23 Free DIY Pallet Coffee Table Plans

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23 Free DIY Pallet Coffee Table Plans

pallet coffee table

Why should you settle for poor quality and mass produced tables that have no visual appeal when you can be creative to come up with a unique and gorgeous DIY pallet coffee table?

Do you prefer your coffee table complete with a glossy surface or painted top? Or maybe you would love yours with both?

You can build it long, wide or have it on wheels if you wish. The best part is that DIY projects are cheap and easy to do. 

Whatever idea you have in mind, I have compiled a list of DIY pallet coffee tables for you to choose from and try. 

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Chunky Farmhouse Coffee Table

If you are in love with farmhouse style furniture, then this DIY Pallet coffee table is just what you need to bring your living room to life.

The project is simple for a DIY beginner to hack. The tutorial is laid out complete with lovely pictures and 3D plans to help you through the process.

A list of the materials, the cut list, and tools required for the job are provided. Best of all, this simple DIY pallet coffee table is cheap and affordable. The estimated cost is anywhere between $50 and $100.

2. Painted Top DIY Pallet Coffee Table

DIY Industrial Style Pallet Coffee Table

If you are feeling rather patriotic, this Union Jack painted DIY pallet coffee table is it for you. 

The Project is completed by Geek Factory. They made sure that the process outlined is easy to follow complete with a beautiful image of the finished product. 

While the project is easy and for the most part straightforward, it does require some patience courtesy of the pallet wood sanding process. 

Since the table is made from recycled pallet wood, it is affordable and cheap. The costs can, however, increase if you intend to add some lighting below the top palette, create some storage space or add wheels to the table.

3. Chevron DIY Pallet Coffee Table

DIY Pallet Coffee Table

The most striking feature about this DIY wood pallet coffee table is the unique chevron pattern on its surface. 

The creators of this tutorial added some changes to their initial DIY pallet coffee table inspiration to make it work for their style and need. 

The result is a reclaimed style DIY pallet coffee table with a shelf for magazines, books, and small toys. This design is perfect for persons looking to be more organized while having minimal furniture in the living room.

The tutorial is easy to follow and outlines all you will need for the project and step by step process complete with clear images of each step.

4. Double Decker DIY Pallet Coffee Table

DIY Pallet Coffee Table

This particular DIY pallet coffee table was actually completed by a mother and daughter. They completed putting it together in a weekend and according to their tutorial, they only spent $75. 

The table is simply two pallets creatively stacked together. It is durable, guy-proof and perfect for basements. 

While the tutorial doesn’t do a great job in documenting the process step by step, sanding and securing one pallet on top of another seems like an easy enough process.

To make it easier to move the unit, you can add 4-inch canister on the bottom side. The wheels will be an extra cost but a worthwhile experience.

5. Easy DIY Pallet Coffee Table

DIY Pallet Coffee Table

For a DIY newbie, this DIY pallet coffee table is the best first project to embark on. I personally love it not only because it is easy but also no construction is required – imagine that! 

According to the tutorial, all you need is to get two great scrap pallets and join them together following the simple DIY pallet coffee table plans documented. The tutorial is complete with clear images for every step.

The resulting DIY pallet coffee table is by far one of the cheapest I have on this list. The materials you need to hack it are minimal. It has lots of space to store your books and magazines.

6. Reclaimed Pallet Coffee Table

DIY Pallet Coffee Table

It doesn’t get any easier than this. If you come across pallets in the garbage/recycling area, don’t see wasted wood but instead see a stylish DIY pallet coffee table for your living room. 

The tutorial outlines the process of converting the old and worn out pallet into a piece of art in just 3 simple steps. Following the cheap pallet coffee table plan, expect to spend about $70 from start to finish.

The fact that the resulting DIY pallet coffee table has a shelf for storing your books magazines and remotes is a plus. The wheels complement the overall design and make it easy to move around.

7. Large Rectangular Pallet Coffee Table

DIY Pallet Coffee Table

This is the easiest way to display your prowess and finesse in woodworking. The DIY pallet coffee table is created through a simple pallet coffee table plan that is easy to follow. 

Though plain, it makes for a great addition to any living room. The tutorial details the steps to follow in an easy and understandable way. The steps include raw images as well.

While the steps to follow are more than the other projects outlined, the result is a large DIY pallet coffee table perfect for a large living room. The DIY Projects tutorial also outlines the supplies needed to make the project a success.

8. Scandinavian Styled Pallet Coffee Table

DIY- Pallet Coffee Table

For those overly particular with their interior design, this low and adorable looking DIY pallet coffee table will do wonders. It is especially perfect for Scandinavian interior décor says the designer.

I am in love with this DIY pallet coffee table for the fact that no construction is involved. From the tutorial, all you need is a pallet which you sand, paint and add wheels.

The tutorial is short since there isn’t much to say. Elf-Stilettos, however, give the option of contacting the designer of the DIY pallet coffee table if you cannot do it on your own. 

9. $25 Square Pallet Coffee Table

DIY Pallet Coffee Table for Under $25

This DIY pallet coffee table has a lot going on. It is tiny, squared, has a patterned top and most importantly made from reclaimed pallets making it cheap. This DIY project by Lifestorage costs less than $25.

The detailed step by step guide features items you will need for the project along with some safety guidelines for the power tools you will use in the project. The project takes no more than a weekend.

The end product makes a perfect corner table for your flowers and books even.

10. DIY Outdoor Pallet Coffee Table

DIY Pallet Coffee Table for Under $25

This DIY pallet coffee table is without a doubt a great alternative to the many mass produced, delicate and expensive patio furniture. Made from reclaimed pallets, the resulting coffee table can withstand the harsh outdoor conditions. 

The Guide by Joy Ever After includes all you will need for the project in one paragraph and quickly details the process of putting it together. Now, the guide is not as detailed as you may like.

Joy Ever After is aware of this. They point it out and attend to follow up questions in the comments. To protect it from the rain, you can seal the table with a polyurethane coating.

11. Industrial Style Pallet Coffee Table

DIY Pallet Coffee Table for Under $25

If you love doing things for yourself rather than purchasing a premade unit, you will find this instructable of great benefit. 

The industrial styled DIY pallet coffee table you create using the instructable is cheaper and has more character than the mass-produced tables. This project allows you to get creative with both metal and wood.

The guide lists the materials and tools needed for the project down to the specifications of every material and tool. There also are some tips on how to easily screw some parts onto the wood.

The table corners are adorned by metal brackets. The legs are metallic as well which gives the DIY pallet coffee table style and personality.

12. Pretty Painted Pallet Coffee Table

DIY Pallet Coffee Table for Under $25

If you love repurposed and recycled furniture for their rough and rugged look, you will fall in love with this DIY pallet coffee table. Leanne from Diva of DIY added her personality to the table and details exactly how she did it.

The DIY project guide entails pallet coffee table supplies and simple, easy to follow instructions. If you love the Photo Prop painted on the table, she also provides a link to an instructable detailing its creation process.

With your pallet coffee table, you could have wheels or feet depending on whether you want it movable or immobile.

13. Weathered DIY Pallet Coffee Table

DIY Pallet Coffee Table for Under $25

Sometimes weathered and incomplete is the best look for a coffee table. If you are a perfectionist, you should be warned, you will have some bit of trouble achieving this look. It goes against every fiber of your being.

Now the DIY pallet coffee table is simple and straightforward and you can get a free pallet coffee table plan to nail it just as easily. 

The tutorial by Love Stitched, however, is tailored to guide you through achieving the weathered look while still retaining as much detail as possible. The technique is simple and easy and most importantly free.

14. DIY Modern Pallet Coffee Table With Drink Cooler

DIY Pallet Coffee Table for Under $25

Needless to say, this DIY pallet coffee table design is ingenious. It is an amazing backyard/patio table designed to keep you and your friends cool and refreshed under the hot sun.

Justin of Remodelaholic.com and his wife hatched this design after canceling out some popular but clichéd DIY pallet coffee table ideas. They put their heads together and the results are amazing.

The best part about this design is the fact that the cooler at the center of the table can also be converted into a flower planter or be filled with Legos of many different colors and shapes. 

The DIY pallet coffee table plans are available in printable format as well. The plan details all the tools and materials needed for the project. They also included plan dimensions and a step by step guide complete with images of every step. 

15. DIY Rustic Pallet Coffee Table

Low Cost DIY Coffee Table

It will take you some seconds to realize that this is a DIY pallet coffee table. Why? Well, the name of the DIY site (removeandreplace.com) sheds insight on this. The pallet is disassembled and reassembled as a coffee table. 

This DIY project is fun and is detailed in a quick step by step tutorial. Contained in the tutorial are the materials and tools needed to make the project a success.

Most of the items shall be reused in the making of the pallet coffee table. For the finishing touches, you can choose to use the stain of your choice and seal it with polyurethane as detailed in the tutorials.

16. 1 Hour DIY Pallet Coffee Table

Pallet coffee table

If you have some pallets lying unused in your home, this is a great way to put them to use. You get to save some insane amounts of cash in the process (you will not have to buy a new coffee table). 

With only a Pinterest inspiration to go with, Ana white’s husband built this stylish DIY pallet coffee table in less than an hour. This project is categorized as a starter project and perfect for living room décor. 

The style exuded by this pallet coffee table is eco-friendly. The best part is if you have the pallets lying around, the project will cost you close to nothing. 

The instructions on how to build the unit like a pro are provided for reference.

17. 30 Minutes Easy DIY Pallet Coffee Table

Pallet Coffee Table

When you are pressed for time and cash, but still want an elegant piece of furniture in your living room, this will work perfectly. 

The table is designed by instructables.com and put together in less than 30 minutes. It costs $0 since old pallets are reused.

This DIY pallet coffee table’s design is refreshingly unique and strays away from the norm of normal pallet coffee tables which feel somewhat cliché and old. 

If you so wish, you could add a pane of plexiglass on top of the table. This way wine glasses will not fall through the spaces. 

18. Cheap DIY Pallet Coffee Table

Pallet Coffee Table

With a hammer and a saw, you can nail this pallet coffee table. The plan tutorial is rather short but easy to understand and follow.

The simplistic nature of the table contributes to its ease of building though. It is a fun project to get started on. 

The entire family, mom and the kids included can get in on it. Katrina Chambers’ family from the pictures provided, seem to have had a blast. To finish the project, you will need lockable castors. These are easy to drill onto the stands. 

Lastly, like Katrina, you could add a glass on top.

19. DIY Vintage Pallet Coffee Table

Pallet Coffee Table From Reclaimed Wood

Industrial vintage pallet coffee tables cost a fortune. Finding one that meets your needs is a frustrating process. Luckily for you, instructable has provided a tutorial for making this one of a kind DIY vintage pallet coffee table from scratch.

The tutorial is detailed and provided in a step by step fashion. The details on all you will need and measurements are also provided in the tutorial.

The end product is a unique table with sufficient space for magazine and book storage.

20. DIY Outdoor Pallet Coffee Table on Wheels

Pallet Coffee Table On Wheels

Your outdoor chilling area is not complete without this movable DIY pallet coffee table. The metallic wheels on the table give it an industrial look which is perfect. 

With this table design and tutorial, other than the pallet, you will need canister wheels, a wood stain of your choice and DIY power tools.

If the pallet is too big, you can cut it to reduce the overall size of the table. Homedit.com also recommends using long screws to ensure stability and sturdiness of the table.

21. DIY Modern Wood Pallet Coffee Table

Pallet Coffee Table On Wheels

Modern coffee tables cost a fortune. This unit, however, is a low budget project and will only take about 3 hours to complete. 

Luisa in her guest post on Paper & Stitch blog details the process of building this piece of art like a pro. 

In the tutorial, she lists all that is needed to build the table from scratch being conscious to keep it low budget yet yielding an excellent result. She recommends treating the wood to protect it molding when it rains.

22. DIY Low Pallet Coffee Table on Castor Wheels

Shipping Pallet to Coffee Table

If you are into antique furniture, you will absolutely love this pallet coffee table. The table is low and movable and complements and antique interior design. 

This project is simple and fast. According to SavedbyLoveCreations.com, it is something you can whip up in an afternoon. Creators of this unique unit used Ana White’s plans with some slight adjustments they have listed on the tutorial.

This not a step by step tutorial but nonetheless, it is easy to follow and understand. The result is a beautiful white table costing you less than $50.

23. DIY Tryde Coffee Table

Tryde Coffee Table

This table is a pleasant change from the normal DIY pallet wood coffee table designs. But despite the change, the ease of building and low costs still remains. Ana White details the building process on her website.

Her plan includes a comprehensive shopping list for materials and tools you would need, a cutting list and step by step instructions. The steps are complete with visuals to give you a clear picture of the progress made.

With 23 different designs and plans to choose from, you have no reason for not having what your heart desires. Indulge your creative side, follow the tutorials and later bask in the warm overwhelming feeling of achievement.

At this point, we would love to hear any additions you may have. Share your experience of trying any DIY pallet coffee table project (in this list or elsewhere). 

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