35 Free DIY Outdoor Bench Plans – Garden Bench Ideas

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35 Free DIY Outdoor Bench Plans – Garden Bench Ideas

diy outdoor bench

Studies show that spending time in the great outdoors is good for your health. Even if you are not exercising basking under the sun and light is enough.

For one, your vitamin D levels will rise. When rays from the sun hit your skin, vitamin D creation and the activation process are triggered. Second, light tends to improve your mood.

Now that you are out, what next? Do you stand the whole time, run or walk? Sure you could walk but if you are like me, you probably just want to sit down and relax.

An outdoor bench is perfect to meet this need. While retail outdoor benches are pricey, you do not have to spend a fortune.

With a few blocks and a board, you will have the perfect outdoor bench. I have put together a list of inexpensive DIY outdoor benches for you to try. Use them as an inspiration for your next DIY project.

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DIY Cedar Outdoor Bench With Planters

The whole purpose of embarking on a DIY project is to create a unique outdoor bench for your garden or front porch. This cedar outdoor bench without a doubt meets these qualifications and I dare say, surpasses them.

This outdoor bench by Brittany Stager is a statement piece with planters on its sides. The planters add some life to the bench. You should, however, note that the outdoor bench does not come easy.

The tutorial by Brittany Stager, however, will lighten your load. She details the process of creation step-by-step and complements it with images, a materials list, and measurements.

To complete the project successfully, you should expect to spend about $480. While the outdoor plans are free, you might have to pay for the project drawings as well as renderings.

2. DIY Modern Williams Sonoma Inspired Outdoor Bench

DIY Modern Williams Sonoma Inspired Outdoor Bench

When looking for an outdoor bench design, there are some requirements you need it to meet. Some of these include being cheap, lead bearing and probably modern.

If these are your requirements, this outdoor bench design is your cup of tea. The design resembles a Larnaca outdoor coffee table but with the advantage of being super cheap.

Following the DIY Candy blog plan and tutorial, expect to part with about $35 which is nothing compared to the $1,295 price tag of the Larnaca coffee table. Generally, the bench measures 16x40x13.5ft.

The tutorial features a supplies list and cutting list along with detailed instructions. The instructions are complemented with images to make it easy to follow and replicate the DIY project.

3. DIY Repurposed Headboard Outdoor Bench

DIY Repurposed Headboard Outdoor Bench

The beauty of DIY is creating furniture that meets your needs down to the letter. If you are in need of additional storage on your front porch, then this is a perfect outdoor bench to get started on.

I loved the fact that the outdoor bench design featured a beautiful headboard. If you do not have a scrap headboard already, you might have to invest in a second-hand headboard.

Nonetheless, the cost of making this unit will be lower than purchasing a new outdoor bench with a similar design.

You should note that for this outdoor bench idea, the tutorial by Ruggy DIY is brief and skips lots of important steps. This makes the project perfect for skilled DIYers.

4. DIY Multicolor Outdoor Bench

DIY Multicolor Outdoor Bench

If you have a thing for colors – bold colors, you are in luck. This outdoor bench brightens its environment with the colors. As a whole, the bench is heavy, strong, sturdy and long-lasting.

Jenny Messe guest posted on Aristocrafty and provided a tutorial on how to build the outdoor bench. Though short, the outdoor bench plan is simple and precise.

It leaves ample room for modifications with regards to measurements and finishing. The tutorial also includes a supply list and images to complement the instructions.

5. DIY Pallet Outdoor Sofa

DIY Pallet Outdoor Sofa

Simple and cheap are the two words perfect to describe this outdoor bench.

I love the fact that it is made from pallet wood and that you do not have to align the wood forming the back. It gives the sofa a beautiful rugged and unique look.

Using pallet wood means you get to save on costs. Overall, the project will cost about $120 compared to $400 for retail outdoor patio sofas.

The Iron Stone Nest provides a graphical tutorial for you to follow. It lacks step-by-step instructions but Donna at The Funky Junk blog takes care of this for you. You can add pillows and cushions of different colors.

6. DIY Outdoor Sectional Bench

DIY Outdoor Sectional Bench

This is yet another outdoor bench design made from pallets. However, unlike the previous design, you do not have to take the pallets apart.

All you will need to do in is cut down the pallets, sand them, add 4x4 legs, and join two pieces to form an L. With a sectional sofa, you get more space for friends and family.

Accessorize and Organize provide a graphical tutorial, though short, to guide you through the creation. Once the frame is done, you will add cushions and pillows for comfort.

Overall, the project should take about 5 hours for a beginner and you should spend about $15 for the entire unit. The simple outdoor bench plan is free and features the relevant measurements.

7. DIY Cinder Block Bench

DIY Cinder Block Bench

A DIY outdoor bench does not get any simpler and cheaper than this. Who knew cinder could be so comfortable that we all would be scrambling for it? Well, turns out Hello Daly knew something we did not.

The outdoor bench is generally made of cinder and cushioned plywood for comfort. With the plywood and foam at the right measurements, the outdoor bench will take only a few minutes to assemble.

The outdoor bench needs about 17 cinder blocks and 2 half blocks and supplies for the pillow. I love the fact that the bench has a hidden storage space.

Hello Daly provides a tutorial to guide beginners and pros alike through the building process. Images and measurements are inclusive.

8. DIY Picket Fence Bench

DIY Picket Fence Bench

For your garden, how about building this DIY garden fence? It is simple and fabulously cute. It is a perfect addition to any garden.

What I love most about it is that it is easy to build without breaking the bank. Creative country Mom has a detailed tutorial for the DIY gardening bench.

But essentially, all you will do is create two h forms and connect the two with slats. The pickets are installed on the upward part of the h. The entire project costs about $69.

Also worth noting is that the garden bench plan features a supplies list along with expected retail prices.

9. $20 X-Leg Outdoor Bench

$20 X-Leg Outdoor Bench

All you will need to be done with this simple outdoor bench in a few hours is a drill, a miter saw and a 2x6 and 2x4 wood. The X-legs are the main attraction in this simple bench design.

The hardest part of this project may be cutting and fitting the X-legs. The angled cuttings do require some skill to hack but this is nothing a beginner cannot handle with some bit of direction.

Saw Dust Girl makes available a graphical tutorial complete with perspective drawings as well. For a $20 outdoor bench, it sure can last for ages. The measurements provided in the tutorial are free for adjustments.

10. DIY Pallet Bench

DIY Pallet Bench

This is yet another outdoor pallet bench design you could get started on. But unlike the previous design, this bench features a raw finish. If you can appreciate this type of beauty, build one for your garden.

The PDF outdoor bench tutorial by Instructables provides a list of materials and tools you will need. These include a drill, hand saw, wood screws, sander, square, pencil and a pallet.

The tutorial is simple to follow and features images for every step to improve your understanding.

11. Modern Planter Bench

Modern Planter Bench

Be honest with yourself, even while the mention of a DIY project gets you excited, you always find yourself dreading the process of creating and attaching the legs. Somehow you have never mastered the art of building sturdy well-attached legs.

If this is you, then this modern planter bench supported by ceramic pots is the DIY outdoor bench project for you. The addition of trees and plants to the planters is the icing on the cake.

To complete this project, all you need to build is a bench frame and its top. For the ceramic pots, chose two with thick walls and have wide lips. Additionally, the pots should be glazed.

The Sunset blog provides a free tutorial plan complete with a supplies list and bulleted instructions making it easy to follow.

12. DIY Easy Cinder Bench

DIY Easy Cinder Bench

This is yet another cinder block bench you can build. However, unlike the previous cinder bench design I listed, this bench only needs 12 cinder blocks and 4 8ft 4x4 pieces of wood.

If you have to buy the cinder wood, you will spend about $20 for the 12 blocks. The beauty of this DIY outdoor bench plan is that it needs no carving or technical skills.

Actually, if you get your wood block cut to size, your work will only be assembly. The blog tutorial on Fab Everyday details the instructions of putting together the outdoor bench.

13. DIY Garage Door Outdoor Bench

DIY Garage Door Outdoor Bench

This seems more like a specific project. Assuming you have a garage door you would love to repurpose.

But even if you do not have a do not have a garage door you most likely are considering of burning, you can take the idea/plan and use normal wood boards.

Follow the simple and brief tutorial by Reposhture and you will be good to go. Note that the outdoor bench is not sanded down or finished. Its beauty is in its raw rustic form.

Nonetheless, during the project, you may want to get rid of peeling wood on the surface and nails sticking out.

14. DIY Large Porch Bench

DIY Large Porch Bench

If you are a sucker for elegance, then you will absolutely love this inexpensive porch bench by Ana White. I personally love the X design on the back. It adds to the overall beauty.

Looking at the DIY outdoor bench plans, you will notice there is space between the boards. These are designed to allow for expansion when the sun is too hot.

From the images, you also may notice the front is flush which adds to the comfort of the bench. Ana White provides the materials and tools list along with measurements and instructions.

You can modify the measurements as you please but as it is, I personally think Ana White nailed this project.

15. DIY L-Shaped Banquette With Storage

DIY L-Shaped Banquette With Storage

This is a unique outdoor bench. The inspiration is probably the upholstered benches in restaurants or bars. This banquette bench, however, is different as it features storage space.

Rambling Renovators set to work creating this piece of art and documented their process. They, however, skipped some steps in the creation process. As such, the project is one requiring intermediate woodworking skills.

The storage in the bench is accessed from the top. Speaking of which, the top is made from two wood planks connected with some piano hinges allowing the front plank to flip upwards.

They chose to leave their bench bare but with a creative mind, and paint brushes at hand, this bench can be transformed into a stunning piece of art. You also can add some cushioning if you like.

16. DIY West Elm Outdoor Bench

DIY West Elm Outdoor Bench

If you have always wanted to own a product from West Elm, now you can. Well, not quite but a knock-off that is quite stunning. West Elm furniture is gorgeous but expensive and can go for $700.

This particular DIY outdoor bench is simple and easy to build. I love it because it oozes elegance and style. Best of all, it costs only $15 to make. With this cost, you can make several of these benches.

All you need for this easy DIY bench is a 2x4x92 stud, 2x12x12 treated lumber, 2.5 construction screws, and an outdoor bench plan from Homemade By Carmona. The tutorial also features images to guide you.

17. DIY Bedframe Outdoor Bench

DIY Bedframe Outdoor Bench

DIY projects are bound to let loose the creative beasts inside most individuals. This particular DIY outdoor bench project is one great example.

Buying a stylish bed made from an old bed may cost about $350 or more. However, buying a bed frame and turning it into a cool DIY garden bench is much cheaper. You get to spend only $40 overall.

If you have an old bed, your costs will be $0. The bench has the bed headrest for its back and the footrest (cut into two) for arms. The bed sides make the top of the bench.

Pretty Handy Girl provides an outdoor bench tutorial and plans for you to follow. However, remember you can modify the measurements and also the finish to suit your style and preference.

18. DIY Pallet Wood Sofa

DIY Pallet Wood Sofa

If you are one of the selected few who appreciate the beauty in imperfection, have a look at this outdoor bench plan. It is made from reclaimed pallet wood and as such is cheap.

The Junky Junk Interiors provide a tutorial for the building of the bench. However, the measurements offered are only to act as a guide. They can be easily adjusted to suit the size of your mattress.

Building the bench is an easy enough process. The tricky part is in deciding on a comfortable height. You just might have to prop and sit on the bench severally to find your comfort.

The back of the bench is tall and the wood planks are not flush at the top. But it is the unevenness that captured my heart.

19. DIY Simple and Heavy Outdoor Bench

DIY Simple and Heavy Outdoor Bench

From the image, there is one quality that stands out from the image – strength, and durability. The outdoor bench is simple yet heavy. It can support heavy weights with great ease.

With 4x4 pieces of wood, each cut according to the measurements provided in the free simple outdoor bench plan, you will nail this project fast and without a fuss.

The project is perfect for beginners. The Cherished Bliss tutorial makes it easier by complementing the plan with images in every step.

You should note that for the finishing Cherished Bliss used an exterior sealant to protect the bench from the rain. Complete your patio or yard with this beautiful piece of furniture.

20. DIY Double Chair Outdoor Bench

DIY Double Chair Outdoor Bench

Double chair benches come in all manner of styles and designs. They are beautiful and most importantly are affordable.

The double chair outdoor bench designed by My Repurposed Life is one of the stunning designs yet. Admittedly, it did take some trial and error, before the piece of art was complete, but nonetheless, a worthy project.

To help you avoid the hurdles and pitfalls he went through, My Repurposed Life has made available an outdoor plan for building the bench captured in the image.

It is easy to complete and cheap. Just be sure to get your measurements right.

21. DIY Charming 6-Bricks Outdoor Bench

DIY Charming 6-Bricks Outdoor Bench

I am in awe of how simple this outdoor bench design is. Its simplicity does not take away its charm and beauty.

This DIY outdoor bench is made using 6 bricks and a floor plank. The bricks are stacked in threes to form a column and the floor plank placed on the columns. It is as easy as that.

If you are one who loves DIY projects but you just are not handy enough to pull off some of the DIY outdoor projects listed in this post, this will work perfectly for you.

It is simple easy and you will be done in less than five minutes. Lina Pa Landet provides an outdoor plan you can follow in your project.

22. DIY Farmhouse Bench With Storage

DIY Farmhouse Bench With Storage

This bench gives anyone who looks at it the heart eyes. Yes, it is that adorable, stylish and functional. The farmhouse style it sports will win over the hearts of your friends and family.

I love it because it has additional storage. The bench is easy to build and inexpensive. With a few 2x4s, wood screws and a box, you are good to go. Notice that the wood screws are hidden from sight giving an even cleaner look.

It will only take a few hours (probably an afternoon), to piece together. This outdoor bench is without a doubt a beginner project.

The outdoor bench plan and tutorial provided by Life Storage features a list of materials step-by-step instructions and images for easier comprehension.

23. Modern Outdoor Sofa With Matching Table

Modern Outdoor Sofa With Matching Table

Everything about this unit screams modern. From the style and design to the green finish. The DIY bench plan is presented by Homemade By Carmona. Being a beginner-mid level DIYer, she stands by this being a beginner project.

It is easy to build and is sturdy especially when the pocket-hole joinery is used. The lumber used was pressure treated to give the sofa durability throughout the year.

I personally love the inner shelf. It is functional and subtle at the same time. The sofa is perfect for gatherings. And when there are too many guests, the complimentary coffee table can double as a bench.

You can have cushions for the sofa but be sure to remove them when not in use. This is to protect them from the rain.

24. DIY Sturdy Garden Bench

DIY Sturdy Garden Bench

If you have kids, then you know the importance of having a sturdy seat and bench. With all the sitting, climbing and jumping the do while on the bench, a sturdy build will help protect their playful innocent selfs.

The legs of the bench are made from 4x4 posts so yes, they are pretty solid and sturdy. Every other part is designed from 2x4 building studs which make it easier to build the bench not to mention inexpensive.

The bench will cost approximately $60 to build. In addition to being sturdy, the bench is also comfortable and can easily accommodate 4 people.

To build this awesome bench, read through the plans by The Creative Mom.

25. DIY Pallet Patio Daybed

DIY Pallet Patio Daybed

This outdoor bench design and idea had me at day bed. Not only does it have sufficient space to sit on, but you can also catch an afternoon nap and still be comfortable.

The foundation of the DIY patio bench/bed is 4 pallets. They are double stacked and placed side by side. They are held in place with a handful of screws.

Since the daybed rests next to a wall, there is no need for building a back. When the pillows are added, the back would not be visible anyway.

You might experience some bit of trouble when looking for an inexpensive mattress. With some bit of digging though you will come across something affordable to complement the inexpensive daybed.

Follow the outdoor bench plan provided by Lovely Greens for success.

26. DIY Farmhouse Bench for Under $20

DIY Farmhouse Bench for Under $20

Farmhouse styled benches are usually cute and stunning. This piece by The Creative Mom is no different. It is simple and elegant perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

While The Creative Mom provides the bench plan to aid in the construction of the bench, you can make modifications. The bench is not too hard and as such the modifications should be easy to implement.

The outdoor bench measures 76 inches and can accommodate 4 adults comfortably. The bench should take you about 2 afternoons and less than $20 in wood.

27. DIY Fire Pit Bench

DIY Fire Pit Bench

If you have a fire pit in your backyard, you probably are in the search for something a little bit more specific. The design should be just right and have ample seating space.

It can be difficult to land such a DIY design, but you are in luck. The Little Things blog has put together an outdoor bench plan perfect for your fire pitch.

They detail the creation process from start to finish and include images. The bench has a split hexagonal shape and features back rests as well.

The project should take 2 days and cost about $125. This is such a bargain.

28. DIY Outdoor Bench Using Reclaimed Wood

DIY Outdoor Bench Using Reclaimed Wood

Yes, you can make a nice outdoor bench using reclaimed wood. Instructables provides a PDF tutorial plan of how you can go about it. Note that Instructables does not use 100% reclaimed wood.

Following the plan, you will use new lumber for the bench frame and reclaimed wood for the seat, armrests, and back. The project is easy, quick and simple.

With a list of materials and tools needed and detailed instructions, you should complete the project successfully.

29. DIY Double Chair Bench With Table

DIY Double Chair Bench With Table

If you are looking for a bench that is comfortable and perfect for relaxing with your family and friends, this cedar double chair bench will work for you.

Cedar is the perfect material for the outdoor bench as it braves the weather elements perfectly. You can use pine wood though you will have to paint it with a sealant.

DIY Pete provides a downloadable PDF plan you can follow. The plan includes a supplies list and instructions for building the bench. The bench will cost you approximately $125 to build.

30. Modern Slat Top Outdoor Wood Bench

Modern Slat Top Outdoor Wood Bench

This modern slat top outdoor wood bench is lovely and perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. I love the seat design and the joints. Ana White provides a PDF DIY outdoor bench plan for you to follow.

It is however flexible and adjustments can be made to suit your measurement needs. While working on the bench, Ana White insists on working on a level ground free of debris and imperfections.

The estimated cost of building the bench is between $20 and $50. Overall, the project needs beginner skills to hack.

31. DIY Corner Bench With Built-In Table

DIY Corner Bench With Built-In Table

The built-in table is my favorite part of this bench design. It is ingenious. The bench is attractive. On the built-in table, you can place any decorations you prefer. You could have flowers or even a rustic image.

Remodelaholic avails a downloadable plan for the creation of the corner bench. Included in the plan is a cut list, a material list and perspective drawings, and images to guide you through the project.

The project took Remodelaholic 3 weeks. But it will take you a significantly shorter time if you work full time on it.

32. DIY $20 Wooden Bench For Beginners

DIY $20 Wooden Bench For Beginners

If you are not very handy, you should start with a beginner woodworking project. This DIY wooden bench will serve you well. It costs well under $20 for all supplies. The result is a sturdy homemade wooden bench.

While the supplies will cost less than $20, you will need some tools as well to clamp, nail. Screw, wood stain, drill, and cut during the project.

If you do not have them, you may have to rent which will escalate the cost. That said, Remove and Replace have provided a step-by-step guide detailing you how to create the unit.

33. DIY Garden Bench

DIY Garden Bench

You have probably seen this bench design used on benches beside trails. It is a common design yet perfect for gardens and backyards.

To build this bench, you would need a total of 7 pieces of wood. They are of varying sizes as listed in the bench building plan.

You can make adjustments to the dimensions but be sure to stick to the adjustments all through. The tutorial provides perspective diagrams and drawings as well.

34. Comfortable 2x4 Bench With Side Table

Comfortable 2x4 Bench With Side Table

This 2x4 bench has a garden design which is perfect. In this project, you will be building a set which includes a bench and a side table.

The tutorial by Jays Custom Creation details how to make a wooden bench. In the video tutorial, he only describes how to build the bench. The side tables are easy and almost self-explanatory.

Additionally, he includes perspective drawings with each step to give a visual explanation of the building a wood bench.

Well, there you have it - 35 solid DIY outdoor bench plans to get started on. They are detailed, simple and cheap.

When you do choose any of the designs to work on, feel free to share your experience. What obstacles or challenges did you run into? What additions would you like to make?

We love hearing from you. Help improve the experience of other by sharing your thoughts in the comment section below.