45 Free DIY Picnic Table Plans for Kids and Adults

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45 Free DIY Picnic Table Plans for Kids and Adults

picnic table plans

There are many pleasures this life has to offer. However, there are very few that beat enjoying a simple outdoor meal when the weather allows for it. 

Whether you will be cooking on a grill or preparing a sandwich or a salad for a light lunch, you will without a doubt have the time of your life. 

But a meal in the great outdoors is not complete without a functional and sturdy picnic on which to enjoy your meal. 

While you can buy a retail picnic table, you will have to bear with the fact that it is generic, unattractive and expensive. For custom picnic tables, I have put together a list of ideas of DIY projects. 

These free picnic table plan ideas are beautiful, one of a kind and best of all, inexpensive. Have a look at the plans provided and make an informed choice. 

You can find more than just these free picnic table plans like plans for console table, round table, side table, craft table, end table, coffee table, farmhouse table, gaming table, router table, pallet coffee table, and many more.


1.  DIY Standard Adult Picnic Table 

DIY Standard Adult Picnic Table

This standard picnic table has been designed to be a unit and most importantly, easy to build. If you are a beginner looking for a project to break into the DIY world, this picnic table makes for the perfect project. 

The Picnic table by Ana White features ample seating space and a sturdy top. The seating space and the top are one unit. You can paint the DIY picnic table any bright color of your choice. 

The DIY table measures 60-inches in length and the top measures about 29.5 inches wide. Ana White provides sketch diagrams along with the plans to guide you through the project. Overall, the picnic table should cost between $20 and $50. 

2.  DIY 10-foot Picnic Table 

DIY 10-foot Picnic Table

If you have a large family, you surely must have plans to build a picnic table as well. For your large family, this 10-foot long DIY picnic table will meet your need for space. 

The seating space, table, and legs of this unit are all attached. The DIY picnic table is one unit. It is sturdy and a beauty to look at. According to Jays Custom Creation blog, the DIY picnic table is easy to build. 

And while the blog tutorial does not provide detailed instructions for building the picnic table, downloadable PDF plans and SketchUp files have been made available for reference purposes. 

The table is built to last a long time courtesy of the solid design and the pressure treated lumber used. 

3.  DIY 6-foot Picnic Table

DIY 6-foot Picnic Table

For a long-lasting and strong DIY picnic table, Jays Custom Creations provides yet another DIY picnic table plan to follow. The overall design is clean and stylish. 

You will use Pocket hole screws to ensure that the table is held together from the bottom. You will not have to bear the unsightly screws showing on the seating and table surface. 

The design as detailed in the 6-foot picnic table plans features a horizontal support running along the seat’s length. This works to improve the structural strength. This strength provides for better support and prevents lateral movement. 

Overall, the DIY picnic table is simple to build and can be set up with minimal tools in hand. The project materials cost about $100. This price included untreated wood and sealing products. 

4.  DIY Traditional 6-foot Picnic Table

DIY Traditional 6-foot Picnic Table

To build this one of a king DIY picnic table, you will not need any fancy tools. Actually, you will need basic tools including an adjustable wrench, a drill, saw, and hammer. 

The simple picnic table plan is based entirely on a classic design that has stood the test of time. The Bob Plans blog details the use treated lumber for the table legs and regular pine wood for other parts. 

When painted, the pine used can last for ages. You can, however, decide to use redwood lumber to build the entire table. Be advised though, you will spend more. 

The easy picnic table plans are available for download. They feature a material list, cutout dimensions, parts dimensions and side and end views. 

5.  DIY Reclaimed Wood Picnic Table

DIY Reclaimed Wood Picnic Table

Truth be told, building a picnic table is one project that can be practical and fun. This particular picnic table by Wayne of The Woods is designed to be simple and sturdy. 

It has space enough for 6 grownups to seat and share a meal comfortably. The DIY picnic table will last for ages. You can build this picnic table for virtually $0 using recycled wood in your garage. 

This blog wood picnic table plan details building the picnic table from 2x4 lumber and 1x8 boards. If the lumber you use is pine, be sure to paint or seal it for added protection against the weather elements.

6.  DIY Versatile Picnic Table 

DIY Versatile Picnic Table

No home should be without a picnic table. Picnic tables are not only useful for outdoor eating but also serve a variety of other purposes. Actually, if you are a staunch DIYer, you can use it as your sawhorse. 

According to the blog, Stick Site, this DIY picnic table cost about $50 and only took a few hours to complete. I love the fact that the DIY picnic table also comes with two wheels. 

They make it easy to move the picnic table around with little effort. The picnic table plan is presented complete with proper cutting lengths, materials, and tools you will need along with instructions to follow. 

7.  DIY Picnic Table For Two 

DIY Picnic Table For Two

A picnic table needs not be uncomfortable or clumsy. It does not need to be a family feeding trough. If you want, you can make it more intimate and romantic – a picnic table for two. 

The fact that it can only support two people makes it lightweight and easily portable. It can be set under a tree, on a patio or deck or in the corner of your garden. 

To make the DIY picnic table, you will use cedar wood. This will make the table long-lasting and sturdy. For a refined look, the pilot holes are filled with cedar plugs. The cedar surfaces area also smoothened out. 

The Black and Decker blog has made available a picnic table plan providing a cutting list and step-by-step instructions for building the picnic table for two. 

8.  DIY Picnic Tables for Big Kids

DIY Picnic Tables for Big Kids

This table by Ana White has been designed to fit big kids. It is sturdy and large enough to comfortably accommodate small adults as well. 

The DIY picnic table is easy to build and has been built numerous times by beginners. Given that kids have different heights, you may want to alter the measurements to accommodate your kids better. 

The plan by Ana White, however, measures 8-feet long. The top of the table was made using 2 2x6 boards which resulted in less waste, less supply used and even better, less money. 

A beginner can hack this project and you should expect to spend anything between $20 and $50. 

9.  DIY Childrens Picnic Table

DIY Childrens Picnic Table

If you are looking for a picnic table for your kids, there are several factors that you need to consider. These include the size, weight, and height of the table. 

Kids are bound to climb on the table and put themselves at the risk of toppling over. If and when they do, you want the distance to the ground to be minimal. 

This particular DIY picnic table plan by The Wood Father blog has seating space enough for 4 kids. While it is lightweight, it is rather sturdy and can support the weight of an adult with ease. 

The beauty of this DIY picnic table is that it is easy to build. The detailed instructions make it all the easier to hack even for beginners. The instructions are back up with a SketchUp diagram as well.

10. DIY Composite Toddler Picnic Table

DIY Composite Toddler Picnic Table

If you are looking for a picnic table or your kids to enjoy their meals on, this composite table will work just fine. I love that it is simple and does not require maintenance. 

The Rogue Engineer provides a detailed plan for the DIY picnic table. To build the table, he made use of 8-foot deck boards. Overall, he spent about $45 on the project. 

In the simple picnic table plan, he included a material and tools list as well as a cutting list and instructions back up by images for better understanding. 

Quick tip – since this is a kids picnic table, you should sand the sharp edges to keep your kids safe when they are lost in the fun they will be having. 

11. DIY Convertible Picnic Table and Bench 

DIY Convertible Picnic Table and Bench

I absolutely love the convertible design on this DIY picnic table. Picnic tables do not have to be feeding troughs alone. With this design, you can transform your picnic table into comfortable benches. 

The general convertible idea is simple and easy to implement. The video tutorial on the Her Tool Belt blog describes how the DIY picnic table converts. It is an exciting project that will cost you about $80 per bench. 

For the project you will need a drill, Kreg pocket hole jig K5 and a compound miter saw. The picnic table plan on the blog shares the steps of building the picnic table with great ease. 

12. DIY Small Children Picnic Table 

DIY Small Children Picnic Table

Building a piece of furniture for your kids is always exciting. This project is no exception. You will fall in love with the result of the functional DIY picnic table. 

The DIY picnic table designed by Tinsel and Wheat measures 8-feet long and is made from pine boards. The pine boards have to be painted or sealed to protect from weather elements and increase longevity. 

The project is simple and straightforward. The plan features a supplies list along with a cutting list and step-by-step instructions to guide you through the project process. 

13. DIY Folding Picnic Table 

DIY Folding Picnic Table

This folding picnic table is to die for. It is highly functional and beautiful. It is designed from 2x4 lumber and is the simplified version. Unlike the convertible DIY picnic table, this table transforms into a single bench. 

Following the Build Eazy blog, you will notice that while in the bench mode, you can add a clip-on piece that adds to the backrest height. This gives the bench more comfort and taste. 

Overall, the DIY picnic table/bench measures 5 feet in length. The folding picnic table plan availed by Build Eazy is easy to follow and free. However, to get the downloadable ad-free version, you will have to part with about $5.

14. DIY 6-foot Folding Picnic Table 

DIY 6-foot Folding Picnic Table

If you are pressed for space, you will love this DIY picnic folding table design. The DIY picnic table is unique and takes up minimal space. It measures 6-feet long and has been designed from 2x4 lumber pieces. 

If you looking for a picnic table inspiration, look no further than the plans provided by My Outdoor Plans blog. The perspective diagrams for the benches are provided in the picnic table plans. 

In addition, the picnic table plan comes with a supplies list and cutting list in addition to step-by-step instructions of putting the DIY picnic bench together. 

15. DIY Hexagon Picnic Table 

DIY Hexagon Picnic Table

I should probably start by pointing out the complexity of the project. Though a beautiful DIY project, building the DIY picnic table requires advanced level woodworking skills. 

Nonetheless, a dedicated beginner can hack the project courtesy of the simplified plan provided by Ana White. Being a hexagon shaped picnic table, it features 6 benches surrounding the top. This is more than enough space for a large family. 

The homemade picnic table will cost you approximately between $50 and $100 depending on your choice of wood and other supplies. 

16. DIY 4-Seater Kids Picnic Table 

DIY 4-Seater Kids Picnic Table

Kids and little persons have a difficult time working with adult-sized furniture. It is because of this that they are always so appreciative whenever a piece of furniture is scaled down to their size. 

This small picnic table is easy to build. And given its small design, a beginner can afford to focus more time and attention to the details of the table. The result is a beautiful well detailed DIY picnic table. 

I love that the table features a classic design as this makes it more stable. The plan features a material and tools list as well as a cutting list. Perspective drawings are also availed in the simple picnic table plan. 

17. DIY Modern Kids Picnic Table 

DIY Modern Kids Picnic Table

Lowes presents us with another kids picnic table. According to the plan provided, Lowes constructed the picnic table in a single weekend. I love the modern design incorporated. The smooth edges keep kids safe. 

Overall, the project requires an individual with intermediate woodworking skills. And on a scale of 1-5, the product estimate cost is at 1 meaning it is cheap and affordable.  

In addition to the 8-step instructions detailed on the log, the picnic table plan also features a list of materials and tools that will be used in the project. A cutting list is also made available. 

18. Easy-to-Build DIY Kids Picnic Table 

Easy-to-Build DIY Kids Picnic Table

With kids aged about 6 years, it is best to build a picnic table separate from the main adult picnic table. 

Why? Well, for one, the kids picnic table is designed to be low enough for comfort and two, the edges are smoothened for safety. To build this small picnic table, Instructables has provided an 8-step tutorial/plan. 

The standard picnic table features a simple structure and easy cuts for beginners to hack with great ease. The downloadable picnic table plan also features a cut list, images, and instructions. 

Speaking of the cut list, the picnic table measures 8-feet long. You can choose to accessorize the kids picnic table as you please.

19. DIY Rustic Kids Picnic Table

DIY Rustic Kids Picnic Table

If you have never taken up a DIY project before, this will make for your first beginner project. The DIY picnic table for your kids will prove to be easy and will not take long. 

Follow the Chalk Board Blue blog plan and you will good to go. For this project, you can use reclaimed wood. This will lower the cost of the project to almost $0.  

You will need about 10 2x4 lumber to finish the picnic table. This DIY table measures 3.5 feet which is more than enough space to accommodate 2 kids comfortably. 

20. DIY Boat-Design Picnic Table 

DIY Boat-Design Picnic Table

Even better than building a picnic table for your kids is building a themed picnic table. This particular picnic table by How to Specialist is designed to resemble a boat. 

The simple picnic table designs are available to guide you through the building process. The project is simple and can be done within a week by a beginner. 

To hack the project, and as detailed in the How To Specialist plan, you will need drill machinery, a miter saw, carpentry pencil, jigsaw, glasses and safety gloves. 

Adding to this, the blog provides beginners with important and useful tips to build the project. The picnic table measures 3.7 feet in length. 

21. DIY Large Traditional Picnic Table 

DIY Large Traditional Picnic Table

This DIY picnic table is larger than normal. It measures about 2.67 feet wide and 6.67 feet long. This DIY picnic table is perfect for large families.

It is designed to be sturdy, stable and long-lasting. Galvanized carriage bolts are used to hold the wood pieces together. 

The picnic table plan is provided free on the Build Eazy blog. However, to get the plan in one complete document you will have to part with about $5. 

The plan includes cutting the pieces, making a template, end frames, fixing the seats and table and a video showing the process. 

22. DIY Long Picnic Table

DIY Long Picnic Table

This How To Specialist blog article is on how to build a picnic table - a long one. If you are looking for a 12-foot picnic table, this is the best picnic table plan to guide you through the process. 

The blog tutorial plan insists on planning so as to avoid costly mistakes. Compared to a retail picnic table of the same size and design, this picnic table is cheaper. 

I love the fact that it easy to build and its length can accommodate many persons at a time. The picnic table plan features perspective diagrams, materials, and tools list. This project can be completed in a week. 

23. DIY Octagon Picnic Table

 DIY Octagon Picnic Table

Just like the hexagon picnic table, this octagon picnic table is also complex to build. As such, it is perfect for DIYers who have advanced woodworking skills. The octagon picnic table features 8 sides and thus 8 seats.

This is more than enough space for a family. Actually, it is perfect for holding large BBQ party in the backyard. The top of this DIY picnic table measures 5.33 feet in width. 

Despite its complexity, the octagon picnic table plan by Ana White is designed to simplify the process. The plan features perspective diagrams and step-by-step instructions. 

To complete the project, you will need approximately $100-$150. 

24. DIY Outdoor Picnic Kids Table

DIY Outdoor Picnic Kids Table

Allow kids to make special memories by dining with each other on a table scaled down to their size. Comfort is imperative for kids also. 

This picnic table by Rona features a tabletop measuring 6 feet long and 2.5 feet wide. It provides kids with plenty of elbow room for their miniature bodies. 

The benches are only 1-foot off the ground which is a safe height and the tabletop is only 0.9 foot above the bench. With these measurements, kids can climb in and out of the picnic table safely. 

The construction of the picnic table by following the plan presented by Rona is simple - simple even for a beginner to complete with ease. An intermediate skilled DIYer can complete the project in about 24 hours.

25. DIY Farmhouse-Style Picnic Table

DIY Farmhouse-Style Picnic Table

This project is unique from all rest listed. Unlike most, this picnic table features a patio table and benches. 

When embarking on this project, you should note that it might take slightly longer than building a picnic table that has the table and seats fixed together. 

The Build blog provides a PDF printable construction template as well as a blog tutorial. The tutorial/plan features all the supplies you will need including lumber, wood glue, power drill, miter saw and wood screws.

It is a project simple enough for beginners and can be customized in whatever way an individual pleases. 

26. DIY Picnic Table with Floating Seat

DIY Picnic Table with Floating Seat

A quick glance at this table and you will get the illusion as though the seats are floating. This was my initial thought as well. 

While the seats are not supported at its ends, they are strong and can support the weight of an adult with great ease. I love that the bench seats and the top are constructed from composite decking. 

This material proves easy to clean and is resistant to wood boring insects. Also, it never splinters. The project as detailed by popular mechanics also makes use of pressure treated lumber to increase the longevity of the picnic table. 

Also worth noting is that rust proof fasteners were used all over the picnic table. The picnic table is as such heavy, durable and longlasting. Follow the blog tutorial/plan and you will hack the project in a weekend. 

27. Large DIY Wooden Picnic Table with X-Frame Support

Large DIY Wooden Picnic Table with X-Frame Support

This DIY wooden picnic table though large is easy to construct. Additionally, its design makes it easy to step into compared to a traditionally styled picnic table. The picnic table has been designed by 2x4 lumber only. 

The X frame supports add to the beauty of the picnic table. To build this picnic table, you can follow the PDF picnic table plans provided by Instructables. In the plan are images and instructions guiding you through the project. 

Additionally, perspective diagrams, as well as SketchUps, have been availed. 

28. DIY Picnic Table With Detached Bench 

DIY Picnic Table With Detached Bench

Without a doubt, this is bound to be the gathering point. It is roomy and can accommodate about 8 adults on the separate benches that provide sufficient unencumbered leg room.  

When constructing the picnic table, you should start with the bench tops and the table then the leg systems. The final step is sanding and coating the picnic table. 

The Yellawood blog provides for a picnic table plan you can follow. This project can be completed in a weekend. To add more life to the table, you can add a drink hold right at the center.

29. 2-in-1 Bench Picnic Table

2-in-1 Bench Picnic Table

Instructable provides a picnic table plan for an easy access 2-in-1 bench that can fold in just two seconds. 

This design is perfect for a deck or limited space in the backyard. 2x4 lumber was used in the completion of this project. The downloadable PDF picnic plan provides 7-steps of building the picnic table. The table measures 5.7-feet in length.

Adding to the instructions, the picnic table plan also comes with perspective diagrams and images of the actual project being done for each step. 

30. DIY Lumber Party Picnic Table 

DIY Lumber Party Picnic Table

Everything about this picnic table is to love. The picnic table features a solid table and separate cushioned benches. These provide great comfort. While the design is standard, the Home Hardware blog added a lovely twist to it. 

It is classy, stylish and will without a doubt add beauty to your backyard. This picnic table was finished with wood shielded best acrylic solid stain. This has a wide variety of tones and tolerates 25% of moisture. 

The picnic table plan includes materials and tools needed along with their required measurements. The instructions provided are well guided and detailed enough for a beginner to follow. 

31. DIY All-in-One Picnic Table 

DIY All-in-One Picnic Table

As far as picnic designs go, this is by far one of the most common one-piece style available. Many love it because it is easy to build and does not require a wealth of tools to complete the project. 

This design is solid and easy to build. A beginner can hack it with no problem. 

When reading through the instructions isted on MyCarpentry blog you will have a clear image and visual of the end product courtesy of the detailed instructions and images provided.  

Adding to this, the picnic table plan features a materials and tools list. The tools needed for the project include a power drill and a circular saw. The table measures 5 feet long and is perfect for adults. 

32. DIY Lightweight Picnic Table 

DIY Lightweight Picnic Table

Yes, picnic tables come in many forms styles, sizes, and shapes. This particular picnic kids table is unique and cute. It has been scaled down to suit the size needs of kids. 

The table designed is lightweight which makes it easy to move the table around the yard for unplanned tea parties on the deck or under the trees. 

But despite its lightweight nature, this picnic kids table comes with a wide footprint which makes it stable even for the hyperactive kids to topple over. 

Building this picnic table for kids is simple and straightforward. The hardest part is in cutting the angles accurately and in the right way for the bottom and top legs. The cuts should be a shallow 50 degrees. 

Cutting anything higher translates into a taller and less stable picnic table and anything too short will make it hard for kids to get in and out. The Black and Decker blog tutorial will take you through the project plan. 

33. DIY 6-Feet Picnic Table Plans

DIY 6-Feet Picnic Table Plans

This is yet another picnic table that comes with a bench seat that seems to be floating. The picnic table measures 6-feet and can accommodate 6 adults comfortably. 

The DIY Garden Plans blog provides picnic table plans complete with a material and cutting list. Additionally, the plan also features a shopping list of the lumber required. 

This cheap picnic table plan is sold for $1. With the value it brings to the able, this is a fair price to pay. 

34. DIY Sonoma Picnic Table 

DIY Sonoma Picnic Table

This picnic table has been made from redwood. The redwood is naturally beautiful, economical and practical, easy to use and resistant to insects and decay. 

The Sonoma picnic table makes for the perfect weekend project. It proves easy to build and easily transforms to become the focal point of your interior design. The beauty oozed by this picnic table is timeless and radiant. 

Now, while the project may be easy to build, cutting the braces and lengths to length may prove slightly difficult to do. 

As such, it is imperative that you check the plan provided by Calred Wood blog. Be as accurate as you possibly can. The perspective diagrams will keep you on track. 

35. DIY Picnic Table That Converts into Benches

DIY Picnic Table That Converts into Benches

This convertible picnic table design is simple than the other listed above. The mechanics of converting this picnic table are straightforward and a beginner can hack it too. 

In length, the picnic top/bench back measures 4 feet. Sure it is smaller than other picnic tables, but it surely can accommodate 4 adults comfortably.

As a bench, you can use this furniture on your patio and as a picnic table, you can move it to the backyard. 

Following the tutorial presented by Ana White, you will build the table from scratch and with great ease. To construct this picnic table, Ana White spent $54 on both convertible benches. 

36. DIY Picnic Table with Attached Tables

DIY Picnic Table with Attached Tables

If you are looking to set up a table and chairs for the guest you have invited over for a party, you will need to allocate a lot of space to every individual - space you might not have. 

Instead of looking great, the whole setup may end up looking chaotic. To keep this from happening, this classic picnic table with benches attached to the table is your solution. It provides ample seating and is comfortable.

The picnic table measures 6 feet in length. Follow the plan provided by This Old House to succeed in your project. The picnic plan avails a list of materials and tools you will need along with instructions to follow.

37. DIY Picnic Table With Roofing

DIY Picnic Table With Roofing

This step-by-step DIY picnic table project is availed by My Outdoor Plans blog. The plan details the instructions for building a large picnic table along with a handicap access on each end. 

In addition to this, the picnic table also features roofing. With this picnic table, you can enjoy your meal outdoors regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. The picnic table measures 12 feet in length.

A material and cut list are available for the building of the roof as well as the picnic table itself. 

38. DIY Shape Shifter Picnic Table

DIY Shape Shifter Picnic Table

From eating to seating and enjoying each others company, this DIY picnic table plan is bound to knock the socks off your guests. The picnic table is made with two benches. 

The backrest of the benches swings to form half of the top of the picnic bench. As for height, the picnic table and enches measure 2.5 feet while the table top measures 6-feet in length. 

To hold the table in a converted position, either in bench or table form, the unit features a locking mechanism. 

The Timber Mart PDF tutorial details the rocess of building this picnic table from start to finish. 

39. DIY Child Size Picnic Table 

DIY Child Size Picnic Table

With pressure treated lumber, you can build your DIY picnic table for your child. The plan detailed on the UFPI PDF project plan included perspective diagrams for the project. 

Additionally, the picnic table also includes a list of materials and tools you will need to complete the project It is simple and direct and a beginner can hack it with great ease.

40. DIY Pre-School Picnic Table

DIY Pre-School Picnic Table

This preschool picnic table is one of the most popular plans available. This is largely courtesy of its easy to build instructions a well as simple design. The size of this picnic table is perfect for preschoolers.

The picnic table is small and measures about 2.5 feet in length. According to Ana White, the project was finished in 3 weekends. However, with a dedicated mindset, the project can be done in less than a weekend.

The estimated cost of this picnic table is $20 and below.

41. DIY Picnic Table With Ice/Planter Trough

DIY Picnic Table With Ice/Planter Trough

The beauty of this picnic table is that it is made from reclaimed wood. Also, I love that the picnic table comes with a gutter running through the center of the tabletop surface. 

This gutter can be filled with ice and hold drinks on a hot day or act as a planter and for decorative purposes. All the parts except the legs according to the Instructable tutorial are made from reclaimed wood.

The table measures 5 feet in length and 3.5 feet wide. The trough is only 0.5 foot wide. Instructables provides a detailed plan to follow when building the tutorial. It is simple and perfect for beginners.

42. Basic DIY Traditional-Design Picnic Table

Basic DIY Traditional-Design Picnic Table

This 6-foot picnic table can accommodate 6 adults with great ease. The traditional design of the picnic table makes it very easy to build using basic tools. 

Bob Plans for this picnic table used treated lumber for the legs and pine for the rest of the parts. Treated lumber was used on the legs to protect it from decay. 

The ground is often wet. The rest of the body, pine, is painted for several years. You, can however, build the entire unit from cedar if you so wish. 

The Bob Plans blog makes available a downloadable PDF plan for building the traditional picnic table.

43. Easy DIY Picnic Plans 

Easy DIY Picnic Plans

If you need more tables and seating for the backyard events, you should build a picnic table. This particular DIY picnic table would be perfect. 

The best part about it is that it is cheap and can be built in just one day. The Construct101 blog features picnic table plans for this traditional picnic table. 

The plans include a shopping list, a material list, cut list as well as step-by-step building instructions. It is a simple project eve for a beginner.

44. DIY Truss Picnic Table

DIY Truss Picnic Table

If you are not a fan of the one-piece picnic tables for whatever reason, maybe you find them too common, or they have a large footprint, you should consider this truss picnic table. 

This picnic table measures 6 feet in length. In addition to this, to make the picnic table strong and more weight bearing, DIY Tyler used half lap joints. Additionally, he used the torsion box assembly to support the top.

To build the picnic table with ease, download the picnic table plans from The DIY Tyler blog. 

45. Weekend DIY Picnic Table 

Weekend DIY Picnic Table

I love that there are no visible screws on the surface. The table is clean and well built. The detached benches also work best for individuals who for one reason or the other dislike the attached picnic table design. 

The plan might have needed some preplanning but requires very minimal skill to build. The tutorial by DIY Diva explains the simple process of building the table. 

This picnic table measures 6 feet in length and can accommodate 6 persons comfortably. The X supports gives the picnic table a little more character and style. 

There you go. 45 DIY picnic table plans. They are all simple and straightforward. Hopefully, you find one picnic table plan that meets your fancy.

When you do start on one plan, feel free to share your experience of building it as well as the final product. If you encountered challenges or have addition to the list, feel free to share. 

We love hearing from you. Your feedback matters. Give us your feedback on the list provided in the comment section below.