12 Free DIY Miter Saw Stand Plans That Save Space

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12 Free DIY Miter Saw Stand Plans That Save Space

miter saw stand plans

The miter saw is your best friend when it comes to making complex cuts, but are you maximizing its potential with the correct saw stand?

The right miter saw stand offers you a host of benefits such as dust collection, storage capacity, the mobility of your saw by mounting it on casters, as well as long wings to handle longboards.

Following is a list of 13 practical and helpful miter saw stands, which I have collected from across the web. I hope you will find your miter saw bench inspiration from this list.

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1. Whitney's DIY Miter Saw Table

Whitney's DIY Miter Saw Table

This miter saw stand was designed and built by Whitney from Shanty2Chic. It is a rather simple saw stand, but it offers quite some benefits.

This tutorial is delivered in 11 steps from Whitney. She starts with the supply list, which includes a 3/4-inch plywood, 2x4, and 2x6 boards. Tools include her nail gun, drill, Kreg Jig and wood glue.

The first step begins with the building of the miter saw workbench's 4 legs. She uses the 2x4s and the 2x6s for this, drilling pocket holes and applying glue.

Whitney continues with such detail until the 11th step where she adds the MDF board to the top of the bench and completes the job.

2. $100 Pro-Grade Miter Saw Table Plan

$100 Pro-Grade Miter Saw Table Plan

This miter saw stand plan offers to show you how to build a pro-grade miter saw stand for less than a $100 and in less than a day.

The tutorial starts with an introduction to the design and then a material buying guide. It then continues with the cutting and assembly. Each section is properly explained in detail.

Also part of this miter saw plan, is the list of tools that are required for the project, plus many other helpful tips and tricks, in order for you to get the job done.

This miter saw stand supports long tables without needing to fold it up or down. It also provides a fence and properly locks down the saw so that it doesn't move while you work.

The miter saw table will work with all types of miter saws, and it can also be transported easily, with the saw attached.

3. DIY Mobile Miter Saw Station Plan

DIY Mobile Miter Saw Station Plan

This one is more than a simple diy miter saw table. It includes shelves under the saw where you can store items, including enough space for a vacuum cleaner.

Though this plan is designed to fit one miter saw model exactly, its measurements can also be modified to fit other saws as well.

There are 2 wings attached to this miter saw station, one wing on each side. With extended wings, the station is 93 inches wide, enough to support 8-foot long boards while cutting.

This base can be built for around $100, though you can upgrade it with better parts like larger casters, a dust collection system, higher quality plywood, and some automation.

There is a material and tool list, with a detailed tutorial, which has pictures every step of the way. You can also download much more detailed plans for a little fee.

4. Gina's DIY Mobile Miter Cart Plan

Gina's DIY Mobile Miter Cart Plan

Gina is a DIY mom who needed a mobile miter stand, so she came up with this one. It can be easily moved around, and its wings can be folded so that it can be stored in tight spaces.

This portable miter saw stand plan is detailed. It includes a material list, a tool list, cut list, and lots of tips, like cutting instructions.

The tutorial is laid out in 5 steps, and each step has an image to help describe the process. This stand is 91 inches wide with its wings stretched, and 36 inches high.

The project is also beginner friendly because the steps are easy and the instructions are good. You are free as well to make improvements to the plan or to add better parts, like larger casters.

Depending on how detailed or nice you want to make your bench, it will cost you between $50 and $100 to build this plan.

5. April's 20-Step Folding Miter Saw Stand Plan

April's 20-Step Folding Miter Saw Stand Plan

April is a lovely DIY Texan who loves to make the things that she needs, by herself. This miter saw cart shows how dedicated she is to detail and quality wood-working.

The stand includes 2 wings that can be folded to allow an easier storage when space is limited. It is also mounted on caster wheels, making it easy to be moved around.

April includes lots of pictures in this tutorial and also gives lots of explanations and tips, but if you want detailed plans with all the specifications, then it's up for sale for a small fee.

With wings folded, this cart is 33 inches high, 25 inches wide from left to right, and 28 inches deep from front to back.

There is a total of 20 steps in the tutorial. It begins with measuring the saw to know exactly how large it is and ends with building a drawer for the cart's lower deck.

6. The Ultimate Miter Saw Stand

The Ultimate Miter Saw Stand

This miter saw stand has a great name, and it is for a good reason. It is the ultimate challenge for anyone who is interested in building a miter saw stand.

The Ultimate DIY miter saw stand is a full fledge work-bench. It offers everything you need and is stable and strong. It offers you a movable saw platform, a tool activated vacuum switch and heavy-duty casters.

The plan is detailed, and contains everything you need to get building. There is a material list with detailed prices and plans with detailed dimensions to help you on.

This tutorial even includes an exploded view of the miter saw stand, with each part labeled with a number. These numbers then correspond to a separate list of materials.

The rest of the tutorial is presented in an easy to read way and includes many photos, which explain what is being talked about. This plan is for those who want a real work-bench.

7. $500 Professional Mobile Miter Saw Plan

$500 Professional Mobile Miter Saw Plan

This miter plan was designed with the serious professional in mind. It provides everything you need to build a miter saw stand that you can be proud of any time.

There are 2 drawers, 2 cupboards, and a multi-use open shelf. The saw platform is removable, a vacuum is integrated, wings can fold, and there is a cursor and flip stop.

This tutorial is delivered in 30 steps, ending with sanding and finishing. There is a hardware list with a detailed price listing, a cut list, tool list, and many helpful diagrams.

There is even an exploded view of the miter stand, with individual parts properly listed. This miter saw stand is solid and will last a long time, plus it rolls on wheels.

Although this bench cost $500 without the saw, you could still drive costs down to about $200 by using less expensive boards and hardware.

8. Barbecue Cart Miter Saw Stand

Barbecue Cart Miter Saw Stand

This is one of the craziest miter saw stand plans you will come across. Randy Dean, its builder, decided to use an old barbecue cart to create a mobile stand for his miter saw.

Building this miter saw stand requires of course that you have a barbecue cart which you are willing to convert. You should also be able to lower the middle part of the table to contain the saw.

This miter saw table plan is not detailed and has just one image. If you have a barbecue cart that you are planning to convert, then you will have to use your imagination.

The important issue here is that the cart is mobile and that the wings are flush with your miter saw. Drawers, vacuum, handles, and folding wings are all secondary features.

9. Stylish DIY Miter Saw Stand Plan

Stylish DIY Miter Saw Stand Plan

Ayisha uses a workbench hardware kit in building this miter stand plan. It is stylish and uses connectors and fasteners to make the table more stable, as well as nice looking.

She took the miter saw plans from the makers of the building kit, but she modified it to fit her 23 inches wide saw. Alisha also added a link to the miter saw stand plans.

This table is stylish and feels quite good to look at. It differs a lot from the original plans. Ayisha loves pink, so she added pink handles and tin cans, which hold her pencils and safety goggles.

She also added an extra layer of plywood between each 2 legs of the table, allowing her to screw the casters against the grain, and onto the plywood. 

It is better to screw them on this way than to screw them unto the end grains of the legs because they will easily fall out.

10. Chris Hill's DIY Miter Saw Stand Plans

Chris Hill's DIY Miter Saw Stand Plans

Chris Hill has been wood-working all his life, and a look at this miter saw bench will convince you. It is totally different from the rest of the plans on this list, and for a good reason.

His plans are divided into 3 different parts. The first part takes you through the steps necessary to build the base, including the feet. One thing about this bench is that it doesn't have straight feet.

The second part of this tutorial deals with extensions, which include the wings and fences. Each step is well explained and includes a diagram for better understanding.

The third part is the hood which covers the saw. It is made from wood and acrylic sheets.

If you've always wanted to know how to build a miter saw table the old way, then you should find this tutorial very interesting.

11. Simple But Strong Portable Miter Stand Plan

Simple But Strong Portable Miter Stand Plan

This miter saw plan uses a lot of pressure treated 2x6 timbers in a rather simple but effective way. The design is so simple that anyone, including a beginner, can do it.

The table has 4 legs fixed in A-forms. One long 2x6 then crosses from one A-pair of legs to the other. A saw table is then positioned halfway on the long 2x6 timber.

This tutorial is not detailed, and it doesn't have plenty of pictures, but it does present a totally unique miter saw stand design.

You will need quite a bit of thinking along the way if you want to truly understand this plan, but it could be worth it.

12. Jim's Ultimate Miter Saw Stand Plan

Jim's Ultimate Miter Saw Stand Plan

This stand comes with 2 cupboards and 2 long wings. It is mounted on caster wheels, allowing it to be easily moved around, while the folding wings allow for easy storage.

If you are just starting out and need a beginner-friendly and homemade miter saw stand plan, then this one might not be for you.

This miter stand plan might be well documented, but it does not have enough pictures. There is also no step by step plan, and Jim just rambles on.

Still, it is a great design and worthy of being built by anyone interested. It does have a PDF file with plans, hardware, and material lists

We have come to the end of this list of 13 absolutely free DIY miter stand plans, and I have no doubt that you must have found a plan which interests you.

Feel free to modify the plan as you might desire. Also feel free to share this post and pin whatever you like.

I would like to hear from you as well. Why don't you drop me some lines, and let me know how the build is going.