47 Free DIY Playhouse Plans You Can Build Today

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47 Free DIY Playhouse Plans You Can Build Today

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As a kid did you always dream of having that one place you can go and play away from the house or a secret hideaway for you and your friends?

Your kids also have the same dream or desire, and you can make it come true for them with a playhouse.

A playhouse is that one place where kids will spend hours playing with friends and toys. These little houses are fun for them, and they can be the best gift you can give them.

Making a DIY playhouse is also a fun weekend project that you can do with your kids. It is also quite cheap as you can build with materials you already have at home or by buying a few inexpensive things.

And to ensure that you give your precious little one the perfect playhouse, we have gathered several DIY playhouse plans for you. Check them out below, choose and start building one today.

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1. DIY Pirate Ship Playhouse

DIY Pirate Ship Playhouse

If you have a few weekends to spare and lots of lumber and screws here is a DIY outdoor playhouse that your kids will love. It is quite a large pirate ship playhouse, and so your little ones will have a lot of playing space.

The tutorial is from Instructables, and so it is very detailed. It divides the construction into 19 steps with an in-depth description of each stage and a picture for illustration.

It will take anywhere between $2,500 and $3,000 to make this pirate ship but your kids will love it, and so it is worth the investment.

2. The Wild West Kids Playhouse

The Wild West Kids Playhouse

A small western saloon style playhouse like this one is easy to build and it will not take up a lot of space in your backyard.

With all the timber and your regular woodworking tools, it is possible to implement this playhouse plan in a single weekend.

This playhouse uses recycled cedar and pine fence palings which not only make it very sturdy but also cheap to build.

It sits on an 8x8-foot floor, and there are complete lists of the materials including those for the roofing and tools. But what most DIYers will love about this playhouse plan is that it also includes step by step instructions with pictures.

3. Small and Simple Homemade Playhouse

Small and Simple Homemade Playhouse

A tiny playhouse like this one still provides a lot of playing space for your kids, and it will look amazing in any backyard. And the size also means that it will not take a lot of time and resources to build.

The free playhouse plan also comes in a PDF document with drawings to explain the dimensions and make the construction easy.

The footprint of this house will be about 6x8-foot, and so you will not need to put in a lot of time or work to make it. And the descriptions with pictures on this article from A Place Imagined are enough to get you started.

4. Easy DIY Wendy House

Easy DIY Wendy House

A 92-inch long playhouse like this one is also ideal for those that do not have a lot of space in their backyard. It is also has a straightforward design that anyone can make.

This tutorial provides a complete list of the materials, and it includes deck and flooring stocks, acrylic sheets and assorted nails. There is also a cutting list for all the lumber.

The DIY playhouse guide comes with detailed illustrations on how to make everything from the floors to the roofing. And if you can follow simple woodworking instructions you should not have any difficulties building this cheap and easy kids playhouse.

5. The 12-Foot High American Gothic Playhouse

The 12-Foot High American Gothic Playhouse

If you are one of those DIYers or woodworkers that like to try out more complicated projects this playhouse plan should impress you.

This gothic style playhouse will provide your kid with up to 35-square feet of playing space, and it is 12-foot high to make it even more comfortable.

The 9-foot long DIY playhouse uses 2x12s, 2x4s, 1x8s and several other lumber pieces that you can see on the material list. And you will also need additional things like shingles, door latch and a couple of windows.

Apart from the complete tool and material lists this PDF tutorial also provides some drawings and easy to follow steps for the build.

6. Small Wooden DIY Playhouse

Small Wooden DIY Playhouse

Here is another simple wooden playhouse plan from the Instructables site. It is one of the most straightforward playhouse designs I have seen in a long time, and I would not mind making one.

You can use leftover wood for this playhouse since you do not need a lot of lumber and so it is also quite cheap to build. The only significant work will come from gluing the small spruce wood pieces on the walls to create the textured look.

The tutorial divides the project into 4 steps and provides lots of pictures and description to guide you when implementing the playhouse plan.

7. Malay-Inspired DIY Playhouse 

Malay-Inspired DIY Playhouse

This 5x5-foot Malay inspired playhouse has a unique style, but it is still quite easy to build. You only need to pre-build the walls and assemble them over a wooden foundation that sits on 4 concrete blocks.

The tutorial provides pictures for all the stages of the construction to make things easy to understand.

Depending on availability of materials and your speed as a woodworker it is possible to make this DIY outdoor playhouse in one weekend

8. 8x8 Modern Looking Homemade Playhouse

8x8 Modern Looking Homemade Playhouse

The modern look of this house makes it appear expensive to build, but it is not. This 8-foot wide playhouse will require you to use easy to find and cheap wood pieces like the 2x4s, 4x4s, and plywood. But there is a long list of all the material and their dimensions on the plan.

This playhouse plan comes in a PDF document that provides a 20-step construction guide. The steps feature both text tutorial and drawings to make them easy to understand.

A homemade playhouse this size will require at least two weekends to build and at a moderate budget.

9. Easy-to-Build Kids Play Cottage

Easy-to-Build Kids Play Cottage

With a few pieces of lumber and plywood sheets, you can make this little cottage. It sits on a square floor that is just over 5-foot wide, but it also has a small front porch for some extra playing space.

There are some detailed plans for all the sections of the cottage that includes drawings with precise dimensions. And with all this information you should not have any difficulties with the constriction.

BuildEazy also provides a complete list of the materials required and a step by step guide for implementing the simple playhouse plan.

10. Easy and Quick Pallet Playhouse

Easy and Quick Pallet Playhouse

Pallets are always easy to get for free if you do not already have some at home. And so this is one of the cheapest outdoor playhouse plans to implement.

It is also a quick one day project, and besides from your wood pallets, you will need some galvanized roofing panels, plywood, screws and some flooring materials.

In this tutorial, Built by Kids provides pictures for all the construction stages and there is also a lot of written descriptions to make the project simple.

11. Simple Playhouse Plan from Single Plywood Sheet

Simple Playhouse Plan from Single Plywood Sheet

This Ana White project will make it easy and cheap for you to build a playhouse for your little ones. It uses one sheet of plywood and some scrap wood pieces.

Like most of her other DIY tutorials, Ana White starts by providing a complete material and tools list, and it includes things like furring strips, screws, and hinges.

There are also some building instructions divided into steps, and they include drawings with dimensions for different sections of the playhouse.

For this 7.5-foot long backyard playhouse plan, you will spend between $20 and $50. And you will only need to spare one day over the weekend to build this playhouse.

12. Tiny 2-Foot High Playhouse/Dollhouse

Tiny 2-Foot High Playhouse/Dollhouse

A tiny playhouse like this one will take just a few hours to construct, but it is still fun for your kid's playtime. And you will not spend a lot to make it.

This Instructables tutorial provides photos to help you figure out how to make the 2-foot tall playhouse from a single sheet of 10mm plywood.

There is also some text description for this small playhouse but what is even more helpful is that there are some downloadable plans with more details.

13. Under $300 Log Cabin Playhouse

Under $300 Log Cabin Playhouse

You do not have to spend thousands of dollars on a log cabin style playhouse since you can make one like this for under $300 and in just a couple of weekends.

This log cabin playhouse is another of my favorites, and the design will appeal to both girls and boys. I also like it because it is spacious and straightforward to build with your regular woodworking tools.

For the construction guide, you get pictures for all the stages from laying the foundation to doing the final finishing touches. And there is also a clear description of everything you will need to do.

14. Repurposed Pallet 8.5x8.5 DIY Playhouse

Repurposed Pallet 8.5x8.5 DIY Playhouse

I like repurposing pallets to make things, and so this playhouse plans will go to my to-do DIY projects lists. And although it looks costly you will spend under $200 for the other things you need such as screws, paint, and roofing.

This 8.5-foot long playhouse is just a one-weekend project because the construction is very straightforward.

And to make sure you do not use up unnecessary time trying to figure things out the Instructables tutorial provides a comprehensive guide. It includes 3D drawings, pictures, and detailed text descriptions.

15. Raised Wooden Playhouse with Slide

Raised Wooden Playhouse with Slide

A raised wooden playhouse is what most kids seem to prefer as they find it fun to play in and this is more so if it also includes a slide like this one.

This tutorial makes the build very straightforward as it is just brief and straight to the point. It uses pictures and short descriptions to explain the construction.

The primary materials for this playhouse plan are 2x2s, 4x2 and 4x4s. But you will also need materials for the roofing and lots of nails or screws.

For an intermediate woodworker, this outdoor playhouse plan should take one or two weekends to build.

16. The DIY Wooden Playhouse Fort

The DIY Wooden Playhouse Fort

Here is another raised playhouse plan that will not take up a lot of your time or require you to use a lot of materials.

What I like most about this playhouse is that it also includes a lot of stuff that your kids will love. The climbing frame, bridge, slide, and swing will all impress any kid.

Although you can get all the inspiration you need to make this playhouse just by looking at the photos there are still some very helpful written descriptions for the project.

17. $75 PVC Pipe DIY Playhouse

$75 PVC Pipe DIY Playhouse

The options and ideas are almost endless when it comes to choosing materials for a DIY playhouse, and your creativity is the only limitations. This PVC playhouse proves this.

With a budget of under $75 and a few hours to spare you can make your little one this simple but still fun indoor playhouse.

All you need for this project is some fabric, PVC, and some joints to join the pipes. And despite this being a simple playhouse plan the tutorial still provides a comprehensive guide to help you out, and it includes a lot of text and some pictures.

18. The Indoor Closet DIY Playhouse

The Indoor Closet DIY Playhouse

The level of creativity on some children playhouse plans like this one is just amazing. It converts a closet into a fantastic indoor playhouse that any kid would love own.

And since the closet already makes up most of the playhouse you will only need to work on the entrance to give it the playhouse look and feel. But with some plywood, a few pieces of lumber and some cedar shingles you can do this.

Since there is not a lot of construction, this is just a one-weekend project, and the decoration will probably take most of the time.

If you already have leftover plywood and lumber and some proper woodworking tools, this will be a cheap DIY project for you.

19. Easy Homemade 4x8 Kid’s Fort

 Easy Homemade 4x8 Kid’s Fort

Kid's forts give your little ones a secret hideaway where they can play with their toys without the many distractions they would face in the house. Building one like this is also cheap and quick.

This fort sits on a 4x8-foot platform to ensure that your kid gets enough space. And you will need 2x6s, 4x6s, and lots of 2x4s to build it. The other tools and materials that you need are all listed in the tutorial.

And when you get to the actual construction the HGTV tutorial provides 13 steps that showcase everything you will need to do from start to finish.

20. DIY Cowboy Constructed Playhouse

DIY Cowboy Constructed Playhouse

The owners of this fantastic playhouse made it without any plans, and they admit that they just bought some lumber and started the construction.

However, they provide some detailed plans with all the dimensions and instructions for the build. There are also some lists of all the tools and materials that you will need to make this raised playhouse.

This playhouse also features a climbing wall and a slide. And so you can be confident that your kid will have a lot to do in the house and for many hours.

This project will require someone with at least intermediate woodworking skills. But it is still possible to make for anyone that is not very skilled if they are good at following instructions and have the necessary tools and materials.

21. 12-Step DIY Outdoor Playhouse

12-Step DIY Outdoor Playhouse

All it takes to build this simple DIY playhouse is some planning, timber and proper woodworking tools. And you can do it in just 12-steps and finish it in only one weekend,

The size depends on your preferences and space, but you should always start by creating a level foundation with sand and paving stones.

The step by step instructions also provide photos for all the stages and so all you need to do is follow them keenly. By doing this, you will end up with a fun and functional playhouse for your little ones.

22. Easy Homemade Kids Indoor Playhouse

Easy Homemade Kids Indoor Playhouse

There are many playhouse designs that you can use. But few are simpler to implement than this from The House of Wood when it comes to the indoor playhouses.

The 6.2-foot long and just of over 5-foot tall playhouse will require some 2x4s, tongue and groove boards and strong-tie connectors to build. And since it is a small playhouse it should only take one weekend at most to construct.

It will cost about $250 to build this small playhouse, but it will be cheaper for those that already have some wood in the workshop as it does not require a lot of lumber.

23. The Easy-to-Make Summer Reading Playhouse

The Easy-to-Make Summer Reading Playhouse

A reading playhouse will encourage your kids to read more. And so building them one like this ensures that they do not waste all their summer watching TV or playing video games.

This 5x8-foot reading playhouse plan will not also take a lot of your precious time or resources to construct. The lumber that you need such as 2x4s, 2x6s, 2x8s, and 4x4s is very affordable in most localities.

Depending on the hours that you work each day this should only take about two days to complete. And since the Vintage Revivals tutorial provides lots of pictures and some 3D drawings you should also do it with ease.

24. The Little Princess Homemade Playhouse

The Little Princess Homemade Playhouse

Your little princess deserves a fun and cozy playhouse with a lot of space for her favorite dolls. This princess' playhouse provides this and much more.

Although you will spend just under $2,000 for this beautiful playhouse, your girls will love it, and it also has all the comforts of a regular house. But the fancy design means it will take more than one weekend to complete.

With the photos and written tutorial on this Instructables article, you should be able to figure out everything you need to do. And there is also a downloadable and printable PDF version for the plans.

25. Cool and Simple DIY Cob Playhouse

Cool and Simple DIY Cob Playhouse

I am a huge fan of the cob-style houses, and so you can be sure that I would love to make a playhouse like this. And this is more so given the fact that with some leftover scrap wood you will only need to spend about $30 to buy the other items you need.

The natural look of this house and the grass roof will make your little one feel like they are in the woods and hence making playtime very fun for them.

This tutorial does not provide instructions for making the structure, but this should be easy to figure out just by looking at the picture. But, they have a detailed guide on how to give it the cob look which is just what you need.

26. Large and Fun Castle Clubhouse

Large and Fun Castle Clubhouse

Although the base of this castle is just 5x5-foot, it still provides a lot of playing space for your little knight. The castle playhouse also features a climbing frame, a couple of swings and a bridge.

Standing at about 17-foot high this is just the perfect playhouse for your boys, and it will also not take as much time or resource to build as you might think.

The construction starts with some 4x4s, and although the Instructables tutorial does not provide step by step instruction, there are lots of pictures, and they will make the project straightforward.

27. 2-Floored DIY Wooden Indoor Playhouse

2-Floored DIY Wooden Indoor Playhouse

This IKEA Hackers playhouse plan will help you convert a simple IKEA Kura bed into a fun indoor playhouse with two floors of playing area.

Although this playhouse will require a couple of weekends to build the tutorial takes you through the entire build with lots of pictures and text descriptions.

As for the budget, this easy DIY playhouse is still within a reasonable range as it does not require a lot of wood and most of these lumber pieces are also cheap.

28. The $1,000 Handmade Secret Hideaway

The $1,000 Handmade Secret Hideaway

These DIY playhouse plans will help you create that secret hideaway that you have been thinking about making for your kids. And with a budget of just over $1,000 you can build it in one or two weekends.

The Handmade Home provides an easy to follow tutorial that also includes both supply and cut lists. And there are many pictures which always make a DIY project easier to implement.

This house also includes a slide, and there is a lot of space in there to put almost anything you want for your kids.

29. Cheap and Simple Homemade Hideout

Cheap and Simple Homemade Hideout

For just $300 you can make this simple playhouse for your child. It sits on a stable wooden base with 4x4 posts, and so you will never have to worry about its sturdiness.

There is nothing complicated with this construction as it is all about measuring and cutting wood, staining and assembling it. And so even with the absence of a step by step guide on the tutorial, it is still easy to figure out.

There are also plenty of pictures on this tutorial. And it also provides some links to pages with instruction on how to make the different parts of the playhouse such as the floor, base/frame, and roof.

30. Out of the Box Backyard Playhouse

Out of the Box Backyard Playhouse

The next time I build a playhouse, this will be one of the ideas that I will consider. I love it because it breaks away from the norm.

And instead of going with the traditional square box playhouse design it is something artistic that is more rectangular.

This playhouse sits on a 4x12-foot deck frame that provides plenty of space for your little ones. And it uses material that you can get at an affordable cost at your local hardware store. They include 2x4 and 2x6 boards, a couple of plywood sheets, gate hinges, decking and polycarbonate roofing.

There are pictures with descriptions for each stage of the build, and so this will be an easy playhouse plan to implement.

31. The Colorful Pallet DIY Playhouse

The Colorful Pallet DIY Playhouse

Colors are always an essential element when making anything for your kids. In this project, the color combination makes all the difference.

This project will cost about $200 to build, and more than half of that goes to paint.

You will need to dissemble around 80 pallets for this project. And apart from the pallets, you also need some salvaged 2x4s and 4x4s.

If you follow the measurements on this Instructables tutorial, you will end up with a playhouse that is about 8x8-foot. And they provide some 33-step instructions with pictures for the construction.

32. The Cute All White Kid’s Playhouse

The Cute All White Kid’s Playhouse

Building your own playhouse is a fun project but what is even more fulfilling is the smile you get to put on your little ones face. With a cute house like this one, you can be sure of getting many happy faces.

The DIY playhouse has a base that is 8-foot long (including the small porch) and about 6.6-foot wide. For most little girls and boys this is just enough playing space.

There is a video that explains the construction and some pictures. But perhaps the most helpful item on these playhouse plans is the step by step guidelines. And they also include 3D drawings with precise dimensions that are also available in a printable PDF.

33. Star Wars Themed DIY Playhouse

Star Wars Themed DIY Playhouse

If your kid loves Star Wars, he will also enjoy this DIY outdoor playhouse. It has a Star Wars theme that focuses on the Tie Fighter from the movie series and with a little extra effort and someone to help out you can build it.

The tutorial is from the Instructables site, and so it is very detailed with a lot of descriptions, photos, and a video.

Contrary to what most people might assume you will also not need a lot of material or tools. The tutorial lists everything that you will need when making both the wings and pilot canopy.

34. Simple Budget-Friendly Backyard Playhouse

Simple Budget-Friendly Backyard Playhouse

What I like about this budget-friendly playhouse is that once your little ones outgrow it, you can convert it into a potting shed. And so it will be a useful structure for many years.

This playhouse project will require someone with at least intermediate skills, but it is still not hard to implement. And you will need the usual lumber pieces like some pressure treated 2x4s and 2x6s.

HGTV provides a material list for everything you need to make the different walls on the playhouse, floor, and roofing. There are also detailed steps with pictures for making these various sections.

35. DIY Kids Play Fort with Slide and Tire Swing

DIY Kids Play Fort with Slide and Tire Swing

BuildEazy tutorials are always very comprehensive and easy to follow even for beginners. This playhouse plan is not an exception, and it also includes picture summary for the building process.

The fort should be about 5.5x4.2-foot, but it will have a larger footprint than this due to the slide and swing tire. But it is still relatively cheap to build because it uses readily available materials.

With all the materials and tools and by following the plans and instructions in this tutorial it is possible to make this kid's playhouse in two days or one weekend.

36. Converted Backyard Shed Into a Playhouse

Converted Backyard Shed Into a Playhouse

If you have an old tool shed in your backyard that you no longer use and want to make a playhouse for your kid, it can still be useful. You can convert an old shed into a beautiful playhouse in a few easy steps and without spending a lot of cash.

Most of the work on this project will go into painting and the decoration. And so it is one of those DIY projects that you can do with your kids over the weekend.

There are not as many pictures on this playhouse plan as many DIYers would want. However, the in-depth text description still provides all the information you need to convert your old backyard shed into a playhouse.

37. Custom Outdoor Playhouse with Slide and Swing Set

Custom Outdoor Playhouse with Slide and Swing Set

This custom playhouse has a basic design and with some swings and a slide. You do not even need a tutorial to make it for your kid because everything is just straightforward.

With your regular 4x4s and 2x4s lumber, a few sheets of plywood and some nails or screws you will have everything you need to start the construction.

There are many pictures on this tutorial and some text description, and they will be enough for most DIYers that want to replicate this playhouse plan.

38. Modern Bungalow Indoor Playhouse

Modern Bungalow Indoor Playhouse

These free playhouse plans from Ana White are easy to follow, and almost anyone can use them to make the 3.6x3.8–foot indoor playhouse.

Ana provides a list of all the materials that you need to make this modern bungalow playhouse. These materials include 2x2s, 1x2s, plywood, hinges, and lots of screws. You can see everything else that you need and the tools on the shopping and tools lists respectively.

For the construction guide, Ana White provides 11-step instructions with drawings or 3D sketches for each step and a text tutorial on what to do. And as usual, she also offers a PDF version of the playhouse plans.

39. The Wacky DIY Playhouse

The Wacky DIY Playhouse

Here is another DIY playhouse design that does not stick with the traditional shapes. Instead, it has a wacky design that will impress your kids and all their friends.

The dimensions for the playhouse are 4x4.5x4.2-foot, but you can always increase them if you want something more substantial.

The color combination is also very appealing, and your kids will love it. But before you get to the painting you need to do the construction. And for this, Instructables provides a 10-step guide with detailed descriptions and photos.

40. DIY Playhouse from Recycled Doors

DIY Playhouse from Recycled Doors

A natural play setting like this one is cheap and easy to create. It also provides a fun place for kids to play, and you can make it in just a few hours.

This playhouse plan entails arranging and joining some recycled doors into an A-frame design. Using different color doors creates a very appealing look, but you can always paint whatever you have to create the same effect.

There is nothing much you will need to do when implementing this playhouse plan but the tutorial still provides some step by step guidelines.

Although the recycled doors are the primary materials for the project, you also need concrete pads, 2x2 and 2x6 cedar timber pieces. The DIY plan provides information on everything you need and how to use the materials during the construction.

41. 7x7 Homemade Rocketship Playhouse

7x7 Homemade Rocketship Playhouse

You should always personalize your playhouse by including things that your little one likes. If he is a fan of space and rockets, this playhouse plan will work well for them.

This playhouse design will provide up to 32 square feet of playing space for your child. It is 7-foot long, and you can make it in just one weekend.

This free playhouse plan is very straightforward, and it provides the dimensions for all the pieces of plywood that you will need for the construction.

Also, there are some highlights of the primary features of the playhouse to make it easy for DIYers to figure out how to build it.

42. The Hanging Tree Pod

The Hanging Tree Pod

There are many DIY playhouse plans out there that you can try but if you want something unique this hanging tree pod is an excellent choice.

The hanging tree pod playhouse has an impressive finish, and the color choice is just fantastic. Although the design may look complicated to some people, it is quite easy to build.

By following the 27 simple steps and video on this guide, you can make in just 2 days or one free weekend.

And for the materials, you will need plywood, 2x6 and 2x3 boards, industrial-strength rope and a few other cheap items meaning you will not send a lot of cash on this project.

43. 7.5-Foot Tall Outdoor Kids Hideaway

7.5-Foot Tall Outdoor Kids Hideaway

This 7.5-foot tall playhouse looks and feels very spacious, and with dimensions of 8x8-foot, it will provide more than enough playing space for your little ones.

But, the best element of this kids playhouse plan is that it is very straightforward for most DIYers. With the descriptions of the main features of the playhouse, material list, and pictures you should not have any trouble making this hideaway.

Since most of the lumber pieces and plywood are cheap and readily available materials, this is an inexpensive DIY playhouse plan to implement. And you can do it for less than $200.

44. DIY Treehouse with Rock Climbing Holds

DIY Treehouse with Rock Climbing Holds

Every kid dreams of owning a playhouse but making them one that is also a treehouse will make things even better. It features a 9x16-foot deck that has both an open area for the kids and an enclosed 7x8-foot playhouse.

Since the treehouse will also include other things like climbing hold, zip line, slack line, turbo slide, hammocks and many other things it will take several weekends to build. Also, these additional playing and exercise stuff also means that it will cost more to make.

If you are patient enough and are ready to spend some extra cash, you can implement this DIY playhouse plan. The descriptions, pictures, and videos on this Wellness Mama tutorial will help you build this fantastic treehouse for your kids.

45. The Cute and Simple Cardboard Boxes Playhouse

The Cute and Simple Cardboard Boxes Playhouse

If you are looking for ideas on how to create a simple playhouse, this is the best tutorial for you. This cardboard boxes playhouse is not only easy to make but is also a quick project that will cost almost nothing.

With a couple of large cardboard boxes, some duct tape, box cutter, white paint, and cardboard stock you will have everything you need for this playhouse plan.

This project takes 4 to 5 hours to finish because there is a lot of painting and cutting. And the tutorial provides pictures for all the stages plus descriptions of all you need to do.

Do you have a playhouse in your backyard? If yes, how did you make it? And in case you still do not have one, our playhouse plans above will inspire you to build one.

For those that have a homemade playhouse for their little ones, we would like to know your experiences during the construction. Please share your DIY playhouse experience in the comments section below.