15 Free DIY Pallet Shed Plans You Can Build Today

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15 Free DIY Pallet Shed Plans You Can Build Today

pallet shed plans

Purchasing a shed from stores can cost you thousands of dollars? But do you know you can build a DIY pallet shed at a fraction of the cost? 

Well, I have some good news for you. There’s a lot of cool ideas for DIY pallet shed plans out there. 

So if you're looking to build a shed out of pallets, this is the right place to start. 

Below are awesome pallet shed designs you might want to consider. 

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12 x16 Pallet Shed

Do you have many loading panels just lying around? Use them for this large DIY pallet shed plan. It is a large shed that has a width of 12 feet and a length of 16 feet. 

This pallet shed plan needs a strong foundation. Before placing the floor, use stones and gravel for the footing and level with sand.

Use pallets of 2 inches by 4 inches for the floor and walls. Cover the top floor with plywood to make it solid. This also makes the floor smooth and even.

On the walls, place the pallets 16 inches apart. You'll notice that they tend to wobble. Make them sturdy by holding together metal plates and spikes. 

Make a cutout for the door and frame it. Put on a rolled roofing and you’re good to go. This is a good DIY pallet shed plans for poultry. The project takes around 2 days to complete. 

2. $500 DIY Pallet Shed 

Attractive Out Building

Butch Bridges shows how you can build a pallet shed with recycled materials. I like it because it saves money and is good for the environment. 

Start with a strong foundation. I like to use concrete for this. Use pallets that measure 2 inches by 4 inches. Join with pallets that measure 4 inches by 8 inches. 

You’ll need metal straps to keep the walls strong. Remember this is a large pallet shed. It will look great with a double door. 

Construct the roof using iron sheets. Let it slant to drain rainwater easily.Coat this pallet shed with oil paint to keep away insects and prevent rusting.

This project lists the tools and materials you’ll need. Remember it can cost you less than $500 depending on your location. It's a large pallet shed plan that can take about 3 days to complete.

3. Cheap Wood Pallet Shed 

Cheap, Easy, Wood Pallet Shed

This is one of the cheapest pallet shed plans. The project is simple and you can use waste pallets. 

Use 2 by 4 inches pallets for the floor and walls. If you want to store heavy tools, you'll need a strong floor. Reinforce the floor with concrete to make it solid.

Use screws to hold the pallets together. Screw 4 by 4 inches panels across the walls to keep them sturdy.

This wood pallet shed is of medium size and will look more presentable if you put a double swing door. You can have a material of your choice for the roof.

You can find a free source of materials for this DIY pallet shed plan. So expect to spend less than $100 on this project. 

4. Glass Window Garden pallet Shed 

DIY pallet shed

Add a good look to your garden. This tutorial has every detail you need to set up a modern-looking pallet shed. One thing that will get your attention is the glass window. 

What I like most about this DIY pallet shed plan is that it's more secure. The floor is solid and well balanced. Pallets that make up the wall are fitted tight.

The closely fit pallets keep out the elements. Strong wood is used to construct the frame. This provides a durable built that lasts long.

The roof is large and you get a standard door. Want a pallet shed that doubles as a makeshift home? Well, this is one of the coolest pallet shed ideas to try out. 

You might need extra hands in this project. Though the time frame is not indicated, expect to finish in less than one week. Depending on the materials, you'll use at least $500 for this project.

5. DIY Storage Pallet Shed 

DIY Storage Shed From Pallets Tutorial

The designers of this project surely took their time. This is a beautiful pallet shed you can use to store tools or turn into your summer makeshift home.

This plan makes things look simple. Instead of a full concrete floor, you use hollow blocks. Such a construction makes the cost of building quite less.

At the first stages, it will not look very appealing. The aesthetic look of this DIY pallet shed plan starts to take shape in the middle of the project.

A double swing glass door and waterproof skin add a modern touch to the design. This pallet shed is virtually weatherproof for use in all seasons.

It's a cozy take on pallet shed plans. The designer doesn't put a cost for this project. But prepare to part with around $800. The cost will be much lower if you have scrap pallets to use.

6. DIY Pallet Garden Shed 

Garden Shed

With this pallet shed plan, it's all about saving money. It measures 8 feet wide and 12 feet long. David Mathia, the designer, builds using mostly waste wood.

To me, it's one of the cheapest pallet shed ideas. The project costs less than $100. However, you'll have to sacrifice more building time, especially if you want it larger.

The plan uses metal to cover the roof and walls. This means you don't have to use extra straps to hold the walls together. As for the floor, expect to use around 6 pallets.

This DIY pallet shed plan has a 42-inch door. Fitting the pallets together is one of the trickiest parts of the project. So expect to spend more time.

7. Creative DIY Pallet Shed

Garden Shed With Natural Light

You'll agree with me that there are many pallets shed ideas out there. What makes Andrea Fogleman’s idea stand out is the fact that it turns the ordinary into extraordinary. 

The plan uses old windows and tin cans to cut down the cost of the project. For a more aesthetic appeal, use windows and doors made of glass.

The tins are used for roofing. Once nailed down, you'll love how the roof turns out. The floor extends to create a nice patio. In my judgment, this plan is good for DIYers who have some experience.

Well, I know you're eager to know about the cost of the project. Expect to spend at least $300. It's one of the best makeshift homes that will accommodate you and your tools.

8. 2-In-1 DIY Pallet Shed

Mini Barn

Well, we have seen pallet shed plans that come cheap and in different sizes. But this tutorial has something more versatile. It's a 2-in-1 shed.

There large main shed and a small one attached to one side. This allows it to be put to different uses. For instance, you can use the large one for storage and a small one for pets.

It's raised from the ground and supported using hollow blocks. The walls are perfectly enclosed to keep out intruders and harsh weather.

This plan has the right size of door you need for a garage. It's a double swing door that provides enough room to enter and exit with your tools.

This DIY pallet shed ditches makeshift roof and instead uses iron sheet roofing. You'll need to know how to paint to get this project right. 

The shed measures 10 feet by 10 feet. Talking about cost, this project will set you back around $500.

9. Modern DIY Pallet Shed

Nice Enough to Live In

Looking to build a shed that has a lot of space? This is a good project for you. What I like about this plan are the good looks and strong construction.

It's built on a trench that has blocks. That means you get a strong foundation. Reinforced corners add stability. 

This plan is pretty big measuring 8 feet wide and 20 feet long. There is a built-in wood storage to the front. This makes the pallet shed more versatile.

You'll not spend much on lighting bills. Glass windows are fitted to on each end to allow sunlight. One look at this shed and you'll think it costs thousands of dollars.

I think you'll be surprised to know that the designer spent only $500. This is a DIY pallet shed plan that will give your backyard a facelift.

10. Rustic DIY Pallet Shed

Open Window

There is something I love about a rustic finish. The warm look makes it more natural. This shed plan made of pallets give you just that. 

Those looking for a small shed will love the size of this plan. The designer puts the floor size at 4.5 square meters. I see it as a nice take on a garage for small tools.

This tutorial gives a complete list of tools and the materials you'll need. The project is a 27-step process and will take quite a while to complete.

DIYers at the medium level will do the project well. Cost of the project is between $150-$200. Ana White gives this plan absolutely free so don't expect any payment or subscription.

11. Dark Oak DIY Pallet Shed

Pallet Wood Shed

Do you love the natural look of wood? There is no reason not to love this shed plan by Kristof. It is made of wood from the floor to the roof.

To create a beautiful contrast, the wall is finished in oak and the door left unstained. The designer of this pallet shed states that the floor is 6 feet wide and 8 feet long.

I will advise those with small items to store to consider this plan. The project takes 11 steps to complete. A felt material is used on the roof to keep out rainwater.

You can download the full list of tools and materials you'll need for this project. It would be good if the designer had put the cost. But my estimate is at least $100.

12. 10' x 10' DIY Pallet Shed 

Simple Shed Design

Purchasing 10 feet by 10 feet shed at a local store will cost you $2,300. Mmoffat shows you how you can build the same at just the fraction of the cost.

I can say it is a medium size shed enough to give you a decent garage. There are 9 steps to building this pallet shed. The designer uses pallets for the wall and floor.

Once the skin is fitted, you get a wall that is foolproof. Mesh windows let in fresh air and keep out insects. The door is a double design to provide more room for entry and exit.

Cost of the project is $220-$225. However, if you use tin cans for roofing, the cost can be as low as $100. 

13. Recycled Oak DIY Pallet Shed

Sliding Glass Doors

What interests me is that the designer of this project got to save at least $4,000. This is a huge saving for those that don't want to buy from the store.

Well, to start off, this pallet shed plan measures 10 feet by 10 feet. The pallets are kept off the ground using blocks so they don't degrade.

You can use particle board or sheet metal to cover the walls. Expect to get a lot of natural lighting, thanks to a sliding glass door.

Those that love to relax out will find the patio deck quite handy. The cost of this project is not given. But given the use of recycled materials, I can put it at around $500.

14. Refurbished Pallet Shed 

Sunny and Bright

Want to make a transformation from the old to the new? This tutorial shows you how it's done. The plan is for a small shed and the designer keeps the cost to a minimum.

By raising the shed off the ground, the designer keeps it away from termites and does away with rot. 

Glazed windows are used to let in a lot of sunlight. You'll be surprised that the windows cost just one sterling pound. Despite its small size, this DIY shed plan has a deck for outdoor relaxation. 

The designer uses a heavy waterproof canvas material to cut down roofing cost. I like this type of roof since it can easily be removed.

This DIY Pallet shed plan is a good and cost-effective upgrade. 

15. Tiny DIY Pallet House

Tiny Pallet House

Want a pallet cabin for summer? I think you might like this DIY Pallet shed plan. 

This tutorial has a full guide to give you an easy time to install and construct. Jay Davies, the designer of this shed gives a list of materials and tools you'll need. 

This DIY Pallet shed plan is tiny but beautiful. I like the sunlight roofing and the louvered slats on the walls. The designer even goes a step further to fit the shed with lighting features.

The door is partly built with glass to let in natural light. This is a real functional cabin and I estimate the cost to be more than $500.

I hope the above 15 cool ideas have given you some tricks on how to build a pallet shed. So why spend much when we've got you free pallet shade plans?

As I finish, I would like you to share with us your experience and whether these DIY pallet shed plans have inspired you. 

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below and we'll be happy to respond.