swing Fire Pit

$600 Modern Porch Swing Fire Pit

You will only spend about $600 on this fantastic fire pit swing, and you can finish it in about 20 hours. And besides from assembling the framework and building the swings everything else is very straightforward.

The Ana White tutorial provides a simple description of the project, and there are also a few pictures to get you started. For many woodworkers, this should be enough for them to build the swing fire pit.

Those that want something sturdy and long lasting will also love this swing fire pit because the 6x6 and 4x4 treated pine lumber makes it a very sturdy structure.

6. 3-Day DIY Swing Fire Pit

3-Day DIY Swing Fire Pit

I love this hexagonal swing fire pit plan as it not only looks fantastic in any backyard, but it is also quick to make since it takes only 3 days to complete.

The swing fire pit uses some pressure treated 6x6 posts and beams that will only require some staining to lengthen their life and give them an appealing look.

The cypress swings are ready when you get them, and so you only need to assemble and hung them. This tutorial also provides the complete material lists, and there are a few pictures and text descriptions to help you understand the project.

And apart from building the framework and hanging the swings, you will also need to spread some gravel on the base of the structure.

7. DIY Pergola Octagon Fire Pit with Swings  

DIY Pergola Octagon Fire Pit with Swings

A pergola provides an excellent way of enhancing your outdoor space. But this one takes things a notch higher by including some swings, a serving area and it can also accommodate a screen.

This octagon swing fire pit will cost about $2,300 to build, and you will need to spare several weekends or up to an entire week when working daily.

Like most other swing fire pit projects it uses some 6x6 posts, and there are some lists of the materials and tools.  But, the tutorial steps and pictures will be the most helpful.

8. Modern Pergola Like Hexagonal Swing with Sunken Fire Pit

Modern Pergola Like Hexagonal Swing with Sunken Fire Pit

We all would want to have a beautiful and functional structure like this one in the backyard. The hexagonal swing around fire pit features a pergola-like roof for some shade, and it will be easier to construct than it looks.

Although the design is a notch higher than most others out there, this DIY Projects tutorial provides enough information including tool and materials lists to make it easy to build.

This project uses 6x6 posts, but you will also need some 2x6s timber pieces. The tutorial provides some text information and pictures on how to build everything from the pergola roof to the swings and sunken fire pit.

9. The $1,000 Fire Pit Swing

The $1,000 Fire Pit Swing

This YouTube video tutorial provides information on how you can build a 5-swings fire pit for around $1,000 and in just one weekend.

The video starts by providing a materials list, but the main things that you need are the 6x6 lumber for the posts and beams, some bags of concrete and some 2x6s to stabilize your posts.

Although the video does not take you through all the steps of construction, it highlights the most important ones and summarizes everything else you need to do.

10. Modern DIY Octagon Porch Swing Fire Pit with a Screen

Modern DIY Octagon Porch Swing Fire Pit with a Screen

Here is a more comprehensive plan for building the octagon fire pit. It will still cost between $2,000 and $5,000, and you can do it in as little as one weekend if you have all the material and some people to help you out.

What I like about this octagon swing fire pit is that it not only provides both material and tools list but also divides the construction into sections with some easy to follow steps.

If you are ready to spend a few thousand dollars and have the time to spare this fantastic swing fire pit will be an excellent DIY project to build.

Well, now you have 10 easy-to-implement ideas for building a porch swing fire pit. Just pick one and try it or use it for inspiration to make something custom that suits your backyard.