20 Free DIY Platform Bed Plans You Can Build Yourself

20 Free DIY Platform Bed Plans You Can Build Yourself

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Apart from saving you money, it feels good to sleep on a bed you've built with your own hands. 

Looking for DIY platform bed plans? Well, there are many cool ideas out there for DIY platform bed frames. The good news is that most of these plans are absolutely free.

Sit tight as I walk you through 20 inspirational DIY platform bed plans you can adapt for your bedroom.

After you've used one of these platform bed ideas to make your DIY platform bed, come back and browse my other free building plans so you can build a bed frame, murphy bed, storage bench, kitchen island, entertainment center, and many more.

Adjustable DIY Platform Bed

Strange as it might seem, the designer makes this platform bed using wall cabinets. So how is it done? Well, the cabinets are laid down to form two L-shaped sections.

Two, 39-inch cabinets and four, 30-inch cabinets are used. Placed together, the L-shaped sections form a king size bed 81 inches long.

The thing that fascinates me is that this platform bed can be adjusted in size. Squeeze the sections together and you get a 60-inch queen size bed. Leave a gap and you get 72-inch wide king size bed.

Support slats and spring box give this platform bed its shape. $136 is spent on the cabinets and the overall cost of the project is around $300.

You can use the open cabinets and the space underneath this platform bed for storage.

2. Custom Lit DIY Platform Bed with 9 Metal Legs

Custom Lit DIY Platform Bed with 9 Metal Legs

The Fancy family has a DIY platform bed plan that surely matches their name. Yeah, it's no doubt a fancy platform bed coming in a queen size.

The frame is fabricated from wood and kept sturdy with horizontal and vertical slats on the interior. It forms a series of boxed sections.

This DIY Platform bed stands on 9 metal legs. Finished, this platform bed measures 82 inches long and 62 inches wide.

The Fancy family doesn't leave it there. They do some wiring and put two bulbs on the headboard to add some warmth in the bedroom.

3. $400 King Size DIY Platform Bed

$400 King Size DIY Platform Bed

Holy, the brains behind this DIY platform bed plan, provides this tutorial free of charge.The guide has 42 pictures and illustrations to cover every minute detail.

He builds the frame using boards of 2 by 6 inches and 2 by 3 inches. The posts are fabricated from 4 by 4 inches boards.

This design has a paneled headboard and a footboard. The sides are closed almost touching the floor so there is little floor clearance.

This platform bed is painted in a dark brown for a warm, natural finish. The cost of material is $400. You can use whitewood if you want to cut down the cost.

4. Box Spring to DIY Platform Bed

Box Spring to DIY Platform Bed

Have a box spring bed lying around? Well, it's time to put it to good use. How about converting into a platform bed?

This is a DIY platform bed plan that inspires you to create, craft, and save. The designer reuses a box spring and goes ahead to reupholster it.

The process of reupholstering is the part that will take a precious amount of time to complete. Once done, it's time to fit the legs.

You might have your own choice of the style of legs to use. The designer uses mid-century legs to give this platform bed a facelift.

Wondering how much the project costs? Expect to spend around $59.24 on materials. Add a few extra costs and the entire project totals to around $122.17.

5. Pipe DIY Platform Bed

Pipe DIY Platform Bed

Now is the moment for a mix and match platform bed design. Heather goes for a nice combination to create a bed frame that has a modern look.

He builds the frame using metal pipes. Heather does something that will make the frame easy to disassemble. Instead of welding, he uses pipe fittings to put the frame together.

A wooden base is added to support the mattress. A little reinforcement and the platform frame becomes stiffer. This plan can be used to construct platform beds of all sizes.

This DIY platform bed is easy to assemble and resistant to rust. With materials ready, the bed can be put together in just a couple of hours.

If you buy the pipe from the store, the project will cost around $300. However, you can cut down the cost to $120 by using recycled pipe and lumber.

6. Box King Size DIY Platform Bed

Box King Size DIY Platform Bed

This plan is for a box shape platform bed that touches the ground. I must say that this tutorial is very complete. 

Rick, the brain behind the project provides a full list of everything you need, from tools to materials. 20 slats give the amount of support you need for the mattress.

It's good news to note that this project can be tackled by beginners. Expect to spend the whole weekend on this platform bed, not unless you have quick hands.

The total cost of this project is worth commenting. You only need to dig $100 deeper into your pocket. The cost is even much less if you have lumber lying around.

7. Upholstered DIY Platform Bed

Upholstered DIY Platform Bed

The journey to a DIY platform bed gets better. Inspired by a $2,500 bed, Kelly goes ahead to create almost a replica at a fraction of the cost.

This is a 6-step project for upholstering a queen size platform bed. The frame, headboard, and legs are made of wood. The headboard and frame are upholstered in 6 yards of a fabric cloth.

One good thing about this tutorial is that it starts by providing a complete list of the things you'll need. This makes you well prepared for the task.

Now down to the price. This DIY platform bed plan costs around $278. This is a pretty huge saving compared to $2,500 price tag at local stores.

8. DIY Platform Bed with Power Board

DIY Platform Bed with Power Board

Andrews got down to work having been inspired by hugely expensive platform beds at a local store. It's a 9-step tutorial that has every little procedure, which of course, includes taking photos.

The bed is made of wood and has a headboard and a foot. Well, other small fittings may require you to visit a hardware store.

The standout look for Andrews platform bed is the headboard. It is integrated with two work lamps that can be adjusted to direct the light where you need it most.

Andrews was looking to cut down the cost and he surely hit the nail on the head. Ditching away platform beds that cost at least $1,000 in the store, he settled for this DIY plan and shaved the cost to less than $500.

9. Modern-Style DIY Platform Bed with Headboard

Modern-Style DIY Platform Bed with Headboard

Chris Hills puts this platform bed design at a mastery level. So you need to have some skills to pull this off. He builds a bed that has a modern look.

The good thing about this tutorial is that you need a few tools and materials. Chris advises using hardwood for this project.

The wide legs make it one of the most stable platform beds. A thick plywood is used to support the mattress.This design looks good when combined with a slatted headboard.

There are 7 steps in this tutorial. In terms of the cost, this project is quite average so you won't break a bank to build one. From start to finish, this DIY platform bed plan takes about 2 days.

10. Easy DIY Platform Bed

Easy DIY Platform Bed

Do you want a DIY platform bed plan that is easy to build? Shanty Chic has something for you. This plan is good even to those with a low skill level.

The bed is built to touch the ground. A large, thick board gives plenty of support for the mattress with extra room to spare.The headboard is tall and made of planks.

Pictures and instructions are included in this tutorial so you won't go wrong. Shanty Chic paints the bed in a dark walnut wood stain. This makes it look modern and natural.

You wouldn't believe the cost of this project. It's a mere $59 and even less when you use recycled lumber.

11. Boat Bed with Secret Compartments

Boat Bed with Secret Compartments

This toddler platform bed design is among the most unique in the list. Phiskie makes the bed to resemble a boat. This bed takes 14 steps to build.

The platform under the mattress can lift up to display plenty of storage space. What I like about this platform bed is that it has secret drawers and storage space for bedding.

Trees and lighting are added to give the bed a more dramatic look and add fun mood. The tools and materials you are going to need are listed.

This platform bed plan is a cool idea for young sailors.

12. Platform Bed with Drawers

Platform Bed with Drawers

Are you short of storage space in the bedroom? This DIY platform bed plan might just be what you need. VertDude makes a bed that has plenty of space to keep your items.

This plan is for a queen size bed. It has a frame but without the headboard. Drawers are fitted on the foot and each side. There is a total of 6 drawers.

VertDude uses drawer slides for a smooth and effortless opening. This platform bed has the capacity to pack a ton of items.

The project has 8 steps. The cost of the plywood and the drawer slides is around $95. I must say that this platform bed has a great functionality that far outweighs the cost.

13. DIY Platform Bed With Floating Nightstands

DIY Platform Bed With Floating Nightstands

This is a cool idea for DIY platform bed plans. The construction of this bed is a 9-step process. Wood is used here and slats take the place of box springs.

Apart from the headboard, what makes this platform bed stand out is the floating supports that accommodate lamps.

The tutorial has very clear instructions on what you need to build this bed. Rustic stain gives the bed an elegant, modern look.

For this project, prepare to dish out around $400. It is a strong DIY platform bed plan that will last longer.

14. DIY Platform Bed with Storage

DIY Platform Bed with Storage

Make your bedroom more fun with this simple DIY platform bed that has storage underneath. So what is it that makes this plan to stand out?

Well, Kristi, the designer uses a more economical approach. She knows lumber is expensive and decides to use strong, MDF board to build this full-size bed.

This DIY platform bed plan is more like two boxes put together. It turns the entire length of the bed into an open cabinet. The design gets, even more, fun when she fits the bed with 6 wheels.

3 swivel wheels and 3 locking wheels make it easier to move the bed in any direction and lock in place. It's quite amazing the money that Kristi uses to build this platform bed.

The MDF boards cost $140. With some extra cost for the wheels, she ends up spending just $160 for the whole project.

15. Queen DIY Platform Bed

Queen DIY Platform Bed

The brains behind this queen platform bed plan make it a more decorative piece. The bed is meant to fit a queen size mattress that measures 60 x 80 inches.

The designer uses clear pine that is stained in the rustic paint. The side rails, foot, and headboard are build using thick lumber that lets the mattress to literally sink in the platform.

Looking at the headboard, you'll notice that it has a little slant for more comfort. I think this DIY platform bed plan has a sophisticated look that will have cost you more on the stores.

This platform bed takes 9 steps to complete. You get a list of materials, tools and even a video to guide you. I would have liked it if the cost of the project was stated.

But as I see it, the project is budget-friendly so you won't have to spend much.

16. $30 Twin Platform Bed

$30 Twin Platform Bed

This is among the cheapest twin platform bed plans for DIYers. Jen pulls off this design after getting some inspiration from Ana White's plans. 

Everything about this DIY platform bed screams super easy, super quick, and super cheap. And it is a quality platform bed that won't end in the scrap pile anytime soon.

The frame has a box shape design fitted with short, sturdy legs for stability. This tutorial gives the steps you need to undertake.

Talking about cost, this project is easy in your pockets. You need to only burn $30 or $60 at most. This DIY platform bed plan takes the quick build to the next level.

Jen spends just a few hours to set everything up. Well, that's as fast as it can ever get.

17. $100 King Size Platform Bed

$100 King Size Platform Bed

Here is Rick again showing us how to build an inexpensive king size DIY platform bed. It is a box and slat platform bed measuring 79 inches long and 78 inches across.

The rails are built using 2 x 6-inch panels. 20 slats provide a strong platform for the mattress. The frame sits on beefy legs that provide a very sturdy build.

This platform bed is stained in a walnut paint after taking shape. Rick's tutorial starts with a purchase list of the materials and tools you'll need.

This project is a great option even for those DIYers with low skills. Work on the project doesn't take long. A weekend off will be enough to finish the job.

You'll be spending around $75 on wood. The total cost of the project is estimated to be less than $100.

18. $250 DIY Platform Bed with Drawers

$250 DIY Platform Bed with Drawers

Steve Ramsey takes DIY platform beds with storage to a whole new level. This plan is for a king size bed that has 6 storage drawers. 

The plan gives plenty of space to store bedroom items. Well, one look at this king platform bed plan and I'll say that it's something for DIYers with a good level of skill.

With some complex fits here and there, this project might take at least 50 hours of your time. That's almost a week putting it together.

The plan uses a slat support for the mattress and the drawers pull out smoothly with little effort. About the cost of the project, be ready to dish out around $250.

19. Mid-Century DIY Platform Bed

Mid-Century DIY Platform Bed

Modern Builds gives this DIY platform bed plan inspired by a Japanese design. The bed has a modern look and a straight headboard that sits flat on the wall.

Pinewood and hardboard panels are used to build this bed. One good thing I noticed about this tutorial is that it includes a video to guide you.

The bed measures 8.5 inches long and 80 inches wide making it one of the largest platform beds out there. It sits on steel legs providing a stronger support.

The project is a 15-step process. Exact cost and time spent on building this platform bed aren't stated. But judging from the looks, it is a cost-friendly DIY platform bed plan that won't take long.

20. Queen Size Platform Storage Bed

Queen Size Platform Storage Bed

Don't have enough bedroom space for storage? I'm sure you will love this DIY platform bed plan.This plan is for a queen size bed. 

What makes this plan is very cost-friendly because it doesn't use expensive lumber. The designer only used plywood to bring down the cost. 

In this plan, you get 6 storage boxes fitted with drawers. The bed measures 82 inches long and 58 inches wide. 

It is built in 3 phases and you can choose to add a headboard. The designer is yet to give the cost, which is expected to be around $250. 

I hope you’ve now acquired some skills on how to build a platform bed. But before and after you get down to work, we’ll be happy to hear what you have to say. 

Post in the comment section below or share with us any new DIY platform bed plans you might have in mind.