17 Free DIY Pallet Chicken Coop Plans

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17 Free DIY Pallet Chicken Coop Plans

pallet chicken coop

If you have a bunch of pallets lying around, and you love chickens, then a DIY pallet chicken coop could be worth your time, even if you think that you are not the DIY type.

Listed below are 17 amazing pallet chicken coop plans, which I have collected from across the Internet. They show different families with a love for chickens, who have made their dreams come true.

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Backyard Chicken Coop

This chicken coop shows just how easy it is to build something great if you really put your mind to it. Although Wayne, the builder here, did not use old pallets, it is still a great DIY task.

This pallet chicken coop design is not easy to build. In fact, it is one of the designs in this list, that requires the most thinking. 

If you can take your time to understand the lessons step by step, you will find that this chicken coop plan is in fact, one of the most rewarding designs you can build.

He builds the base of the coop using 4x6's, then uses 2x4's for the rest of the sides, including the roof. Some areas are covered using a screen, while the others are covered with plywood.

Wayne also does something a little crazy and paints the entire coop in green, pink and yellow. This includes the nest boxes, which can be opened from the outside.

2. Simple DIY Pallet Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop Built From Old Pallets

This chicken coop was built by Acuario. He used free pallets and simple tools to make this simple coop. 

The design does not even have a nest box, but it does provide all the other benefits of a chicken coop. The base is built directly on a pallet, and it has a little door in front.

The rest of the coop is built from pieces of wood, which are removed from old pallets. Its roof is simple and one-sided. It can also be opened for cleaning inside the coop.

Anyone who can handle a tape measure, a hammer, and a saw, will be able to build this chicken coop in just a few hours.

3. Simple & Smart DIY Chicken Coop

Chicken Coop from Pile of Pallet

This one has a very simple design, but a closer look will let you know that this chicken coop and run design is very smart indeed.

The coop includes a run, which is covered using chicken wire. The run even extends beneath the coop, providing extra space for the chickens.

Inside the coop are three laying nests, with a door that opens from the outside, allowing the owner to collect his or her eggs. The run also has a ladder, which leads the chicken up into the coop.

All the wood used in building this coop come from old pallets. You will just need to buy chicken wire or any cheaper alternative. If you can get free pallets, then this could be a very cheap chicken coop to make.

Painting is optional, but it will help the wood to last longer. A roof over the chicken run is also optional because chickens love the sun.

4. Large-Sized Full House Chicken Coop

Chicken House

Two things stand out about this chicken coop. The first thing is that it's very big compared to the other coops in this list. The second thing is that it was built by an amazing grandma.

The house is 11 x 12 ft. in size, and includes a chicken run that is over twice the size of the coop itself. This chicken run is enclosed using simple chicken wire.

If you are interested in using this pallet chicken coop idea to build your own chicken coop, then you should know although the plan is simple, it is also big.

You will have to build a house that is large enough for a human being to enter inside. This means you should have enough free pallets for the floor, the sides, and roof.

If you have plywood, you could cover up the walls to make them look better, and even paint the entire house for a more beautiful coop.

5. Simple & Quick DIY Chicken Coop

Craft Pallet Chicken Coop Plans

This one was built together by a couple. It is a basic chicken coop, and you can see that they didn't spend too much time on it.

They got the pallets from a local horse supply store, then got to break up the pieces of wood that made up the pallet.

This coop's laying nest does not have an outside window to make it easy to collect the eggs, but this also makes it faster to build. Simply make the frame, then add the wood panels to cover the floor and the sides.

The roof is also a simple roof. It can be built using just 4 pieces of wood. Also, cover the roof with wood panels, or with a metal sheet.

This pallet chicken coop design shows you how powerful simple things can be. You do not need to make your coop very pretty or professional. You just have to make it useful.

6. Elegant DIY Pallets Chicken Coop

DIY Chicken Coop from Pallets

Having built a chicken coop before, this free pallet chicken coop plan is a second attempt to build a coop, which is more elegant and functional.

Although it is not so large, it includes a door for a human to walk in, plus it includes a run for the chicken to spend time in, which is covered in chicken wire.

Most of the base design is done using 2x4's, with braces added to their corners to make them more stable. Each end has a door, one side for humans, the other for the chickens to enter the run.

The walls of the coop are made with complete pallets, which have been turned on their sides. 2x4's are then arranged inside them to finish the coop.

Some of the pallet's holes are not covered completely, so they can provide fresh air and light. The roof is properly covered with plywood, and then with shingles to last long.

7. Clever DIY Pallet Chicken Coop

DIY Pallet Chicken Coop

The builder of this DIY chicken coop used a very different method to create it. He didn't even bother with tearing the pallets apart, he just nailed everything together.

The coop's base is built using 3 pallets that have been nailed together. The sides are also complete pallets that have been nailed directly onto the base.

One corner of the coop is used as the nest, with a door in front of it. The other side has a door for the chicken, and with a ladder to help them climb up.

The entire chicken coop is covered with a 1/2 inch plywood and then painted. If you get the pallets for free, then your major costs will only be from the plywood, paint and metal roof.

This is a very cheap but large-sized chicken coop from pallets, and the only tools you will need are a wrench, jigsaw, paintbrush and power drill.

8. Rustic DIY Pallet Chicken Coop

DIY Pallet Chicken Coop

Originally designed to look very rustic but somehow cool, this chicken coop is made directly from old pallets, and by a ranch mom.

Three pallets form 3 sides of the coop, with a fourth pallet being cut out to create a door. The pallet in the back also had some parts cut out, making room for nest boxes.

She even added a see-through roof to create some lighting inside the coop. This is the purpose of learning how to build a chicken coop out of pallets, you should be creative and learn to use what you have.

This coop was built using just a hammer and a saw. You can choose to paint it if you like, but by following this pallet chicken coop idea, you will see how easy it is to use very little things to create something good.

9. Modern & Stylish 4x8-feet Pallet Coop

Easy Chicken Coop Plans

This chicken coop is built using 4x8 pallets directly. A base made from gravel and concrete blocks is first laid, followed by pressure-treated 4x4-inch timbers.

The floor and sides are all made from the pallets, though you have to cut the sides and the back into shape. Lots of plywood was then used on the inside to make things look better.

You should budget enough money if you want to get this kind of finish, because everything is stylish, from the door frame to the roof, though you could make things simpler and cheaper.

This is not an easy pallet chicken coop plan, because you need to have some level of skill with wood-work. But you can try it if you are determined.

The coop is separate from the run, which is built from chicken wire and steel pipes and then connected to the coop. You can also decide to cover parts of the run, which will cost more money.

10. The Palace DIY Chicken Coop

Palace Chicken Coop​

Okay, this one is not exactly a pallet chicken coop, but you can get close to such a quality building with enough pallets and skills.

If chickens could truly desire a palace, then this one should be sufficient for the chicken king. It is not only beautiful to look at, it is also very strongly built with good foundation and support to withstand bad weather.

Each of the pieces of wood used in this chicken coop plan was stained, increasing cost and build-time. Vinyl tiles were installed for easy cleanup, and the foundation even features a drainage.

There is no doubt that this is a costly chicken coop to build on your own, and even when you can afford it, you also need the skills of this show-off carpenter. He is a great designer.

11. Shingled Pallets DIY Chicken Coop

Pallet Chicken Coop

This pallet chicken coop uses a different method to solve the problems that many other coops have a problem with, and that is heating. It uses chopped straw to keep the coop's inside warm.

The pallets are nailed together to form the basic coop, then he uses the straw to fill the spaces, and later uses shingles to cover up the sides and make the coop look good.

If you have free pallets and straw, then this could be a good task for you, although the shingles will have to cost you money, or you could find something to replace it with.

Also, if you have to build the shingles the way he did, then you will need a nail gun, and a compressor, which can mean extra spending, or a blessing if you already have one.

12. Colorful DIY Pallet Chicken Coop

Pallet Chicken Coop

This colorful chicken coop is actually very solid. Its base rests on 4 pieces of 4x4 timber, creating enough support for the rest of the building.

Most of the pieces of wood used here are from pallets, with the exception of 2 glasses for the windows, a metal roof, and plywood for the 4 laying nests.

The floor is covered with plywood, and the sides are all built using complete pallets. Parts of the pallets on the sides are then sawed off to create windows and doors. The spaces between the pallets' panels are also covered with wood panels.

This is a simple pallet chicken coop plan, and it requires only simple tools like a saw, a hammer, and a paint-brush. All other items are extras.

It is important to note though, that this chicken coop is more fitted for warmer locations since it's not very much insulated.

13. Snow-Proof DIY Pallet Chicken Coop

Rustic Coop

If you live in an area with bad weather, then you will appreciate this DIY pallet chicken coop plan from Sue and Andy Colley.

They live in a part of France which sees lots of snow, rain and serious winds, so this chicken coop plan includes a roof that is designed to last.

Most of the coop is built using wood from pallets, although the individual panels are fitted closely together, to better maintain a steady temperature inside.

Apart from screws, nails, and hinges, the only part of this plan which cost money was the heavy-duty tarpaulin covering for the roof. It cost about $35.

The roof is additionally higher than other coop's roofs, and it is sloped on 2 sides. This allows it to withstand heavy snowfall, while the tarpaulin adds an extra layer of protection.

14. Compact DIY Chicken Coop with Glass-View

Small Chicken Coop

This chicken coop plan is for those with a little imagination. You could also install something else or in addition to the front glass view. 

The chickens get to sit on their roosting shelves or in their nesting boxes, and look out of the window. A chicken and a human door are also built into this coop.

The base and the roof are both made from pallets. The frame is then made from 2x4's, with a sloping roof to protect the coop against snow, and the base and walls are covered with plywood. 

A 3/4-inch plywood is used to build the nesting boxes. It is glued and nailed to the main coop.

The cost of this design will be about $200, and you will need only simple tools like a hammer, a tape measure, and a saw.

15. Small But Cute Pallet Chicken Coop

Small Fowl House

Made almost entirely from pallets, this chicken coop is also very strong and able to resist bad storms and heavy snow.

The entire building cost about $90, provided you get the pallets, as well as shingles for free. This coop's roof is well designed and built. It will surely last for many years to come.

In one of the best examples of how to build a chicken coop out of pallets, this plan uses pallets for the base, the walls, and the roof. Pallet panels are even used for the nest box.

The chicken coop and laying nest are then covered with a board and shingles. The entire building is also painted, making it very weather resistant.

You could use some PVC pipes and chicken wire to make a chicken run next to the coop. This way, the plan will be complete, and you will keep costs down.

16. The Chilton DIY Pallet Chicken Coop

Sweetchickss Chicken Coop

This DIY chicken coop requires good building skills. It is large and strong, and you can see that the builder actually has the skills to build a full house. In fact, this one is a full chicken-house.

The family spent about $222 on this coop, given all of the 2x4's for the frame and 1x4's for the roof came from pallets. The panel boards for the exterior walls also came from pallets.

You should only attempt building this chicken coop plan, if you have the skills or motivation, or if you will be working with someone skilled enough.

You will also need more than a hammer for this one. A nail gun becomes necessary here, as well as an electric saw to cut all the boards into size.

17. Wichita DIY Cabin Chicken Coop

Wichita Cabin Coop

This is one of the best free pallet chicken coop plans around. It has also inspired many builders to create their own amazing chicken coops.

The original guide is free, but if you require a detailed guide with a 3D computer model and detailed list of materials, then they are also available for a small price.

Though this exact coop was not built using wood from pallets, you can still follow the plan to build yours, using pallet woods to save money.

The price is more on the high side, but as you can see, no expense was spared here. The coop was built for the fun of it.

We have reached the end of this list of 17 amazing chicken coops. I hope you get as much fun from it, as I got from putting it together.

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I would also love to hear from you and to know which plan you have chosen to build.