7 Free DIY Martin Bird House Plans You Can Build Easily

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7 Free DIY Martin Bird House Plans You Can Build Easily

purple martin house plans

Most purple martin houses available on stores just won’t work well. I mean, there are some housing options out there that are a lot better.

DIY purple martin house plans give something that is martin-friendly, easy to use, and easy to maintain. In fact, you can customize it to fit the number of birds you want.

Looking to turn it into your DIY project? Well, below are 7 simple purple martin house plans that will help attract these bug-eating birds to your yard.

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1-Level, 4-Room Purple Martin House with Porch Divider

Chris comes up with this birdhouse plan that has a gable roof design. The house is made entirely of 1/2-inch thick plywood material.

The house is divided into four rooms enough to fit up to 4 birds at once. 2-1/8-inch holes are drilled for easy entry and exit. A total of five mesh screens are installed in the roof area for improved ventilation.

There’s a porch for each room where the birds can perch on. Multiple small holes are drilled at the bottom of the house to easily get rid of droppings and keep it well ventilated.

Fitted on the house is hooks that help attach the house to an elevated point. This purple martin house measures 19.5 inches long and 15.5 inches wide. The birdhouse is built in ten simple steps that include illustration diagrams.

2. Canadian Double Taverner Purple Martin House

Canadian Double Taverner Purple Martin House

This double taverner birdhouse is designed to accommodate whopping 32 birds at a go. It’s built to feature four levels and has a gable roof design.

To maximize space, the designer includes rooms up to the roof area. In short, the house lacks a ceiling. It’s well ventilated to ensure enough supply of fresh air.

It’s quite a heavy house built entirely of plywood. According to the designer, this birdhouse weighs around 100 pounds.

The Taverner is mounted on a 15-foot mast. A pulley system is installed making it easier to raise and lower the house. That means improved safety and easy maintenance.

I should say this is one of the most detailed tutorials on purple martin house plan. Everything is included from the list of materials, illustration diagrams, to complete building instructions.

3. 2-Level, 16-Room Purple Martin House

2-Level, 16-Room Purple Martin House

Diagrams are quite crucial when presenting building instructions. Well, that’s exactly what you get in this birdhouse plan.

The plan has detailed diagrams on each house component presented in PDF format. This birdhouse is built mainly of plywood. The roof comes in a gable design with mesh screens on the sides for increased airflow.

A cutout is made through the center of the house to create an air shaft. This purple martin house plan comes in a square design of 30 inches. As earlier pointed out, this birdhouse has two levels each 10 inches high.

The designer keeps it out of reach by mounting on a pole. There’s a pulley mechanism that lets you adjust how high the house sits on the pole. Here, you get to adjust it to sit 15 to 20 feet from the ground.

Angles are used to safely secure the base of the birdhouse on the pole. Hook and latch systems are used on side elevations so that the levels can be easily secured together.

4. 2-Floor, 16-Room Purple Martin House with Copper Roof Cladding

2-Floor, 16-Room Purple Martin House with Copper Roof Cladding

This is one birdhouse designed to hold up well to harsh weather elements. The designer uses primed plywood for added weather protection. Eight nesting dividers are used here to create a total of 16 rooms.

The gable roof design used on this birdhouse gives improved drainage. The roof has a copper cladding to provide an extra level of protection. A support pole fits through the center of this birdhouse.

The designer adds a pulley system detailed in the tutorial. Here, a 20-foot pole is used keeping the house safe out of reach of children.

A cross-shaped support is given where the base of the birdhouse rests. Well, I’d recommend the use of cedar boards on this project owing to its natural weather resistance. A shopping list is included to avoid any frustrations.

5. 12-Room, 2-Storey Functional Weatherproof Birdhouse

12-Room, 2-Storey Functional Weatherproof Birdhouse

This birdhouse has a modular design consisting of two levels and attic section. Each storey is fitted with spacers that divide the birdhouse into multiple nesting areas.

Cross struts connect to the central pole to give a sturdy built that manages to stay rigid, even in windy weather. This purple martin house is built using plywood that has a weatherproof coating.

The gable roof is clad in copper-tin to make it virtually waterproof. Well, you have the option of using other materials, such as shingles. Each side of the attic has a ventilation hole covered in a metal screen.

The designer recommends using a pole that’s 12 to 20 feet high to mount this birdhouse. Sink it at least 2 feet into the ground for improved stability.

6. 8-Room, 1-Level Purple Martin House

8-Room, 1-Level Purple Martin House

The designer of this purple martin house plan starts on a good note by listing all the materials you’ll need in the project. Only one sheet of plywood is needed to build this birdhouse.

It has a floor area that’s 25 by 25 inches. The designer mounts this birdhouse on a cedar post 14 feet high. Well, you can choose to settle for anything ranging from 12 to 20 feet.

The pole is threaded through the bottom and top of the birdhouse such that it slides up and down easy via a pulley system. A little overhang is given to the floor area letting it extend into a porch.

Screen holes on each side of the roof and a chimney come in handy to keep the birdhouse ventilated.

7. 1-Storey Purple Martin Bird House with 8 Rooms

1-Storey Purple Martin Bird House with 8 Rooms

This birdhouse is built to house your feathered friends on only one level. But there are plenty of rooms to compensate for that.

I like how the designer gives a clear plan diagram with cut measurements. Well, this birdhouse is 21 inches long and 19.5 inches wide. A 3-inch floor extension is provided around the perimeter of the house to create a porch area.

There’s an air shaft through the center of the ceiling. This combine with mesh screen ventilators on the sides of the room to provide a constant supply of fresh air.

I hope you know a thing or two about housing purple martins to keep your yard pest-free.

I think it’s time that you share with us the difficulties or maybe the fun experience you got from building one. Just put it in the comment section below.