17 Awesome DIY Pallet Wood Walls You Can Build Yourself

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17 Awesome DIY Pallet Wood Walls You Can Build Yourself

pallet wood wall

When you buy a house, the first order of business is to renovate the house. To give it a look that matches your personality. The change includes furniture and even walls.

It is a huge investment but with some creativity, you can personalize your home with wooden pallets. There is a misconception that wooden pallets are useless. But far from it, they are advantageous and are perfect additions to interior décor.

In this piece, I present to you a list of awesome wood pallet creations that are low cost will save you money in the process. They are creative and perfect for beginners DIYers even.

If you like these free pallet wood wall plans, consider these other free plans that take advantages of unused pallet such as coffee table, chicken coop, bar, coffee mug holder, pallet sign, wooden desk, and shed.

Easy Hallway Pallet Wall

This project will transform your hallway. It works for all hallway walls but is perfect for homes with an open floorplan as they provide a visual from all vantage points. The pallet board wall adds life to the wall.

I love this DIY project by Addicted 2 DIY because it does not require the breaking down of pallets. The project does not involve prying, cutting or pounding. The pallet woods are installed whole.

At the start of the project, to ensure the safety of your kids, the boards are sanded using 220 grit sandpaper. Sanding also helps in achieving an alluring finish.

2. DIY Wood Accent Wall

DIY Wood Accent Wall

Wood accent walls are popular for the texture and warmth they add to a home. This DIY wood wall provides a rustic cabin vibe.

Since pallets are available at almost no cost, they are an inexpensive method to transform your living room’s feel and look – all in a single afternoon.

A list of materials you need to hack the project successfully is available in the Ehow blog tutorial. Included in the materials list are 4 wooden shipping pallets. The number of pallets purchased depends on the size of your wall.

Speaking of shipping pallets, ensure you get the HT stamped pallets and not the MB stamped ones. The former are indoor friendly while the latter are chemical treatments and are unsafe for indoor use.

3. Cabin Inspired DIY Pallet Wall

Cabin Inspired DIY Pallet Wall

Every kid wants their room to be unique and beautiful. Pallet walls provide a perfect solution to the need for a beautiful and unique décor. The Project Nursery explains the process of creating a pallet wall.

The first step is acquiring pallets. Wrecked and distressed pallet boards provide a cabin look. Disassembly is the next step followed by installation on the wall. The project requires two weekends and is time-consuming.

17 pallets can fit on a 11x8-foot wall with ease. Given the unevenness of the pallet woods, the pieces do not fit perfectly match with one another.

To keep the random gaps from robbing the pallet wall its beauty, stain the pallet slate behind the seams black.

4. Beautiful Pallet Wall With Custom Artwork

Beautiful Pallet Wall With Custom Artwork

The goal of the Diva Of DIY blog tutorial is to guide you in building a free pallet wood wall. Pallet walls are cool and beautiful. But even with a detailed blog tutorial, you will need some help.

The number of pallets needed for the project depends on the size of the wall you are working with. Landing free pallets may seem daunting but it is not.

A lot of companies and local businesses have them in abundance and are more than willing to dispose of them. If you can get your hands on long pallets, even better.

These help to creatively break up the wall for added beauty. For the final touches, you can add some custom wall art of your choice.

5. $20 DIY Pallet Wall

$20 DIY Pallet Wall

Living room walls can look plain and sad. Installing pallet woods can, however, bring back the life of these walls. The Cape27 Blog shares the wall makeover process in intricate detail.

Also shared on the blog is a list of installation tips. Regardless of where you source for your pallets, ensure you deep clean the wood before installing it on your wall. You never know what chemicals they used to carry.

During the disassembly of the pallets, prefer a Sawzall to a pry bar. The latter tend to split the pallet woods.

6. Pinterest Wood Pallet

Pinterest Wood Pallet

This tutorial is part two of a two-part series I Finished My Basement blog tutorial. It explains the installation process of the wood pallet on walls. This includes wall prepping, board selection and the actual wood installation.

The project is split into two weekends with a detailed account of what to do on each day of the weekend. The process of installing the wood pallets though time-consuming is simple.

And while the tutorial is detailed, it leaves room for adding personal tastes with regards to the paint or stain preferred.

7. DIY Plank Wall

DIY Plank Wall

This is one colorful and fun DIY project that no hubby can reject. Natural planks are great but do not provide a room with enough personality as will white planks. But a mix of boards with different stains is perfect.

You can buy the wood from your local hardware store. You should spend about $13 for every plywood sheet. For the color mix to turn out amazing, the planks should be cut to the same lengths.

While attaching the plank pieces to the wall, prefer nails and screws to glue. This allows a clean removal if you ever get tired of the plank wall.

8. Recycled Pallet Board Wall

Recycled Pallet Board Wall

To get a beautiful variation of color, you can either stain the wood pallets of use a combination of new and old pallets. The Verde salon details the process of achieving this.

Separating the wood pallets is probably the hardest part of the project. The rusted old nails present some resistance to the separation. There are some that will be easy to pull apart and some you will need a handsaw.

When installing the wood pallets, you will need to do correct calculations to have them in neat rows. For a visual of the color combination, you can arrange the pallets on the floor first.

9. Faux Pallet Wood Wall

Faux Pallet Wood Wall

This wall masterpiece is simple to replicate. While it gives a look and feel similar to that of an actual wood pallet wall, it is just but an awesome wood pallet wallpaper.

The Creative Craft Love provides a tutorial guiding you in the installation of the wallpaper. While this wood pallet wallpaper project comes with the benefit of no prying or cutting, it does require special installation skills.

The installation process is detailed in the blog tutorial. For a perfect finish, the wallpaper needs to be devoid of any kinks and creases.

10. Thin Wood Pallet Wall

Thin Wood Pallet Wall

For those wondering how to make a pallet wood wall, this blog tutorial lays it all bare for you. Before you embark on the project, the tutorial insists on purchasing a Ryobi Airstrike Brad Nailer.

This tool will save you a lot of hassle on the project. The Spoonful Of Imagination blog tutorial details how you can create a pallet wood wall when your wall has a space in it.

Before installing the pallet wood, the space in the wall needs to be prepared for covering. The rest is like putting together a puzzle piece.

11. DIY Pallet Wood Wall Paneling

DIY Pallet Wood Wall Paneling

I love this project as it does not require a lot of time and skill to hack. It is perfect for those with extremely busy schedules. The wood panels will add great wood textures to your wall.

The fact that it is inexpensive is a plus. The blog tutorial by 101 Pallet Ideas recommends applying yourself creatively. Pallets have too much to offer.

The resulting wooden wall allows for the fixing of metal hooks and light bulbs as well. Premium shelving can be added for a full out decorative interior design.

12. DIY Rustic Wood Pallet Wall

DIY Rustic Wood Pallet Wall

This is a rather interesting interior design. Unique and has the potential to be the focal point. The rustic look is subtle yet stunning.

Though the creation process is long, it is worthwhile. The Owens Olivia blog tutorial explains the gathering and ripping process, removing nails, the cutting and sanding process, installation and whitewashing process.

At the top, you can finish it with a simple shelf to place amazing works of art to complement the pallet wall creation.

13. DIY Reclaimed Wood Wall for a Nursery

DIY Reclaimed Wood Wall for a Nursery

This is one simple nursery makeover. It requires minimal woodworking skills, it is inexpensive and best of all, the At Charlotte House blog provides a step-by-step guide on how you can install your own.

The first step to this project is determining how big the plank wall is. Also, for health reasons, if you do not want the trouble of washing off the chemicals from the pallets, you should prefer new wood.

If you need the wood stained or painted, do it before installing them on the wall. This gives a cleaner finish.

14. DIY White Wash Pallet Wall

DIY White Wash Pallet Wall

This is a free pallet wood wall project. The whitewash techniques that the East Coast Creative blog tutorial shares are exciting and beautiful.

It is certainly the best bedroom décor to mark the transition of your boy from a cot to a bed. The entire wall is easy to build despite the challenging process of taking them apart without cracking the boards.

For the dismantling process, you will have to use both a hammer and a Sawzall. The pallet woods are of different sizes (width and length), but it will work and give a cool pattern.

You have the choice to prefer different colors. Also, you can add lights to the pallet over time.

15. Rustic and Warm Pallet Wood Wall

Rustic and Warm Pallet Wood Wall

Pallet wood provides a lovely rustic nature design. They do so without needing extra work. The tutorial by the Scavenger Chic can attest to this. The pallet wall installed in a bedroom requires little time to finish and is easy.

Overall, this project costs only $3. This is the cost of the background paint.

Speaking of which, ensure the paint chosen for this purpose is dark enough to act as a shadow and not to shine through the spaces between the pallets.

When installing the pallet wood, you should start from the bottom. Nail every piece individually, or use screws to attach them to the wall.

Where there is an outlet, cut around it. Try to make it as flush as possible for a clean result.

16. DIY Shiplap Wall

DIY Shiplap Wall

Though it is on the list, this is not a plank wood project. It is a shiplap wall project. Many tend to use the terms shiplaps and plank wood walls interchangeably, but they refer to different things.

Shiplaps are wooden planks with overlapping joints referred to as rabbets. Pallet walls, on the other hand, are simply wooden boards without the sliding grooves. The results of shiplap walls are as good as wood pallets.

Like wood pallets, acquiring shiplaps is an easy process. They are available at local stores for an affordable price. The H2O bungalow blog details the process of shiplap installation.

Needless to say, it is easy and straightforward. The tutorial leaves room for adjustments with regards to paint/stain finishing.

17. DIY Bedroom Wood Pallet Wall

DIY Bedroom Wood Pallet Wall

This is not exactly the quickest of all projects. But while it is time-consuming, the results are well worth the time spent on the project.

The first step to hacking this wood pallet wall by Just a Girl blog tutorial is acquiring free pallets. Do not pay for pallets while you can get them for free from companies getting rid of them.

The thing with reclaimed pallets is that removing the nails is a challenge. Some are rusted and are challenging to remove while others come right off. Afterwards, sand the age of the wood and install them on the wall.

And there you have it – 17 tutorials on how to build a pallet wall. Choose whichever project and tutorial you wish to follow and feel free to share images of your end product.

Also, if you feel we have left out some great wood pallet wall project tutorials, leave us a comment of the links in the comment section below.