13 Super Easy DIY Outdoor Firewood Racks

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13 Super Easy DIY Outdoor Firewood Racks

diy firewood rack

A firewood rack helps to keep your firewood organized. If you love to make fire using wood, then there's no doubt that you need a rack.

You won't always have to buy it though because you can easily make your own firewood rack by yourself, using simple woodworking tools.

In order to help you out with that, I have gathered the following firewood rack plans from across the web, so that they may inspire you in one way or the other.

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Cheap & Stylish DIY Firewood Rack Plans

With a width of 8 ft., a depth of 18 inches, and a height of 4 ft, this firewood rack from the 2-by-Guy will provide you with logs to feed your stove or fireplace with during the cold seasons.

There are 6 steps in the building guide, starting from the building of the base, to the installation of the upright boards, and the addition of the top.

Since your firewood rack will probably be sitting outside, it is wise to stain or simply seal it. This way, it will withstand the elements and insects longer, and also serve you for a longer time.

This project uses 1x6 boards and includes diagonal braces for improved stability and longevity of the frame.

2. DIY Mobile Firewood Cart

DIY Mobile Firewood Cart

Nobody says that a firewood cart must be stationary. In fact, you can add wheels to it and make it easy to move around from place to place. Shayna's rolling firewood cart tutorial shows you how to do this.

It begins with the supplies list. Shayna uses 2x4s, 2x3s and fence boards for this project. The cart's base is made from redwood so that it can hold well against the weather because Shayna is keeping it outside.

This guide takes you through the process with lots of pictures and instructions. Shayna also added metal brackets to the frame for extra strength and style.

3. Simple DIY Firewood Rack Plans

Simple DIY Firewood Rack Plans

This homemade firewood rack on Ana White's website is simple and straight to the point. There is no top frame or extra fittings, except the metal bracket that was added for extra support.

The construction uses 2x4s and you'll also need screws and a screw gun. For the full list of the materials and tools that you need, follow the link on Ana's website to the original plans.

In the original plans, you will get detailed instructions on how to build this DIY wooden rack. Everything is laid out, including measurements and an installation guide for the metal connector.

This log rack is 30 inches high, 50 inches wide and 15 inches deep. A cut list is also included in the plans to make things easier for you.

4. Elegant DIY Firewood Rack Plans

Elegant DIY Firewood Rack Plans

I found this firewood rack on a barbecue forum and although it does not have the full plans attached, a Google Sketchup drawing is included and you can also request for the full Sketchup plans from the poster.

It cost $30 in materials to build, which includes cedar fence pickets, screws, nails, cinder blocks and 2x4 boards.

The design is what sets this firewood rack apart. In addition to the 2x4s, you also have these extra cedar boards on top, providing both a support function for firewood and a style function for good looks.

Of course, you can re-create this beauty without the complete plans, if you know what you are doing.

5. DIY No-Tools Firewood Rack Guide

DIY No-Tools Firewood Rack Guide

If you think that building firewood racks are not easy because of the tools involved, then why don't you learn how to build a firewood rack with this no-tools guide?

This tutorial uses no tool at all. All you need is 2 or 3 concrete blocks, 2 pieces of 8 or 10 ft. long 2x4s, and 2 landscape timbers.

By looking at the pictures in this guide, you will easily figure out how to build this. You place the concrete blocks on a flat and stable surface with their holes facing upwards, else this won't work.

You then place the timbers across the edges of the 2 blocks and place the 2x4s into the holes in an upright position.

6. Classy & Free DIY Firewood Rack Plan

Classy & Free DIY Firewood Rack Plan

Pete from DIYPete built this amazing firewood rack with his dad. It comes complete with a roof and is basically a small and mobile woodshed.

There is a link to download the plans and it is free, although you could make a donation if you wanted. The guide begins with the tools, supplies, and wood list, then enters a 9-step guide.

Pete and his dad really took their time with this project. Every step of the way is documented and pictures help out a lot too.

If you check the comments on Pete's site, you'll also find a lot of images from others, who downloaded the plans and built a similar rack, often with slight modifications.

7. Functional & Affordable Firewood Rack Plan

Functional & Affordable Firewood Rack Plan

This firewood rack is designed for anyone who would like an affordable but functional firewood rack.  The tutorial is free, but if you want a detailed step by step plan, you will have to buy it for $4.95.

The entire construction will cost you about $30 to build, with the 2x4s costing $15 and outdoor screws costing an extra $15.

The design is also sturdy, it includes supports in 3 positions to hold the rack in place, and make it last longer. This tutorial includes everything you need, including a supplies list with a cut list and board measurements.

8. Firewood Rack with Extra Support Braces plan

Firewood Rack with Extra Support Braces plan

One thing which stands out about this plan is that it includes 4 support braces, which not only help to keep the frame stable but also act as extra feet for the entire rack.

The rest of the design is basically simple. The rack is 96 inches wide, 15 inches deep, and 48 inches high. The braces each measure 32.5 inches.

This plan will take anywhere between a few hours and a day to complete, depending on how good you are with woodwork. It includes a material list, a tool list, and even a link to a related woodshed plans.

9. Super Simple DIY Firewood Rack

Super Simple DIY Firewood Rack

Coming from a camping site, this plan is designed to be set up easily in just a few minutes and without any tools. If your timbers are too long though, then they may need cutting.

Else, you will need 4 pieces of 2x4 boards and 2 cinder blocks. The design is so simple that you just have to look at the picture and you'll know what to do.

Place the 2 blocks side by side. Stick the 2x4s into each block hole. The 2 blocks should have a total of 4 holes, which means 1 hole for each piece of wood.

The 2x4s used here appear to be 4 ft. in length, so buying 2 pieces of 8-ft. boards and cutting them in half should do the trick.

10. Easy 4-Step DIY Firewood Holder Plan

Easy 4-Step DIY Firewood Holder Plan

This DIY firewood storage will take you about 10 minutes to build. It is simple and easy to build and can be built using scraps of wood. Buying the boards though would put costs at about $10.

The 4-step guide shows you the steps involved and it begins with a discussion about wood size. Although 2x4s are preferred, you can use any lumber of similar size, including round poles.

You start by laying 2 boards of equal length on the floor. Their length will be the width of your firewood rack. Join them on each end with a short-length board, which should be roughly as long as each piece of your firewood.

The next step is the installation of 2 upright boards on each end of this rack and the joining of their tops with a rope to create your very own DIY firewood holder.

11. Modern & Stylish Indoor Firewood Rack Plan

Modern & Stylish Indoor Firewood Rack Plan

While most of the plans we have seen on this list are for outdoor firewood racks, this particular plan here is for an indoor firewood rack, which is modern looking and quite stylish.

The tutorial begins with a materials and supplies list, then goes on with a numbered step by step guide. Step one deals with the cutting up of the wood boards and includes a picture, just like the other steps.

The other steps then deal with the assembly of the different parts into a functional rack. After applying a few coats of ebony stain, you can also burn the wood to make it really black, then coat everything with a clear finish.

12. Affordable $12 Super Strong Firewood Rack Plans 

Affordable $12 Super Strong Firewood Rack Plans

If you want to build a firewood rack, which is super strong and costs just $12, then look no further than this plan right here.

This firewood rack plans will teach you how to build a firewood rack in a professional manner, which will improve your woodworking skills.

There are 5 steps here, with each one including lots of pictures and detailed instructions. There is a tools list and a materials list as well.

This firewood rack is 8 ft. wide, 4 ft. high, and 1 ft. deep. Extra braces were used in the base to make it more stable and long-lasting. All the boards used here are 2x4s, but you can always get a little creative.

13. DIY Artistic Firewood Rack Plan

DIY Artistic Firewood Rack Plan

All firewood racks don't have to be wide. This one, for example, is tall. With a width and length of just 13 inches, but a height of over 5 ft., this rack opens up new possibilities for your home design.

The plans are presented in a 4-step guide, beginning with a material and tools list. There is also a cut list and general project notes before the step by step guide.

Each step of the guide features a diagram with notes for the particular step. In the end, this project was painted white, but it could also have looked equally beautiful if it was stained. Black wouldn't be a bad choice either.

We have reached the end of our DIY firewood racks list and I hope that you must have found what you are looking for by now.

I would also like to know which firewood rack project you will be building, so please feel free to leave me a comment.

Feel free as well to share and pin as you please.