17 Gorgeous DIY Murphy Bed Plans for Every Budget

diy murphy bed

Space is always an issue in many homes as there is never enough of it. And so, there is need to make good use of the 'little' space that you have.

Whether you live in a studio apartment and are trying to make good use of the space that you have or just want a place for your guests to sleep, a Murphy bed can be handy.

It is possible to buy a Murphy bed and hire someone to install it. But, in most cases, the furniture store bought ones are either too expensive or do not suit your particular needs.

Making a DIY Murphy bed always seems to be the best idea for many homeowners. And there are various styles and designs that you can try out.

In this piece, we have gathered some Murphy bed plans that can help you make most of the space that you have.

After you've used one of these murphy bed ideas to make your DIY murphy bed, come back and browse my other free building plans so you can build a shed, daybed, bunk bed, platform bed, loft bed, desk, hammock, pergola, and many more.

DIY Hideaway Guest Bedroom Murphy Bed

A DIY Murphy bed plan like this one will require someone with intermediate or advanced woodworking skills to create, and it takes about a day to finish.

The project is from the DIY Network, and so you get a very comprehensive tutorial that includes everything from the tools and materials list to the step by step guide with pictures.

This project uses both plywood sheets and solid wood board, but you will also need a Murphy bed kit, screws, wood glue, cabinet and a few other things.

The various materials that you need to make this hideaway bed will make it a little more expensive than the average DIY Murphy bed, but it is still cheaper than hiring someone to make one.

2. Easy and Cheap DIY Murphy Bed

Easy and Cheap DIY Murphy Bed

This Ana White tutorial helps you learn how to build a Murphy bed without spending a lot of cash or taking a lot of time.

You will spend between $100 and $150 on the materials that you need to build this DIY Murphy bed, and it should only take one weekend.

Ana White provides a detailed guide that includes 3D images with all the dimensions and all the steps for building the cheap DIY Murphy bed.

3. Wooden Cabinet Murphy Door

Wooden Cabinet Murphy Door

With your DIY Murphy bed kit, some lumber, paint, and primer and few other basics, you can build this simple Murphy bed.

The tutorial provides a brief and easy to follow guide with detailed text description and photos for all the crucial stages of the construction.

And this should also be a cheap and quick project because the only significant amount of cash you need to spend is for the kit. The construction is also fast because this Murphy bed design is not very complicated and does not have many parts.

4. DIY Modern Farmhouse Murphy Bed

DIY Modern Farmhouse Murphy Bed

An impressive DIY Murphy bed like this one will not only provide some extra sleeping area but will give the room a modern farmhouse appearance.

This Addicted 2 DIY project builds everything from scratch, and so it will take longer to implement than when you are just assembling the Murphy bed from a kit. And it also requires more skill to build.

The tutorial is very detailed, and it provides several pictures and comprehensive text guidelines to help make this an easy-to-implement DIY project. But, despite the sleek look, this is still quite an affordable Murphy bed design.

5. $369 Kit DIY Murphy Bed

$369 Kit DIY Murphy Bed

This easy DIY Murphy bed plan uses a $369 kit to make a something simple and functional that leaves a footprint of only 16x60 inches when folded.

Making the cabinet and frame for this Murphy bed should be something quick and easy for most people, but the hardware will take some skills and extra effort to install.

The article provides a short video to help you understand the project, and there are also some free DIY Murphy bed plans in a printable PDF format. And so with the information in this article and a kit you should be able to build a Murphy bed for a full-size mattress with ease.

6. $1,500 Simple Homemade Murphy Bed

$1,500 Simple Homemade Murphy Bed

A DIY Murphy bed will save you a lot of cash because buying one and hiring someone to install it can be quite expensive. This cabinet style one will cost about $1,500 which is way cheaper than buying a similar one.

This project will require you to buy a kit or the Murphy bed mechanism, lumber, the handles and some paint. Also, the kit comes with the instructions you need to build your Murphy bed.

With the instructions on your Murphy bed kit and the pictures and text tutorial on this article to guide you, the assembly should not be hard.

7. Under $150 Homemade Murphy Bed

Under $150 Homemade Murphy Bed

I just love this Murphy bed design as it is not only easy to make but will cost under $150 to do it. The bed is large enough and folding or unfolding it is also very easy.

This tutorial from Your Modern Family provides a brief overview, pictures, and some tips to help you get started. And they also provide a link where you can buy more detailed and comprehensive plans for making the Murphy bed.

There is also a brief video to help you with the construction. With all the materials and the plans to guide you, this should only be a one-weekend project.

8. DIY Side-Fold Murphy Bunk Bed

DIY Side-Fold Murphy Bunk Bed

A Murphy bed can help you create more space in your guest rooms by not taking up a lot of space. This project will help you make one that can accommodate two twin size mattresses.

This side-folding Murphy bunk bed will take more time and materials to build than the regular ones, but it is still quite an easy project to implement.

The DIY Network provides a full list of tools and materials that include about 5 sheets of plywood, alloy steel bolts, birch edge banding and many other items.

And with the 13-step instructions that also include pictures to guide you, this should be a straightforward project to implement.

9. The DIY Mantle Murphy Day

The DIY Mantle Murphy Day

This Murphy bed will act as a mantle in the day and a bed at night. It is hard to tell that it is a Murphy bed as it does not look anything like the traditional ones.

Although this DIY Murphy bed might look complicated anyone with beginner skills can build it. With the right hardware and wood, this should also be a quick project.

The tutorial divides the project into 4 steps that are easy to follow. And they have some detailed text instructions for building the frame and cabinet, assembling and securing the DIY Murphy bed.

10. Modern DIY Murphy Bed and Bookcase

Modern DIY Murphy Bed and Bookcase

If you are planning to build your own Murphy beds, the most important thing is always to get some good plans.

These DIY Murphy bed plans from the Woodarchivist will help you build a modern Murphy bed and bookcase that will look stylish and also provide some extra storage space.

This Murphy bed will take about 4 weekends to build, and it is for someone with advanced woodworking skills. The total cost of material and hardware will be around $1,600.

The tutorial provides some detailed instructions that include both text and pictures. And there are also cutting lists and some 3D images that showcase the overall dimensions.

11. Simple Tall Cabinet DIY Murphy Bed

Simple Tall Cabinet DIY Murphy Bed

An easy DIY Murphy project like this one will be exciting to implement and will also not take a lot of skills. It uses the typical tall cabinet style, and so you will not need a lot of materials.

Like most other DIY Murphy bed plans it will also require you to buy a kit so that you get the necessary hardware. But, buying one should also not be very expensive.

Most kits will come with detailed instructions on what to do, and others will even have a video tutorial. And so with the kit instructions and the pictures on this tutorial you can make a Murphy bed for your guest bedroom quickly.

12. Bookshelf Hidden Pine Murphy Bed

Bookshelf Hidden Pine Murphy Bed

How your Murphy bed looks when you fold it is as important as the comfort that it offers and the space that it saves. This pine Murphy bed is hidden in a bookshelf that looks very appealing and is also quite functional.

The high-quality wood for the frame and cabinet also makes this a durable DIY Murphy bed, but pine is also not a very expensive lumber.

It should be a straightforward project for any experienced DIY because all you need is the hardware and your pine lumber. It is also possible to finish the project in one or a couple of weekends depending on your skills.

13. DIY Wilding Wall Bed From A Kit

DIY Wilding Wall Bed From A Kit

If you do not have some free DIY Murphy bed plans that you can use to build your wall bed the other best alternative is to go for a kit.

This Wilding wall bed comes with everything that you need from the hardware to the slats, and you also get to pick the types of timber that you want for the wall bed.

Since the DIY Murphy bed kit also comes with all the instructions, the assembly should be a quick and easy for you and will also not require a lot of tools.

14. Wooden Fold-Down Bed with a Desk

Wooden Fold-Down Bed with a Desk

Easy DIY Murphy bed like this one will help save a lot of space in your guest room as it also features a drop leaf desk. The Woodworkerz tutorial is very detailed, and it includes a materials list and a guide for cutting the plywood.

The tutorial uses some lengthy text descriptions to explain the construction, and it also has plenty of drawings with dimensions to help you understand the different sections you need to build.

These plans do not specify the costs but judging from the materials it should not be an inexpensive project. And you can finish it in just one weekend.

15. Simple Cabinet Style Wall Bed

Simple Cabinet Style Wall Bed

Cabinet style Murphy beds are my favorite because they always seem to add some glamour to any room. I would want to make one like this at some point as it will look great in my guest room

Like most other DIY Murphy beds it uses a kit that includes some spring mechanism and some very detailed plans. And so with the Murphy bed kit, you only need some lumber and your regular woodworking hardware and tools

The many pictures on this tutorial for the different stages of the Murphy bed construction will also be helpful when implementing this project.

16. Easiest DIY Murphy Bed with 2x6 Legs

Easiest DIY Murphy Bed with 2x6 Legs

If you do not want to spend a lot of cash but would still wish to have a sleek and functional DIY Murphy bed, this plan is for you. It entails making a simple wall bed that uses some 2x6s for the legs.

And besides, from lumber, you will also need some heavy-duty door hinges which are cheaper than using the spring kits because they can cost hundreds of dollars.

For this tutorial, you get some step by step pictures that help to make the construction easy. And although the article does not specify the cost and time frame this should be an inexpensive one-weekend project.

17. The IKEA Cabinets Murphy Bed

The IKEA Cabinets Murphy Bed

This DIY Murphy bed plan will help you make a comfortable queen size bed for your guests. It combines free-standing Murphy bed frame with some IKEA cabinets to create a simple but very functional wall bed.

This project will cost around $650 to implement, and this is still cheaper than buying a readymade Murphy bed. And with the 13-step instructions and material lists to guide you this should be an easy project to implement.

The time it takes to build this DIY Murphy bed depends on the availability of the materials and your skills. But a couple of weekends should be enough time for many woodworkers.

Do you have a DIY Murphy bed in your guest room? Was it hard or easy to build and how much money did you spend on the materials?

Feel free to answer these questions and add any other ideas you have on DIY Murphy beds in the comments section.