26 Easy DIY Makeup Organizer Ideas for Any Girls

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26 Easy DIY Makeup Organizer Ideas for Any Girls

Do you leave your makeup products all over the place? I think it’s time you consider a makeup organizer.

But the question is, do you know how to build a makeup organizer? Well, there are a lot of DIY makeup organizer ideas you can use. From the simple, classy, to the unbelievable, you can’t fail to get one that matches your needs and skills.

Below, we look at some genius DIY makeup storage ideas that will help you stay organized and save money.

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Chalkboard Silverware Jewelry Organizer

This makeup storage requires two things: creativity and thinking outside the box. Jen builds it with the aim of designing something that helps keep pieces of jewelry organized and add a style statement.

The organizer is built using a bamboo silverware tray. The tray has five compartments to fit your pieces of jewelry. Jen covers three compartments in mod podge, which include a lower section.

She gives the tray beautiful details by sprinkling glitter on the lower section. Gold brads and feather embellishment add a more beautiful look to the organizer.

This makeup organizer looks good when mounted on a wall or put on a bathroom counter. The good thing about this makeup organizer is that you can write in chalk to organize your pieces of jewelry.

2. DIY Makeup Brush Storage

DIY Makeup Brush Storage

Niki, a blogger, and DIYer design this storage for makeup brushes. What she wants is a cool and decorative organizer that is easy to build.

Niki uses a clear, glass vase she gets from an online art and crafts shop. She fills the vase with clear, plastic beads. The makeup brushes stick into the beads handles first to hold them in an upright position.

The beads can be substituted with products you can find right at home. Niki recommends the use of coffee beans, popcorn kernels, or rice as an alternative. You can add glitter to give beautiful details.

More than one vase can be used if you have different makeup brushes. Label them so it becomes easier to locate the makeup brushes you want.

3. Makeup Magnet Board

Makeup Magnet Board

This DIY makeup storage idea is totally genius. Laura builds an organizer that gives easy and quick access to makeup products.

Laura uses a glazed frame, which is more like a picture frame. She fits a metal sheet behind the glazing. The sheet is painted to give a more decorative look.

Small magnets are glued onto the casing of the makeup products. The magnets are attracted to the metal sheet, which secures the casings in place.

Laura adds small containers to hold makeup accessories, such as makeup brushes. She hangs the magnet board on the bathroom wall. Laura is happy with it and says it looks like some sort of art.

4. Studded Organizer Box with Slot-Hole Storage

Studded Organizer Box with Slot-Hole Storage

This organizer box is sure to impress. Cheryl builds this simple storage box that is functional and decorative.

Cheryl uses floral foam to make the box. Golden studs are pinned to the box to decorate it. Holes that fit test tubes are drilled on the top side of the box and fitted with grommets.

Cheryl fits test tubes in the holes to create slots for storage. The result is a nice storage box for makeup brushes, lip balms, and other makeup products.

One good thing is that this DIY makeup storage box takes less time to build. In fact, Cheryl builds it in just 10 minutes.

5. Washi Tape Makeup Brush Holder

Washi Tape Makeup Brush Holder

Dawn takes interest in projects DIYed using Washi Tape. She adopts the same idea in designing this brush holder.

Tapes with different colors are used to create a beautiful contrast. She wraps the tape around a vase. Dawn embosses a stamped image on the vase to make it look like a logo.

Filler material that is going to hold the brushes in an upright position is added. Dawn uses white beans for this purpose.

6. DIY IKEA Makeup Vanity

DIY IKEA Makeup Vanity

The designer of this makeup organizer wants something practical that can be used on a day-to-day basis. Furthermore, it needs to display all makeups at a glance. After many failed attempts, the designer decides to switch to vanity organization ideas.

She gets a compact vanity from IKEA. The vanity has clear, pullout trays and a clear organizer on top. This gives more room for a lot of makeups.

The designer is happy she doesn’t have to fight for bathroom counter space. This is because the top of this vanity doubles as a counter. She adds a stool and a rounded vanity mirror on the wall.

7. Glam It Yourself Makeup Brush Holders

Glam It Yourself Makeup Brush Holders

This DIY makeup organizer lets you store your makeup brushes in style. Angela Peters, a DIYer and blogger builds it. She uses two glass tumblers, mod podge, glitter, and beads.

She smears mod podge inside each tumbler and sprinkles with glitter. Angela adds beads, which is a decorative filler material.

The handles of the makeup brushes stick through the beads to hold the brushes in an upright position. You can use a different glitter color on each tumbler.

The total cost of this project is around $7 if you have to buy everything. Angela loves how adorable her brush holders look.

8. DIY Rolling Vanity from IKEA Raskog Hack

DIY Rolling Vanity from IKEA Raskog Hack

Melissa Mortenson likes to shares creative ideas and comes up with this DIY makeup organizer solution. What she does is transform a $30 Raskog utility cart into a vanity cart.

Her aim is to get a makeup organizer that is roomy enough and easier to roll, even for small kids. This vanity cart has 3-tier shelves where you can store and organize your makeup products.

Melissa clips on a storage container on the frame of the cart. This container creates room for large makeup equipment. She labels each shelf to make it easier to find her makeups.

9. Roll-Up Makeup Brush Case

Roll-Up Makeup Brush Case

Liz Johnson’s makeup brush case looks simple yet functional. Her aim is to come up with a travel case that doubles as storage for makeup brushes.

This project requires sewing skills. Well, you can seek help from your local tailor. Liz makes the case using a laminated fabric. The laminated surface makes it easy to wipe clean.

The case has slot pockets where the makeup brushes fit. It rolls out to give easy access to your brush collection. Once done, you roll it up to a compact size and secure with ties. You can add a label to the case to give a designer look.

10. DIY Makeup Brush Storage from Cut Branch

DIY Makeup Brush Storage from Cut Branch

Sometimes, you don’t have to look hard to find materials for your makeup organizer. Meet Natalie Wright, who builds it from nothing more than a tree branch.

What she wants is a simple, inexpensive storage idea that looks natural. In fact, she doesn’t use a penny on this project.

She builds this brush storage from a cut branch. Natalie uses a power drill to make holes in the branch. She selects drill bits that match the size of brush handles she plans to store.

The holes hold the makeup brushes in an upright position. Apart from brushes, this DIY makeup organizer can be used to store other supplies. These include pens and pencils.

11. Makeup Storage Drawers from Beauty Boxes

Makeup Storage Drawers from Beauty Boxes

Charlotte Amber builds this makeup storage organizer. Her aim is to declutter has space and get easy access to makeup products.

She builds a 3-drawer cabinet using 4 beauty boxes. The boxes are cut into pieces, which are glued together to make the drawers. The top is a storage tray that gives additional storage space.

The use of beauty boxes makes this storage organizer lightweight, which is a good for portability. Ribbons are attached to the drawers for a decorative look.

The drawers fit a little bit stiff so they don’t fall when pulled out too much. She’s happy with the outcome of the project. It is much cuter and looks more organized than a pile of boxes.

12. DIY Repurposed Candle Jar Storage

 DIY Repurposed Candle Jar Storage

This is a good makeup storage idea for candle collectors. It is a simple, stand-alone makeup organizer.

Ann builds it using six glass jars and hot glue. The jars are wiped clean so that the glue holds on well. Ann positions the jars on their sides and glues them to a pyramid shape.

She puts more jars at the base for great stability. You can use more jars to get a bigger makeup organizer. This candle jar storage looks great when placed on a vanity, bathroom counter, or desk.

13. Painted Patterned Mason Jar Makeup Organizer

Painted Patterned Mason Jar Makeup Organizer

This is a fun project that mostly involves painting and taping. Mason jars or any glass jars are used here.

The jars are dried and sprayed with a matte paint. A tape is wrapped totally around the jar or in strips. In case you want to wrap totally, first use a hole puncher to create holes on the tape.

A metallic gold paint is sprayed on the jars after taping. Once dried, the tapes are removed. What you get are makeup storage jars with beautiful polka dot and striped patterns.

14. DIY Chevron Glitter Tray

DIY Chevron Glitter Tray

This makeup organizer is a lethal combination of mod podge and glitter. Nash wants a makeup organizer that is functional and stands out from anywhere it is placed.

Nash uses a shoe box lid to build this storage tray. The lid is painted in a color of your choice. Here, Nash settles for purple.

She cuts strips of tapes into a chevron pattern. The tapes are placed at selected intervals inside the box. The untaped parts are glued and gold glitter sprinkled over them.

Once dry, the tapes are removed. What you get is a beautiful makeup tray organizer with chevron pattern on the inside. Nash says it gives a good update when placed close to the mirror.

15. Swanky Two-Tier Organizer

Swanky Two-Tier Organizer

This is a stylishly luxurious, yet inexpensive makeup organizer. Jordan builds it using discarded, upcycled materials for this job. The idea behind this cosmetic organizer is to keep them orderly without hiding them away.

Jordan builds this organizer using an old metal can and two metal plates. She settles for vintage silver platters to give a luxurious look.

Glue is applied on the top rim of the can and the bottom. The platters are then glued to it, one on top and the other at the bottom. This creates two storage trays for cosmetics.

The platter on the base gives a wider support for stand-alone use. The organizer looks good when placed on a tabletop or counter.

16. DIY Aluminum Vase Utensil Holder

DIY Aluminum Vase Utensil Holder

This simple project can be done by anyone with basic skills. The aim here is to build a decorative makeup organizer in just a couple of minutes.

What you need is a decorative aluminum sheet and a vase. The sheet is measured and cut to the height of the vase. It is rolled around the vase to give it shape.

Ensure the sheet slips a little bit over the glass. Nuts and washers are used to hold the sheet into a cylindrical position. This decorative sheet gives beautiful details to your makeup storage vase. 

17. Jewelry Makeup Holder with Dinnerware

Jewelry Makeup Holder with Dinnerware

Meet Cher Texter, a specialist in how-to projects. She builds this beautiful jewelry organizer using a dinnerware set.

The set comprises a plate, bowl, and cup with a hole drilled through the center. She arranges the three pieces using a threaded rod, nuts, and washers. Cher starts with the plate at the bottom, the bowl at the middle, and the cup at the top.

She uses the nuts to adjust the height between the pieces. A crystal drawer pull is fitted at the top.

You might have issues with stability. Fit the lower section of the rod through a hole drilled in a block of wood. This way, the block of wood will function as a stand for your jewelry holder.

18. Makeup Brush Organizer from Roll-Up Sushi Mat

Makeup Brush Organizer from Roll-Up Sushi Mat

This is an ingenious solution for organizing makeup brushes. Here, the designer wants a makeup organizer that has a beautiful, traditional look.

She uses a sushi mat and an elastic strap. The strap is wrapped and weaved through the mat. This creates storage slots for makeup brushes.

Since the strap is elastic, it easier to fit in or remove the brushes. The best part is that the mat can be rolled up and tied with a ribbon. This makes it easy to store and transport.

19. Fabric Makeup Brush Holder

Fabric Makeup Brush Holder

Kate is an innovator, decorator, and DIYer. She designs this stitched up DIY organizer for makeup brushes. Anyone who can sew in a straight line can make this cute fabric pouch.

Sewing is first done inside to create slots for brushes. You can use any fabric of choice provided it is easy to clean. A strap tie is stitched in the pouch.

The strap is used to tie the pouch once it is rolled up after use. Kate makes this organizer for her daughter. She is happy and plans to make one for herself.

20. $12 DIY Lipstick Holder

$12 DIY Lipstick Holder

This is a good organizer to keep your lipsticks in sight. Amanda builds it using simple materials you can get in local stores.

She settles for copper tubes, wood plugs, and plexiglass sheet. The stickers are removed from the tubes. Amanda places the tubes on the plexiglass and attaches them to the glass using glue.

The wood plugs are then glued to the bottom of the plexiglass sheet. This helps raise the plexiglass off the surface and makes it easy to move.

Lipstick balms fit inside the copper tubes. Amanda says her lipstick holder has turned out better than expected.

21. Clay Lipstick Holder

Clay Lipstick Holder

This modern looking lipstick holder built using Premo clay. Kate settles for white and gold clay. She builds it such that the gold clay is sandwiched between the white clay.

The holder is shaped into a clean triangle. Lipstick cases are used to make indentions about 1/4-inch deep into the clay.

The holder is sculpted to form legs at the bottom. This clay holder is ready for use once baked.

22. DIY Nail Polish Box

DIY Nail Polish Box

This organizer is good for those with an overgrown collection of nail polishes. The designer wants a fancy storage idea that doesn’t cost a penny.

What she uses is an old shoe box. She gives it a paperwork makeover. Here, the designer uses a patterned gold wallpaper.

Spray adhesive is used to wrap the wallpaper on the box. Small color labels are put on the nail polish before organizing in the box.

23. Makeup Brush Organizer from Craft Wood

Makeup Brush Organizer from Craft Wood

The designer of this DIY makeup storage aims at two things. She wants a storage idea that is simple and has a ‘wow’ look.

She uses nothing more than a piece of craft wood. A power drill is used to drill holes through the wood based on the size of brushes. You might want to have different drill bits for the job.

L-shaped brass brackets and stain are used to decorate this brush organizer.

24. DIY Leather Makeup Brush Holder

DIY Leather Makeup Brush Holder

Stephanie Gerber builds this makeup brush storage. She wants something that is not only convenient but also makes a perfect gift.

She uses a scrap of leather and a leather cord. Stephanie uses a knife to make small slits on the leather. The slits create slots where the brushes will fit.

The flexible nature of leather makes it easy to roll up when not in use. The cord is used to make a tie once the holder is rolled up.

25. DIY Beauty Station

DIY Beauty Station

Bele makes this beauty station to help hold a ton of makeups. She wants a storage solution that gives easy access and frees up space.

She uses a wine crate lid and a piece of wood. The piece of wood is screwed across the bottom of the lid. The wood creates some form of a shelf.

Holes are drilled on this shelf to fit the sleek makeup products. These include makeup brushes and lip balms.

Holes for jar holders are drilled through the lid. Metal rings fit on the holes to support the jars. You can hang up this storage on the wall to create a nice makeup wall organizer.

26. DIY Ice Cube Tray Organizer

DIY Ice Cube Tray Organizer

This is a project that doesn’t require much time and material. What you need is just an ice tray, pencil markers, tape, and printables.

The ice tray is purchased, so you don’t need to make that. Here, the tape is labeled and stuck on the tray. Sue a different label for each section of the tray. This gives quick access to your makeups.

Thanks for spending the time to read this article on DIY makeup organizers. Do you have any moving tips or advice?

Well, feel free to link your creations or share with us in the comments. Wish you all the best in your projects!