21 Simple DIY Pipe Desk Plans You Can Build Your Own Desk

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21 Simple DIY Pipe Desk Plans You Can Build Your Own Desk

diy pipe desk

If you need a desk that is strong and fun, then why not try a pipe desk?

You can build amazing desks using pipes. Steel pipe desks and tables can hold a lot of weight. They look very cool and modern. They can be made to fit different sizes and room shapes, and they are durable.

I have collected the following wonderful DIY pipe desk plans from across the Internet. By presenting them below, I do hope that you will be moved to create your very own pipe desk.

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Wall-Leaning Door Top DIY Pipe Desk

Using a door for the tabletop, this pipe desk has just 2 legs. Its other side is anchored to the wall using right angle brackets.

This plan starts off with a material list. If you already have steel pipes, then your major expense should be just the door, which measures 80 x 30 inches and cost $30.

The pipes used have a 1-inch diameter and because the $30 door had rough edges, plastic wood had to be applied to it and then sanded until it was smooth enough.

Next came the painting of the door and then the attachment of the legs and corner brackets. This guide is simple and easy to follow. It also contains lots of clear pictures, which make it easy to understand.

2. West Elm Workshop Table Inspired $180 DIY Pipe Table Plan

West Elm Workshop Table Inspired $180 DIY Pipe Table Plan

Designed to look like the West Elm Workshop table which cost nearly $2,000, this table too, is as high-end and sturdy as it can be.

This plan begins with a material and a cut list. One nice thing about this table is the way that the 6 T-joints are used to stabilize the steel frame and make the table extra-stable.

The table is about 45 inches wide and 25 inches high. Its 2 x 10 tabletop boards were attached together using Kreg jig drilled holes.

The tabletop was then stained and finally attached to the steel frame. This plan shows you all the exact steps to make your very own $180 copy of a $1,999 designer black pipe desk.

3. Extra Wide DIY Steel Pipe Desk

Extra Wide DIY Steel Pipe Desk

Here is another design that will fit perfectly into your home office. If you've been planning an upgrade, but you've been unsure of what to build, then maybe you should try this one out.

Its material list includes a 70-inch long pipe, lots of shorter pipes and t-joints, and even caps for the feet. The tabletop is an IKEA Karlby countertop.

A picture shows you all the needed parts before the construction starts. The only tool you need here is a drill/driver, although you could also use a pipe wrench to properly tighten all the pieces.

Detailed pictures lead you through the steps until the steel frame is positioned on the tabletop and holes drilled to mark the spots.

4. DIY Computer Pipe L-Desk with Butcher Block

DIY Computer Pipe L-Desk with Butcher Block

This one is another lovely project which is perfect for computer users. Its L-Design makes it a perfect solution for gamers or for a home office because it offers lots of desktop space.

It also includes a butcher block for the computer station, which will not be necessary if you use only laptops.

The steel frame is simple and easy to build. It might not be the strongest of tables, but it wasn't designed for supporting anything other than computers.

The materials are detailed in this plan and a step by step picture guide takes you through the building process until the installation of a 9-outlet power surge protector.

5. DIY Pipe Desk Plans for Gamers

DIY Pipe Desk Plans for Gamers

Designed by a gamer couple, these 2 steel pipe desks offer the best solution for working and playing computer games.

The steel frame includes a station for the computer, which makes it quite solid. It is painted black, after which a 60-inch door is attached to the top.

There are lots of pictures in this guide and each one comes with enough explanations to show you what's going on.

You can decide to get a little creative and change the colors of these desk to something more inspiring or exciting.

6. April Hoff's Galvanized Pipe Desk Plan

April Hoff's Galvanized Pipe Desk Plan

Two things make this galvanized pipe desk stand out, and those are its caster wheels and butcher block tabletop. If you need a desk for art or studio work, then this might do it for you.

The plan begins with a material list, then a piping cut list. The instructions are simple and easy to follow, with pictures showing each step of the way.

The casters make this desk special, both as a feature and in its looks. The butcher block alone cost about $350, making the entire project cost a total of about $400. 

If you want cheaper wood for the tabletop, you may want to try out an IKEA countertop.

7. DIY Pipe Standing Desk with IKEA Countertop

DIY Pipe Standing Desk with IKEA Countertop

'Sitting is the new smoking' comes from the idea that sitting all day at a desk to work is not healthy. This has pushed many people towards standing desks.

With this steel pipe standing desk, you get your very own healthy standing desk. The tabletop is made from an IKEA Numerar countertop, which has been cut into 2.

There is a material list, which comes to a total of $364. This plan also lists additional tools and materials that you might need for the job.

The pictures are clear and well laid out. This guide takes you step by step through the assembly process, until the countertop is stained and finished, completing the desk.

8. DIY Pipe Desk Plus Rustic Wood Bench Plan

DIY Pipe Desk Plus Rustic Wood Bench Plan

Some people just love their stuff rustic. If you are one of those, then this desk and bench plan will surely get your creativity in top gear.

Lumber type decision is left to you here, and the level of finishing is also yours to decide. Still, this guide shows every other step in great detail.

The desk stands on just 2 feet, though you could change that a little to better suit your needs. The other side of the desk is fixed to a 2x4 board which has been attached to the wall.

In the end, Jenna spent about $120 for this set, which isn't bad for such a custom and unique design.

9. DIY Adjustable Height Steel Pipe Standing Desk Plans

DIY Adjustable Height Steel Pipe Standing Desk Plans

For this project, you will need just pipes, a 2x12 board, couplings, t-joints and end caps for the pipes, screws and mending plates for the board.

You will have to divide the board in 2 and then attach the 2 sides together. This guide shows you how to do it, as well as how to finish the rest of the process.

It begins with a material list, including the cut list for the pipes. Pictures then clearly show every step of the 7-step construction process.

This steel pipe standing desk is height adjustable. Depending on how you screw the pipes to the couplings, you can get a table height between 30 inches and 48 inches.

10. Pipe Desk with Wall Shelves DIY Guide

Pipe Desk with Wall Shelves DIY Guide

Laurie and her husband built this desk and shelves set for their son. Though she doesn't provide a plan with exact measurements, you can actually understand the process.

The desk's frame is built using pipes, while the shelves are made from a pipe, a cap, and a flange to attach it to the wall.

The wood was stained to match the rest of the furniture in the house, and the shelves were mounted above the desk.

11. Sturdy Plumbing Pipe Table Plan

Sturdy Plumbing Pipe Table Plan

This table cost about $150 in total to make, but it is really worth it. The steel pipe frame design and the wood both combine to make it a sturdy and long lasting table.

In this guide, pictures lead you through the sanding and staining of the wood boards, to the building of the pipe frame and the final assembly, including the addition of casters.

The final product is just so lovely. A pipe table on casters that is perfect for both indoors and outdoors. The guide ends with a supply list of all the materials needed to build this table.

12. DIY Pipe Desk with 4-Shelve Tower Plan

DIY Pipe Desk with 4-Shelve Tower Plan

One could take this idea of a pipe desk with overhead shelves even further and build useful furniture that can fill up a wall from top to bottom.

A material list contains all the needed items, including 3/4-inch pipes and 2x12 boards. The boards were also beautifully stained with a Brown Mahogany gel stain and covered with a protective coat.

An 8-step guide leads you through the cutting of materials and the assembly. This project took about 30 hours to complete and it cost around $500 in materials.

What you get is a wall full of storage space for your books. You are free to even make it wider or to create more than one set in order to accommodate your books.

13. Stunning DIY Copper Pipe Double Desk plan

Stunning DIY Copper Pipe Double Desk plan

This pipe table stands out from the rest because copper pipes were used in place of steel ones. Standing 28.5 inches high and 80 inches wide, the copper turns this table into an elegant piece of furniture.

The tabletop is made from 5 pieces of 80 inches long 1x6 boards, which have been attached together to create an 80 x 30-inch tabletop.

You can also add a frame around the tabletop as is done in this plan. Every step is detailed, including a tool, material, and cut list.

There are also pictures of the copper frame with detailed dimensions and directions to help you re-create this lovely table as perfectly as possible.

14. Designer Industrial Pipe Desk Plan

Designer Industrial Pipe Desk Plan

If you are looking for an iron pipe desk with a really stylish design, then take a closer look here. Designed with style, this pipe desk will add a touch of class to your room.

It is the perfect pipe computer desk because it is simple, stylish, lightweight and mobile on 4 casters.

The design is a little different from the other desks though. The legs cross themselves in a stylish yet sturdy way, also making this a very stable and long lasting desk.

Lots of clear pictures will guide you through the build process, and you can even decide to add your very own personal touch to the design.

15. Steel Pipe DIY Computer Desk Plan

Steel Pipe DIY Computer Desk Plan

Built using a combination of galvanized steel and an IKEA Numerar Oak Countertop, this makes a great standing pipe computer desk.

Obviously designed by a group of computer experts, this guide has the discipline and humor of the computer technology world.

The price of every single material is listed, including the prices of gloves. Every single step is also presented in a fun and informative way.

The end product is a strong and good looking standing computer desk, worthy of any modern office.

16. $364 Standing Computer DIY Pipe Desk

$364 Standing Computer DIY Pipe Desk

While this desk looks much like the previous one, it is slightly different. It features 2 hanging side shelves and an IKEA Hammarp kitchen countertop.

This tutorial starts off with a picture of the table, then a material and additional supplies list, with each item's cost also recorded.

Chris does not add too many pictures in this guide, but he does add the important ones and with lots of detailed explanations.

17. Cute DIY Copper Pipe Child's Desk Plan

Cute DIY Copper Pipe Child's Desk Plan

This pipe desk plan shows you how to build a desk that is so cute, it will melt your heart. Copper is a very beautiful material to work with. It is only not as strong as steel.

Such a desk is therefore recommended only for kids under 60 lbs. The tutorial starts out with a picture and list of all the necessary materials, plus a cut list.

With pictures in a step by step manner, this guide shows you the individual steps to building such a lovely desk, including the spray painting of the wooden boards.

Building this desk will set you back about $100 and take less than 4 hours of work.

18. DIY Steel Pipe & Wood Table

DIY Steel Pipe & Wood Table

Kristin and her hubby El Granto built this one after a more expensive Flatiron table from Restoration Hardware.

They made changes though and ended up with a 72- x 34-inch table which is 30 inches high. The boards used were 2x12s, which were initially 12 feet long, then cut in half.

The tutorial begins with a material and a pipe cut list. Lots of pictures will guide you through the construction process, although Kristin and her hubby decided to change the tabletop after a few months.

The link to the new build with a more elegant and durable tabletop is also included on this page.

19. DIY Copper Pipe Computer Desk

DIY Copper Pipe Computer Desk

This DIY pipe desk uses the contrast between copper and espresso-stained wooden boards to create a table that is very functional and classy.

The L-table has a 65-inch long tabletop on one side and a 47-inch tabletop on the other. The lower shelves are not tightly fitted and they make this pipe computer desk absolutely fabulous.

Although this guide is not presented in a step by step manner, it does give you everything you need to build your very own copy of this amazing table.

20. Easy DIY Steel Pipe Desk

Easy DIY Steel Pipe Desk

Beginning with a clear picture of all the needed materials, this guide continues with a written list, including different sizes of steel pipes, t-joints, flanges and 66-inch long wooden slab.

Each step of this construction is shown in pictures, from the assembly of the pipe frame to the attachment of the wooden slab.

The tabletop was stained using Minwax Red Mahogany and then covered with 2 layers of polyurethane.

A fitting dresser was also added to the table, as well as a small shelf for the printer. All these are extras that you can choose to either add or not add, depending on what you want.

21. Stylish DIY Steel Pipe Desk Plan

Stylish DIY Steel Pipe Desk Plan

This one goes the extra mile of including pressure valves in the steel frame. This gives it a distinct look, which sets it aside from the rest.

Jaclyn Jacobson, the designer of this desk is an industrial designer, so you get very detailed plans, with guidance and instructions on how to get the job done.

The tabletop is 48 inches wide and 24 inches deep. It is simple and natural without finishing, although you could add your own ideas to it. A list of all the needed parts is also included.

Having gone through 21 different DIY pipe desk plans and I hope that at least one plan has awakened your imagination and desire to create something beautiful.

I wish you lots of fun with whichever plan you have decided on.

Feel free to pin and share. Also, leave a comment below. I am curious to know which project you are working on.