21 Brilliant DIY Makeup Vanity Ideas You Sould Build

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21 Brilliant DIY Makeup Vanity Ideas You Sould Build

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A makeup vanity can make a lot of difference in a woman's life. It provides the perfect spot to gear up for the day or occasion, which can be both fun and empowering.

You can make your own makeup vanity if you really want to. Lots of DIY enthusiasts from around the world have built also built theirs, with some putting up the plans for free.

I have collected over 20 of these plans and put them in a list below. Browsing through them should hopefully offer you the inspiration you need to build yours.

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Ikea Dressing Table DIY Makeup Vanity Guide

Ikea provides lots of furniture but they are hardly personalized or meet the tastes of many. With this guide, you will turn one such Ikea dressing table into a lovely makeup vanity that you can be proud of.

The first step is to assemble the table from Ikea. The back is then braced to accommodate a mirror. The third step is to install the drawer pull, and the entire build is finished.

You can, of course, further customize the setup to your liking. This guide also showcases an armless comfy chair which was bought unassembled, but fits right in.

2. Jamison's Free Flip Top DIY Vanity Table Plans

Jamison's Free Flip Top DIY Vanity Table Plans

Jamison the Rogue Engineer decided to build his wife the DIY makeup vanity for Christmas and then put up the plans for free. The plans for the bench in the pictures are also available for free.

The tutorial begins with a materials list and a tools list. This table is 29 inches high, 47 inches wide, and 22 inches deep. The middle section flips up to reveal a mirror.

There is also a cut list diagram and the plans are also downloadable as a printable  PDF file. There are 5 steps in the building of this vanity. It starts with the building of the frame using 2x2s and ends with the final assembly.

3. Hairpin Makeup Vanity with Flip Top Plans

Hairpin Makeup Vanity with Flip Top Plans

This vanity's entire top can be flipped up to reveal a mirror and 3 desk compartments. The legs are also made from steel hairpins for a touch of style.

The materials list includes 1x4s and 1x18s, plus hinges for the flip desk. The step by step guide follows the cut list. It uses both pictures and instructions to lead you through the building process.

One beautiful feature of this vanity is the dark stain of the wood. It is 46 inches wide and 17 inches deep. You will have to find a local metal supplier in your area for the legs. The steel legs used here cost $24.

4. Elegant Glass Top DIY Makeup Vanity Plans

Elegant Glass Top DIY Makeup Vanity Plans

If you love elegance, then this makeup desk idea might appeal to you. It is built by Liz Marie. It is very elegant, sturdy, and is easy to build.

The size of this vanity depended on the amount of available space inside the closet, so you may want to measure things first.

Next step is to build a rectangular frame and put it on 4x4s. Dividers then come into the top frame, and a sheet of Plexiglas comes on top.

You can even decide to get creative and add some really good lights for perfection.

5. Top-Quality Makeup Station Furniture DIY Guide

Top-Quality Makeup Station Furniture DIY Guide

Here we have a complete station which includes a makeup vanity table with lots of drawers, plus a mirror with functional lighting.

The vanity's storage system is made up of 2 pieces of Alex 5-drawer units from Ikea, plus a high-gloss tabletop in white. Other items for this project include an Ikea Stave mirror, Ikea Musik wall lamps, round light bulbs, and other electrical items.

Since the setup of the table is straightforward, most of this tutorial is focused on adding lighting to this vanity and making it much more valuable.

The mirror and lights will cost you about $80, while the entire project will cost about $230. It is a steal, considering that similar mirrors with lights alone go for about $400.

6. Annie's DIY Vanity on a Budget Tutorial

Annie's DIY Vanity on a Budget Tutorial

Annie is a student and made this vanity with out-of-pocket costs of under $50. She picked up most of the other items for it from around the house.

You will need a small table and an oval mirror, which you can get from a thrift store. Other items include a vanity tower, a stool or chair, and any other items that you might fancy.

This antique makeup vanity guide begins with painting the old table with a brighter and livelier red color. You may also need to paint the stool or even mirror. Put everything together and you have your vanity on a budget.

7. 3-Compartment Flip Up DIY Makeup Vanity Plans

3-Compartment Flip Up DIY Makeup Vanity Plans

If you are a lover of rustic furniture, then you might want to take a closer look at this one. It features 3 compartments, with a mirror in all its flip-up compartments.

This vanity also doubles as a computer desk for Rachel, who installed it in her bedroom. It is 29 inches high, 48 inches wide, and 18 inches deep.

Rachel also adds a link to download the free plans. It contains a shopping list, tool list, cut list, and a 9-step building tutorial, which is very detailed and contains helpful diagrams.

8. DIY Ikea Shelf Makeup Vanity Guide

DIY Ikea Shelf Makeup Vanity Guide

The only work done in this guide is the screwing of legs to the shelf, else everything was bought from shops, and mostly from Ikea.

The shelf is an Ekby Gruvan Shelf, and it is 46 x 11 inches.  The legs are 4 Vika Curry legs, which have been discontinued, but you do get a link to similar legs.

Also important is the round mirror, which is the Kolja mirror. There is practically no tutorial here. You just get the list of the items to buy and put together, and that's it.

9. Singer Sewing Machine DIY Vanity Tutorial

 Singer Sewing Machine DIY Vanity Tutorial

Transforming a vintage Singer sewing machine can be quite an interesting adventure, as Gail Wilson shows. She loves to transform and re-purpose things.

The first step was for Gail to rip the machine apart. She painted wooden and metal parts in different colors. And then installed the 2 back together.

She also stenciled parts of the sewing machine to make it more exciting and added a center drawer to complete the vanity.

The last step was the installation of glass knobs to the drawers and a mirror to the flip up top.

10. Virginia's Thrift Store Desk Makeover DIY Guide

Virginia's Thrift Store Desk Makeover DIY Guide

Virginia shows you how to build a makeup vanity from a thrift store table, by silver leafing it and turning it into a modern looking piece of furniture.

The table started out with a red varnish. Virginia sprayed a metal leaf adhesive and then stuck the leaves to the table. She also applied polycrylic sealer to protect the leaves.

She got her inspiration from a vanity table which was covered in glass, but she chose the more affordable option, which is using silver leaves. Virginia also spent $20 for Plexiglas, which she used to cover the tabletop to make it last longer.

11. Corner Makeup Vanity with Skirt DIY Tutorial

Corner Makeup Vanity with Skirt DIY Tutorial

In this tutorial, Traci explains how they built a corner dressing table in their closet. It all starts with measuring out the height of the table.

They then nailed 2x4s just below the lines, and slowly added the rest. Traci shows everything in pictures and includes enough comments.

The table is finally painted and a skirt is measured out and attached underneath the table. This construction is definitely very sturdy, but it needs a corner space to work.

12. Vintage Sewing Table DIY Vanity guide

Vintage Sewing Table DIY Vanity guide

This makeup table idea shows you how beautiful old furniture can be made to look. You get a list of the materials that you'll need, and you'll need about 6 hours to get this job done.

It's important to point out that your result might vary depending on the exact sewing table that you intend to upcycle. This means that you might have to add a drawer somewhere else.

There are lots of pictures and detailed explanations in this guide. You get to see how this uninteresting piece of furniture was turned around by sanding and then finishing off beautifully.

13. DIY Wall Makeup Vanity Tutorial

 DIY Wall Makeup Vanity Tutorial

So what if you don't have all the space in the world, and you still want a makeup vanity? Simple, you build a wall-mounted vanity like this one from Denise.

This DIY vanity consists of a wall mounted mirror, a shelf, and a stool or a bench. Denise provides a material guide and then goes on to deliver a step by step tutorial.

You will need corbels under the shelf, as well as stain and coat the wooden parts. For storage, Denise employed 2 storage tools which both provide seating space and makeup storage.

14. DIY Makeup Vanity with Lighting & Hairpin Legs Tutorial

DIY Makeup Vanity with Lighting & Hairpin Legs Tutorial

Not all DIY vanity plans include a lighting solution, but this one does. The tutorial is free and includes a materials list plus a step by step guide. You could also get the full plans with all the details for about $5 though.

It includes a video as well for those who love videos. Part of the vanity is painted white while the other is varnished. The vanity light bulbs are connected through a dimmer to a standard AC power cord.

Asides from providing detailed dimensions and measurements, this guide does provide quite a lot of information, enough for anyone who is serious to have this DIY vanity built.

15. Industrial Look DIY Wall Makeup Vanity Guide

Industrial Look DIY Wall Makeup Vanity Guide

Here is another wall-mounted vanity tutorial. It is made up of a shelf with metal brackets, which are designed to be so obvious that they create that industrial look. They cost £2.

The mirror comes with a copper frame and costs a full £100.  Another interesting part of this vanity is the chair. It is a vintage metal chair with a brushed copper finish.

There isn't much to build here, except installing the brackets. Then you need to put the desired items together and you have your DIY makeup vanity. A list of all the materials including their links is provided.

16. Attic Bedroom DIY Makeup Vanity Guide

Attic Bedroom DIY Makeup Vanity Guide

Becky built this makeup vanity for her teenage daughter's attic bedroom. It is simply made up of different parts, which then come together to create a lovely DIY vanity table.

Using 2 kitchen tools that were no more needed, Becky installed a brown-stained board on top to create a lovely tabletop. The stools themselves were spray-painted salmon, while the chair also spots a different color.

This guide is easy to follow. It contains many pictures and the process is well explained.

17. Hair & Makeup DIY Vanity Guide

 Hair & Makeup DIY Vanity Guide

First-time homeowner Lo built this corner hair and makeup vanity using the popular Ikea Alex drawer system. She used a more affordable version though, which cost her only half the price.

She shows you how she created supports for the drawers, as well as corner supports on the wall for the table top using 2x2s. Lo also posts lots of pictures to make her ideas easier to understand.

In addition to the tabletop, there are some floating shelves, plus a beautifully framed oval mirror and its stand, a magnifying tabletop mirror, and a hair tools station.

18. Stylish DIY Pine Makeup Vanity Guide

 Stylish DIY Pine Makeup Vanity Guide

It's nice to be unique and stand out sometimes. This makeup vanity is designed to be in its own class. It looks different. It works differently, and anyone can build it if you want.

The material list includes a round mirror. The one used in this build was bought from Ikea, and the frame discarded. You'll also need a screwdriver, drill, 24-inch long copper pipe and a variety of pine woods.

There are 6 steps in the DIY vanity guide. It begins with making holes in the board, then cutting and fitting the copper pipes into them, and finally, securing the shelves by screwing them tightly from the back of the vanity.

19. DIY Antique Makeup Vanity Restoration Guide

DIY Antique Makeup Vanity Restoration Guide

It might happen that you already have a makeup vanity, but then it happens to be a really old piece of furniture. The truth is that you can restore it to glory using this guide.

Depending on the exact piece of furniture, you might need to sand it first before painting. It will definitely look better after painting or varnishing.

This guide also shows you how to line the drawers with a marble adhesive. It costs just $9, but provides lots of value. You also get to learn how to make new upholstery for your vanity's stool.

20. Michelle's DIY Makeup Vanity for Under $100

Michelle's DIY Makeup Vanity for Under $100

Michelle's DIY vanity is simply made up of 2 pieces of furniture purchased from Ikea. The first is the MICKE Desk which cost $49, while the second is a $7 folding chair.

The desk already had a drawer, so what Michelle did was simply throw in some of her makeup stuff into the drawer and leave the rest in a makeup organizer which she bought for $14.

Her vanity mirror cost $25 and it even includes a 10x magnifying mirror on the side.

21.  DIY Makeup Vanity for Under $50

DIY Makeup Vanity for Under $50

If you really want to keep costs down, but still have a functional makeup vanity, then this guide offers you a good solution.

It consists of an $8.99 tabletop, 4 Adils legs for a total cost of $16, 1 Fullern mirror, which also comes from Ikea for $9.99, and light bulbs.

The rest of the guide shows you how to put it all together. The Alex drawer unit is optional and is not included in the under $50 price, so it's left for you to decide.

We have reached the end of our long list of DIY makeup vanity plans and ideas from across the Internet. You most probably have found something that you like or gotten inspired to build.

If you feel like letting me know what you are building, then I'm all ears. Feel free to drop me a few lines in the comment section.

Also feel free to share this list, and to pin anything that tickles your fancy.