12 Free DIY Pallet Bar Plans for Indoor and Outdoor Bars

12 Free DIY Pallet Bar Plans for Indoor and Outdoor Bars

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Would you like to own a home bar but don’t have a lot of money to spend? They add a lot of appeal to a home and practical when you receive friends and family.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a home bar due to the price. But what if we told you it is possible to make one for less than $25? 

Best, we will show you how to make one in record time using only wood pallets. That’s right!

Below are 12 easy to follow plans on how to make a pallet bar on a strict budget. Keep reading!

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Outdoor Porch DIY Pallet Bar

This project is one of the simplest wood pallet bars you can make. Its vintage and square look makes it an excellent outdoor bar.

It is simply putting 2 wood pallets together with a few shims so that the sides are large enough to stand as a tabletop. 

Then the project is placed to one side of your porch. It serves 2 purposes. 

Firstly, it protects by acting as a porch fence. Secondly, it acts as a convenient bar when you need a quick drink.

Then place a few chairs on one, or both sides, and you have a quick bar. 


It also does not cost much, if at all. You can easily get 2 pallets from a local commerce for free. 

To make it better looking, use some weather-resistance paint like chalk paint. Chalk paint is readily available in any DIY shop and inexpensive. 

Moreover, for a more sophisticated look, you can apply wood stain to the countertop and a few layers of varnish for protection. It will last for years to come.

2. DIY Pallet Bar with Moving Countertop

DIY Pallet Bar with Moving Countertop

Here is another pallet bar that is a little bit more complicated than the one above. It can be used both indoors or outdoors, depending on your home decor preference.

The table top can be retracted to become smaller and offer more living space.

However, when opened, it offers a generous countertop for you to rest your arms. The inner side also has glass hangers at the top side, and your bottles tucked at the bottom.

Assembling this pallet bar project takes a little bit more time and effort.

You will first need to disassemble the wooden planks from the pallet. 

A quick way is to cut off the bottom slats of the pallet and pull the planks with a crowbar. Then remove the nails. 

Finally, align the planks side by side to create a wooden backdrop. This makes the foundation of the pallet bar. 

The retractable arm is built separately with the same process. You then use a couple of door hinges and the arm held in position with 2 decorative chains.

For a sophisticated look, you may want to sand the planks with a power sander with 80-grit sandpaper. If not, you can leave the planks as is for a vintage and battered look. 

3. Decorative Mason Jar Pallet Bar

Decorative Mason Jar Pallet Bar

Mason jars used to be favorite decorative items that homemakers used in their kitchen in the 50’s and 60’s. Now it is back in fashion. 

What better way to expose this timeless home decor than by building a mason jar pallet bar.

You simply remove one side of a wood pallet to expose the back. The fix it to a wall and add a shelf or two. 

To spice it up, you can paint the whole project with a white chalk paint to reflect the vintage look of this wood bar even further. Then add colorful liquids to the mason jars for a timeless home decor.

4. Outdoor Pallet Bar Table

Outdoor Pallet Bar Table

Why buy a new table when you can make one yourself?

It is a true “custom” project. You can make the pallet bar table any size you want, depending on your purpose.

It is straightforward to get started. You do not have to disassemble the pallet. 

Instead, you can use a power tool like a circular saw, or a regular handsaw to cut the pallets in half. Then pull them together to create a solid countertop with a large base.

The final product looks like a cube, but you can cut multiple pallets to add to the length or width of the project. 

Even better! You can stack similar table pallet bars close to one another to create a visually stunning outdoor decor. 

5. Multi-Purpose Indoor Pallet Bar

Multi-Purpose Indoor Pallet Bar

This is one of the best looking indoor wood pallet bar projects you can make. The final project should measure 39’ 1/4” x 9’ 8” based on our current pallet bar plan, but of course, you can make it to any size you want.

Best, it can be fashioned for less than $25, including the wood pallet, 2 2x4’s lumber and wood stain/veneer finish.

It may look difficult to make, but it is easy and can be completed in a few hours. Once finished, it will seem like a vintage bar table with a lot of appeals.

To get started, cut 4 pieces of 2x4’s to 16” and 38 1/2” respectively. Those will make the side frames of the pallet bar. 

Then make a rectangle framework for your project. The 4 pieces of 38 1/2” compose the sides of the pallet bar. You will need to add solidly to the structure by nailing pieces of 2x4’ from the top frame to the bottom.

Once the framework is built, you nail pallet wood planks to the make the countertop. Additionally, cut wood planks to size for the side frame. Once finished, the inner framework should be invisible from the outside.

There you have it! Wood stain will accentuate the look and a thick layer of varnish will protect the countertop from liquid spills. 

All in all, it is a fun project that looks harder to make than it is.

6. Concrete Countertop Wood Pallet Bar

Concrete Countertop Wood Pallet Bar

In our opinion, this is probably one of the most modern looking pallet bar tables we have to offer on this list. 

To build this wood bar, you will need the following: 

* x3 wood pallets

* x3 1x3x8's

* x2 2x4x8's

* 5” heavy-duty bolts

* 1x tube of silicone sealant

* 1x melamine sheet

* Concrete wire messes and cement 

To start, you will need to remove all planks from one side of all 3 wood pallets. This will create the front side (removed planks) and back side of the table bar.

Then proceed by attaching all 3 wood pallets to one another with 5” bolts to create a large table. You will need a power drill to perform this step. 

Since the table is large, you will need to piece together a center-leg made of x3 1x3x8's. This will provide support. After all, it will have to support the heavy weight of the countertop.

Once the main frame is made, the cement countertop is made with a melamine sheet with planks nailed to the side. It will create a mold. 

Place wire meshes to reinforce the cement countertop then pour in fresh cement. Once the cement is cured in 24 to 48 hours, remove the side planks to reveal a beautiful cement counter top. 

The countertop can be left raw while the wood backside painted or wood stained to your liking. 

It is a gorgeous outdoor pallet bar that will resist both rain and sun for years to come.

7. Concrete Slab Outdoor Pallet Bar

Concrete Slab Outdoor Pallet Bar

The following DIY project uses almost the same building process and materials as the outdoor pallet bar plan illustrated above. 

One major difference is this plan uses concrete slabs instead of a single large concrete countertop.

8. Vintage Wood Stained DIY Pallet Bar

Vintage Wood Stained DIY Pallet Bar

One of the easiest and fastest pallet wood bar to make. All this bar plan requires is 2x wood pallets, a 5/8” piece of plywood for the countertop and wood stain. 

The plywood is cut to size and nailed to one side of the pallet. This creates the countertop. Then cut the remaining pallet in half and use it to make the sides. 

Once done, all you have to do is apply a layer of wood stain and veneer. It will have a vintage look that is appealing and looks great both indoors as well as outdoors.

9. 15-Minutes Vintage Pallet Bar

15-Minutes Vintage Pallet Bar

If you want to work on a fun DIY pallet bar project and complete it in record time, this is the project for you! 

It can be completed in as little as 15 minutes. All this project requires is 2 wood pallets and scrap wood to create the shim.

To get started, nail 2 pallets together with wood shims and place either a wood or concrete slab for the counter top. There you have it. The easiest project so far. 

Sites like Pinterest have thousands of such projects. People simply love them!

You can further chalk paint the pallet to mask the crude nature of this project. 

10. Chunky DIY Pallet Bar Cart

Chunky DIY Pallet Bar Cart

Why not bring the bar to you instead of going to it? 

This is exactly what this pallet bar plan is all about. 

It is simply 2 wood pallets nailed together to provide a chunky width. Then 4 pulley wheels are bolted to the bottom to make it movable. 

Best of all, the wood pallet already provides convenient spacing for your glasses and bottles. It cannot be easier than this!

11. Poolside Waterproof Pallet Bar

Poolside Waterproof Pallet Bar

It pretty much looks like your average outdoor pallet bar. 

However, there is a major difference to this project. 

Its purpose is to be used close to water, as in a poolside pallet bar. So, it has to be weather and waterproof.

If you want to keep the battered and vintage look, we at least recommend that you paint the countertop to make it waterproof. 

You can also conveniently adjust the height of this poolside pallet bar to your pool or garden water tub.

12. $10 DIY Pallet Bar

$10 DIY Pallet Bar

Last but not least, here is the cheapest DIY Pallet Bar. 

All you need is 2 wood pallets and a few wood shims to hold the pallets in position. The countertop is simply a piece of plywood that you cut to dimension. 

For more stability, we recommend that you lean this project against a wall. The base is not large enough to be stable in an open space. 

Additionally, you can spray paint it to fit with your other home decor. It is a great project for both indoors and outdoors. 

We have covered plenty of pallet bar plans in this article to keep you busy. Remember, they are all cheap and easy to make. In fact, most of them can be completed in a few hours. 

Needless to say, if you liked those pallet wood bars then don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. They will appreciate it!

Good luck making your DIY wood pallet bar on the cheap 🙂