25 Simple DIY Plant Stands You Can Actually Build Yourself

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25 Simple DIY Plant Stands You Can Actually Build Yourself

Diy Plant Stand

Needless to say, indoor plants offer many benefits. And just for homes but for offices and a myriad of other spaces as well. 

While by themselves are beautiful to gaze upon, the way in which you display them also makes a huge difference and impact your décor significantly. That said, in this article, we shall have a look at plant stands. 

To be more specific, DIY plant stands. Sure there is always the option of walking into a store and buying a planter (this is much simpler), but it will cost you. In addition, you risk getting a planter lacking character.

So why not take the DIY route. I have taken the liberty of putting together some DIY plant stands you can use and inspiration for your next DIY project. 

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DIY Low Wooden Plant Stand

If you have a huge window, one spanning nearly from the bottom to the top of the wall and give you a nice view of your backyard, you would not want anything to mess with it.

However, without any accessories, even that beautiful view of the backyard will look bland and boring. To spice things up without blocking the view, this low wooden plan stand will work for you.

Elise Blaha details the process of creating the DIY plan stand from scratch. It is impressive how simple it is. 

All products used were bought from Lowe and all she did was piece the legs and wood plank together, let it dry and viola. Building this DIY plant stand takes very little time. Only the drying process takes long.

The tutorial provided details all you need to know to hack the project.

2. DIY Modern Plant Stand

DIY Modern Plant Stand

This plant stand is simple and best of all not bulky. Heck, it even looks light. Hello Lidy provides a tutorial of how you can build the plant stand.

I should probably point out that while the stand is simple, the joints might prove to be rather tricky to hack. That said, you will need a 0.75-inch hardwood dowel and 1.5x0.75-inch hardwood lumber. 

This can either be teak, rosewood, walnut or red oak – whichever you want is available. A complete list of materials and tools needed is available in the tutorial.

In addition to providing a step-by-step instruction, 10 steps, this DIY plant stand tutorial features images of the various steps for easier understanding. 

The cost of building the plant stand is not given but given its simplicity, it is definitely lower than that of a retail plant stand.

3. DIY Midcentury-Style Short Plant Stand

DIY Midcentury-Style Short Plant Stand

This project is so simple and straightforward that for some it does not even qualify to be named as a project. Building this midcentury-style plant stand does not need you to have 
any special skills. 

Actually, it is all a matter of attaching the legs to the round piece of wood. According to the A Beautiful Mess blog, you will have to buy all the products. They will only cost you about $33.

This cost includes the price of the wooden circle, the tapered wooden legs, mounting plates, wood stain and wood sealer. With all products at hand, the project will only take an hour or two to complete.

The blog tutorial details the steps of completing the project in an easy to understand manner.

4. DIY Midcentury-Style Tall Plant Stand

DIY Midcentury-Style Tall Plant Stand

The design of this plant stand is minimalistic and simple. It consists of 4 36-inch square dowels and wooden circles. 

The complexity and cost of building this plant stand completely depend on whether you will choose to make your own wooden circles. A Beautiful Mess avails a DIY plant plan/tutorial and details everything you might need.

In the tutorial, Mandi includes a list of supplies along with their cost from local stores. Going with the costs outlined, the unit costs about $25. That said, this project is perfect for beginners.

5. DIY $10 Wooden Plant Stand

DIY $10 Wooden Plant Stand

You will absolutely love this simple DIY stand. The fact that the stand costs $10 only is an added plus. The stand is built to be simple, solid and stable.

If you intend to place them on your entrance, it would be best if you made two of these. 

To make one of these plant stands, you will need to have a Kreg Jig, 2.5-inch pocket hole screws and 2 2x3x8 cedar posts. Cutting the cedar posts to size is probably the hardest part of the project.

Shanty-2-Chic provides the tutorial along with images of every step involved in the process.

6. DIY Modern Cube Stand With Optional Fretwork

DIY Modern Cube Stand With Optional Fretwork

If you have a modern style décor in your home, this modern cube stand will blend in just perfectly. It is simple and does not have a lot going on which is a great thing.

When building this cube plant stand, you can opt to include the fretwork on the sides or leave it out altogether. 

Of course leaving the fretwork makes the project even easier but adding the does add some oomph to the DIY plant stand. Whichever design you choose, the tutorial by Remodelaholic has got you covered.

To build the plant stand, you should expect to incur a cost of $8.96. This cost includes that of the Terra cotta pot. 

If you, however, already a pot that will work with the cube plant stand design, you are looking at an estimated cost of $2.18.

7. DIY Winter Ladder Plant Stand

DIY Winter Ladder Plant Stand

If you have a ladder you do not use, this would be the perfect way to permanently put it into good use. 

Given that you already have your main plant stand erect, in this project, there isn’t much of cutting and sanding. Actually, there isn’t. it is by far the perfect DIY plant stand project for a beginner.

That said, the tutorial by Funky Junk Interiors is not one detailing the process of building. It is one of inspiring you to convert the DIY ladder plant stand into a beautiful memory stand. 

She outlines the sentimental value of every item she places on her ladder plant stand. Clearly, while the project cost $0, it is of great value.

8. DIY Marble and Copper Plant Stand

DIY Marble and Copper Plant Stand

This DIY plant stand is simply amazing. The combination of copper and marble to create the piece of art is ingenious. What I love about this DIY plant stand is the fact that it costs $25 only. 

In addition to being cheap, the plant stand is a breeze to piece together. With all supplies ready, it might take you less than an hour. The tutorial by Foxtail and Moss details all the supplies required for the project. 

In addition, the DIY plant tutorial also provides a step by step instructions guide as well as images for creating the image of each step and the final product in your head.

9. DIY Wire Plant Stand

DIY Wire Plant Stand

This is one of the simplest plant stands. If you do not mind such simplicity, then, by all means, get cracking.

But before you start on the project, give it a second look. It should look familiar. If it does not, let me lay it bare for you; it is a lampshade frame. 

That said, it goes without saying that you will need a lampshade with wires connecting the bottom and top. In addition to this, you will need wire cutters and probably spray paint.

The Merry Thought provides a brief guide to hacking the building of this simple DIY wire plant stand. 

10. DIY Concrete and Copper Plant Stand

DIY Concrete and Copper Plant Stand

This is yet another mix of material that turns out into a beautiful piece of art. Just by looking at the DIY plant stand, you can tell that there is no cutting involved in this project.

According to the Camille styles project tutorial, all you need to do mix some concrete in a bucket, sink the copper rods into the cement, allow to dry and extract the stand from the bucket. It is that simple.

For a detailed step by step process, follow the tutorial provided b Camille Styles. Note that to vary the height all you need to do is vary the length of the copper rods.

11. DIY Brass and Dowel Plant Stand

DIY Brass and Dowel Plant Stand

We have seen DIY products made from copper solely and other made from wooden dowels. But how about combining the two?

The beauty of using these two materials is that they are locally available and in addition to that they complement each other perfectly. HGTV throws some life to it by spraying a few coats of neon paint.

The tutorial provided by HGTV features the materials needed as well as a list of tools you will need to make the project a success. Additionally, the instructions are provided in a step-by-step format.

12. Easy DIY Plant Stand

Easy DIY Plant Stand

If you are looking for a rookie project to embark on, then this is the perfect project for you. This DIY plant stand is bound to give you a nudge into a fully committed DIY life.

The plant stand is easy to customize to any style and most importantly, it is affordable. Overall, assuming you will have to buy the circular board and the leg, you will be set back about $20. 

While the plant stand is simple and easy to build, it does take a considerable amount of time especially if you will be following the DIY Playbook tutorial to the letter.

This is because you will have to allow time to every coat of paint you add to dry before adding another. But with regards to skill, it is a beginner project.

13. DIY Acacia Wood Plant Stand

DIY Acacia Wood Plant Stand

If you are one of those guys who loves plants. The kind who has all kinds of plants in the house that a friend might think you live in a greenhouse, adding plant stands is a great idea.

Now, this DIY acacia wood plant stand would make for a perfect addition to your décor. Now, I probably should point out that while this is a DIY project, it actually is an Ikea hack.

The materials you will need to complete this project is an Ikea plant stand, 3 acacia wood plates, super glue and flat socket cap screws (optional).

When following the tutorial by Sugar and Cloth, you will notice that they took the longer route to completing the project. They do however point this out and guide you through the short installation process.

14. DIY Hanging Garden

DIY Hanging Garden

If you do not have enough floor space to hold your plant stand, do not lose hope yet. You can also make use of the free wall. Your plants will act as a perfect piece of art on your wall.

I love the fact that it is elegant and that it is easy to make. It comes in several levels spaced out according to your preferences. You can make it as tall as you prefer. 

To create this DIY plant stand, you will need a 0.75-inch pine board, a rope, and zip ties to hold the boards in place.

Follow the tutorial by Homemade Modern to hack the project. Speaking of the tutorial, you will be pleased to note that it sports images and a video as well.

15. DIY $5 Concrete Plant Stand

DIY $5 Concrete Plant Stand

It is impressive and shocking, in a good way, that one can make a plant stand for only $5. Dwelling In Happiness presents us with a tutorial that guides through the creation of a simple plant stand. 

For this fun lite stool, all you will need is a bag of concrete, a dowel, and a bucket. The most tasking bit of the project might be the mixing of the concrete in the bucket. 

Actually, this is the only step. The rest of the time as per the tutorial, you will be waiting for the concrete to dry with the dowels dipped inside.

16. DIY Modern Plant Stand With Ceramic Tile

DIY Modern Plant Stand With Ceramic Tile

If you are tired of having to see your plants cluttered and messy, it is about time you did something about it. This DIY plant stand is the best way to take back your control. 

This particular DIY plant stand by Homeyohmy is simple, tall and has space enough for multiple plant pots. The use of a ceramic tile for the top adds to the elegance of the unit.

The square birch wood sticks may look flimsy but they are strong and provide great support. The blog tutorial sheds light on the process of building the plant stand from scratch in an easy to understand manner.

17. DIY Plant Stand With Furniture Legs

DIY Plant Stand With Furniture Legs

If you are a green thumb, or you have a close friend or family member who is one, this would make a perfect gift. Its creation is straightforward and without complications.

According to the Honey Comb Home, all you need to do is buy a wood slice, 3 furniture legs and plates to attach the legs to the wood slice. 

While you could simply attach the legs directly to the wood slice, you run the risk of splitting it – do not run that risk. The tutorial presented features images and instruction guiding you through the process. 

It is easy and perfect for beginners. While choosing the stain for the legs, you should not compromise on the quality as it will show.

18. DIY Piano Stool Plant Stand

DIY Piano Stool Plant Stand

With some bit of creativity, you can turn just about any furniture into a plant stand. In this tutorial by Nur Noch, you will learn how to convert a piano stool into a plant stand. 

Note that the tutorial does not detail the process of creating the piano stool. It assumes you have one and would like to transform it. 

The result is a cute plant stand resembling a piece of art an engineer could have come up with.

19. DIY Washtub Garden

DIY Washtub Garden

I have to admit. This particular plant stand did catch me by surprise. The antique washtub does make a great plant stand. 

And since it has space, why not turn it into a mini indoor garden? It will keep things tidy and clean and still give you that beauty you want. 

If you do not have a metal tub already, you can buy a new one in your local store. To complete the project all you need is a simple plastic cloth lining, organic soil, and some lovely plants.

In the Lize Marie Blog tutorial are also instructions on how to make the cute copper garden markers. The markers will help you tell the plants apart as well as improve the garden aesthetics.

20. DIY Bungalow Stand

DIY Bungalow Stand

There is a reason it is referred to as a bungalow stand. It is huge and can accommodate many plant pots. While it can be used indoors, it is also perfect for the great outdoors. 

However, if you intend for this plant stand to live outdoors, you will have to use pressure-treated redwood or cedar. If you use any other type of lumber remember to finish it with a sealing paint.

The tutorial by Jen Wood House will take you through the process of building the bungalow plant stand. I love the fact that she added perspective diagrams as well.

21. DIY Tiered Plant Stand

DIY Tiered Plant Stand

This is one cute plant stand. It is perfect for showing off your gardening skills. It features multiple levels and as such accommodates several plant pots. It is very easy to build. 

It is a perfect beginner project and will only take a day to complete. It costs anywhere between $20 and $100.

Family Handyman provides an in-depth tutorial to guide you through the creation process. The instructions are step-by-step and come with images as well.

22. Simple DIY Mid-Century Inspired Plant Stand

Simple DIY Mid-Century Inspired Plant Stand

For this mid-century inspired plant stand to give you the effect you are after, you have to choose an appropriate pot design. 

Not all pot designs will blend with the mid-century look. That said, this plant stand is perfectly simple and direct. With the four supports, the plant stand is stable and can hold a considerable amount of weight.

The tutorial by Retro Renovation will take you through the building process. The sketches of the plant stand will give you a clear image.

23. DIY Low Modern Plant Stand With Tapered Legs

DIY Low Modern Plant Stand With Tapered Legs

The plant stand is designed with clean and simple lines. These make the plant stand slightly easier to design and to recreate the look from the 1950s.

To make this low plant stand, all you will need is a wooden frame, tiny tapered wood pieces, and E600 glue.

The tutorial by DIYs does not show the staining of the wood stands or frame. However, to give it more oomph, you can stain it however you like.

24. DIY Towering A-Frame Ladder Plant Stand

DIY Towering A-Frame Ladder Plant Stand

This is the perfect design to place multiple plants and even grow vegetables on. The A-frame design makes use of a step ladder which forms the base of the plant stands. 

To complete the look, wood plants are added to act as shelves. The plant stand is easy to build and more to this, it is affordable. You will have more plants in one place. 

It easily can be the focal point of your home. If you have an old step ladder, you best get started on this plant stand design.

25. DIY Nugget Planter Shelf

DIY Nugget Planter Shelf

You have to admit this shelf really looks great. The different colored plant pots hanging from the shelf add to the beauty.

This project is simple. You will, however, need to learn how to use a hole saw. This is the only tool that will provide you with the beautiful smooth 4-inch circle you need for this project. 

After making the holes, you will use L-brackets to connect the shelf to the wall. For a detailed process of building this simplistic shelf, read through the Vintage Revivals blog tutorial.

And there you have it. Which of these 25 creative DIY plant stands will you try first? They are easy to build and take up very little time.

Feel free to share with us any additions or concerns you might have about the plat stand designs listed above. 

Share and indulge us and the rest of the world through the comment section below.