35 Cool DIY Picture Frames With Tuitorials

35 Cool DIY Picture Frames With Tuitorials

diy picture frame

Picture frames are a perfect way of displaying photos, artwork, and prints of inspiration.

There are so many free DIY picture frame ideas. That makes it easy to find one that is perfect for your specific picture and home decor.

Making your own picture frame shouldn’t be too hard. I mean, there are many simple homemade picture frame ideas you can use to build one.

Well, let me get straight to sharing with you 36 simple DIY picture frame ideas you might want to try out.

After you've used one of these ideas to make your DIY frame, come back and browse my other free plans so you can build a shadow box, bed frame, ottoman, fireplace mental, and many more. 

Rustic DIY Picture Frame with Glued-On Twigs

Marian designs this picture frame to have a more natural look. Actually, she designs it over an existing wooden picture frame. Supplies needed here are dry twigs, wooden picture frame, and a glue gun.

Marian breaks the twigs into small pieces and lines them against the frame. The pieces need to be short enough to just touch the inside perimeter of the frame.

She glues the twigs on the frame to completely wrap around it. Well, you can choose to place the twigs in three different ways. You can place them vertically, horizontally, or at an angle.

The only thing you need to purchase here is a glue gun in case you already have the picture frame. This handmade picture frame is a good adventure project for kids.

2. Huge DIY Photo Wall Bulletin Board

Huge DIY Photo Wall Bulletin Board

Do you have a large collection of photos? I think this large wallboard frame will fit your needs. This picture frame is made of soundboard measuring 7 feet wide and 3 feet tall.

You can decide to make it larger in case you have more photos. The face of the board is covered with a sheet material, which is then stapled on the back.

The photos are arranged in any way you want. Here, the designer settles for a grid layout. Straight pins are used to pin the photos in place.

This picture frame is then hung on a wall. The pinned photos make it easier to swap without damage. This project is good for those that want a DIY picture frame that makes a huge impact.

3. Popsicle Stick Frames

Popsicle Stick Frames

This picture frame is made of nothing more than Popsicle sticks held with tape. The designer uses regular-sized sticks. Each stick is laid on a strip of tape, which is then wrapped around it.

You can wrap as many sticks as you want. Once done, lay down two plain sticks that are coated in glue. Lay the wrapped sticks across them. The sticks can be used as a picture frame in this setup.

You can also choose to use four wrapped sticks to build the frame. Glue is used to assemble the sticks. The photo is then glued to the back.

4. $2 DIY Picture Frame

$2 DIY Picture Frame

Kimbo builds this picture frame using wood. Thin strips of wood make the edges of the frame. She uses about 4 feet of these on each picture frame.

Six feet of 1 x 4 common board is used to build the backing of the frame. This gives a solid support for heavier art or objects. You can choose to use other board sizes as long as it meets your needs.

The pieces are nailed together but you can decide to use glue instead. Kimbo finishes the frame with a rustic paint. This gives a traditional look that is great for most types of photos.

5. DIY Plaque Picture Frame

DIY Plaque Picture Frame

Bre's picture frame design looks average but with a more inspiring look. Some of the materials she uses to make it include wooden plaque frame, metallic paint, and patterned scrapbook.

The plaque is sanded and the scrapbook cut to a size that is slightly smaller. Bre paints the bevel edges of the plaque using metallic paint.

She covers the front surface of the wooden plaque frame with mod podge. The scrapbook paper is then laid down smooth and covered with a thin layer of mod podge.

Bre then attaches a metal clip on the frame and a hanger to the back. The stand can be popped to let the frame stand freely on a table.

6. Cardboard Ring Frames

Cardboard Ring Frames

This urban-chic picture frame comes in a modular design. It is more like a constellation of cardboard ring frames. Kelly makes the frame using rolls of paper towel or tissues.

The roll is cut into rings of different sizes. The rings are placed on the photo you want to frame. A circle is then traced around the rings.

Kelly cuts out the traced part of the photo and glues it to the ring. The process is repeated for all rings. The rings are finally hung on a wall using push pins. You can upgrade the look of the rings by painting the inside or outside with different colors and gluing together in small groups of up to four.

7. Multi-Colored Cardboard DIY Photo Frame

Multi-Colored Cardboard DIY Photo Frame

Are you a huge fan of bright colors? If yes, then I think this DIY picture frame will be a good match. Cherry builds the frame using cardboard. One thing about this design is that you can build it into any shape or size you want.

The photo is put on the cardboard and traced around the perimeter. A cutout is made so you are left with the frame. Cherry wraps the edges of the frame using yarn. You can wrap each side with a different color of yarn to make the frame more beautiful.

The ends of the yarn are glued so they don't come loose. You can choose to use glitter or paint instead of yarn. The back of the frame is then glued ready to attach to a wall.

8. DIY Foam Frames

DIY Foam Frames

These DIY picture frames are a perfect blend of beauty and lightweight design. You will be surprised at what Mandy use to make the frames. Well, what you need is foam core boards and stucco effect.

Mandy puts a frame template on top of the board and traces the shape on the board. You can use templates of different shapes and sizes.

Cutting out the traced part can be quite tricky. To make it easier, Mandy uses a hot knife. A sandpaper will do well to give you a smooth finish.

Stucco is then applied to the frame to give it texture. What the texture does is to let the paint adhere well on the surface of the frame.

9. Natural Wooden DIY Picture Frame

Natural Wooden DIY Picture Frame

Erlend goes for a photo frame that has some good connection with nature. He builds the frame using nothing more than wooden sticks. Thick, dried sticks are used here to give the frame a weathered, rustic look.

The traditional look of this frame makes a nice addition to a cottage. The sticks are cut to 45 degrees. You can use a saw for this purpose.

A glue gun is used to attach together the four sticks to create a photo frame. The photo is then attached to the back of the frame using glue sticks.

10. Five-Minute Art Print Frame

Five-Minute Art Print Frame

This DIY picture frame is used to fit art prints. Rachael uses neat little tricks making it easier to swap the prints anytime you want.

The best part of this project is that it only takes 5 minutes to finish. Rachael uses basic supplies to build this art print frame. These include an art print of your choice, adhesive mounting strips, balsa wood, and Pom Poms.

Eyelets are made on two ends of a length of balsa wood. This is where the Pom Poms attach. An adhesive strip is then stuck on the back of balsa wood. The back of the strip is peeled off and an art print attached to it.

Another length of balsa wood is attached to the bottom of the print. Rachael threads a string through the eyelets to hang the frame on a wall.

11. DIY Wood Burned Photo Frame

DIY Wood Burned Photo Frame

What this DIY picture frame does is to add a modern design to a rustic craft. Materials needed to make this frame are quite basic. For this project, you will need a wood frame, wood burning tool, and measurement tools.

Patterns are made on the frame using a wood burning tool. Here, the designer goes for polka-dot, triangular, and starburst patterns. That gives three different frames.

You can make frames of different shapes and sizes. It is good to experiment with the wood burning tool before starting. The tutorial has safety tips for using the wood burning tool.

12. Striped Washi Tape Frame

Striped Washi Tape Frame

Tapes can give a signature photo frame. Sarah had this in mind when making this DIY picture frame. Besides the washi tape, what you need here is a wooden picture frame and Mod Podge.

These are common supplies you can find in most local stores. The frame is painted white to give a crisp look. The framed is then wrapped in tape and Mod Podge added to give a good seal.

Now it is time to add your photo. Following a specific pattern when taping the frame will give a more beautiful finish.

13. $15 DIY Wooden Wall Art

$15 DIY Wooden Wall Art

This is more like a frame within a frame. The designer builds a larger frame consisting of a smaller frame inside. The main frame has a backing that is made using thin pallet boards.

Strips of boards with a quarter round molding are used to make the edges. The same design is used on the inner frame. A metal clip is fitted on the small frame to hold your photo.

You can put a sawtooth hanger to mount the frame on a wall. In this design, all the pieces are assembled using glue. The frame is finished with a rustic stain to give it a warm traditional look.

14. Zigzag DIY Brag Book Picture Frame

Zigzag DIY Brag Book Picture Frame

This is a photo frame with a twist. It looks more like a book when closed but opens up in a zigzag shape. Some of the materials you will need for the project include 30-inch bristol board, embroidery mounting boards, two pieces of fabric, and 23-inch ribbon.

The ribbon is sewn to the middle of the fabric to make the back panel. The embroidery board is then mounted in such a way that the sticky side faces away from the fabric. This is then glued onto the fabric to make the cover of the book.

Bristol board folded after every 5 inches is glued to the cover. Strips of double tape are added to the unglued sides where the photos will fit. A zigzag thread frame is then sewn ready to fit your photos.

15. DIY Picture Frame from Folded Carton Paper

DIY Picture Frame from Folded Carton Paper

One look at this picture frame and you can easily mistake for the solid wooden frames. You'll be surprised to know that this DIY picture frame is made using carton paper.

What you need here is an original frame template, which is then printed on the carton board. The carton board is then folded along the solid outer lines on the print.

Holes are made on the shorter sides through which the folded sections secure. This design gives you both the edges of the frame and the backing. The photo is then glued to the backing.

16. DIY Rustic Pallet Frame

DIY Rustic Pallet Frame

This is a solid picture frame made using pallet boards. What the designer does here is glue pieces of pallet boards on a plywood backing.

A rustic paint is applied to give a traditional look. Pieces of sheet metal are attached to each corner of the frame where the photo will fit. A photo covered in plexiglass is then fitted on the frame.

The designer attaches a bin pull to the back of the frame to hang on a wall. In case you have free pallets, then expect to spend around $15 on this project. The solid make of this picture frame can safely fit heavy artwork.

17. Plexiglass Wooden Picture Frame with Routered Edges

Plexiglass Wooden Picture Frame with Routered Edges

This is a rustic, durable picture frame designed by Alison. She uses routered pine boards to make the edges of the frame. This is then placed over a plywood backing.

When choosing the plywood, go for one with a thickness enough to fit the screws. A photo is placed on the plywood backing. This is then covered in plexiglass.

Plain plexiglass is prone to cracking when drilling through it. To prevent this, Alison settles for polycarbonate glass. Holes are drilled on the four corners of the glass and hex screws fitted to hold it down.

What you get is a picture that is sandwiched between the glass and board. You can add a ribbon on this DIY picture frame for a more appealing look.

18. Firefly DIY Picture Frame

Firefly DIY Picture Frame

I call this a picture frame with flickering beauty. The main supplies you need here include an embossed jar, memory frame, 10-bulb LED battery set, and glitter stickers.

You will need an embossing machine and a tracing paper to design the embossed jar. Make a cutout of the image using scissors. Holes are drilled on the frame to fit the LED bulbs.

The embossed jar is then glued to the frame ready to attract and catch fireflies. A photo is fitted on the frame. Expect to do some simple wiring in this project.

Make sure the wires are hidden at the back of the frame to give a good look.

19. DIY Picture Frame with Antique Matte Mod Podge

DIY Picture Frame with Antique Matte Mod Podge

This is an antique picture frame made of Mod Podge Fabric. But you will need an existing wood frame to make it. The frame is painted and left to dry.

The fabric is cut to a size slightly bigger than the frame. Mod Podge is applied to the fabric and left to dry. According to the designer, Mod Podge will help keep the fabric from fraying.

The shape of the frame is then traced on the fabric using a pencil. The fabric is then cut on the inside line. Mod Podge is then added to seal it in place.

A cardboard backing is then glued to the frame. You can draft something on the board or glue a photo to it.

20. DIY Wooden Picture Frame with Crafty Embellishments

DIY Wooden Picture Frame with Crafty Embellishments

A larger part of this crafty Mod Podge picture frame is made using repurposed materials. For the photo, it is good to use one printed from a laser printer. The front of the photo is painted with a thick layer of gel.

The photo is laid face down on a piece of board made of solid wood.  Straighten out with a ruler to eliminate wrinkles. Let it dry and then scrape gently with a wet rag.

Mod Podge is then painted on the scraped surface. Now it is time to add any crafty embellishments to give your picture frame that signature look.

21. Large Wooden Picture Frame with Twine Hangers

Large Wooden Picture Frame with Twine Hangers

Well, this picture frame isn't designed to hold just one photo. It is large enough to fit your photo gallery. For this project, you need a large wooden frame and twines.

For the wooden frame, you can settle for a large repurposed window frame. In this case, the designer uses an old picture frame. The backing and plexiglass are removed to leave only the edges.

Twines are attached across the frame at a chosen spacing and held using hot glue. Twine adds a rustic look to this picture frame.

Photos are then pinned onto the twine. The frame can be painted in a color of your choice.

22. Rustic DIY Picture Frame from Old Window

Rustic DIY Picture Frame from Old Window

It's hard to imagine how you can turn a pile of crappy old windows into something useful. Well, here's a recommendation for you. Make up your mind and turn it into a picture frame.

You can leave the glazing on the frame. Just ensure it is clear enough to give a good display. In case it doesn't, then you can fix plexiglass for clear view and added protection.

Here, the photos are held in place using magnets placed on the four corners. The magnets make it easy to swap the photos in case you want to upgrade your home decor.

23. Aqua Distressed Monogram Frame

Aqua Distressed Monogram Frame

This is a wooden picture frame with an aged look. It is made using trim boards. The designer uses gorilla glue to assemble the boards. This gives a more rigid frame.

A filler is used at the corners to provide a flush finish. The frame is painted and then distressed using Vaseline. What you need to do is apply on the painted surface and the paint comes off.

Foam board covered in chevron fabric is stapled to the back of the frame. This forms the backing of this picture frame. What remains is to pin your photo on the frame.

24. Hinged Wooden Picture Frame as Hidden Key Storage

Hinged Wooden Picture Frame as Hidden Key Storage

This is more than just a picture frame. The designer builds it to double as hidden storage for keys. Well, the frame is made of wood with a board backing.

Plexiglass is used for the glazing part. What sets this frame apart is the hinged design. This makes it easy to move to and away from the wall.

The part of the wall onto which the frame closes is fitted with hooks to hold the keys. This means the keys are hidden behind the picture frame. You only see the keys when the frame is opened away from the wall.

25. DIY Farmhouse Picture Frame

DIY Farmhouse Picture Frame

Ashley makes this frame using some old, chippy scrap wood. Apart from the wood, you will need brackets and screws.

I'd call this a DIY picture frame with a vintage look. The ends of the boards that make the edges of the frame are given a 45-degree cut. Brackets are screwed to the back of the frame to hold the pieces together.

Your frame is now complete and you can now clip a photo.

26. LOVE DIY Picture Frame

LOVE DIY Picture Frame

This crafty piece is made on a $1 existing picture frame. Mod Podge is applied on the frame and covered in a thick piece of paper. A paper with design will look great on the frame.

The hanging edges of the paper are trimmed. Another layer of Mod Podge is applied to the frame. Paper hearts are then glued to the frame in layers.

A card is glued to the back of the frame. Cutout letters of the name 'LOVE' are then glued onto the card. Now your LOVE picture frame is ready.

27. DIY Cute Cardboard Picture Frame

DIY Cute Cardboard Picture Frame

With this picture frame, you get to upgrade your home decor nice and easy. What you need here is some cardboard. Of course, you want something that has a beautiful pattern. Wrap a patterned paper on the cardboard to get the look you want.

This is a fully customizable project. That means you can design the frame to take any shape you want. You can add different ornaments to add that festive feel.

When folding the cardboard to any style you want, it is good to start by tracing the lines along which you are going to fold. You can choose to use a template to make things easier.

28. DIY Paper Card Picture Frame

DIY Paper Card Picture Frame

Karina comes up with this picture frame design. She uses a paper card and white glue.

Measurements are first made on the paper to avoid frustrations when folding. Well, Karina gives an illustration of the measurement she uses in her tutorial.

She makes a cutout of the measurement and folds the card along the marked lines. What remains is to glue the bend sections and leave them to dry.

29. Decorative Popsicle DIY Picture Frame

Decorative Popsicle DIY Picture Frame

This picture frame comes in a layered design. What the designer does here is to use four Popsicle sticks to make a frame. The sticks are assembled using glue.

Three frames are designed then glued to each other. Once glued together, you get a wider base that makes the frame stand on its own.

A photo is glued in place. Decorative floral are pinned onto the frame to add that beautiful look.

30. DIY Pallet Photo Frame with Mod Podge

DIY Pallet Photo Frame with Mod Podge

This picture frame design by Jamie has a rustic, traditional look that adds a country feel to your home decor. Before going on, this project is specially meant for laser print photos.

The frame is build using pallet boards. Jamie's frame is three boards wide.  The boards are held together by two horizontal strips of wood attached to the back.

Mod Podge is applied to completely cover the front of your photo. The photo is then placed on the frame facing down. You can straighten out using a ruler to remove air bubbles.

After drying for up to 24 hours, Jamie scraps the photo using a damp towel. This is done until only the image is left.

31. $3 DIY Bow Picture Frame

$3 DIY Bow Picture Frame

One of the best parts of this picture frame is the price. But it also has a cool display to offer. This super simple picture frame is build using wooden boards, ribbon, twine, and gorilla glue.

The first step is to cut the frame. Here, the designer uses 1 x 12 board. He attaches 1 x 3 board to the lower back of the frame. The small piece functions as a support so that the frame stands on its own.

A hole is drilled at the top of the frame where twine threads through. The twine is used to tie the ribbon designed to take the shape of a bow tie. What is left is to glue your photo to the frame.

32. DIY Picture Frame Calendar

DIY Picture Frame Calendar

Most photo frames are designed for display purposes. Ashley comes up with something quite different. It is a framed calendar you can use to manage your busy schedule.

One good thing about it is that it is a personalized calendar designed as per your needs. What you need here is a wooden picture frame. You will also need 7 paint swatches to create a color scheme.

The paint swatches are glued to the back with the colored side facing up. Close the back and get ready to plan your schedule on the calendar.

33. DIY Inspirational Mood Board

DIY Inspirational Mood Board

Display your favorite moments in one place without the clutter with this mood board picture frame.

The first step is to measure the length of wire that can cover the frame. Once done, staple the wires around the edges of the frame.

Now it is time to decorate the frame with cards, photos, and tickets. These are attached to the mesh wire using clothe pins.

Add some themes that will turn it into a mood board. You can do that by installing mood lights around the frame.

34. DIY Picture Frame from Silhouette Cameo

DIY Picture Frame from Silhouette Cameo

The design of this picture frame starts with a print. The print is placed on a plywood and a jigsaw used to make a cutout. After removing, the cutout is sanded and painted.

The photo is held on the cutout frame using washi tapes. Well, it is all that simple!

35. DIY Wooden Picture Frame for 16 x 20 Prints

DIY Wooden Picture Frame for 16 x 20 Prints

This is a simple DIY picture frame made of pine boards. The ends of the boards are mitered at 45 degrees. No trimming or molding is needed here.

The boards are assembled using glue to form the frame. Joiners are hammered across the seams to make the frame more rigid. Using a staple gun, attach chalkboard to create the backing of the frame.

Now it is time to put your favorite print on the frame.

I hope you have grasped something that will help you frame and display your photo and prints in style.

Have anything to add or share with us? Please get in touch with us in the comment section.