29 Free DIY Nesting Box Plans Your Chickens Love

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29 Free DIY Nesting Box Plans Your Chickens Love

The number one reason why people should have nesting boxes is to ensure that the hens remain comfortable and happy as they lay their eggs. But chickens are not the only birds that need nesting boxes. 

A nesting box needs to be clean and clean and provide ample privacy and comfort. A properly built nest will ensure that the eggs are safe and will allow easy collection. 

If you are running on a tight budget, the retail chicken boxes will not work for you. Instead, you should prefer the custom designed DIY nesting boxes. 

I have taken the liberty of preparing 29 DIY nesting boxes that are not only cheap and affordable but also your bird will love and feel comfortable in. 

You can find more than just these free nesting box plans like plans for toy box, shadow box, grow box, planter box, wood box, wooden jewerly box, sand box, and many more.

DIY Wooden Half Barrel Chicken Nesting Box

There are times when getting a portable chicken nesting box is better. Some of these cases are when your chicken lays eggs in the bush and you want to encourage it to lay in the box instead. 

Also, during the hot seasons when it is just too hot for your chicken in the coop, you can have it lay eggs in a portable nesting box. 

That said, the blog, Grit, details the process of building a chicken nesting box from a wooden half barrel box. The materials and instructions are detailed in the chicken nesting box plan. 

2. DIY Triplex Chicken Nesting Box 

DIY Triplex Chicken Nesting Box

The general idea of having a chicken nesting box is to have a dry and clean area for your chicken to lay eggs. A place they will feel secure and safe. This Triplex nesting box meets all these needs. 

While you can buy the nesting box, you can turn it into a DIY project and spend less than $50. This chicken nesting box can house three chickens.

The blog, Replace and Remove, provides the dimensions and materials required to make the project a success. Additionally, the blog tutorial provides simple instructions that beginners can follow successfully. 

3. DIY External Chicken Nesting Box 

DIY External Chicken Nesting Box

If you already have a chicken coop, you could incorporate this external nesting box. The design is appealing and adds more functionality. Also, it provides you with more room to pick up the eggs when they are laid. 

Following the plan listed on The Garden Coop blog, you will be done in no time. The tutorial is perfect for beginners and includes measurements, images, and step-by-step tutorial as well. 

The tutorial insists on safety during the project. You should wear protective equipment for your limbs, ears, and eyes. 

4. DIY Single Nesting Box 

 DIY Single Nesting Box

If you have one or two chickens, this is the perfect nesting project for you. I love it because it is listed as a starter project, it is simple and best of all, cheap. 

The Ana White blog takes us through the building process. The chicken nesting box is built using a 1x12 board, several cedar fence pickets, and several 1x2 scrap wood. 

Do note that while the tutorial has the dimensions of the nesting box, you can make the necessary adjustments to suit and accommodate the number of chickens you have. The perspective diagrams will give you better visuals. 

5. DIY American Kestrel Nest Box 

DIY American Kestrel Nest Box

Simply put, this is a cavity nest box. Unlike the other nesting boxes already listed, this nesting box resembles a hole created by a woodpecker. The entrance of the nesting box is higher than the floor. 

The blog, Birdwatching Bliss, insists that there are no bad nesting boxes. It does, however, share some tips on how to make a nesting box that will last long, will have fewer problems with predators and be occupied often. 

The tutorial features the plans and layout in addition to step-by-step instructions that are easy and simple to follow. 

6. DIY Krestel Nesting Box With Hinged Roofing 

DIY Krestel Nesting Box With Hinged Roofing

This Krestel nesting box design is similar to the one listed above. The only difference is that this particular Krestel nesting box features a hinged roof. The hinged roof provides for easier cleaning. 

This Krestel nesting box by the Department of Natural Resources Maryland is designed to be hooked to a strong support like a tree. To build it successfully, you will need a 1x10x96-inch board, two hinges, 1.5-inch galvanized nails and a wire. 

The blog tutorial lists the instructions for the tutorial in great detail. Being a starter project, it does not require advanced skills. 

7. DIY Birdhouse Nest Box 

DIY Birdhouse Nest Box

If you are into bird watching, then this nest box will help you enjoy your hobby without the hassles involved in finding the birds out in the wild. 

This next box will attract bird to itself and have them breed in it. 

If you would love to learn how to build nesting boxes, this birdhouse next box, in particular, you can download the Ebook and PDF plan from The Birders Report blog. 

The birdhouse features an entrance in form of a small hole as well as a hinged side. Follow the tutorials for a successful DIY project. 

8. DIY Owl Nest Box 

DIY Owl Nest Box

In the recent past, owls have become increasingly popular. If you own an owl, you obviously want it to be as comfortable as it possibly be in an artificial home you build for it. 

That said this owl nest box by the Barn Owl Trust makes for the perfect home. The website details the process of building the owl nest box from scratch and explains why it would be perfect for an owl. 

One of the essential requirements of the owl nest box includes small entrance hole and a dark nesting chamber. Download the PDF tutorial to build the DIY nest box with ease. 

9. DIY Chicken Coop Nesting Box

DIY Chicken Coop Nesting Box

This is a basic nesting box plan. It is designed to fit right into a coop. the inspiration for this nesting box was gotten from Ana White blog tutorial. This chicken nesting box, however, features some notable differences. 

The chicken nesting box built by Lady Goats features higher lips to contain the nesting material when the chicken kicks. Also, the nesting boxes are wide. The top is also angled. 

The nesting box measures 31 x 9 x 10.5 inches. You will need 0.5-inch ply, wood glue, and brad nails to hack the nesting project. The tutorial provided is straightforward and easy to follow. 

10. DIY Roll-Away Nest Box 

 DIY Roll-Away Nest Box

If you are constantly having a problem with broken and beaten eggs, and you have to go through the smelly and dirty process of cleaning them up, this nest box will work wonders for you. 

Roll-away boxes come in several different designs The Southern Agrarian blog decided to build theirs using 18-gallon storage boxes with pressboard partitions. They lined the bottom with fake grass. 

A thin layer of hay was added for the comfort of the hen. But note that an excessive amount of hay causes the eggs not to roll properly. The blog tutorial shares the details of building the unit from scratch. 

11. DIY Domestic Goose Nesting Box 

DIY Domestic Goose Nesting Box

Geese start laying their eggs anytime during winter. With the cold, it can be dangerous to be outside, but geese seem to be perfectly at home. 

As a matter of fact, they tend to become territorial will gang up, wing-beat and bite anyone or anything that comes lose to its nest. If you want to get your hand on the eggs, you will have to be creative. 

This nest box is designed to keep the geese comfortable and also allow you to get your hands on the eggs with ease. It is simple and straightforward. The Farm Natters blog takes you through the building process. 

12. Cheap DIY Chicken Nesting Box 

Cheap DIY Chicken Nesting Box

Truth be told, chicken nesting boxes can prove to be expensive. If you are a little low on cash, this chicken coop nesting box will help you work within your budget. 

To build this chicken coop, all you need are two identical dishpans, snips, cable ties and a drill. The Suburban Stone Age blog comes with instructions on assembling the chicken nesting boxes. 

Some quick tips to build the nesting box include getting a high-quality plastic and using a flame to soften the plastic edges if they are sharp after cutting. This helps to ensure the safety of the chicken.

The steps are few and building the nest box is simple enough for a beginner. 

13. DIY Chicken Coop With Nesting Box

DIY Chicken Coop With Nesting Box

If you do not have a chicken coop yet and are thinking of having one, you should save yourself some time and costs and build one that incorporates nesting boxes as well as roosting bars. 

The roosting bars and the nesting boxes should be on opposite sides to keep the nesting boxes clean. The Green Willow Homestead blog lists a tutorial that details the process of building the DIY chicken coop. 

For easy maintenance and cleaning, the chicken coop features a giant litter box filled with sand. Sand is better than wood shavings as the latter needs to be changed completely and a new litter bed added.

It is important to note that the chicken coop also features a sliding window with a screen to help with ventilation. 

14. DIY Screech Owl Nest Box 

DIY Screech Owl Nest Box

Screech owls are by far one of the smallest owls in the world. They are 10 inches tall and have a wingspan of 24 inches. They hunt at night and feed on small mammals including rodents. 

Generally, screech owls are more active in fall and in winter when it is time to breed. When searching for a mate, they also need a nest. Since they prefer tree cavities, they find themselves short of nesting sites. 

As such, screech owls readily inhabit birdhouse nest boxes built to meet their needs. This screech owl nest box is perfect. It is a beginner project and is made from cedar or pine board. 

The Felt Magnet blog details the process of building the nest box. It features a cutting list and step-by-step instructions.

15. Wood Duck Nest Box 

Wood Duck Nest Box

Wood duck ponds inhabit streams and ponds. They are colorful and beautiful. Actually, it is because of this that these birds almost went extinct in the early 1900s. However, strict regulations and hunting laws have saved them. 

They are cavity-nesting birds. Like most cavity-nesting birds, they cannot create their own cavity nests. As such, they rely on natural cavities. Needless to say, there is a shortage of these natural nests. 

Building one close to a woodland pond and stream will see the wood duck inhabit them without second thoughts. The nest box, however, has to meet the needs of the bird. 

To hack the building of this nest box, you will need cedar or pine. A cutting list is provided by the hub Pages blog along with instructions of how you can piece together the nest box. 

16. DIY Bird Nest Box Condominium

DIY Bird Nest Box Condominium

How about that? Building a nest box condominium. The prothonotary warblers and the wood ducks both prefer tree cavities for their nests. They also both live in wetlands. 

As such, rather than building for one bird species, you can build for two. You can build two nest boxes combined into one. Have one small nest box for the prothonotary warbler and the larger one for the wood duck. 

To hack this project, you can follow the blog tutorial by the Texas Parks and Wildlife. It may sound complicated but the DIY project is simpler than it sounds. 

17. DIY Chicken Tractor

DIY Chicken Tractor

Most chicken farmers love the idea of having free ranging birds. This is because the lifestyle is more natural and healthier for the birds. 

The downside to this free-ranging lifestyle is that the chickens are more vulnerable to accidents and predators. Additionally, the chicken could wander into areas you do not want them such as the lawn and the porches. 

If you are such a farmer, this DIY chicken tractor can help bridge the gap between free-ranging and confinement. The unit is portable, simple and protected by wires. 

One side of the chicken tractor features the wire for the said protection as well as ventilation and the other half is covered for shade. The Hobby Farms blog provides a tutorial on building the unit. 

18. DIY Simple Nest Box 

DIY Simple Nest Box

Nest box designs vary greatly. Every nest box is designed to suit the needs of the bird it is built for. 

If you want to learn how to build a nest box, this guide by The Kingston Field Naturalists blog will show you how. 

The blog tutorial features all you need to know to build a perfect nest box for your bird. You will learn how to build the perfect nest box for a variety of birds. The dimensions of each part are listed. 

19. DIY Basic BirdHouse 

DIY Basic BirdHouse

Every bird has its own specifications and size requirements when it comes to birdhouses. Now you can purchase one or build it yourself. Whichever you choose, consider the needs of the bird. 

The All-birds blog provides a host of nesting box plans and designs you can use. The plan includes details of where you should put the birdhouse and the type of birds the unit will attract. 

The basic nest box built on the blog tutorial requires you to use a hand saw, a screwdriver, hammer, electric drill and a wood boring bit for the entrance hole. 

After guiding you through the building process, the tutorial also details how you can choose a perfect place for your birdhouse.

20. Simple Wood Duck Nest Box 

Simple Wood Duck Nest Box

Building a wood duck nest box will provide you with the perfect opportunity to get involved in wildlife management. 

In addition, it provides you with a perfect platform to watch the bird in its natural habitat without having to seek out its nest. That said, you should note that wood duck nest boxes should adhere to certain specifications. 

The Wood Tooman blog provides you with free PDF nest box plans you can follow to build the perfect nest box for your wood duck.

21. Easy DIY Nesting Box 

 Easy DIY Nesting Box

If you are looking for the perfect DIY nesting box, one that will not cost you a fortune to build and that is easy to hack, then this is the nesting box for you. 

My Outdoor Plans have put together a nesting box plan you can follow it is detailed and best of all it is easy to build. 

While following the plan, you should ensure you use thick legs and that the corners are right angles before screwing them into place. 

Also, you should pay keen attention to the project being careful to adjust the shape and size of the unit to match the needs of your bird.

22. DIY Weekend Chicken Coop 

DIY Weekend Chicken Coop

You do not need to be a skilled woodworker to hack this simple chicken coop. the project as detailed by the How-To-Specialist blog is easy and straightforward. 

The chicken coop has an A-frame design that can be replicated by virtually any individual. When building the chicken coop, you should ensure you use pressure treated lumber to ensure longevity. 

If you have a backyard with ample space this is perfect for you. The blog tutorial also features a tools and materials list and perspective diagrams to guide you through the project. You can finish it in a weekend. 

23. DIY Small Chicken Coop 

DIY Small Chicken Coop

Ideally, building a chicken coop is an expensive and complex project. However, you should know that it can still be done with less than $100 and in a few hours. 

This particular chicken coop is small and is perfect for only 10 chickens. If you plan on having more chickens, you should adjust the dimensions listed on the chicken nesting box plan. 

Speaking of plan, My Outdoor Plans provides a detailed plan to follow to successfully build the simple chicken coop. 

24. DIY Raised Chicken Coop 

DIY Raised Chicken Coop

Building a chicken coop with its floor touching the ground introduces a temperature problem. Raising the floor helps to stabilize the temperature as well as provide added protection from predators. 

This simple chicken coop features a floor that is about 17.75-inches above the ground. This is enough height to protect the chicken and eggs from predators and for the chicken to gain entry with ease. 

For easier access into the coop, this chicken coop features a large door on its backside. The door is hinged to the floor frame and also features a latch to keep it locked at night. 

Follow the tutorial by Garden Plans Free to build the coop successfully. 

25. DIY Backyard Chicken Coop Plans 

DIY Backyard Chicken Coop Plans

This chicken coop is large enough for you to walk in. and while it may look complex and complicated to build, it is actually simple and straightforward. 

My Outdoor Plans provides a detailed plan that breaks down the chicken coop into small manageable and easy to understand portions. 

The guide comes with a supply list as well as perspective diagrams to give better insight and understanding of the project. 

26. DIY Chicken Coop Run 

DIY Chicken Coop Run

If you already have a chicken coop built, it is advisable that you build a chicken coop run as well. A basic chicken run will work fine. My Outdoor Plan blog provides a blog tutorial on how you can build a basic chicken coop run. 

The structure is basically a frame lined with wires mesh for protection and ample ventilation. Building this run is easy and straightforward. The blog tutorial features the instructions. You can build the chicken coop run in a single day. 

27. Simple and Small DIY Chicken Coop

Simple and Small DIY Chicken Coop

If it is your first time rearing chicken, it is recommended that you start small. You could start with an A-frame chicken coop or something a little bigger but still small. 

This small chicken coop by My Outdoor Plans is perfect for intermediate chicken growers. It is simple to build and with the help of the chicken coop plans provided, you will be done in a day or less. 

Though small, the structure is large enough to walk into.

28. DIY Walk-In Chicken Coop

DIY Walk-In Chicken Coop

This is yet another small chicken coop that is large enough for an adult to walk into. It is perfect for small-scale chicken farmers. 

Now, while the above-listed chicken coop can take a day to complete, this chicken coop by How To Specialist can take a week to finish up. 

To ace this project, you will need a chalk line, tape measure, spirit level, drill machinery, jigsaw and a miter saw. You also need to use protective equipment during the project. 

29. DIY Rabbit Nest Box 

DIY Rabbit Nest Box

This nest box is designed for our rabbit to deliver in. Your doe will need a secluded and safe space to deliver in. this is the perfect space. 

The structure has a trapezium shape. The slanting side is lined with a wire-mesh for ventilation. To build this unit, you need to follow the blog tutorial by The Nature Trail. It is simple and straightforward. 

And there you have it - 29 nesting boxes for your birds and rabbit. It is my hope that one of the plans gave you an inspiration for your next DIY project. 

When you do start on any of the projects, feel free to share photos of your success. Let us be part of your success story. 

Also, if you do have any addition or correction, detail it in the comment section below. Help us help you.